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“Krux's power was the opposite of his brother's. He could reverse time. It was a huge advantage in combat. Know your opponent's next move, know how to counter it. He could even control time to the point of halting it. Of course, he didn't halt himself.”
Wu to the ninja, "The Hatching"

Krux is one of the two current (albeit powerless) Elemental Masters of Time. He is the older twin brother of Acronix. Once a proud Elemental Master, Krux and his brother betrayed the Elemental Alliance due to them believing that their element was the strongest. In response, their former allies forged a set of weapons called the Time Blades that absorbed the twins' element. Krux and Acronix were lost in the temporal vortex, but Krux managed to escape.

For the next forty years, Krux conspired to strike back against Wu and Ninjago. As he awaited his brother's return, he bred an army of Vermillion snakes and took on an alias as a museum curator, Dr. Sander Saunders. He also kidnapped Ray and Maya so they could mold armor for the Vermillion, and build a time-traveling mech, the Iron Doom. When Acronix finally returned, Krux had Cyrus Borg captured so he could complete the Iron Doom's construction. With Wu out of the action, the ninja struggled to fight Krux, his brother, and their Serpentine army.

Ultimately, the Iron Doom was completed, and Krux traveled back in time to defeat the original Elemental Masters. Using their Fusion Dragon, Kai and Nya made a final effort to thwart his plans. When the Iron Doom traveled into the future, Wu removed the Reversal Time Blade from the weapon, and it was lost in the Time Vortex. Though Kai and Nya escaped, Krux was lost along with his brother and Wu. He and his brother’s fates are currently unknown.



Krux was born 3 minutes before Acronix.[1] They were both descendants of the original Elemental Masters of Time. He and Acronix have been raised by their mother.

Forty years before the events of Hands of Time, Krux and his brother Acronix were the era's Elemental Masters of Time. While Acronix could go forward in time and slow down time, Krux could go back in time and pause time completely. He used these powers to great advantage; going back in time seconds before an opponent could make a move and turning the battle in his favor and freeze someone in place.

Krux and Acronix fought alongside the Elemental Alliance in the Serpentine War. After the war, they were congradulated along with the other Elemental Masters at the Monastery of Spinjitzu.[2]

To achieve some form of victory in his downfall, Master Chen had his right-hand man, Clouse, use his Dark Magic to manipulate Krux and Acronix into betraying the Elemental Alliance, and Chen informed the twins of the location of the Great Devourer's eggs.[3]


Young Krux fighting Young Garmadon during the battle at the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

Knowing that they were more powerful than the other Elemental Masters, the brothers decided to betray the alliance and use their powers to control all of Ninjago. The other Elemental Masters fought against Krux and Acronix, but the two proved too powerful. With the Time Blades forged by Ray and Maya, Wu and Garmadon fought a lengthy battle against the Time Twins at the monastery. Eventually, Wu and Garmadon used the Time Blades to absorb Krux and Acronix's elemental powers, rendering them normal men.


Knowing that the power to control time was dangerous, Wu and Garmadon used the Time Blades to open a vortex that would leave the Time Blades lost forever. However, Krux and Acronix decided to go through the vortex themselves, which left the two "lost to time."[2] He and his brother were erased from historic records as a result of their treachery.

While Acronix would be lost in the time vortex for forty years, Krux was somehow immediately teleported back to Ninjago, along with the Reversal Time Blade. Krux then changed his hairstyle, wore makeup to cover his tattoo, put on a fake long mustache and fake glasses, and disguised his voice so he could take on the false identity of Dr. Sander Saunders, working as the curator of the Ninjago Museum of History, while he secretly used eggs from the Great Devourer to breed an army. It's implied Krux might have been partly responsible for the twins removal from history to remain hidden from the world. As the years went by, Krux had grown to hate modern life, especially technology.


Krux's army would need weapons and armor, and he knew exactly who could make them. Under the disguise of Dr. Saunders, Krux took his time to become a trusted friend of Ray and Maya. One day, Krux revealed his true identity to the former Masters of Fire and Water, and threatened to harm Kai and Nya should they refuse to do his bidding.[4]

As Dr. Saunders, he would host school field trips at the museum, interacting with Nya, Jay, and Cole in their younger years.[1][5]

Dark Island Trilogy[]

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 3[]

Falling asleep following his battle with Clouse, Wu would be stricken with a horrible nightmare of many visions of the future, most notably the return of Krux and Acronix.

Day of the Departed[]

As Dr. Saunders, he greeted the ninja when they arrived at the Ninjago Museum of History, with Kai being a little amused by his name before he gave them a tour of the new Hall of Villainy exhibit as well as showed them the Yin Blade. Later that night, Dr. Saunders was present on the Day of the Departed concert with Dareth. After Dareth defeated the resurrected Kozu and his Stone Warriors, Dr. Saunders expressed extreme displeasure at the damage to his museum caused by the conflict.

Pythor's Revenge[]

When the ninja were called to the museum to help clean up the damage from the night before, Dr. Saunders became hysterical when he realized that his thermostat had been destroyed. When the ninja questioned Dr. Saunders about why his thermostat was so important, he simply claimed that the museum needed to be kept at a certain temperature to preserve the exhibits.

After the ninja took back the BorgWatch prototype from Pythor, they used it to repair the original thermostat. Dr. Saunders was happy that his thermostat was working again, but expressed his dislike for modern technology. Zane then noticed an ancient-looking watch that Dr. Saunders kept in the museum, and Dr. Saunders said that he used the watch to tell time for many years. After the Ninja left, Dr. Saunders listened to the humming sound coming from the museum basement.

