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Remember where we parked (cutscene)

(The Ninja crash the D.B. Express on the jungle)

Kai: Real stealthy, Cole.

Cole: Better?

Jay: Everyone remember where we parked.

Cuddly traps (cutscene)

Cole: Kai, are you sure the magic staff is all the way out here?

Kai: Yeah — Chen keeps it in his temple. Along with a bunch of deadly traps.

Cole: Great! Apart from the deadly traps — they're bad.

Jay: What about cuddly traps?

Cole: Oh, they're fine.

Zane: Jay, Cole - we should be on our guard. As well as the temple, the whole jungle is probably booby-trapped.

Jay: Hey, I'm a Ninja — I travel in shadows, I walk unknown amongst my enemies, I command the very lightning. I think I can spot a trap.

See? And I bet you thought I was go-


Is there any chance that it's you three are upside-down that I didn't just step on a trap?

Cole: Nope. Don't worry, I'll get you down. Try to land on your head.

Chen's Island

Jay: No hurry, guys. It's not as if we're meant to be stopping a power-mad bad guy or anything.

Cole: I guess it was a bit much to hope for a ladder here.

Kai: We can build something.

Jay: Is there a way of gradually lowering me?

Cole: I'll find out.

Jay: Oof! I'm gonna take that as "no there wasn't."


Oh, hey — they're just like training machines at the dojo! No problem!

Zane: Hmm. I believe it will take the weight of two people to open this stone hatchway.

Jay: Cole, he means you.

Cole: Hey!

I have a healthy appetite.

Jay: If the worst they can throw at us is dojo training equipment, this'll be a breeze!

Cole: Then bad news — because I don't think the dojo has whatever this is!

Kai: Run!

Jump over the roots!

Zane: You'll have to slide under that one!

Jay: Now that was more of a workout than we get in the dojo.

Cole: Yeah... maybe we should ask Sensei Wu to get one of those things for us.

Kai: Heads up — the session's not over yet!

I think it's time we showed them some Spinjitzu!

Cole: Here comes more of them!

I don't see any switches for this one!

Kai: Everyone, hide — I got this.

Hey! You've got rocket launchers on there, why don't you use them? Scared you'll miss me?

C'mon, move!

Zane: That was close.

Cole: Yeah, nice work, Kai!

Jay: That was really brave, Kai!

Kai: Ah, it was nothing.

Zane: This switch appears to be activated by putting a sword into it. Such as yours, Kai.

Cole: Kai to the rescue again!

Kai: Hey! Find something I can climb up there!

Zane: That was some nice climbing, Kai.

Jay: Seriously, we couldn't have done all that without you, Kai. You're the best.

Cole: Yeah. You are the best.

Zane: I agree.

Kai: Alright, enough you guys. Let's get into Chen's temple and grab the staff.

Chen's Dungeon

Zane: Oh. Snakes.

Jay: Why don't bad guys ever worship kittens? Or muffins?

Cole: I like muffins.

Jay: Who doesn't? I'd gladly be attacked by a giant muffin.

Kai: Come on, it might be scary but we've got a mission to complete.

Jay: Uh... Did that snake just move?

Kai: And those are the traps I was talking about.

Jay: They're pointy.

Cole: Whoa.

Zane: What do you think is down there?

Cole: I doubt it's pillows. We better find a way over.

Jay: Get ready... get ready...


Ha! Too late, stupid spikes!

(Many spikes appear in the ceiling) I didn't mean that! I apologize! Good spikes, nice spikes!

Kai: Run! Again!

I think I can stop it.

Jay: Hey, don't bother on my account — I've been meaning to try out acupuncture for years!


Cole: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

Cole: Yeah! I knew you'd do it, Kai!

Jay: Go, Kai! I can feel our luck changing—

-for the worse!

Kai: Aagh!

Cole: Aagh!

Zane: Oh!

Cole: Ow!

Jay: Gah!

Kai: Oof!

Jay: Skeletons. So many skeletons.

Cole: I'm sure they're all passed away from old age, Jay.

Jay: Yeah, and I bet they had nothing to do with it!

Oh, good, because if there was one thing we were short of, it was bones.

Kai: These ones could be useful.

Zane: I'm getting the feeling that Chen doesn't like visitors.

Jay: The mechanism looks broken. Leave it to me.

Kai: Time for more Spinjitzu!

The inner temple's through there!

Zane: Look! The staff!

(Kai grabs the staff)

Kai: Got it!

Cole: Uh, what has two eyes and is really scary?

Kai: Uh... "Evil spirits?" Oh no, wait, that has three I's...

Cole: No — eyes!

Kai: Whoa!

Zane: Let's go!

Jay: I vote for Zane's plan!

Zane: We're trapped! It's a dead end!

Cole: Don't say the D-word!

Kai: Jay! Behind you!

Jay: Agh! My pants!

Cole, Kai, Zane, and Anacondrai Warrior: (Laughs)

Jay: That's not what happened at all!

Kai: Who's telling this story — me or you?

Jay: You! But you're telling it all wrong!

Zane: Jay is correct. I was Chen's captive when you first went to his temple.

Nya: And I doubt you everyone was complimenting you all the time, brother.

Jay: And most importantly — Chen's snake only bit a hole in my pants!

A ho-le in my pa-nts.

Nya: (Facepalms herself.) My hero.

Wu: (Coughs)

Jay: Agh!


Wu: It is time for training. I want to make sure you didn't get rusty during your recent holiday.

Cole: "Holiday"?! I had to work in a noodle-mine!

Zane: And I am made of titanium — I do not rust.

Jay: He means he wants to test our skills, bolt-brain... (They follow Wu to train.)

Brand new class (cutscene)

Jay: No fair! Where's Lloyd? Why doesn't he have to practice?

Kai: Uh — you know why, Jay.

Jay: Oh. Right. Sorry.

Wu: Lloyd has left us for a time. When is truly needed, he will return.

Until then, you will have to train even harder to make up for his absence.

Kai: (Hugs Cole.) Yeah!

Cole: Alright!

Jay: Aw...!

Wu: (coughs)

Jay: ...yeah! I was saying "Aw yeah!" like I was excited. Woo-hoo?

Zane: We will be training against each other, Sensei?

Dareth: No you will not, Titanium Ninja! You will be training against...

Me — the brown ninja!

Or, more specifically, my brand new class of adult students!

Pretty good, huh? And they're really quick learners — it's almost like they were already trained in martial arts.

Wu: Dareth, these are the students you told me about?

Dareth: Yeah, why?

Adult Student #1: Destroy the Ninjas!

Dareth: Oh, egg rolls.

Spinjago Chase

Jay: Let's show Sensei Wu we've still got what it takes!

Uh-oh! More "students"!

Kai: Then let's teach them a lesson!

Cole: Class is dismissed!

Jay: Nice.

Cole: Thanks, I've been waiting like a minute to say it.

Dareth: Oh, man, I am so sorry about that — I had no idea they were bad guys!

Cole: Hey, at least Sensei Wu knows we haven't got "rusty," now.

Wu: Hmm...

Jay: (Jumps up, surprised.) Agh!

He keeps doing that...

Wu: It seem unlikely that this was a random occurrence — I suspect that something is afoot.

Zane: Is it my foot?

Kai: I think he means we need to be on our guard, Zane.

Zane: Oh. From who?

Stranger: Why, from me, of course!

Dareth: (Long Gasp.) Who's that then?

Stranger: Alrighty, let's get this show on the road! (He throws a bomb at the ninja and Jay reflects it back and accidentally blows up a building.)

Wu: (Coughs.)

Jay: Oh — sorry! I didn't — um...

Kai: C'mon! No-one does that to our Sensei!

Cole: Let's get him!

Wu: Be careful!

Jay: When are we not? Don't answer that, I just realized what I said.

Kai: Don't let him get away!

Stranger: Hey! Take a look behind you! You're gonna get a blast outta this!

Jay: Ooh! Pretty!

Kai: Uh, pretty dangerous, you mean!

Zane: Watch out for that firework!

Stranger: C'mon! Keep up!

Kai: This isn't a game!

Stranger: Haha! Trust me, it is! (He throws a shuriken at a statue next to him)

Jay: Wow, his aim is awful.

Uh, we're down here, buddy!

(The shuriken explodes and the statue's head starts to fall)

Oh, right. He wasn't aiming for us. Okay.

Stranger: Try to stay a-head! Haha!

Cole: Run!

Kai: Hey, Cole, think you can lift that thing?

Cole: With one arm.

Okay, it took two.

Zane: We can get up that way!

Stranger: Whoa! Almost got me!

Kai: That guy is starting to annoy me!

Stranger: Bomb voyage!

Jay: That doesn't make sense! We're not going anywhere!

Stranger: I was talking to the bomb!

Jay: Oh, alright!

Stranger: You're getting warmer!

