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This is a Milton Dyer classic, Krag, so pay attention! We're talking Golden Age here. It's called Lava Zombies and you need major skills to beat this game, which I, heh, luckily have.
Jay to Krag in "Once and for All"

Lava Zombies is a video game that was created by Milton Dyer.


The game was created by Milton Dyer sometime before he created Prime Empire.

Wasted True Potential

Jay woke Zane up to warn him that Cole was about to beat his high score. Afterward, Zane walked into the game room when Cole beat his record.

Once and for All

Jay played the game until Krag demanded a turn from him. Krag played the game until Cole told him to stop. However, Krag continued to play the game when the ninja were being chased by Boreal.

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

A Ninjago City citizen was playing Lava Zombies on his phone until he bumped into a woman.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The Admin Droid was watching a replay of Lava Zombies before the ninja came up to him. After they finished talking, he turned it back on.

The Call of the Deep

Ray and Kai were competing in Lava Zombies when Nya came in to ask his brother something.


The playable character is a generic boy holding a club. The character moves up, down, left, and right in order to kill the Lava Zombies, which are fiery, mindless villains. The characters move along what appears to be a city street.



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