The Hands of Time[]

The Hands of Time[]


Still disguised as Dr. Saunders, Krux was in the Ninjago Museum of History and presented the ninja with refreshments after they helped clean up the museum, telling them it is pickled beet tea, causing them, except Jay to not drink them. The ninja questioned him about a painting that had both Wu and Garmadon in their younger years fighting two mysterious warriors at the Monastery of Spinjitzu. Dr. Saunders claimed that the painting was a myth, explaining that the Time Twins was merely a "folktale," explaining that they had the power to control time itself.


Krux and his brother reunited.

While looking at his watch sometime after the ninja left, he was confronted by Acronix. After taking off his mustache, he revealed that "Dr. Saunders" was just a disguise Krux took on before hugging his brother.

The Hatching[]

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At his lair in the museum, Krux was extremely annoyed by his brother's growing fondness for the modern inventions that he never got to experience, such as TV, coffee machines, the BorgWatch, and the BorgPad, and Krux claimed that he despised modern life. Krux showed Acronix a helmet and said that he would return Ninjago to its "pre-modern glory," before revealing the Vermillion eggs.

Later, Krux unleashed a Vermillion warrior at the big unveiling of the BorgWatch; commanding it to destroy the Borg Store and to kidnap Cyrus Borg himself. When the ninja arrived, Krux unleashed two more Vermillion warriors. While the ninja fought off the Vermillion at the Borg Store, Zane and Borg fled the scene, only to be confronted by Krux in the disguise of Dr. Saunders. With Acronix by his side, the two kidnapped Borg and took him back to the museum.

Back at the museum, Acronix expressed his displeasure that they had lost most of their armor for the Vermillion in the battle against the ninja. However, Krux assured his brother that he already had his "best blacksmiths" working on more armor. Krux then revealed that he had released hundreds of Vermillion eggs into the swamps of Ninjago through the sewer beneath the city.

A Time of Traitors[]

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After locking Cyrus Borg in a Serpentine coffin, Acronix questioned Krux as to how they planned to control the growing force of Vermillion that they needed for "phase two" of their plan. Reminding his brother that he had 40 years to devise the plan, Krux then introduced Raggmunk, Blunck, and Machia; three Vermillion selected from the genetically superior of Serpentine who was thus able to control the other Vermillion warriors telepathically.

When Krux was informed by Raggmunk that Kai had entered the museum, he allows Acronix to monitor the ninja through a telescope that he had built into a snake statue since he didn't install a security camera. Noticing that Kai had taken a Vermillion helmet, Acronix feared that the Ninja of Fire was onto their plan and insisted that he neutralize him. Knowing that it would draw too much attention, Krux declares that he would attend to the matter himself and ordered the Vermillion commanders to commence phase two of the plan.

Disguised as Dr. Saunders, Krux confronted Kai. When Kai asked if he recognized the Vermillion helmet, Dr. Saunders claimed that it resembled a post-Serpentine War samurai helmet, but was likely a knockoff. Kai explained that he obtained the helmet during the battle against the Vermillion that attacked the Borg Store and asked if "Dr. Saunders" had seen it on TV. This prompted "Dr. Saunders" to mutter under his breath that he despised TV, reverting to his normal voice of Krux for a brief moment.


Throughout Kai's visit, Krux tries to hide any evidence of his identity and that Acronix is still alive. He has to keep the sarcophagus holding Borg still and hides his wheelchair. When Kai sits on the Serpentine throne which opens the door to Krux's lab and Acronix peeps out, he notices this and moves to the side so he wouldn't notice. He discretely walks to Acronix and tells him he is taking care of the situation, but Acronix tells him he is and tries charging towards Kai with the Forward Time Blade, but the door shuts in his face. Kai eventually realized that the Vermillion helmet was identical to the helmets worn by Krux and Acronix in the painting. When "Dr. Saunders" tried to convince Kai that the Time Twins were still a myth, his fake mustache ended up tangled on the snake statue and fell off; revealing his true identity.

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A lengthy battle between Krux and Kai ensured, during which Kai discovered that Krux had kidnapped Cyrus Borg and had likely taken Zane as well. As the battle continued, Krux claimed that Kai and Nya's parents were traitors who fought with the Time Twins. Due to Kai's anger, Krux briefly gained the upper hand when Acronix revealed himself and prepared to finish off the Ninja of Fire with the Forward Time Blade. However, Nya arrived and helped Kai in the continuing battle. Eventually, Krux was kicked into the same Serpentine coffin that Borg had previously been locked in Before Acronix used the Time Blade to make their escape.


After hoarding all the metal in Ninjago City, the Vermillion were led by Acronix and Krux through the sewers to their secret lair. Acronix was puzzled by the identical tunnels, but Krux reminded him that the lair was intentionally designed to be elusive. Acronix, however, confidently relied on his advanced technology, the new BorgWatch with GPS, to guide them. To his surprise, the BorgWatch failed to provide any service. Krux took the opportunity to gloat about his refusal to embrace modernity and asserted the superiority of the old ways. Following Krux's map, they eventually reached a dead end.

A Line in the Sand[]


At the Vermillion Swamps, Acronix enters Krux's room, telling him that everything is going to plan, including the construction of the snake mech, as well as their "labors" being hard at work on their various projects before asking how things were going with Borg. Krux tells him that it was going poorly, saying he has made little to no progress with the Time Apparatus. Borg then tries to make an excuse as to why, but Krux tells that in his time they built with anything they had and that craftsmanship meant something before accusing him of not wanting to make the apparatus. While Borg states that they can't make him, Machia arrives, having been called to the base by Krux to "motivate" Borg. As Machia begins to torture Borg, Acronix slightly cowers behind him before telling him that he likes her because she's mean. Krux teasingly suggests that he has a crush on her, which Acronix rejects. While admitting she may be cute but deep down she is just a pile of snakes, time immediately slows down briefly due to the arrival of the Slow-Mo Time Blade.