And now you're about to get really hot! (He lights up a wire and it triggers a bomb.)

Zane: That looks ominous.

Jay: Now that is a firework.

Zane: Where is it going?

Cole: No idea. Let's not stick around to find out, huh?

(The stranger laughs and the bomb pummels toward the ninja.) Whoa!

Kai: We gotta back up to him!

Jay: Yeah, how?!

Kai: Let's go!

Stranger: Hey, took your time, guys!

Cole: You messed with the wrong Ninjas!

Stranger: Nah, pretty sure I got the right ones.

Yeah, my information specifically said the one dressed in black was a lame-o, and that's definitely you.

Whatchoo doing down there?

Y'know, not to hurry you, but I have got other schemes to attend to...

Whoa — what the heck is that?! (The four Ninja do the Tornado of Creation.)

Kai: Your comeuppance! (They create a large magnet, attracting all the stranger's armor and weapons and he topples to the ground.)

No sudden moves (cutscene)

Kai: Don't make any sudden moves.

Jay: Or any other moves.

Stranger: I couldn't if I wanted to — you've got all my weapons.

I am completely at your mercy. Haha...

Cole: Who are you?

Stranger: Oh, just a humble dealer in rare goods.

Zane: Such as?

Stranger: (Chuckles.) If only you knew, Mr. Tin Man.

(He whips out a weapon and sucks out memories from the ninja, until Wu throws his staff at him.) Hey!

Okay. Okay, I think I've got what I came for. See you around!

C'mon, R.E.X. — let's go! Hahaha!

Wu: Are you alright?

Kai: Uh, I'm fine. Just a little tired...

Nya! You're here!

Nya: Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Kai: How did you escape from Samukai?

Nya: Samukai?!

Jay: Y'know, Samukai. Evil, four arms, looks like he's skipped a few meals?

Right? (He looks over to his friends for reassurance and sees Zane's face.)

What the heck happened to your face, Zane?! You're a robot!

Zane: I'm a what? Wuh — why is my voice like this?

Wu: This is bad...

Cole: And this isn't the monastery! Where are we?!

Nya: Sensei? What's going on? Samukai disappeared years ago.

Wu: It is as I feared when I saw that Obsidian Glaive...

They have had their memories stolen.

More Bad News (cutscene)

Cole: So you're saying we've lost some sort of powers as well as our memory?

Wu: Yes. In each of your pasts you went through an experience which awakened an elemental power within you. Losing those experiences has robbed you of your powers.

Jay: Oh, what?! This just gets worse!

Nya: It's okay, Jay. You've still got me.

Jay: And it just got a whole lot better! We're going out?! (Laughs.)

Kai: Hey! Hands off my sister!

Zane: Well, what I don't understand is, if I am a robot—

Cole: Trust me, you are.

Zane: —then how did it wipe my memory?

Wu: The stranger used the Obsidian Glaive — an ancient artifact which affects all living things. And in your heart, Zane, you are a living thing.

The only way to reverse the memory loss is for each of you to obtain your own Obsidian weapon...

Nya: Why the pause?

Wu: Because the only man who might know where they are — the original owner of the Obsidian Glaive — is in Kryptarium Prison.

Jay: Well, I probably don't need any of those memories back anyway...

Wu: And so we must travel to that pitiless place as soon as we can.

Ninjago Island Map (Prologue - The Sea of Sand)

We need to split up and find a prisoner called Hibiki.

When you find him, be careful—he is extremely paranoid.

Kriptarium Prison

Goon #1: Come down from there, Hibki! The boss just wants to talk!

Hibki: Ha! Wants to suck my memories out, more like! Or worse — stick some of his lies into my head!

Goon #1: Do something! Get him down!

Jay: Hey, whadderya know? People are out to get him.

Hibki: More of Ronin's goons! I knew it!

Cole: Ronin? That must be the guy who stole our memories!

Uh, no we aren't-

Hibiki: Whuh?!

Goon #1: Move!

Hibiki: Just stay away from me!

Kai: Well, this is just got more complicated.

Cole: Those guys are working for Ronin! Get them!

Kai: Look out above you!

Jay: The generator doesn't look too badly damaged, I got this.

Zane: I can see the problem.

The circuit is complete.

Prisoner #1: They're after Hibiki! Get 'em!

Big Prisoner: I'm gonna pound you into the ground!


Hey! Gimmie a hand here! I promise I won't beat you up. Honest.


Zane: There he is!

Hibiki: Get back! All of you!

Cole: We aren't with them!

Kai: We're just here to talk!

Ronin Goon #1: Well we're here to fight! Capture Hibiki and destroy the Ninjas!

Hibiki: So who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? How do you know Ronin? Why should I trust you? Where-

Jay: Whoa whoa whoa — would ya' let us answer? Sorry, what was the first question again?

Kai: That Ronin guy wiped our memories.

Hibiki: Oh?

Cole: At least we've been told he did. We don't actually remember. Which I suppose confirms that he did. But then if it didn't happen, we wouldn't remember it either. So...

Hibiki: Yes... He got you alright. But he only took a couple of years from you, I'd say.

Cole: That's right! Or wrong — again, don't really know.

Hibiki: It could have been much worse, he could have put memories into you. Made you believe his lies.

Then you'd be his to control.

So — I'd wager you want to know where the other Obsidian weapons are, mm?

Zane: Yes please.

Hibiki: Sorry — can't tell you!

Kai: Hey, we just saved your butt!

Hibiki: Can't — not won't!

But you can tell yourself.

You just need to drink the Tea of Insight.

Wu: Impossible! The Inky Lemonberry is extinct!

Jay: The whatty-what-what is what?

Wu: The Tea of Insight was made from a rare fruit called the Inky Lemonberry, but it no longer grows in these lands.

Hibiki: It does in one place. A clearing. In the Toxic Bogs.

This map is what they wanted. Keep it safe.

Wu: Our thanks, Hibiki.

Come, we have to go to get your memories back and stop this "Ronin's" plot...

Zane: How do you know he's plotting something?

Kai: Uh, because he's evil, Zane. Evil people are always plotting...

Zane: Oh.

Crashcourse Canyon

Wu: Kai, we will need your sister's help to get through the Toxic Bogs.

Kai: Understood — she should be at Ed and Edna's Junkyard.

Jay: We're seeing my parents? Aw man — if I'd known, I could've brought my dirty laundry!

Cole: Way to impress, Nya, man. Uh, so why do we need her help?

Wu: The Toxic Bogs have recently flooded, we will need Nya's grapple device.

Cole: Can't we just take a boat in?

Wu: Certainly. If you don't mind the boat and its passengers melting.

Zane: I think I would mind, Cole.

Jay: Yeah, Cole — why are you always trying to get us melted?

Kai: Alright you guys...

Try to keep up!

There's some kind of weird helicopter in the sky behind me, d'you see it?

Wu: Do not worry. It is a Serpentine Rattlecopter.

Jay: Serpentine?

Wu: A race of snakes that you have encountered before. We were once at war with their armies, but we are peace now.

Kai: Whoa Are those bikes Serpentine, too? Because they sure aren't peaceful!

Wu: Yes. This is a worrying development.

Kai: No kidding.

Watch out behind! There are mines!

Jay: So what? The desert's full of mines! Silver, gold—

Kai: Explosive mines.

Jay: Oh...!

Kai: Hey! Try following me in here!

This is gonna be a tight squeeze!

That was too close!

More of these guys, huh?

Cole: Wait, uh, didn't Hibiki say something about Ronin being able to control people with the Obsidian Glaive as well as steal their memories?

Zane: He did, yes.

Cole: Well, could it work on snakes, too?

Wu: Yes... I see no reason why not. We must be even more vigilant from now onwards.

Jay: Why? Are there other armies from our past we should worry about meeting again?

Wu: Several, yes.

Jay: Oh... That was actually a joke. I kinda wish I hasn't asked, now.

Kai: We're almost there!

Jay: Oh!? So are a whole bunch of those snakes! And I doubt my parents have enough snacks for all of us!

Cole: There are snacks?

Kai: Jay, any chance your parents have something which can deal with our scaly friends?

Jay: It's a junkyard, Kai! Haha — we can build something!

Bit late for a party (cutscene)

Edna: Oh there's my little Jay! How are you?

I'm your mom.

Jay: I know! I already told you when I called, Mom — I haven't forgotten everything!

Ooh, except my laundry.

Nya: Laundry?

Jay: Er... her laundry! I wash my mom's laundry! That sounds worse — it's my laundry! Did I tell you that I love you today, Nya? Hehe.

Nya: (Sighs) Boys.

Ed: Have your bought some more friends with you? It' getting a bit late for a party, you know.

Jay: Sorry, yeah!

No, we're being attacked by giant snakes.

We should probably do something about that...

Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk

Ed: The Fangpyres again? Oh, they won't be getting a bite of ol' Ed this time!

