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“I am extremely honoured to have reached the places I have, to have lived the experiences I have lived and to have met the people I now consider family. I genuinely couldn't be more grateful, and as my future with the theme continues to shine brighter and brighter, I will never stop trying to make my community as proud and as astonishing as I possibly can.”
— Lachlan Jansen[1]

Lachlan Jansen (born April 9, 2001)[2], known online as TheMarvellousJan, is a British-born Australian fan of Ninjago. He is known for co-writing The Splinter in the Blind Man's Eye along with Tommy Andreasen.


  • He is an editor of the wiki, under the account of TheMarvellousJan.
    • He created his account on January 3, 2020 and made his first edit on the wiki on the same day.
  • He, along with Joshua Deck, was one of the four creators of the fan-made documentary, NINJAGO - Ten Years of Spinjitzu: A Documentary.
  • He considered it a "great honor" and a "proud moment" to have a wiki page. He also joked about the "unflattering" image in his page's infobox, offering to take a new photo for the wiki.[3][4]
  • The character Dillon bears a resemblance to his LEGO personification.
  • Tommy Andreasen wishes to include him in the series at some point.[5]
    • On November 30, 2021, Jansen announced on his wiki's profile page that his LEGO personification, self-dubbed "Jan Jansenson", "will make his debut in an unknown episode of the upcoming 15th season."[6]
    • He had previously hinted at this while replying to a fan on Twitter who noted his character's resemblance to Dillon.[7]
    • He may have spoiled this in a wiki edit, where he noted that "he will appear in the series at some point", though the referenced source had stated that Tommy Andreasen only wanted to include him.[8]
  • He has a tattoo of the final mural of the Ninjago history mural on his left wrist with the word "Destiny" written in Ninjargon.





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