While Krux says it has arrived, Acronix begins to use his BorgWatch, which angers Krux. Acronix explains he was trying to use his BorgWatch to uncover the Blade's location, but his brother was distracting him. As Krux tells him he puts too much faith in technology and that his smartwatch doesn't seem all that smart, Borg reveals that the BorgWatch has things such as a heart rate monitor, a GPS unit, and a temporal anomaly locator, which Acronix uses to locate the Blade at the coordinates 34 degrees latitude and 28 degrees longitude. Defeated, Krux reluctantly admits that technology has its uses sometimes before Machia identifies the coordinates as the Eastern Sea of Sand, saying both the Vermillion forces at Mega Monster Amusement Park and the scrapyard are in the best position of retrieving it. Saying that the Blade was now a top priority, Krux orders Machia to inform Blunk and Raggmunk of the changes of plans.

However, despite originally obtaining the Blade, the ninja stole it from them with the help of Jay's new Lightning Bike. With the mission failed, Blunk and Raggmunk make an excuse to Machia. Though Acronix and Krux were happy, Machia then tells The Hands of Time they failed as she predicted, which angers Krux, asking that they didn't get the Blade. However, Machia reassures him that they will have it soon, using Acronix's temporal anomaly locator to track the Blade in the ninjas' possession.

The Attack[]

Once Blunk and Raggmunk returned to base, Acronix and Krux angrily berate the two for their failure, saying they lost it to a bunch of kids. While explaining that it was the blue ninja who used his bike, they reveal they used the Time Blade, which they were not permitted to do, with The Hands of Time saying that if they knew how to use it, they wouldn't have lost it. While claiming that they didn't use it, Acronix berates them for losing the Time Blade, using the Time Blade, and lying about using and losing the Time Blade. The two try to reassure The Hands of Time, saying they devised a plan which involved trading the Time Blade with the ninja in exchange for returning Cyrus Borg, but then double-cross them and take the Blade from themselves. Krux then tells them that by doing that, the ninja would learn the location of their base, see their master plan, and try to take the Forward Time Blade. He goes on to tell them that they need all the Time Blades, including the one they lost. After Machia threatens Borg for trying to sabotage the Time Apparatus, Blunk tries to come up with another plan, but Machia interrupts by saying they need a plan which will work, which gets Acronix's attention. By using Acronix's temporal anomaly locator on his BorgWatch, they know of the Blade's location, saying all they need to do is go and get it.

Discovering the Blade was at the ninjas' HQ at the Temple of Airjitzu, the Vermillion warriors, along with Acronix, Krux, Blunk, Raggmunk, and Machia then begin their assault by catapulting a Vermillion egg into the temple, which alerts the ninja of their presence. After launching more eggs up to the temple, the ninja use Spinjitzu and easily defeat them, with Blunk telling Acronix that having Machia in charge was a bad idea, but she reassures them that it was only the first salvo and that next they send in "the big boy," using them remaining snakes and armor up at the temple to create a Buffmillion warrior, which the ninja barely succeed in defeating. The Vermillion then bombards the Destiny's Bounty 2.0, causing it to fall to the ground below. Machia then orders a full-on assault, saying not to stop until the mission is complete.

Eventually, Lloyd goes down to the Vermillion launch site and demolishes some of their weaponry, including a Vermillion egg full of swords, which come down next to the commanders but doesn't hit any of them. Machia then orders the sky team to go in, ultimately succeeding in causing Lloyd to lose control of his dragon, but he is saved by the arrival of the new Samurai X. While The Hands of Time ask what is taking so long, Machia assures them that it was only a minor setback.

With that, Acronix and Krux, now armed with the Forward Time Blade, personally attack the temple themselves, using two Vermillion jetpacks to reach the temple grounds. As Cole, Nya, Zane, Lloyd, and Zane charge towards the two, Acronix and Krux hold hands as Acronix uses the Forward Time Blade to teleport the two of them directly to Kai and Master Wu, punching both of them down to the ground. Acronix then goes after the weakened Wu with the Forward Time Blade, but Cole throws Wu the Slow-Mo Time Blade, which he uses to defend himself. As Acronix tells him that is luck is about to run out, Wu uses the Slow-Mo Time Blade on Acronix, causing him to slow down. With this opportunity, Wu strikes the Forward Time Blade out of Acronix's hand and onto the ground, where Krux obtains it. As Kai battles him with the Slow-Mo Time Blade, Acronix becomes free of the Slow-Mo Time Blade's time bubble effect, where he claims a discarded sword and tries to help his brother, but is stopped by Jay and Lloyd. As Acronix mocks Lloyd for trying to be a big, brave hero, Lloyd tells him that underestimating his fighting skills is a mistake, but Acronix mocks him further for falling off his dragon. Acronix then attacks the two with his sword and nearly hits Lloyd, but he ducks out of the way.