I know! How about we rebuild the Mechanical Ninja and give them what-for, eh?

Jay: Hey — great idea!

Edna: Okay, your dad and I will work on the chassis. You and your friends find the electrics.

Ed: Hmm, now, where did I see that power core thingamabob?

Oh! On the roof!

Nya: It's a good thing I brought my grapple...

Ed: That's the doohickey!

Kai: It's that thing what you're after, Jay?

Jay: Yeah.

Kai: Okay, well, good luck getting it down.

Wuh-oh! Those snakes are getting over the wall!

Jay: I totally knew that would happen.

Nya: Alright, just one more to go!

Jay: We're gonna need the compu-brain from up there. Let's move.

Wu: Be ready — more of the Fangpyres are getting in.

Cole: Huh, I've always wanted to break into TV.

Kai: C'mon — you gotta put this thing together!

Edna: Oh, that's great, Jay! Now let's kick some reptile tail!

Jay: Mom!

Wu: Now that the Serpentine has been... dissuaded... we shall need your further assistance elsewhere, Nya.

Nya: If it helps get Jay's memory back, I'm in.

Kai: Hey! What about my memory?

Nya: Of course your memory, too, Kai!

After all, I don't owe you any money at the moment.

Kai: Huh?

Wu: Excellent, then we will make haste to the Toxic Bogs and brew the Tea of Insight.

Cole: I'm gonna have mine with the Cookies of Deliciousness.

The Toxic Bogs

Jay: Uh, are we sure this is the right place? Are there some less hazardous toxic bogs we could try?

Wu: Worry not, young Jay. You have been in far more dangerous locations than this.

Jay: Okay, well, I'll just draw some comfort from those memories, shall I? Oh, that's right, I don't have them anymore.

Kai: Is anyone else a little concerned about eating fruit that grows in a toxic bog?

Cole: Kinda.

Jay: Yup.

Wu: Not me.

Kai: Really? What do you know that we don't?

Wu: That I won't be eating it. Come, the map leads this way.

Remember — do not step into the bog. It will eat right through your footwear.

Cole: Great. I was looking for a reason to get some new socks...

Skulkin Skull #1: Hey! Ugly! Get me down from there!

Jay: Hey! You've got some nerve... Scratch that, you probably don't.

Skulkin Skull #1: C'mon! Gimmie a hand! And the rest of a body.

Ow! Yes! I'm free!

What are you doing?!

Aw! I just got down from a place like this!

Hey! Ever thought about dieting, buddy?

Kai: Where now?

Cole: Can one of you get of top of those ruins for me?

Nya: That's why I've got a grapple.

Cole: Thanks, Nya.

Alright, let's go.

Venomari #1: Stop the trespassers!

Jay: More, snakes? Aw, great!

Nya: They look hungry.

Kai: Yeah. It's probably a good idea not to wait around on them.

Jay: What's that up there?

Nya: Got it! Anyone know how to use it?

Wu: I think I can give it a spin.

Cole: More of Ronin's recruits!

Jay: It got me cornered!

Agh! My eyes...

Uh... Does anyone else see gigant gingerbread men?

Cole: Yeah — I always knew they'd have their revenge! Why do they halfta be so tasty?!

Kai: Whoa, that was weird. I think I have a fear of giant cookies now.

Wu: This way, we are close to the Inky Lemonberry's location.

This taste reminds me of something (cutscene)

Wu: This shouldn't take long to brew.

Kai: Hmm... This taste reminds me of something...

Wu: Is anyone feeling insightful?

Jay: Yeuch! Does realizing that this tea tastes gross count?

Wu: No, Jay.

Kai: ...Doesn't taste like a fruit...

Cole: Throw in some noodles and you could sell this stuff!

Zane: Perhaps the inky lemonberries were a red herring?

Kai: Ew! Herring! That's what it is.

Cole: I can see a scythe!

Jay: So can I. It's right in front of you.

Cole: No-no, an Obsidian Scythe. In the... the Cave of Despair?

Kai: And I can see an Obsidian Sword!

Zane: Sai!

Jay: Sorry, Zane — are we boring you?

Zane: Obsidian Sais — I can see a pair of them!

Jay': Oh...

Oh! And Obsidian Nunchucks! I can totally see them — this is awesome!

Zane: Sensei, whose Obsidian weapon should we get first?

Jay: Yeah — and I don't want to influence you, but just imagine how cool I'd look with Obsidian Nunchuks!

Huuuh? Yeah!

Wu: Cole was the first to have an epiphany, so his Obsidian Scythe should likewise be obtained first!

Jay: Oh, I don't like where this is going at all...

Cole: C'mon, Jay—let's go.

Jay: Yeah, sure! Let's go get your scythe!

You never know when we'll be attacked by some evil wheat...

It's just a mine (cutscene)

Wu: You must journey on without me. Your destinies are yours alone.

Zane: Of course Sensei, we understand.

Jay: We do?

Kai: (punches Jay's arm) Yes. We do.

Cole: We've gotta stand our own two feet, Jay.

Jay: Eight feet.

Cole: Besides, it's just a mine.

Jay: "It's just a mine!"

Yeah, a mine crawling with snakes!

Cole: It's okay — I've got a plan.

Hey there! (The Constrictai working on the mines hear Cole and prepare to attack the Ninja)

Jay: What's the next part of your plan?

Cole: We fight a bunch of snakes.

The Skeleton Mines

Cole: We hafta climb up before we can get across to the cave.

Try to avoid getting yourself squashed!

Jay: And try to avoid getting me squashed, too!

Zane: The way into the cave should be right beneath our feet.

Jay: The only thing beneath my feet is solid rock.

Zane: Then I suggest we find a drill.

Jay: Well, that was a drill. Now it's spare parts.

Kai: Now it's really spare parts.

Cole: Whoa!

Kai: Hey, Cole. Are you alright?

Cole: " need to remember we're a team..."

Kai: "...there's too many of them..."

What's happening?

Cole: I think I'm seeing memories from my past.

Kai: Well, that is where memories are usually from.

Cole: It must mean the Obsidian Sycthe is nearby...

Was that my memory or-

Kai: No, that was for real.

Jay: Maybe we should stick a bit closer together?

Kai: (Coughs) Are you guys alright?

Jay: Yeah. Apart from being trapped.

Zane: Not just trapped, we also have a very limited air supply.

Jay: Hehe. Thanks.

Uh, Cole, you could hurry and recover your elemental abilities so you can move all these rocks, then would that be great!

Cole: Don't worry, we've got this under control!

Kai: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Zane: I don't think they've got it under control at all, Jay.

Snakes don't go in for safety (cutscene)

Cole: Ow.

Kai: Yeah, that.

Cole: I guess those snakes don't go in big for safety in their mines.

Kai: I think this guy would agree.

Skulkin Skull #2: No kidding!

Kai: Gah!

Skulkin Skull #2: Hey! Ow! Ooh! Yow! Agh! Oof!

Oh, great! Now I'm stuck looking at a wall for the rest of time.

Ooh, is that lichen?

Kai: Cole?

Cole: I can feel it. It's so close...

The Caves of Despair

Cole: Can you use your sword to jam that gear into place, please, Kai?

Kai: Go on, spin it open!

There it is!

Cole: It's all coming back! It's like I'm living it again, only... faster! Objects, faces, places, creatures... words!

Kai: It's really working!?

Cole: Yeah, like, uh... I now know that those are Constrictai!

Kai: What are Constrictai?

Cole: Those snakes behind you, they're- Uh oh.

Kai: Cole, have you got your elemental powers back?

Cole: I think so. Let me try them out.

Kai: You really knocked some heads together there.

Cole: Whoa... This is awesome! We should get your powers back next.

Kai: Yeah. Yeah we shoould.

Cole: Whoa! Watch out for those spikes!

Kai: See if you can find a way across for me!

Cole: Agh, it's blocked It's okay, if I can concentrate, then I think I can open it.

Kai: Concentrate? So, I'm guessing a bunch of angry snakes would make that tricky, huh?

C'mon. Let's go rescue Jay from Zane.

Has everything come back, yet?

Cole: No, I'm still piecing it all together.

Kai: Right, because I thought of something I need to ask you. Is Jay really going out my sister?

Cole: Uh... Yes.

And I think I did, too!

Kai: What?! Aw, this is the worst!

Cole: How so?

Kai: Look, I've got that I've actually known you guys for years, but it only feels like a few weeks to me at the moment.

Cole: And?

Kai: Well, to be honest — you both strike me as lunkheads.

Cole: (Laughs) You hear that, Jay? Kai thinks you're a lunkhead!

Kai: You as well. Don't forget that.

Jay: Haha, very funny. I'm running our of air, here!

Kai: Sounds like he has plenty to me.

Jay: I heard that!

Cole: Okay, stand back — I'm still getting the hang of this.

