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We won.”

The Liberation of Ninjago is the event in which Ninjago City was freed from the control of the Sons of Garmadon.



After the Collapse of Ninjago, Emperor Garmadon and his forces ruled Ninjago City and caused chaos in the city. Meanwhile, Lloyd and the Resistance opposed Garmadon's control over the city to wait until the rest of the ninja return from the Realm of Oni and Dragons.

The ninja's Return from the First Realm

After being marooned in the Realm of Oni and Dragons for a week, the original four ninja and a younger Master Wu return to Ninjago City and reunited with remaining parts of the Resistance. Lloyd and Wu, wearing the Dragon Armor, ride on Firstbourne to confront Garmadon at the top of Borg Tower. The other ninja went to get the citizens of Ninjago to safety.

Chaining the Colossus

After getting the citizens of Ninjago City to safety, Jay, Cole, Kai, and Zane fly their dragons towards the Colossus in hopes of chaining it. In their attempts to chain the Colossus, they are unsuccessful with the chains being not thick enough to hold the Colossus. Meanwhile, the hostages that are being kept at Kryptarium Prison free themselves after learning of the Ninja's return from the Realm of Oni and Dragons. The hostages from Kryptarium, Nya in the Battle Wagon, and Wu riding on Firstbourne assist in the Ninja's battle with the Colossus and chain it successfully.

Battle with Garmadon

While the other ninja are fighting the Colossus, Lloyd and Wu go to the remains of Borg Tower and clash with Garmadon. During the battle, Firstbourne encases Garmadon in magma, which he breaks free of, using the force to blow Firstbourne and Wu off of Borg Tower. Lloyd and Garmadon continue to fight until Lloyd loses the Dragonbone Blade. Lloyd wins by repeatedly avoiding to fight his father and manages to weaken Garmadon's power.


After Garmadon's powers are weakened, the Colossus is destroyed and Lloyd regains his powers back. Garmadon worries Lloyd of a greater threat and that it is coming to Ninjago City. After the battle, the Sons of Garmadon, along with Garmadon, are arrested and sent to prison. The ninja clean up the Royal Palace and celebrate their victory. Later at night, as an older Wu says his final goodbyes to Firstbourne on top of the palace's roof while Lloyd wonders his father's warning will be true.


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