MoS70Lloyd vs Krux

As the fighting continued and the ninja soon disposed of the arrival of Vermillion reinforcements, Cole ground pounds the ground, sending a shockwave that knocks everyone down. Now in a similar predicament, as they were forty years ago during their battle with the original Elemental Masters in the forest, Acronix and Krux pick up Lloyd by his feet and swing him around, knocking down the others before throwing him to the ground. While Jay fights Acronix, Kai throws Lloyd the Slow-Mo Time Blade, who uses it to battle Krux. As the two lock Time Blades, Lloyd manages to swing Krux around, launching him into his brother and dropping the Forward Time Blade, which Cole catches and gives Lloyd. As the ninja celebrate, Machia arrives and swipes both Time Blades from Lloyd, landing next to The Hands of Time. Machia then slows down the ninja with the Slow-Mo Time Blade. Telling the two that the Time Blades belonged to them, Acronix orders Wu to be captured as Machia's airship arrives. As the four board, Acronix says they are wasting precious time before the ship flees the area with Krux, Acronix, Machia, both Time Blades, and Wu all safely on board.

Secrets Discovered[]

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Now armed with both Time Blades, Acronix and Krux lead the Vermillion warriors back to base. The two then begin to taunt Wu, suggesting he's gone deaf with old age. Wu tells them that he can hear every one of their attempts at humor, but Acronix and Krux laugh it off as they continue onwards. Krux then calls for Blunk and Raggmunk, telling them that he and his brother have been concerned for the leadership of the Vermillion warriors, saying that their mission didn't go quite as planned. While the two general think Machia would be in trouble, Acronix tells Machia that he and Krux were impressed with her actions, ultimately promoting her to the Supreme Commander of the Vermillion while demoting Blunk and Raggmunk to order under her, which angers Blunk and Raggmunk, but Machia puts them in their place. Wu then asks them if all of this promotion was premature, saying his ninja was still out there, but as they arrive at the Vermillon Swamps, Acronix tells him that they have no master, no Time Blades, and certainly no chance. As Acronix says taunts Wu by saying he almost feels sorry for them, the group laughs excluding Wu. Acronix then begins to use his BorgWatch, which angers Krux. Acronix tells him he was sharing this victory with his Instabook followers, texting in that he has achieved total victory. As Krux tells him he ruined a good moment with his "techno-garbage," Acronix asks him why he is so stubborn about staying in the ancient past.

Before the ninja moved out to go search for answers, Misako reveals that during Wu and Acronix's battle at the monastery, Acronix struck him with a punch powered by the Forward Time Blade, explaining that the Blade unleashed the forward energy of time onto Wu.

Eventually, as the ninja uncovered the location of the Vermillion Swamps, Acronix, Krux, and Machia threaten Borg again for stalling in the construction of the Time Apparatus. As he got back to work, the three of them laughed.

Pause and Effect[]

During one of Wu's hallucinations, Acronix and Krux arrive as one of Wu's many mistakes, with Acronix saying Wu never should have come all by himself.

While Krux talks with Borg once the Time Apparatus is completed, Acronix arrives with Machia, saying the third Time Blade is about to arrive. Krux then takes the Slow-Mo Time Blade from the apparatus and leaves with Acronix, Machia, and Cyrus Borg to retrieve the third Time Blade. Traveling to the Glacier Barrens, Krux questions Acronix on the Blade, with Acronix saying it was about to arrive in just a moment. On cue, the Temporal vortex opens in the sky above, releasing the Pause Time Blade. As it landed, it paused all of Time. Once its effects wore off, Krux claimed the Blade, with Acronix telling him that the BorgWatch worked perfectly. He then tries to get Krux to admit that not all modern technology was bad as the third Time Blade was the easiest on to get, but Krux tells him that he won't until they find the final Blade, a task which Acronix's BorgWatch can't do. As Krux returns to Machia's ship, he tells himself that their mother always said Krux was stubborn.

While this happened, Kai and Nya reunite with Ray and Maya, their father and mother respectively. Kai tells Nya that they were the enemy, saying they've been helping Krux and Acronix for years. As Maya tells them they forced them to work for them, explaining what truly happened when the twins lost their powers only for Krux to turn up and threaten the children before kidnapping them both. Ray then tells them that his markings on the Vermillion helmets were a message for someone to find out the truth, saying that together, they could stop Krux and Acronix's ultimate plan to control all of Time.

Screenshotter---20’31” (2)

Meanwhile, Machia's ship returns to the Vermillion Swamps. As Kai forgives them for his accusations, Nya asks how Krux and Acronix planned on controlling all of Time. Ray then reveals the blueprints for the Iron Doom, a mech that served as a transport for the Vermillion across Time. Maya then reveals that the reason why they captured Cyrus Borg was so he could build a power source for the Iron Doom, which involved harnessing the powers of all four Time Blades. While this happened, Krux and Acronix, along with a battalion of Vermillion warriors lead by Machia, sneak up onto the blacksmith shop, where they overhear that the Reversal Time Blade, the fourth and final Blade, was ultimately placed in the Boiling Sea by them under the orders of Wu after they discovered it in the woods below the monastery, saying they only the Masters of Fire and Water could get it. After Maya realizes that Kai and Nya could be used, the group is about to leave but is confronted by Krux and Acronix, who then wants them to obtain it for them. After pausing Ray with the Pause Time Blade and revealing Wu, Acronix tells them that the Reversal Time Blade is the only way to undo the effects of the time punch on Wu, with Krux saying that if they want to save Wu, they will retrieve the fourth Blade for them. With that, Acronix, Krux, Machia, Wu, Kai, Nya, Ray, and Maya board Machia's ship offscreen and proceed to the Boiling Sea, passing over the other ninja as they are confronted by the Vermillion lead by Blunk and Raggmunk.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea[]

As Machia's ship approaches the Boiling Sea, Krux tells his brother that the final Time Blade will soon be theirs, but Machia wonders if it is just a ninja trick, to which Acronix responds that it best not be for the sake of the dying Wu. Upon arriving, Ray explains they need the Dragon Blade before taking it from Krux. As Acronix asks him what he was doing, Machia immediately attacks Ray, but he tells them that the Dragon Blade is the key in getting them the last Time Blade. As Krux tells him that it's only one Blade and that they still have three Time Blades, Acronix says that escape is futile, though he would like to see them try before Krux orders Machia to give the Blade to Kai and Nya. Acronix then witnessed Kai and Nya create the Fusion Dragon and use it to plunge into the Boiling Sea in hopes of obtaining the final Time Blade.