Zane: I hope he doesn't accidentally crush us under tons of rock.

Jay: We really need to work on your small talk, Zane.

Ninjago Island Map (The Tea of Insight - The Obsidian Sword)

So, why're we getting Kai's Obsidian Weapon next and not, say, mine?

Kai: The group took a vote back in the Cave of Despair and everyone voted for this. So...

Jay: Ugh. When I get my memories back, I hope they're full of embarrassing stories about you two...

It IS a bit toasty in here (cutscene)

Jay: So... why'd you think they call this the "Fire Temple"?

Cole: Ha! It is a bit toasty, yeah.

Zane: My temperature is being kept stable at ninety-eight point six degrees.

Cole: Aw, man. Why couldn't I be part air-conditioner?

Jay: What's with Kai?

Cole: Just wait, you'll see when it's your turn.

Nya: "Don't worry, I'm right here brother..."

Kai: This is so weird. It's like a cheese-dream. Only I'm awake. And I didn't eat any cheese.

Zane: Kai! Watch out!

Jay: Wait for it...

And there we go.

Cole: Oh, great! Your dream just became our nightmare, Kai!

The Fire Temple

Cole: We gotta time this just right!

Kai: I have to hold onto this to stop the fire. Can you find another way to block it?

Zane: I can see the gears now, Jay. I'll tell you when to stop turning them.


Jay: I bet this value operates something important...

Kai: Thanks.

Oh. My. Wow. It's all coming back!

Cole: I guess you got your Elemental abilities back?

Kai: No. I'm in terrible pain right now. Argh. Ouch. Ooh. Actually, it kinda tickles.

Zane: I would still be careful of the lava, Kai. It is many times hotter than mere fire.

Jay: This giant mouth is the way out, right, Kai?

Kai: No idea. But it's either that or staying here and slowly broiling.

Cole: Oh, man, I do like the broiled food.

I wouldn't eat you guys! Honestly! Do I really halfta say that?!

Jay: I suddenly wish I was made of metal, too.

Kai: C'mon!

Jay: Stop looking at me hungrily, Cole.

The Volcano Core

Jay: Good news — this is definitely the way out. Bad news — we can't fly.

Cole: We could wait for the volcano to erupt. That'd get us out.

Zane: Hmm. Certainly bits of us.

Kai: Yeah, I'm not sure being flash-fried in lava is how I want to spend my final moments.

Ronin: Then I have good news!

Because I've got another option!

Jay: It's Ronin! That is Ronin, right?

Cole: Yup!

Jay: It's Ronin! Watch out for his rockets!

Ronin: Haha! Nice try, but I've got fire-proof plating all over the front of this thing!

Jay: Can't one of you hit him with a rock or something?

Ronin: Rargh!

Zane: Excellent throw, Cole!

Ronin: Hey! Watch it! This thing's brand new!


Kai: Oh yeah, you nailed that one!


Ronin: Oh! You've done it now!

I told you — this suit wasn't cheap!

Cole: That's it, Kai!

Jay: You getting toasty in there, Ronin?

Ronin: Insect bites! That's all you've got! It'd take that lava to do any real damage to this baby!

Kai: Well, if that's what it takes...

Cole: Uh, you do know we're all stood on the same lump of rock, right, Kai?

Ronin: Congratulations — you beat my Mech. That is the good news.


The bad news is — I have a plan B.

In case you're wondering — the B stands for "boiling you like an egg" Buh-bye!

Zane: It appears that an eruption may be imminent.

Cole: Uh, do we have a plan B for getting out of here?

Jay: Yeah — Ronin just gave us one.

We need to grab all the bits from the mech's jetpack!

That's one!

Alright, another - great!

And there's the last one!

This should just take a couple o' seconds!

Cole: Perfect, because I think we have about three left.

How many jetpacks have you built before, Jay?

Jay: Tons! A few. Four. These Four.

Cole: Aw, great.

Kai: Look at this way, Cole. You're choosing between almost certainly being barbecued-

Cole: —or using the jetpacks. I get it.

Kai: No-no, that first option was the jetpacks. These things look really dangerous.

Zane: We should hurry, I believe the lava is rising.

Jay: Okay, remember not to dangle your feet underneath the big... flame hole!

Cole: You don't even know the proper name for an exhaust nozzle?! We're doomed.

Volcanic Slide

Kai: I think my jetpack might have a problem!


Whoa! ...Yeah. That was definitely a problem.

Oh, no!

Aw man, more lava?!

This doesn't look good!


This is the kinda surfing where you really don't wanna fall in the "water"!



Jay: I am so sorry about that, Kai! Honestly, if any of them were going to blow up, I thought it'd be Cole's.

Cole: Hey!

Kai: It's okay. It was kinda fun.

Cole: It did look intense.

So, whose Obsidian weapon are we getting next?

Jay: Great question — is it mine?

Or Zane's?


Or Zane's?

Zane: I would imagine that Kai's newly recovered fire abilities would be very useful in the Ice Temple where my Obsidian weapon is located.

Kai: Alright, then let's go get yours, Zane.

Jay: Did you mean to say "Jay," there?

Is that a yes?



Agh! Volcano!

Ninjago Island Map (The Obsidian Sword - The Frozen Wastes)

Zane: We should land in Birchwood Forest and travel by road from there.

If Ronin's forces are waiting for us at the Ice Temple, they will expect us to come via air or water.

Jay: Hey, and even if they aren't, it's kind of a nice drive.

The Glacier Barrens

Zane: I think I lost you back there, where did you all go?

Kai: It's alright — I'm not far behind and Cole's right next to me. Jay, what's your position?

Jay: (muffled) Upside down in a snow drift.

Don't worry — I'll catch up— oh no it's gone down my neck Ooh-whoo-whoo!

Kai: We're all good here, Zane. See you at the Ice Temple!

Zane: Very well, Zane out.

Kai, Cole, Jay? Be careful of falling trees.

Jay: Specifically on this journey or in general?

Cole: Thanks for the heads up, Zane!

Zane: I'm just exiting the forest.

Kai: Yeah? Well, you're still out of the woods — I just saw Rattlecopters overhead!

Zane: The Rattlecopters are being accompanied by Bite Cycles!

Jay: Really? What are they singing?

Kai: Jay!

Jay: Well, excuse me for trying to lighten the mood...

Zane: How odd. I wonder why they broke off their attack?

I have arrived.

Kai: Alright, me and Cole will be there in a minute. I'm right behind you two!

Jay: I'm right behind you two!

Kai: Great, Jay.

Jay: No, I mean my brakes aren't working!

(Kai and Cole's vehicles are presumably broken)

Cole: Oh, Jay I only just fixed that!

Kai: Zane? We might be a little delayed.

The Ice Temple

(At Ice Temple)

(Kai, Cole and Jay arrive)

Kai: Hey, Zane. Are you having the weird visions?

Zane: I am indeed. It is extremely perplexing. And not a little distressing.

Kai: Yeah, it is kinda creepy.

Cole: When it was me, I saw the time we got the Golden Scythe. What are you seeing?

Ronin: "I'll get some good coin for you... Mr. Tin Man..."

Zane: I can see Ronin. And myself.

Cole: From when he wiped our memories?

Zane: I don't think so. Did we meet him before then?

Jay: Nope.

Right? I'm just guessing here.

Cole: No, we didn't...

Zane: Then I am eager to solve this mystery.

Jay: You know what I'm eager to do? Get warmer!

Kai: Then good news, because we're about to get some exercise!

Cole: Kai! Can you melt that?

Zane: The ground is cracked there.

Cole: Let's apply a little pressure...

Zane: I sense that door is important.

Cole: Then we'd better unlock it.

Jay: I guess the platform doesn't turn it by itself. I think the mechanism is down below.

Was the water cold enough for you?

Zane: Yes. Pleasantly bracing, thank you.

The rear wall shows signs of structural damage

Cole: It's weak, huh?

Jay: That doesn't look too broken to me.

Good as new. Over to you, Kai.

Cole: Whoa!

What did you expect a dragon head do to, Cole?

Zane: There must be another dragon statue somewhere...

Jay: Ready for you, Kai.

There's a gold seal on the door. You don't think it's to keep something dangerous inside, do you?

Cole: No, it'll be keep something dangerous out. Us.

Jay: Nice.

Zane: I can feel the Obsidian Sais through here...

Jay: That's great, because I can't feel my hands.

Kai: You want me to warm them up?

Jay: Uh, I'll pass, thanks.

Frost-bite Chamber

Zane: There it is!

Kai: Keep a look out, I don't want Ronin surprising us again!

Jay: Have fun with it, Zane. Not jealous at all...

Zane: Oh, my. This feels... odd.

Jay: Aw man, I want to feel odd!

Cole: You're odd enough already.

Kai: Is your memory coming back? D'you remember where you saw Ronin before?

