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“When evil threatens the world, you need a team of highly trained, razor-sharp ninja to save the day. But instead, you'll have to settle for these guys.”

LEGO NINJAGO Explained, subtitled Everything You NEED to Know about LEGO NINJAGO and also known as the Ninjago honest trailer,[1] is a video which was released on LEGO's YouTube channel on August 24, 2020.

Official Description

When evil threatens the world, you need a group of highly trained razor-sharp ninjas to combat the darkness and save the day. But... those heroes were busy so we'll settle for these guys! No matter how you pronounce Ninjago, these 2nd-choice heroes are totally prepared for anything (we hope).



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  • The video takes inspiration from Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers, with Jon Bailey, the host of the web series, providing the narration. It was written by Greg Farshtey and produced by Gabe Huffstutler, along with input from Tommy AndreasenTommy Kalmar, and Ninjago fan Lachlan Jansen (known as TheMarvellousJan on social media).
    • Despite its shared voice actor, this video is not officially part of the "Honest Trailer" video series.
  • The video takes a comedic approach to the LEGO Ninjago universe, poking fun at its eccentricities and recurring clichés.
  • The video's thumbnail uses the ninja's Legacy designs but with their pre-Sons of Garmadon hair, except for Zane who has his post-movie hairpiece but in his pre-movie human form's hair color. Meanwhile, Garmadon has the appearance of his movie counterpart's stock art.
  • This video was produced before Master of the Mountain aired, as evidenced by the season's events being relegated to teasing. Had it been released before the season, it would have been the first on-screen appearance of Hailmar.
  • In this video, Akita is considered to be Lloyd's second girlfriend after Harumi.
  • Lachlan Jansen later released a video explaining his involvement.[2]
  • Several voice lines from this video are lip-synced with scenes reused from the show.
  • Portions of this video were later made into commercials.[citation needed]


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