After a while, Acronix wonders where Kai and Nya are, asking Krux what to do if they failed. At that moment, the two return on the Fusion Dragon with the Reversal Time Blade in hand. After landing on the ship, Kai rushes to use it on Wu, but is stopped by Acronix and Krux, who reveals they lied about allowing Kai to use the Reversal Time Blade to save Wu, asking him what did they expect to allow Wu to remain after all the trouble he has caused them in the past. A fight begins, with Acronix fighting Nya with the Pause and Forward Time Blades. However, he is kicked away by Nya after Machia is knocked into Krux. As Kai rushes to Wu's aid, Acronix appears from behind and is about to strike Kai with the Forward Time Blade, but Kai is pushed out of the way by Ray, who takes the hit instead, causing him to begin to rapidly age. Rejoining with his brother, Acronix then pauses the group, with Krux commending his brother for his work. Now with all four Time Blades, Acronix says it is time to return to the swamps, with Krux asking what to do with the others, with Acronix ordering Machia to drop them off at their current location. After disposing of them, they return to the Dome at the Vermillion Swamps.


Upon arriving at the Dome, they see that the other ninja are attacking and that Zane, Samurai X, and Cyrus Borg are attempting to disable the Iron Doom. Ordering Machia to proceed as planned, Krux and Acronix jump off the ship and land behind the trio. Krux then proceeds to pause the trio with the Pause Time Blade just before Zane could put in the final number to disable the Iron Doom, with Acronix saying they have zero chance. After plugging in the four Time Blades into the Time Apparatus and the Iron Doom begins to power on, Acronix punches the trio off the side of the scaffolding, but they are caught by Jay, Cole, and Lloyd. Acronix, Krux, and Machia then board the Iron Doom after the other Vermillion warriors. As the Iron Doom destroys the surrounding scaffolding, it charges up and creates a Temporal vortex in the skies above the Iron Doom. As Krux tells Acronix that it will be ready in just a few more moments, Acronix says that Ninjago will be theirs and that nothing can stop them. At that moment, the Fusion Dragon arrives, to which Krux angrily asks his brother why he jinxed it. As the Iron Doom became fully ready, The Hands of Time then say their signature quote as the Iron Doom launches into the Temporal vortex, unaware that the Fusion Dragon carrying Kai, Nya, and Wu followed them into the vortex.

Lost in Time[]

The Iron Doom proceeds to travel back in time through the Temporal vortex. As Acronix admires the majesty of time travel, he takes a picture of the vortex with his BorgPad, saying it wasn't quite capturing the majesty and needed a different filter. However, Krux knocks the BorgPad aside and tells him that they are approaching their temporal destination before ordering Machia to ready her troops. As Krux explains to Acronix that decades of planning was finally about to pay off and that the battle will be re-fought, Acronix tells him that no one can stop them. The Iron Doom then begins to shake violently as it arrives in the past.

Landing at the Monastery of Spinjitzu forty years in the past directly after the past versions of Krux and Acronix were lost in time, the future versions of Krux and Acronix confront the past Elemental Alliance, where Acronix gloats over their confidence. Krux explains to them that they have stopped them once today, but it was before they had a legion spawned from the Great Devourer. After young Wu tells the group to focus, Acronix tells Machia it was time, who then orders her Vermillion army into battle.

After Kai and Nya began to secretly help the past Elemental Alliance by posing as Ray and Maya, they begin to defeat the Vermillion. As Krux says they are losing, Raggmunk and Blunk arrive, saying it was only a temporary setback. As Acronix tells them that they did not travel across decades to suffer temporary setbacks, Krux nods to Acronix as they smash the two generals into the component snakes before taking their helmets. As Machia arrives, Krux then reveals she too has outlived her usefulness as she too is destroyed, with Acronix saying she was relieved of her duties before boarding the Iron Doom.

Using their helmets, Acronix and Krux telepathically smash the rest of the Vermillion warriors, ordering them to return to the Iron Doom. As the snakes merge with the Iron Doom, Acronix tells the Iron Doom to arise as it comes to life and towers over the monastery. Using the Iron Doom, The Hands of Time are able to overpower the Elemental Alliance and capture young Wu, where they tell him their terms of surrender. Krux tells him that if he yields, they will destroy the Elemental Alliance, but spare the citizens of Ninjago while Acronix tells him that if he refuses, they will still destroy them, but the citizens will not be spared. As Krux asks him to yield, young Wu yields, ultimately changing the future into their image.

After throwing young Wu back to the other masters, the Iron Doom confronts them, with Acronix asking who they should destroy first between Garmadon and Wu. At that moment, the Fusion Dragon arrives and attacks the Iron Doom. Acronix then says that Ray and Maya are just as bad as their kids. Krux then tells him that they are their kids, ordering for a maximum barrage. As the Iron Doom fires Vermillion eggs at the Fusion Dragon, they all miss, and Kai and Nya blast the cockpit with their powers, knocking Krux and Acronix away from the controls. As Acronix says to fight Fire with Time, Krux tells him he hates his sayings before Acronix orders for full temporal energy. After the Iron Doom sends a Slow-Mo shot towards Nya, who bailed from the Fusion Dragon to retrieve something, the past Elemental Alliance distracts the Iron Doom. With this distraction, Kai slams the Fusion Dragon into the Iron Doom, causing it to fall onto the structure and look down the cliffside in a similar fashion as to Acronix and Wu's fight at the ruins of the monastery in the future.