Zane: Yes, I can sense it becoming clearer...

Kai: Uh, can it become clearer, faster?

Jay: Hey!

Kai: Whoa!

Cole: What the snake?!

Kai: Y'know what, Zane? Just hold that thought.

Jay: Oh, hey, good news, Kai — it wasn't Ronin that surprised us!

Kai: It's no good! It keeps diving away when we attack it!

Cole: Then we gotta stop it from moving!

Jay: Yeah! Show it who's boss! Although if this was a video game, it'd still be the giant snake.

Zane: I think we have made the creature angry.

Kai: You really know how to understate stuff, Zane.

Zane: Good work!

Cole: We're running out of floor, guys!

Uh-oh, I think it's getting ready to do something bad!

Alright! You got him!

Jay: One more attack like that and we're all going for a really refreshing swim!

Kai: I think it's getting weaker!

Heads up! It's gonna attack!


Jay: Uh, how about we take this outside? Where it's less imminently fatal?

Cole: No arguments here!

The ninny droid thing? (cutscene)

Zane: I recall where I saw Ronin before! He was the one who took me to Chen's island.

Kai: Ronin knows Chen...?

Jay: Who's Chen? Is he a friend?

Cole: Okay, from the start — Zane sacrificed himself to destroy an evil being called the Overlord.

Jay: Right.

Kai: Yeah, but after Zane blew up, he got rebuilt.

Jay: Still following.

Cole: But, somehow. Zane ended up on Chen's island as bait to lure us there.

Jay: Yuh-huh.

Kai: So we took part in Chen's Tournament of Elements to rescue Zane.

Jay: Gotcha! I completely understand. Chen is bad. Right?

Cole: Yes, Jay. D'you remember anything else about Ronin?

Zane: No, there is still much that is unclear.

Jay: Hey — I'll tell you what is clear, though. It's time for me to get my Obsidian Weapon!

Kai: That was Nya. We have to get to Ninjago — the Nindroids have attacked!

Jay: Nooooooooo!

Kai: Was that about the Nindroids attacking the city or us not getting his weapon back next?

Jay: (crying) The Ninny-droid thing?

Cole: Of course it was, Jay. Of course it was...

The Plan (cutscene)

(Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane arrives)

Kai: Alright, we're here. What's the plan?

Nya: Okay, Professor Borg thinks he has a way of shutting down all the Nindroids in the city.

Jay: And let me guess — in order for him to succeed, we have to risk our lives in some way?

Nya: You got it! He needs us to create distractions all round the city while he sets up forcefield generators.

Kai: So we split up? Make as much noise as possible?

Zane: I agree.

Cole: I'm in.

Jay: Sounds like a plan.

Not a good plan...

Nya: Okay, let's move.

Jay: Whoa, hey, Nya! You can't go — it's too dangerous! And... you're not a ninja.

Kai: (Laughs)

Cole: (Laughs)

Jay: What? What am I missing?

(The Samurai Mech falls from the sky) Whuh!?

Oh. That.

Ninjago City

Nindroid #1: No one gets through.

Nindroid #2: What about over?

Nindroid #1: Uh...

(Both Nindroids die upon Nya's mech falling on top of them)

Nya: Okay, we've gotta spread out and cause as many problems for the Nindroids as we can!

Cole: You don't need to tell me twice!

Jay: It was sread out—

Cole: —Thanks!

Nya: This is going to be a walk in the park. Especially if I have to cut through the park.

I gotta take out those turrets!


I guess they want me pick on someone my own size.

Fireworks. I better be careful in here...

(Only if Nya actually lits up the fireworks by attacking them) Yeah. More careful than that.

The Nindroids have taken over the trains! I think I know how to put a stop to that...

All services are cancelled!

I'll come back and fix the tracks later.


That's the first time I was happy to miss a train.

I might take those guys out for a spin.

Ooh... I am going to get in trouble for that.

More of these guys, huh?

Oh, hey! I was right about that walk in the park.

Nindroid #3: Call reinforcements!

Nya: Good idea. Guys? Are any of you near the park? I think I kicked a hornet's nest.

Kai: We're not far. Hold tight!

Nya: Okay, this is new.

Oh no! It's going to hit the-

Jay: Oooh...

Cole: Oooh...

Zane: Hmm. Most aesthetically pleasing.

Kai: Sorry. We got held up. With laser guns.

You're welcome Cyrus (cutscene)

Nya: Hey there!

Cyrus Borg: Thank you so much for your efforts.

Nya: You're welcome, Cyrus. Can we use that force field to shut down the rest of the Nindroids?

Cyrus Borg: I'm afraid it's reach is strictly limited. In order to put a stop to the remaining Nindroids you'll have to find their power source and destroy it. Jay?

Jay: Yes?

Cyrus Borg: Your elemental powers of lightning should come in very useful in those efforts.

Jay: Does that mean what I think it means?

Cole: Depends. You have some pretty weird thoughts.

Zane: I believe it's time to visit the Floating Ruins and find your Obsidian Nunchuks, Jay.

Jay: This is so awesome! I'm getting my powers and memories back!

I'm gonna feel so much closer to you guys!

Cole: Yeah... Yeah, you are.

What d'you think he's going to do when he remembers that me and Nya dated, too?

Kai: I think he's going to hit you with electrified nunchuks.

Cole: Okay, thanks great talk.

The Storm Farms

Cole: Hey you guys, try to keep up. I'd really hate to lose you and not be there when Jay gets his memories back.

Nya: Right. Cyrus says that the Storm Farms Power Station generator is definitely still out of commission-

Jay: How did that happened?

Nya: We destroyed it.

Jay: Uh, we were meant to?

Nya: Yes. Jay. But they do appear to be using the station to store the energy, so Cyrus thinks their new power source is somewhere near to it.

Kai: D'you have a plan for narrowing that down from "somewhere near to it"?

Nya: Well, I figure they're probably protecting it, so... we just head for where the most Nindroids are.

Kai: Fly directly into trouble? That sounds like my kinda plan!

Jay: I'm guessing we don't let you pick our holiday destinations...

Cole: We need to get lower — there's a path through the storm here!

Uh, not a very clever path, though!

Watch out for the Stormbergs!

Jay: I think they know were here!

Zane: Nindroid forces are arriving from above you, Cole.

You cannot safely pass through those lasers, Cole. You will need to destroy their emitters.

Nya: Cole, can you drop down the the ground and use your Tread Assault vehicle?

Cole: Sure!

Nya: Great — there's a Nindroid Power Scrambler coming up ahead and it's heavily shielded from above. But your Tread Assault should be able to smash through its base.

If you can destroy it. I may be able to get a fix on the Nindroid's new power source.

Cole: No problem!

Nya: Great work, Cole!

Jay: Alright!

This is so exciting! I'm gonna get my memories back!

Cole: Yeah... Uh, Jay? Try not to get angry when you remember about me and Nya!

Jay: Wait, what?!

Cole: Sorry, you're breaking up! I can't hear you!

Jay: Cole? What are you talking about? Seriously?


Kai: Yeah! You did it!

The Lightning Temple

Jay: How could you keep this from me?

Cole: I didn't! You all knew about it. You just don't know about it.

Jay: That makes no sense!

Whoa... What is that?!

Wow. You were right about this feeling odd...

"We're being followed..."

Kai: C'mon. This place will be swarming with Nindroids any minute!

Jay: Hey, that's what this guy just said.

Nya: Looks like gravity has gone on vacation.

Cole: Weird.

Kai: Nya, can you pull down that platform?

Nya: If you can get me some spare bricks, sure.

Kai: There they are, Jay.

Jay: This is gonna be awesome!

All my memories are coming back! It's like I'm re-living my life, but... all sped up!

Cole: So, do you hate me?

Jay: No. I'm liking you at the moment... Still liking you... Still liking you— Oh! How could you do that to me?! I hate you now! Oh wait, aaand now I'm liking you again.

Cole: Phew.

Jay: Oh wow — it's all back! Nya, I've got my memories back!

Nya: That's great, Jay.

Jay: And d'you know what I've realized?

Nya: ...What?

Jay: I have a ton of overdue library books.

Nya: Yeah. He's back.

Jay: C'mon! Let's go turn out the Nindroid's lights.

Zane: We need to shut down the Nindroid technology at the top of the pendulum device.

Kai: Well, we better get closer to it, then.

Jay: I can feel the lightning inside me. It can't hurt me now.

I think the passage down there is flooded!

Zane: Perhaps charging this device will activate the machinery above?

Jay: Okay, But I've gotta be careful not to overload it...

More careful than that, for instance.

Nya? A little help?

Nya: Sorry, it won't move any closer.

Zane: I think that's more than enough for me to work with, Nya.

Jay: Whoa, it's even bigger up close. Let's stop the Nindroids ticking.

