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The Northern[1] Kingdom of Shintaro, also known as the Ivory City of Shintaro, is a region that is located on top of Shintaro.


Long after Hazza D'ur was defeated, the Sky Folk created a settlement on top of Shintaro.[2]

Dungeon Party! (flashback)

Centuries later, Plundar, Korgran, and Fungus accept a request from King Vangelis to retrieve the Skull of Hazza D'ur so it can be destroyed. When they return, Vangelis suggests other ideas and cites the power the skull has, but the Lowly insist it must be destroyed. Leaving no option, Vangelis presses a button causing the Lowly to fall to Rock-Bottom.


The Kingdom of Shintaro can be seen in the distance as the ninja approach the Ivory City.

Into the Dark

The ninja and Wu arrive at the Kingdom of Shintaro and greet King Vangelis and Princess Vania. However, when Jay pointed out that Vania might like Cole, Lloyd gets suspicious of her as he and the others leave the throne room.

When Cole is about to sleep, Lloyd comes in and warns that Vania may have evil intentions. Cole doesn't think so and begins to sleep. Suddenly, he sees Gleck in his room. Cole tackles him and sees a necklace that used to belong to Lilly. Gleck then takes the necklace back and runs away.

Cole then gets everyone to meet and he tells them about the unknown purple monster; however, the ninja don't believe him and head back to their rooms. As Cole heads back to his room, he spots Vania and she tells him about the purple monster she met when she was little. She then leads him to a restricted tunnel that will take them to the Dungeons of Shintaro.

The Worst Rescue Ever

Vania arrives and warns the ninja about everything she saw. They then warn Vangelis, but he's disappointed in her actions for putting Cole in danger. The ninja want to help, but Vangelis prohibits them from entering the dangerous mines.

The ninja disobey Vangelis' orders and Vania still leads them to the tunnel. Wu decides to stay behind with the princess.

The Two Blades

Wu and Vania are in her bedroom and use cardboard cuts of the ninja to make it as if they are still in the Kingdom although they are trying to save Cole.

The Skull Sorcerer

Cole and Vania make it back to the Ivory City, so they as well as Wu warn Vangelis about the Skull Sorcerer. However, Vangelis reveals himself to be the Skull Sorcerer. He then activates a trap door causing Wu and Cole to fall into Rock-Bottom. Vania decides to go after them despite Vangelis saying that he'll no longer consider her as his daughter if she goes.

The Real Fall

After Vania decided to fly after Cole and Wu, Vangelis makes up a lie and orders his guards to imprison Chompy.


Vangelis was at the throne room until he learns that the ninja were convincing the Geckles and Munce to have a truce meeting.

The Ascent

Engelbert and a woman are in palace gardens when all of a sudden, the mine carts and the Stone Mech shoot out of the ground. The Upply realize they have escaped after spending so many years underground.

They head to the Throne Room where they free Chompy from his cage. The Winged Guards of Shintaro then order for Cole to be arrested, but they end up fighting. Chompy turns into a big dragon and allows for Cole and the Upply to head back to the mines. Meanwhile, Vania tries to convince Hailmar that Vangelis is lying, but he charges at her.

The Son of Lilly

All of the Geckles, Munce, Upply, and ninja watch Vania become queen and give a speech saying she will promise equality for all. The ninja then leave and say farewell to everyone else.

Master of the Sea






Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 14: Seabound

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  • After Vangelis was defeated, "[The Sky Folk] entered into an equitable three-way partnership with the Geckles and Munce, profit sharing all Vengestone mining rights, while participating in the actual mining."[3]


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