After getting the Iron Doom back up, Krux says that he will destroy Kai and Nya even if he must do it with his bare hands. Acronix then tells him that they still have the Iron Doom and that they can go anywhere in time they please, saying that if the battle was too difficult in the past, they should go to a time where they are sure a victory and a time where Kai and Nya do not exist. As Krux suggests going further back in the past, Acronix tells him the opposite; far into the future. Using his helmet, Acronix uses the Iron Doom to open another Temporal vortex. Just before they could leave, the Fusion Dragon attempted to strike it one last time, but Acronix orders it to duck. As the Fusion Dragon de-materialized, the Iron Doom entered the vortex as it closed behind them. Unfortunately for The Hands of Time, Nya managed to recover the past Reversal Time Blade from the woods below the monastery and used it to restore Wu. With the past Reversal Time Blade, Kai, Nya, and Wu reverse time so that they could follow The Hands of Time into the vortex.

As the Iron Doom traveled to the future, Krux complained to Acronix about going to the future. Acronix tells him that by going into the future, there would be no one who recognizes them, no Elemental Masters, and no Kai and Nya. At that moment, however, the Time Twins are confronted by Kai, Nya, and Wu. As a final battle between them begins, Krux fights Kai while Acronix fights Nya and Wu. After Nya leaves to help her brother in fighting Krux, Acronix says to Wu that his brother needs his help and tells Wu that he will deal with him later before kicking him aside.

As the Iron Doom began to pass by the present, Krux and his brother defeat the ninja and were about to finish off Kai and Nya, but are stopped by Wu. As Acronix tells him there is nothing he can do, Wu then proceeds to rip out the Reversal Time Blade from the Time Apparatus, causing the Iron Doom to spin out of control. After giving the Reversal Time Blade to Kai and Nya before they returned to the present so that they can cure Ray of the time punch, Wu confronts a defeated Krux and Acronix, saying that it indeed ends now. As the three fought, the Iron Doom became lost in time with them still aboard as it traveled far into the future.

Ninjago: Reimagined[]

Golden Hour[]

NINJAGO Reimagined 11

After being lost in time, Krux and Acronix battle Wu. Wu gets supercharged with Reversal time energy, causing them to go back in time, to the Fire Temple just before Kai unlocks his True Potential. He tries to attack Lloyd, but Wu stops him, causing them to go back to the Iron Doom, where they discover Wu is becoming younger due to the Reversal Blade, upsetting Krux. They are then transported to the Temple of Light, where they try to attack Lloyd again. Next, Wu and the Time Twins are transported outside the Monastery of Spinjitzu while child Wu and Garmadon spar with katanas on the other side of the wall. As the young Great Devourer lurks nearby, Wu's katana flies over the wall. Wu stops Acronix from picking up the sword and laments that while he wishes he could change this moment, as doing so would prevent Garmadon's transformation to evil, he knows he can't.

Wu and the twins continue to warp across several time periods, eventually ending up back on the Iron Doom, where Wu has de-aged into a child. Krux mocks Wu's new form, and Wu throws his staff at Krux and runs toward the time apparatus. When Acronix protests against this, Wu responds that the Hands of Time are no more than "second-hand thugs" before touching the apparatus with the Reversal Blade's energy inside him to halt the Iron Doom entirely, and de-aged him to a baby.


During Sons of Garmadon, Wu, as a baby, became a target towards the biker gang due to being part Oni, allowing him to grab the Oni Mask of Hatred, his age at the time meant he wouldn't object to it, and being wrapped up in a map showing how to find it. He slowly returned to his original age by the end of Hunted.

Throughout the events of Seabound, Maya and Nya's relationship was shown to be severely strained because Krux had kidnapped Ray and Maya, leaving their kids to protect them.[6] Maya had eventually explained to her daughter that it was was a big sacrifice, as that sometimes there are no good choices and "that's how the cookie crumbles".[7] Nya eventually realized this when she was forced to merge with the Endless Sea to defeat Wojira, at the cost of her humanity[8] for over a year.

Other appearances and mentions[]


Saving Faith[]

Krux appears in one of Master Wu's flashbacks while the latter was regaining his memories, particularly the moment Acronix, Krux, and Wu were all lost in time aboard the Iron Doom.


A Big Splash[]

Zane mentioned that Krux had imprisoned Kai and Nya's parents for years and how that severed their relationship.


The Fifth Villain[]

Krux and Acronix were mentioned by Kai when the Ninja and Fugi-Dove went over likely candidates to join the Council of the Crystal King, but Lloyd responded that nobody knew where they were.


Krux is an old man with gray hair combed back and a mustache. He has hazel eyes and a green tattoo with black detailing on his face. He also has gray bushy eyebrows.

When he was younger, his hair was black like Acronix's but chin-length, styled haphazardly, and with swept back bangs. His mustache was also shorter and his eyebrows were identical to Acronix's.

He wears a red, gray, and black suit of armor that consists of red and gray metal plating with gold outlining around his body and has the symbol of Time in the middle. The left sleeve and plating of his armor are gray. His outfit also has a black hood and mask with the symbol of Time and gold detailing on top. He wears a green half cape which sometimes drapes over his right shoulder.