Zane: The Nindroid technology is till functioning. We will need to destroy it.

Cole: Destroy something? Alright!

Roll up, roll up and test your strength!

Nya: I see more Nindroids!

Jay: Too late — we're bringing down the hammer!

Alternative source of power (cutscene)

(Upon the destruction of the Nindroid station, all hostile Nindroids in the Floating Ruins shut down and fall unconsciously)

Nya: Alright!

Jay: Yeah!

Zane: Hmm, satisfactory. I do not think the Nindroids will be troubling us again soon.

Jay: Oh, yeah. Even if someone had the spare parts, this'd take them months to repair.

Nya: Eh, I could do it in a week.

Jay: Oh, sure — we could do it faster...

Ronin: Don't worry — that won't be necessary...

I've got an alternate source of power.

Jay: What is that?!

Ronin: Hang on a sec, this thing takes a little getting used to.

Kai: Whatever it is, it's dangerous, I think we should tell Sensei Wu about it.

Jay: I like that plan, because Sensei Wu isn't here, which means that we get to be not here, too.

Ronin: Ah, got it. Now, I think it's time we bring this unpleasant business to a close. Don't you?

Jay: Whoa! Go! Move! Nngh...

Ronin: Hohoho... you've got your powers back have you?

Jay: Yeah, we know about you and Chen, too!

Ronin: Doesn't matter. Because one, you can't stop my plans now. And two, your powers aren't a match for this baby.

Whoa! How about that, then? Pretty good, huh?

Jay: We should go now.

The Elemental Forges (cutscene)

Wu: This is not good, not good at all...

Jay: Yeah, we kinda got that when he brought all the Nindroids back to life.

Wu: The Nindroids? The Nindroids are like mosquitoes compared to what Ronin has somehow found. He has one of the Elemental Forges—wild, untamed and dangerous artifacts. Utterly destructive, in his hands.

Kai: What can we do?

Wu: We can prevent him getting the other Forges. There are three more—fire, ice and earth. As Ronin can only be in one place at a time, we should split up and recover the Forges of Fire and Ice simultaneously.

Zane: Why would Ronin want all four Forges?

Kai: Other than being power-mad?

Wu: Zane, you said Ronin abducted you for Chen?

Zane: Yes?

Wu: If he is still following instructions left by Chen, then by uniting the four Forges he may be able to bring Chen back. Kai: Yeah, we should definitely prevent that happening. What's the plan?

Wu: Nya will stay here and keep in contact with both teams. Kai, Zane and I will obtain the Forge of Fire. Cole—you and Jay will obtain the Forge of Ice.

Cole: Just me and Jay?

Wu: Ah, no, you will have some help.

Jay: Oh man, the bad guy has a super powerful new weapon and we're probably going to the exact same place he's looking for another one? This is the worst!

Dareth: Fellow Ninja—it appears we're going on a trip together.

Jay: I stand corrected.

Kai: So you know where these Forges are, Sensei?

Wu: Yes—with some help I discovered their locations many years ago.

Kai: That's great!

Wu: The Fire Forge is inside the mouth of an active volcano.

Kai': That's less great.

Wu: Come. There is no time to lose.

Kai: So what do we do with these forges when we get them? Attack Ronin?

Wu: No! Their power is too unpredictable. What we must do is hide the Elemental Forges, in some location where Ronin could never hope to find them.

Jay: Alright. Down the back of our couch it is then.

Wu: I suspect that the Elemental Forge will be well protected.

Kai: You'd think keeping it in an active volcano was enough.

Zane: Like the Obsidian Blade that Ronin almost stole was?

Kai: Point taken.

Wu: Whatever the dangers are, we have to get the Forge of Fire, so that Ronin cannot.

Kai: Sure, Man, I hope the other guys are getting on okay...

Wu: I'm sure Dareth will be an asset to the team.

Kai: Hmm...?

Cole: Why did we give the Forge to Dareth to hold!?

Jay: My legs! Why can't I feel my legs?

Dareth: It's fine, it's just because they're over here!

Kai: Yeah. Sure.

Wu: I shall stay here and ensure we were not followed. I will re-join you later.

Kai: Try it freezing it now, Zane.

Zane: Thank you.

Wu: Kai, Zane—hello again.

Kai: Wait—how did you...? Never mind.

Zane: Were we followed, Sensei?

Wu: No, we were not.

Zane: That is a relief.

Wu: Because Ronin's forces are already here.

Kai: Yeah, you walked into that one, buddy.

Zane: I think one of us needs to stay on that pressure pad.

Ronin Goon #1: Stop them! Stop them or we don't get paid!

Wu: Good. It is still there.

Kai: Whoa, hey! Isn't that—hot?

Wu: No, it merely appears that way. Although it is still immensely dangerous.

Kai: Ah.

Zane: Sensei, as Ronin is not here, is it reasonable to assume that he may be after the Forge of Ice?

Wu: It is, Zane. We should tell Nya and join up with the others.

Cole: That took longer than it needed to! The others have already got the Elemental Forge of Fire!

Dareth: The ancient runes on the map were difficult to decipher.

Cole: They weren't ancient runes—you had it upside-down.

Jay: Brr! Why couldn't there be an Elemental Forge of Tropical Holiday Resorts?

Cole: It's not that cold.

Jay: I sneezed back there and an ice-cube came out!

Dareth: Hurry—we must stop Ronin's plan!

Cole: Don't worry. If anyone can do it, it's us, Dareth!

Dareth: Pride comes before a fall, young Cole. Whoa!

Jay: Uh-oh! Well, he was right about that.

Dareth: The only thing bruised is my dignity! And my butt. Come on down!

Cole: Whoa!

Dareth: Try not to get hit by the giant icicle! A penguin! Calling for help!

Penguin (Squawks)

Dareth: Now that we have won her trust, I will ask the penguins for their help!

Jay: Hey.

Cole: What is that?!

Jay: Whale.

Dareth: We may have angered him with our trespass. I shall attempt to soothe his mood. He said he will gladly help us.

Jay: Are you sure it wasn't "help himself to us"?

Cole: Ew. Whale snot.

Jay: Cold whale snot. Whoa... This look like a very complicated mechanism.

Dareth: I haven't built a snowman in years.

Cole: We aren't built a snowman, Dareth.

Jay: According to the diagram on the vault's doors, I think we are.

Cole: Shouldn't something else have happened there?

Dareth: Maybe it needs power?

Cole: That's great! I think we can reach the heads now!

Dareth: I don't think our snowmen are getting on like the ones on the door... The Forge of Ice...

Jay: D'you think it's safe to pick up?

Dareth: Of course!

Cole: Whoa! Careful with that thing, Dareth.

Dareth: Before we left, Sensei Wu showed me the precise way to hold it safely.

Jay: Who's that?

Dareth: Oh, wait. I've got it upside-down.

(Kai, Master Wu, and Zane arrives)

Wu: I see that you have been successful.

Jay: Hey, Sensei! Hey guys!

Kai: Did Ronin's goons give you much of a problem?

Dareth: No they did not.

Cole: Because we haven't seen any of them. Where's the Forge of Fire?

Zane: I have it here.

Ronin: Oh, that's great, Mr. Tin Man—you've saved me a journey!

Dareth': Ow... What happened?!

Zane: I think we were blasted from from up there. Oh! Do you still have the Forge of Fire?

Dareth: Uh... Comb, soare change, spare, spare change, candy bar... Got it!

Zane: Come on! We have to get them as far from here as possible!

Dareth: Whoa! Hey! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Zane: Don't worry, Dareth! I'm coming!

Dareth: Help! Hey! It's my whale friend again! Thank you!

Ronin: Hullo, thanks for joining us. Sorry about being so late, but I was picking up a new toy. Now, be a good man and hand over those Forges. Or shall we see how well your friends can hold their breath?

Dareth: Wait! Give me the Forge of Fire. I have an idea.

Zane: Really? Are you sure?

Dareth: I've never been more certain. You win, mighty Ronin. You ave bested us with your powers of Ligtning and Earth. For all I, Grand Sensei Dareth have... is fire and ice! And fire and ice make- Water. Oh...

Ronin: And guess what water and electricity make?

Dareth: It worked! I rescued you!

Kai: Not even close.

Jay: Once Ronin grabbed the last two Forges he just left us.

Zane: Why?

Cole: Because Ronin's won, hasn't he?

Wu: Not yet. We will have a chance... But only one—this way! If Ronin is to unite the Elemental Forges, he will need one more artifact—the Primal Fulcrum.

Cole: Uh, not to be a downer, but the last time we tried stopping him getting something it didn't end well.

Wu: And I expect this will be no different.

Jay: Huh, what, now?

Wu: We have to destroy the Primal Fulcrum. There is a chance that doing so will unleash enough elemental energy to destroy us in turn. I will need someone to hurry to Ninjago City and make preparations in case we do not succeed. Dareth-

Jay: He didn't need asking twice.

