Garmadon: Now. I told everybody I was coming back with something big. Something wicked. Something with some pizzazz. General #1! Give me some outtakes! (He fires his army from his volcano.)

(Ninjago High School) Nya: Who wants a ride to class?

Lloyd: Aw, that's-that's alright Nya, my lock- (Nya hoists Lloyd, Kai, and Zane onto her bike.)

Nya: Heads up! Watch out! (She takes off, not noticing Kai and Zane have fallen off.)

Zane: Uh-oh. (He begins short-circuiting.)

Kai: Seriously?

Warning. Something is wrong. (Kai laughs while a chicken pops into frame via open locker.)

Nya: Did I already tell you that really-I mean-I think I have pretty good hair, but you have like-really good hair.

Lloyd: Stop it!

Nya: What do you do!?

Lloyd: Stop!

Nya: What do you do? Lloyd, what's the secret?

Lloyd: (laughs.) I just-wake up, and my mom cuts it, and-

Nya: Aw, that's cool.

Lloyd: Yeah.

Nya: That's cool.

Lloyd: Not a big deal. Whatever.

Nya: See? You totally forgot about everything.

Lloyd: Oh!

(A bell rings in the distance. A worker sleeping behind them wakes up.)

Director: Okay, here we go! Shooting! Thank you! Quiet, please!

Zane: H2–Woah! (He freezes a fish tank.)

Jay: Oh no. Um, can you undo it? They-they're still wiggling, but-

Zane: Let me try. (uses his ice piece.) Oh no. I just froze it even more.

Jay: You double froze em.

Zane: Correct. (Cole laughs.)

Jay: Um. Hey Kai, you can do fire, right!?

Kai: (holds up his fire piece.) Yeah.

Jay: Maybe you could-

Zane: Kai, melt the fish.

Kai: Sure, sure, sure. No problem! Here we go! (He melts all the ice.) Oh. It's-

Zane: You made fish fingers. (everyone laughs.) Sorry, sorry, sorry. Okay, okay.

Wu: (posing with his staff.) You must be silent. But deadly.

(There is silence, until all of the ninja except Zane laugh.)

Jay: That's a fart thing.

Wu: Unbelievable.

Nya: You-you part your hair in a new way today?

Jay: I-

Nya: I, uh, I, uh, I just noticed.

Jay: I-

Nya: Thought I would just say something.

Jay: Yeah. I was just-you know, I've been sort of fighting the natural way my hair goes for a while, and now I'm like (whispers) I'm just going to go for it.

Nya: I think it looks great.

Zane: (suddenly appears with a brush and scissors, changing Jay's hair style) You look like Doris Day.

Jay: Thanks.

Lloyd: Enjoy your last day-(phone rings.) Oh! No! Let me not-copy that-Oh. Sorry about that. Cell phone is definitely off now.

Lloyd: Enjoy your last day-(phone rings again.) (laughs hastily.) Not-not me. Uh-uh. (He sees Garmadon calling him.) Dad! (worker hands him a coffee.) Thanks.

Garmadon: Look, I didn't call you, my butt called you. So you gotta problem with it, take it up with my butt. (crew laughs.)

Lloyd: I'm fine with that.

Zane: Hey! I can make you an ice cream. Provided that you want a plain, water-flavored ice cream.

Jay: That's just ice.

Zane: I'll make you a plain popsicle!

Jay: That's just ice.

Zane: I'll make you one thousand plain popsicles.

Jay: I don't wanna.

Zane: How would you like to cry solid material?

Jay: That's okay, thank you. I don't want to. I feel- don't misuse the power he just got.

Zane: Okay.

Jay: Just keep it in check.

Zane: I could work as a Zamboni.

Jay: Zamboni's don't actually make the ice, they just make it even. They don't make the ice.

Zane: Nancy Kerrigan will fall in love with me.

Wu: Like a trusty boomerang. (throws his conical hat into the air.) Whoo! I have- ( It hits him.) Argh!

Wu: Like a trusty boomerang. (He throws his hat again.) Whoo! I have returned. (The hat doesn't come back.) Oh?

Wu: Like a trusty boomerang. (throws hat for the third time.) Whoo! (A bird steals his hat.) Wha?

Shark Army Member #1: On your feet, you wiener.

Shark Army Member #2: Ketchup-ketchup with the-What is it again? (crew whispers the right lines to him.) With the others. Ketchup with the others! (they all laugh.)

Zane: He's an oldie but a goodie. What kind of shoes do ninjas wear? Sneakers! Laugh out loud! Laugh out loud! Laugh out loud! Laugh out loud!

Director: And...cut. That's funny.

Zane: Yeah, baby! (high fives director.)

Kai: Where's Lloyd? Lloyd, come on, man!

Lloyd: (wearing a ghost costume) Yo, Kai!

Kai: Whoa!

Lloyd: Yeah!

Kai: Again?

Lloyd: (pulls off costume) Nailed it! (Nya comes out of the empty costume carrying a sword.)

Nya: Ninja!

Kai and Lloyd: Ahh!

Nya: Hands up! Yeah! So ninja.

Director: Cut!

Nya: Totally.

Director: Whew!

(Citizens scream as Garmadon stomps through the city on the Garma Mecha Man.)

Garmadon: (having to cycle to have the mech move.) Nerds! There's a slight design flaw in the Garma Mecha Man. My quads are killing me. Whew! Preparing to ascend the great tower. (laughs evilly. His drink spills all over him.) Ock! Ack! Ack! Second design flaw! (crew laughs.) Oh god, someone have a towel?

(Garmadon and Wu fight on a bridge. Garmadon rips off Wu's skirt.)

Wu: (covering himself) Oh!

Garmadon: Honey! Where are my paaaaaaaaants? (Everyone laughs.) Classic callback to another LEGO movie.

Wu: Really?

Garmadon: We should use that. We should definitely use that. I'll get a laugh, I promise you.

(Garmadon and Wu fight on the bridge again. Garmadon rips off Wu's skirt, to be replaced with him in a Batman costume. He laughs.)

Garmadon: Oh, you have got to be kidding me!

Wu: I'm a fanboy.

(A mob of members from the Shark Army attack Lloyd and a baby. Lloyd manages to escape from them, but the baby barfs on his face, sending him into a panic.)

Lloyd: Beautiful. (a crew member wipes his face.) Heh heh. Alright, one more time.

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