During the Serpentine War, he wore a silver helmet identical to the one Blunck wears. He lost the original when he fell out of the time vortex. He temporarily replaced it with Raggmunk's helmet to control the Vermillion.

Before Acronix reunited with him, Krux's armor became duller, darker, and faded compared to his brother's, considering it became much older. The symbol on his armor started rusting and the top right outline had cracked. He also began wearing an hourglass on his side with a bronze chain on his hip.

While pretending to be the kindly Dr. Saunders, he wore fake glasses and makeup to cover his tattoo, as well as a fake long mustache to hide his real mustache. His hazel eyes were colored black, (presumably because of contact lenses). He wore a maroon coat with pockets, one holding his pocket watch, and two pictures of the museum, a red shirt with orange outlining, and gray pants.


Krux is shown to be a ruthless individual, as he had threatened the lives of two children to get their parents to comply with his demands. He truly despises Wu and Garmadon for defeating him as well as separating him from his brother for decades. His grudge extends to anyone related to them since he despises Lloyd for being the son and nephew of his foes.

Unlike his more arrogant brother, Krux is proven to be a calculated and patient foe, as he waited forty years to be reunited with Acronix and for his plans to strike back at Wu. He is also shown to psychologically manipulative as he coerced Ray and Maya into working for him under threat of their children, and then later forced Kai and Nya into the same position using Wu as a hostage.

It appears Acronix is the only person he genuinely cares about as he waited decades to reconnect with him and the first thing he did in their reunion was hug him. The pair make a great team, as they are quick to defend the other. He had sought to rule Ninjago with him and tries to get him to under his plight of being surrounded by technology though at times he relies on it.

Krux had grown up in Ninjago without technology so when he saw it rise, he despised it, unlike his brother. He is easily angered by Acronix constantly loving technology, but didn't let his hatred extend to him. However, Krux is not above admitting that technology has its uses but still doesn't like it out of pride. According to his mother and brother, Krux is also stubborn and won't change his views. He hates it so much, he slips up while as "Dr. Saunders". While normally calm, he also has a short temper which gets the better of him. Krux has shown to not like loud noises or having his picture taken.

As Dr. Saunders, he pretends to be a somewhat eccentric but kind-hearted museum curator. He acted very cheerful and helpful, though all of this was just a façade while he was preparing Acronix's return. He used this to lie to the Ninja that he and his twin were a myth to stay under their radar.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Time (formerly): Krux was gifted with half of the ability of Time, specifically Reversal and Pause. He used this to great lengths, often using them to get the advantage over his opponents.
    • Temporal Rewind - Krux was able to rewind time. This can be used to restore youth or to negate a dangerous situation by reversing time until a moment prior to the event, allowing him to adjust or prepare accordingly. This appears to involve yellow-orange temporal energy. This power is currently stored in the Reversal Time Blade.
      • Retrokinesis - Krux presumably was able to reverse someone's age to make them younger.
    • Time Stopping - Krux was able to pause time, freezing the target of their power. This appears to involve red temporal energy. This power is currently stored in the Pause Time Blade.
  • Hive Mind: With Raggmunk's helmet, he can control the Vermillion.


  • Skilled warrior: Krux is a exceptional capable fighter, being a nearly equal match for Kai despite his old age.
    • Swordsmanship: Krux is a skilled swordsman.
  • High intelligence: Krux has shown to have a high intelligence.
    • Ninjago history: He is rather knowledgeable in Ninjago's history, which helped him maintain his cover as a museum curator.
    • Master Strategist: Krux is a very strategic person. He was able to come up with a plan to go back in time to rule Ninjago with the help of the Vermilion in the past forty years.
    • Mechanism: Despite hating technology, he's a rather knowledgeable on how to use and build such devices.
    • Vermillion Biology: Krux knows how to care for the Vermilion so the eggs can hatch and understands their abilities.
    • Breeding: Krux had bred the Vermillion from the eggs from the Great Devourer. He was able to create the Vermillion commanders; Blunck, Raggmunk, and Machia through breeding the most genetically superior Serpentine.
  • Acting: Krux was able to pretend to be the eccentric but kind and cheerful museum curator Dr. Sander Saunders for decades.
    • Vocal alteration: Krux can change his voice with ease, specifically making it higher and with a peculiar accent. He used this to disguise his voice when he pretended to be his persona, Dr. Saunders.


  • Arrogance - Krux's biggest weakness is his his arrogance. This has caused him to underestimate his opponents.
  • Loud noises - As shown in "The Hatching," he has an issue with loud noises. He couldn't stand it when Acronix was playing music at a loud volume, covering his ears until his twin stopped.
  • Stubbornness - Krux is very stubborn, preventing him from accepting his brother's change in personality, causing them to argue constantly.


  • Time Blades: Krux wielded the Time Blades before plugging them in the Iron Doom.
    • Forward Time Blade (briefly): Krux wielded the Forward Time Blade, which he used to fight Lloyd.
    • Slow-Mo Time Blade (briefly): Krux wielded the Slow-Mo Time Blade, which gave him Acronix's power to slow down time. He used this blade twice. The first time was to plug it in the Time Apparatus. The second time was when he was tried to hit Kai, but hit Machia.
    • Reversal Time Blade (briefly): Krux wielded the Reversal Time Blade but didn't use it.
    • Pause Time Blade (briefly): Krux wielded the Pause Time Blade, which gave him his former ability to pause time. He uses it to freeze Zane, Cyrus Borg, and Samurai X before they can finish inserting the abortion codes.
  • Bo staff (formerly): When he and Acronix fought against the Elemental Alliance, he wielded a bo staff.
  • Katanas: Krux wields twin katanas.