Wu: Come, we will need help. We will need Lloyd.

Kai: I hope Lloyd's feeling better. It can't be easy for him...

Wu: The passage of time heals all wounds.

Lloyd: Hey you guys.

Nya: You okay?

Cole: Yeah, how are you, man?

Lloyd: Getting there. Y'know, I was going to come back—you didn't need to come out all this way to see me.

Jay: Wow, you really are isolated here.

Lloyd: What do you mean? What's going on?

Wu: We will tell you on the way, but first, can you take us to Misako?

Lloyd: Of course. I hope you like visiting spooky graveyards... Do you think my mom will be down here?

Wu: Misako is an archaeologist—it seems likely she would want to examine the tomb itself. If she is outside, the others will find her.

Lloyd: Lemme, see if I can make it a bit lighter in here.

Wu: Lloyd, can you use your powers to dispel that darkness?

Lloyd: Oh! ... Rats! Why do tombs have to be spooky? It looks like part of the mechanism is missing...

Wu: There, we can now continue. Misako must be in another part of the tomb...

Lloyd: I don't think my mom is down here, Sensei.

Wu: I am beginning to doubt that myself. However, we must be sure.

Lloyd: There's a way out up there!

Wu: Yes, Lloyd. I believe it will lead up to the main graveyard.

Lloyd: I hope that's where my mom is... Let's go!

Misako: The answer is near here. I must find it for him... Hello, is that you? oh! Lloyd! ... You... You... scared me! What are you doing here?

Lloyd: We need your help, Mom.

Wu: Misako, a great evil may return to Ninjago unless we can find the Primal Fulcrum.

Misako: The Primal Fulcrum?

Wu: Has your research into the legend ever yielded a location?

Misako: Uh... Yes. In fact I believe that clues to the location are hidden somewhere amongst these graves... Those look like pressure pads.

Lloyd: Yeah. But I don't think we're heavy enough to push them down. It's a pity we can't move those statues.

Misako: Maybe we can...

Lloyd: That thing's loud enough to wake the dead!

Wu: Maybe not wake the dead, but it's certainly attracted some attention—look! Misako, can you read the markings?

Misako: Yes... The Primal Fulcrum is "within a maze within a maze" ... It must mean Hiroshi's Labyrinth. There's a picture of a landmark, too...

Lloyd: That's great, Mom.

(Cole and Jay arrives)

Cole: Aw man, did we miss the action?

Wu: Don't worry, Cole. I suspect there will be plenty more action, soon. We are going to Hiroshi's Labyrinth.

Jay: Huh?

Misako: Hiroshi's Labyrinth.

Nya: The ruins look the dial of a clock.

Wu: Hmm. Odd—because the one thing we do not have this time...

Lloyd: Hey, what's that monkey doing?

Zane: Hmm... I don't think we should trust the monkey, Lloyd.

Jay: That's certainly the rule I've lived my life by.

Lloyd: Uh, those statues are moving!

Kai: What was their problem?! It's not like we're pigeons...

Lloyd: I think we need to go through here.

Nya: This is much nicer!

Jay: Yeah. I wish we'd brought a picnic.

Wu: Come on, we must hurry!

Cole: Hey—it's all changed in here!

Kai: Ugh. Monkeys.

Wu: I believe we are close to the exit. Quickly.

Nya: Over to you, Zane.

Wu: There! Kai, use your elemental powers!

Misako: The Primal Fulcrum is through here.

Jay: Here's hoping Ronin's isn't with it...

Zane: It's that the Primal Fulcrum through there?

Wu: Yes, I believe so.

Kai: How do we get it without being chopped up by those spinning rings?

Cole: I've got an idea. Have you ever seen what happens when you poke a stick into the wheel of a bicycle?

Kai: Yes...?

Cole: Stand back! Oh.

Kai: Any other ideas?

Zane: Perhaps the pedestals on either side of the rings are connected somehow?

Jay: Hey, anything's gotta be better than Cole's idea. What do we put on them?

Nya: I can see some electrical devices up here.

Jay: It's moving! Grab onto the chains! Wow. Dragons really lay their eggs in weird places.

Nya: It worked!

Cole: I guess we're looking for more eggs, then. I hope the rest are fresher—I'm starving.

Nya: You're not eating the dragon eggs, Cole!

Wu: Be careful with that, Kai. It is an ancient Dragon egg—laid by one of the original guardians of the Fulcrum. Sadly, those creatures have long since passed into dust.

Nya: Just two more eggs to go.

Cole: Yeah, that's the perfect amount of an omelet...

Nya: Cole...!

Kai: The egg looks heavy. It must be yours, Cole.

Cole: It feels like this thing's made of lead! Can you eat lead?

Nya: Not twice.

Zane: I think I can take it from here.

Wu: Yes, that's it...

Jay: Great—the way's still blocked, but at least it's safe to touch now.

Wu: I believe those Dragon heads around the entrance are part of the puzzle... Good. There is no time to lose.

Kai: Is there a safe way to destroy it?

Misako: Yes. It says, uh... "...if seven hearts should strike as one, the Fulcrum's life shall be undone." There's no mention of it being dangerous.

Wu: Are you sure?

Jay: Uh, it rhymed. And that's after translation. That's good enough for me.

Misako: I'm certain.

Cole: On three?

Wu: Yes. One... Two... Three!

Lloyd: What's... happening?

Misako: Revenge. That's what. For the way you all betrayed me!

Wu: What betrayal!?

Misako: Don't pretend! I remember it like it was yesterday!

Wu: Ronin did this!

Ronin: Hahaha! Yes—Ronin! Isn't that funny how your memory plays tricks on you as you get older?

Misako: You're here! I was so scared they'd hurt me... Did I do well?

Ronin: Oh, you did perfectly, Misako. Well done. As did all of you.

Lloyd: That'!

Ronin: Hey! Agh! You little insects! Oh-hoho, take around at your world, Ninjas! Cherish these final hours of your existences, because my client? Oh, he's gonna take great delight on ending them!

Misako: Lloyd? What are you... Where am I?

Lloyd: Are you okay?

Misako: Yes, fine, what's happened?

Lloyd: I'll explain later.

Wu: Careful now, Misako.

Cole: I got this.

Jay: We're doomed!

Kai: We're not doomed. Yet. Sensei, do you know where Ronin will take the Fulcrum?

Wu: I do not... But the Fulcrum's guardians will. Once there, you can infuse your elemental dragons with the souls of the Fulcrum's guardians.

Jay: Is this gonna hurt?

Wu: I have no idea. But I'm sure you'll let me know, Jay. Now, fourth call your Elemental Dragons!

Cole: Whoa... my dragon, it feels... different, somehow.

Kai: Same here!

Jay: Mine, too—I think this is gonna work! I think we're gonna find where Ronin's taken the Primal Fulcrum! I think we're going to the most dangerous place in all of Ninjago! Is it too late to consider another plan?

Zane: Are we sure that the Elemental Dragons know where they're going? We appear to be flying away from Ninjago.

Cole: You know what? I think they do—this is the way to Chen's Island!

Jay: Chen's Island? I don't think we're gonna get such a warm welcome we arrive this time.

Kai: I dunno—they might try setting fire to us. Yeah, looks like they've started trying!

Cole: We've got Nindroid jets incoming!

Jay: Then I guess the good news is we're definitely on the right path!

Zane: Watch out! There are missiles coming from below!

Jay: I'm heading down to sea level! Whoa! People are meant to catch fish, not the other way around!

Kai: We're gonna have to land. We won't be able to see Ronin through the jungle from up here.

Cole: Yeah, it looks pretty thick down there…

Jay: Don't worry about that—I know just the thing to get through it.

Cole: Yeah. That'll get you through the jungle, no problem.

Jay: It's great for getting things off of high shelves, too.

Wu: A group travelled through here recently.

Lloyd: I just hope one of them was Ronin. I owe him for what he did to my mom!

Jay: Did you forget to bring mechs? Haha! Bad news for you!

Kai: Uh, we'll leave this guy to you, ok, Jay?

Jay: No problem!

Cowardly Goon #1: Uh... Tactical retreat?

Cowardly Goon #2: What's that mean?

Cowardly Goon #1: Run away!

Jay: I'll let myself in, thanks.

Cole: Wuh-oh!

Kai: Jay, move!

Jay: How many rockets have those things got?!

Cole: They're blowing the place to pieces!

Kai: Get to the mechs and stop them, Jay!

Jay: So you're saying I shouldn't sit down and have a picnic here? That's enough rockets for you!

Zane: This structure looks heavily reinforced, Jay. I'm not sure your mech will be able to break through without help.

Jay: Then I'll build something. Let's pour some juice into this thing! Knock-knock! Delivery for Mr. Ronin!

Ronin: Stop them! Throw everything we have at them!

