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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of Warner Bros' The LEGO Movie franchise.

“And also don't forget, if your dad attacks the city again today, just be sure to duck and cover until the Secret Ninjas give the all clear.”
— Koko, talking with Lloyd about his father

Misako (nicknamed Koko by Garmadon[1][2]) is Lloyd's mother, Lord Garmadon's ex-wife, and Master Wu's ex-sister-in-law. She is also the famous Ninja known as the Lady Iron Dragon.



Misako met Garmadon in a war under the identity of the Lady Iron Dragon.[3] At one point, Garmadon gave her the nickname, "Koko."[2] When Lloyd was born, she left Garmadon and went to Ninjago City in order to raise Lloyd on her own because she didn't want him to grow up to be a warlord like his father. Koko raised Lloyd in Ninjago his entire life and made sacrifices to help him fit in around their surroundings. She did her best to convince Lloyd to not be ashamed of who his father was. Her life in Ninjago seemed to be difficult due to the citizens' hatred for her son and even though she did manage to have a best friend, her friend made it clear to Koko that she didn't want Lloyd to play with her own child.[3]

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Koko is first seen when she greets her son as she gets ready to leave for work. She tells Lloyd to go to school since she doesn't want him to miss out on the best years of his life, reminds him what to do in case his father attacks the city, and wishes him a happy birthday.

At night, she becomes worried when she can't locate Lloyd and asked eighteen people if they knew anything. While talking with her best friend on the phone, who is also a mother who banned Lloyd from playing with her child, Lloyd shows up and apologizes to his mother for scaring her. Koko then presents Lloyd with his favorite food, dumplings, for dinner but Lloyd, who is still sad over his argument with Garmadon, gently declines and goes to bed before Koko shows him the cake she got for him.

Garmadon, after learning the Green Ninja was his son all along, asks his then General Number 1 if she had found Koko right before she shows up at Garmadon's lair while he and the generals celebrate their victory. Garmadon demands Koko tells him why she turned their son against him and reveals to Koko that Lloyd is the Green Ninja. After a short argument and a poor attempt from Garmadon to flirt with her, Koko sadly tells him that she always tried to convince Lloyd to not be embarrassed by who his father was but now she regrets it before walking away.

When Garmadon and the Ninja arrive at his childhood home, Garmadon tells Lloyd about how he met and fell in love with his mother who was a warrior called The Lady Iron Dragon and how they fought on wars, got married and had Lloyd. The family was happy until Koko realized that she didn't want her son to follow on Garmadon's footsteps so she left him and moved with an infant Lloyd to Ninjago.

Koko is later seen among the citizens of Ninjago when Lloyd takes off his hood and reveals to everyone he is the Green Ninja. She tries to stop him from approaching Meowthra but is stopped by Master Wu. After Meowthra spits out Garmadon, Koko rushes to Lloyd and the two embrace while Lloyd apologizes to his mother for not appreciating her enough. The family embraces once again before Koko pushes Garmadon away when he attempts to hug them.

Master Wu reveals that sometime after that Koko and Nya, with Lloyd's help, opened a martial arts school, with Garmadon's former generals as their students. She is last seen with Lloyd and Garmadon having dinner at a restaurant to celebrate Lloyd's birthday, having reconciled with her estranged husband.


Koko has orange hair, wears orange lipstick, and is mostly clad in clothing similar to Claire's. She is also shown to wear brown pants, rather than the blue one Claire has.

As the Lady Iron Dragon, She wears a black battle armor, wears a crown on her head, and has a unique armor that has a quiver attach to it.


Koko seems to be very happy and enthusiastic, trying her best to help her son blend in with the other students at his school, despite the fact that Lloyd is Lord Garmadon's son. She is a kind-hearted mother who always looks out for her son. When Garmadon belittles Lloyd and makes him go rogue through Ninjago City, Koko confronts Garmadon at his volcano base.

Weapons and Abilities

As Lady Iron Dragon, Koko dons armor and wields swords. She is able to ward off an enemy attack without looking. In combat with Garmadon, Koko seems to defeat him with ease. She has shown the ability to wield spears.

Within the video game, she is shown to use a crossbow instead of a bow and arrow. She was alluded to being able to wield both axes and shurikens from her idle animation where she pulls these items out of her purse. She is the only character in the game to wield two different types of weapons at the same time.

Official descriptions

Koko: The Mom

Lloyd's devoted mom, Koko is smart, strong, and independent. As Lord Garmadon's ex-wife, she is not afraid to stand up to him – even though he's twice her size and has twice as many arms. Koko knew "Garm" when he was a young warlord eager to conquer the world. Back then, she thought that was just a figure of speech. Turns out, he meant it. So she took young Lloyd away in the hope of giving him a normal life. But that didn't work out quite the way she planned.[4]

Meet Misako

She will protect her son Lloyd by any means necessary. Working three jobs, cooking a mean waffle or battling evil warlords. There is more to Misako than meets the eye. Nicknamed Koko by Garmadon.[2]




Video games


  • Her name, Koko, is derived from her show name, Misako. It is also a shortened name.
    • Koko is the only character to be called by a different name in the movie than her TV series counterpart.
    • She is referred to as Misako in all of the movie set descriptions.
  • She rents a cell phone family plan.
  • She works at an office or a copy and print place.
  • She has the most dramatic changes from her TV series counterpart out of the redesigns. She appears to be much younger, with orange hair (in contrast to her TV counterpart's brown hair in her youth) and the absence of glasses. She is also oblivious to her son's identity as the Green Ninja, in contrast to her TV counterpart being the first person to have known of Lloyd's destiny of being the Green Ninja.
    • Unlike her show counterpart, she doesn't seem to have feelings for her (ex) husband's younger brother, Wu.
  • Her minifigure's torso piece in 70620 Ninjago City (which doesn't appear in the film) is the same as Claire's, whom she closely resembles.
  • Despite the ninja's redesigns based on their movie counterparts appearing in the TV series from Season 8 onward, her TV series counterpart retains her pre-movie design.
  • Koko is divorced from Garmadon, while her TV series counterpart was still married to Garmadon during Season 2, which this movie parallels.
  • Koko is the first character in the Ninjago franchise (and LEGO overall) whose lower and upper lips are different colors from one another.


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