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Official descriptions[][]

Krux is one of the two Elemental Masters of Time, also known as the Hands of Time. While Acronix disappeared in Wu and Garmadon’s Temporal vortex 40 years ago, it appeared that Krux had been destroyed. Little did anyone know that Krux secretly remained behind. Before he was stripped of his powers, Krux could both reverse and pause time, a power he used to great advantage in battle. Even without those powers, Krux is a fierce warrior – relentless and cunning. Krux is also the mastermind behind the Hands of Time. He has always been a cautious planner, as evidenced by his willingness to create a plan that would take four decades to unfold. But the 40 years he spent waiting for Acronix were hard as he watched everything around him become modern and interconnected. Krux despises this way of life – it’s annoyingly distracting – which is why, more than anything, he wants to return to the good ol’ days.[9]

The Book of Elemental Powers[]

The (slightly) older Time Twin, Krux, disguised himself as Dr. Sander Saunders for forty years while his brother was trapped in a time vortex. Krux can:

  • Pause time for a short period
  • Reverse time for a short period.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Ninjago: Decoded

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 14: Seabound

Ninjago: Reimagined

Season 15: Crystalized

Villain Throwbacks

  • 1. "The Story of Samukai" (as Dr. Saunders)
  • 2. "The Story of Pythor" (as Dr. Saunders)
  • 3. "The Story of Kozu" (as Dr. Saunders)
  • 4. "The Story of Master Chen" (as Dr. Saunders)
  • 5. "The Story of Morro" (as Dr. Saunders)
  • 6. "The Story of Cryptor" (as Dr. Saunders)


Ninjago Magazine

Video games


  • Krux's name comes from Crux, a file-sharing software used in the production of the TV series.[10]
    • Coincidentally, Crux is also the name of the main setting for LEGO Universe, in which LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu had a role.
  • Crux also means "the decisive or most important point at issue".

Behind the scenes[]

  • Acronix and Krux were originally meant to be one character, named "Kronos."[11]
  • The younger version of Krux was released as a Minifigure in the 2017 Ninjago Bricktober set, with the most prevalent change being his new, younger face, as well as his outfit and armor being brighter and vivid like Acronix's.
    • His young figure is shown to have some printing errors. Some elements of the hourglass from his older figure appear on the young figure. The hourglass part on his hip piece, a small silver triangle, and the bronze chain in his back that was attached to his hourglass. However, the other elements are missing, like the chain over his legs and the top half of the hourglass, meaning that the torso of the old Krux figure was likely copied and altered to do the print on young Krux’s torso.
    • His outfit and armor are more dull and faded than his brother's, most likely due to his being older.
    • He has an hourglass printed onto his torso, as a sign of his preference for a low tech life.
  • Chen and Clouse manipulating the twins into betraying the alliance was originally a scrapped idea for The Hands of Time.[12]
  • Krux is one of the five main antagonists to have appeared before the installment where they are the main antagonist, the others being Morro, Yang, Ronin, and Ras.
  • He and his brother are two of the eleven characters to have a cape in the sets, the others being Lloyd, Chen, Morro, Harumi, the Blizzard Sword Masters Wu, Akita, and Mammatus.
  • He is the second major villain to have a hidden identity, the first being Pythor in Rebooted.
  • Though the colored detailing around the Krux and Acronix's eyes was simply a designer's choice with no specific explanation,[13] one possibility is that they are tattoos and Krux wore makeup to cover his when he was disguised as Dr. Saunders.[14]
    • "Pause and Effect" is the only episode in which Krux's face is shown (albeit in a flashback) with neither his fake glasses and mustache or his eye detailing.
  • His image in the Character Encyclopedia New Edition is exactly the same as the one used on a older revision of this wiki page.[15]


  • He is the reason Kai and Nya's parents disappeared due to his threat of harming a young Kai and Nya should their parents refuse to obey him.
  • Just like Kai, Krux despises technology, though his dislike is more extreme as he claims technology ruined Ninjago.
    • However, Krux did reluctantly admit that sometimes modern technology has its uses after Acronix's BorgWatch found out the locations of the Slow-Mo and Pause Time Blades. Though, he still admitted his dislike of it as his brother stated their mother always called him stubborn.
    • Ironically, as Acronix is young and loves new modern technology, Krux is old and prefers the old ways of life. This is also shown with his Elemental Powers of being able to freeze and rewind time, whereas his brother can slow down and speed up time.
  • It's mentioned that Cole enjoyed some of the tours of the museum when Krux was disguised as Dr. Saunders.
  • If he and Acronix's family wielded a different Elemental Power, Krux would have sole control thanks to being the older twin while Acronix would be a normal human.
  • He hates it when Acronix makes up sayings.
  • Before having his powers drained by the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master, Krux was able to pause and rewind time.
  • Krux is chronologically three minutes older than his twin brother Acronix, but because his brother was lost in time for four decades and didn't age, he is now biologically forty years older than him.
  • Krux has been shown to be cross-dominant.
  • Krux appears alongside his brother as a boss in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame and can be unlocked as a playable character by achieving silver medal status or higher in the said dojo, which requires the player to accumulate at least 50,000 studs.
    • In the game, Krux emits red energy from his hands despite being depowered, although he can't use his elemental powers in-game and instead can disguise himself as Dr. Saunders.
    • Curiously, Krux wields a spear and a shield as a boss but wields a Vermillion axe as a playable character.



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Chinese (Simplified) 酷克斯
Hungarian Krux
Ukrainian Кракс


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