Cole: If that could include some food, I'd be very grateful! What? I haven't eaten in like an hour.

Zane: You've got more mechs incoming!

Jay: Sheesh! Did they buy them in bulk or something?!

Ronin Temple Goon: C'mon! Get them! Don't give up!

Kai: Last one down! Good work, Jay!

Cole: How're we gonna get in?

Kai: I don't see a door. Okay, now I do.

Wu: Quickly! There is no time to waste!

Cole: Alright, let's go.

Kai: Okay, now I do.

Ronin Goon Leader: Stop them! Ronin must succeeded!

Cole: Hey, that's great news 0 he hasn't succeeded yet!

Lloyd: And he's not going to!

Ronin Goon Leader: You! Quickly! Hide that blade!

Kai: Alright! Now stick it back in the statue! We're coming for you, Ronin!

Jay: Well, unless he's disguised as a chandelier, he's not in there. Yeah, that definitely wasn't him.

Wu: We should investigate the top flooe of the building.

Ronin Goon #2: Keep them out of the private suite!

Kai: He must mean Chen's room!

Cole: We can climb to it from the balcony outside from the room I was in! I got this. Rock and roll!

Zane: Uh, Cole. You know those windows just slide open, don't you?

Cole: Yeah, but that wouldn't have made the awesome smashy noise.

Kai: Look at the artifacts! ...Is that part of the Celestial clocks?!

Cole: Ooh! A noodle soup fountain!

Jay: Ew! That stuffs been in there weeks, Cole!

Cole: I wasn't gonna eat much of it.

Kai: Uh-oh, more of Ronin's men—I guess we're on the right track!

Zane: Perhaps if I froze the fountain we could get to the upper level?

Nya: There's no handles on the door!

Hungry Ronin Goon: Feng? Is that you? Did you bring my food?

Nya: (Deep Voice) Uh... Sure. You wanted the Wu Shu Pork... right?

Hungry Ronin Goon: No! I wanted the meal from the picture! Gah! If you want to be nice and safe from those Ninjas behind this door, then you'll get me the right food!

Nya: (Deep Voice) Oh, right. Sorry. I'll order it up now.

Cole: Oh wow—it's like one of machines in Chen's noodle restraunt. You have to pick the ingredients and then it makes the meal for you!

Nya: I hope that's what he wanted…

Cole: If it isn't, I'll eat it.

Nya: (Deep Voice) How about this?

Hungry Ronin Goon: Oh yeah! That's the stuff! Lemme have it! Oh, that's right. Feng doesn't sound like a woman.

Wu: We must not tarry! Through here!

Jay: That's why I don't run in first anywhere.

Wu: Stop this! You have no idea what you're unleashing!

Ronin: Oh, I know exactly what I'm unleashing. And I know exactly how much I'm gonna get paid for doing it!

Kai: You're doing this for some money?!

Ronin: No, I'm not doing it for some money—I'm doing it for all the money! A man has debts to pay, you know?

Wu: You have to stop!

Ronin: No. I really don't.

Cole: Well... He's won.

Wu: No, he hasn't. Summon your Elemental Dragons! We may be able to destroy the portal from within!

Cole: How?!

Wu: I do not yet know.

Lloyd: But hopefully, it involves me hurting Ronin!

Jay: I think Lloyd needs a holiday.

Kai: Let's go!

Lloyd: The portal branches off! Which way do we go?

Jay: Don't worry! I'll check if Ronin's through this way! Catch up with you later!

Cole: Watch out for the giant stalactites!

Zane: Technically they are not stalactites, as stalactites grow downwards.

Cole: Stalagmites?

Zane: No, they grow upwards.

Cole: Pointy ice-spears?

Zane: Hmm... Yes, that fits nicely.

Kai: Great, I'm so glad that I'll know what to call it when I get impaled by one.

Lloyd: Another branch!

Cole: I'm on it!

Kai: Zane! Can you freeze those things?

Zane: I can try!

Cole: Ronin wasn't through there!

Jay: He wasn't hiding down my tunnel, either.

Kai: What the-? My dragon just faded out for a second!

Cole: Yeah, mine too!

Wu: I believe it is because we are getting close to the other end of the portal! Brave yourself, your dragons may disappear completely at any moment!

Cole: What do we do if that happens?

Jay: Whatever it is, I'm guessing it'll with a loud "splat"!

Cole: Don't disappear on me! Just a few... more... seconds!

Lloyd: There! We're almost there!

Nya: Phew! That was too close! At least we didn't splat.

Jay: I think I've might've…

Zane: I sense that Ronin is on the other side of that vortex.

Nya: Then we better find a way into it.

Jay: I might be able to build something to help if we can find enough bits and pieces…

Cole: This place is weird. It looks like it's made of fragments of Ninjago.

Wu: They're not just from Ninjago. They're from... Somewhere darker, as well.

Nya: Whoa! Whoever made this place didn't build it to last.

Jay: That's perfect! But I'm gonna need some more!

Kai: Okay, but you'll have to wait until we've dealt with these guys!

Lloyd: I'll have that scrap down in just a second!

Nya: Rememeber, don't let go. Until the point where it's vital that let you go.

Cole: Yeah. That seems safe.

Jay: Great! That's everything I need!

Nya: Huh. A giant skull. That's not ominous…

Jay: I hope it's not hungry.

Kai: C'mon!

Wu: It is not too late, Ronin—you can stop this! Think of the suffering you will cause!

Ronin: If you're trying to appeal to my good side, then sorry—I can't afford one. What I do have, though, is a bunch of empty treasure chests that I'm gonna fill with riches.

Zane: Sensei? The Elemental Forges appear to be different, somehow.

Wu: They are weakened! Almost drained... We can destroy them now! We can stop you now!

Ronin: No you won't!

Lloyd: Just try and stop us.

Ronin: You might think they're drained, but the Forges still have plenty of spare power in them! Power that I command. Power, that bends to my will. Power... that I will crush you with!

Cole: The bigger they are, the harder they fall, huh, guys?

Jay: Yeah, but first you have to knock them out over, Cole.

Cole: Oh, right.

Kai: Hey, I think we might be able to spin the tables on him!

Ronin: Nuh-uh! Sorry, but I'm gonna have to put my foot down!

Cole: Whoa!

Jay: Argh!

Ronin: Let's go!

Cole: Yes! We did it!

Ronin: Nuh-uh! Beating me isn't gonna be that easy!

Cole: Okay, then how about we try hitting you?

Ronin: I'd rather you didn't…

Wu: There's another Forge depleted!

Kai: C'mon! Get him!

Wu: That's another Forge depleted!

Kai: C'mon! Get him!

Ronin: Ragh! You insects!

Lloyd: Face it, Ronin—you're just not as good as us!

Ronin: I shoulda' wiped you out instead of just your memories!

Jay: Yeah, that was kinda stupid. Ah well, you'll know for next time.

Ronin: And I so wanted to end you guys myself. Nngh!

Nya: Does anyone else have that sinking feeling?

Zane: The force of the eruption is pushing us downwards! Oh dear. If we cannot destroy the last Forge, Ronin will succeed.

Wu: We must find a way to stop that lava!

Lloyd: That's enough outta you, boulder-breath!

Jay: I think this lump of rock just had an accident.

Zane: Our descent is slowing!

Kai: Actually, we're being pushed upwards now! Hold on! This is gonna get bumpy!

Wu: Quickly! The Tornado of Creation! Now! All of Ninjago is in peril!

Kai: You wanted money, Ronin? Well you just hit the jackpot!

Ronin: (Laughs) You're too late! I've done it! It's open And I'm rich!

Wu: And we're closing it again!

Ronin: Agh! Oh, you interfering, over-achieving, bleeding-heart pain in the... ugh! Agh! Oh, no. Not him. You're gonna pay for that! Yeah... And in about thirty seconds, I'd say. Hey! Don't hurt R.E.X.!

Lloyd: He's getting away!

Wu: That does not matter. We did not come here to get Ronin, we came here to stop him. And we have.

Cole: The portal is collapsing!

Wu: Destroying the Primal Fulcrum! It's acting as an anchor!

Zane: Won't that make the portal collapse faster?

Kai: Does it really matter?! Everyone—use your elemental beams!

Wu: It's working!

Jay: I kinda wish it wasn't!

Cole: We're not gonna make it!

Jay: Next stop, ground floor—I hope!

Cole: Ow!

Jay: Sorry!

Cole: Oh hey—we won! And lived.

Jay: It's over!

Kai: We stopped him!

Zane: Yes. Very good.

Lloyd: Yeah!

Kai: Look! Jay's lost his pants again!

Jay: That's not what happened at all!

Kai: Who's telling the story—me or you?

All: (Laughs)

Dareth: (Laughs) (Sighs) I love this thing.

(End of LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin. For more information, click here.)

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