Legendary Ninja Battles is a internet game that aired on the official website of Cartoon Network. It takes place between the events after Zane's believed demise, and at the time when the Ninja are invited to the Tournament of Elements.


The gameplay to Legendary Ninja Battles is an action-adventure network game that focuses on its deep background and its hack-and-slash genre. The human player can control each Ninja on their intense battles depending on the level they are on; along with that, each hero also gets their own weapon/vehicle to fight with on their quest. The player can also collect three Golden Tokens on each level.

The human player can attack with the space bar and move in each direction with the keypad’s arrows. The Ninja can also touch special powerups to assist them to jump higher or increasing their speed.

The web game has a total of five levels, each for the five Ninja. After completing the game, the player will have the choice to replay any level they select or the option to restart the game.



Kai's Level

Cole vs the Pirates

Jay vs the Fangpyre Robot

Lloyd vs the Overlord

Zane vs the Leviathan

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