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“I light up the sky, but I'm not the sun. My kiss is deadly, but I am not a snake.”

Lightning is one of the four main elements of Creation. It is the element of electricity and it is generally associated with the color blue. It was first practiced by the First Elemental Master of Lightning, and over a hundred generations later, it was practiced by the Previous Master of Lightning and was passed down to her son, Jay. This element corresponds with the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Lightning Dragon, and the Elemental Lightning Dragon.

Users' abilities

  • Electrokinesis/Fulgurkinesis - The user can create, generate, increase, absorb, conduct, shape, and manipulate electricity of various intensities. Users of this element can redirect natural lightning in an electrical storm, electrocute opponents, and cause electrical explosions. Also, the user can use it against an adversary.
    • Electrokinetic Flight - The user has the ability to fly using electricity.[1]
    • Technopathy - One application of Lightning, as Jay taught Lloyd, is to overload, control, and power electrical devices or systems. Lloyd used his Lightning powers to overcharge a light bulb, allowing him to use the shards of glass to free himself from his bonds.[2] Jay was even able to use his power to create a specific image (a Steep Wisdom teapot) on multiple screens.[3]
      • Electronic Disruption - Lloyd was able to disrupt a message sent to the Ultra Sonic Raider by his father, Lord Garmadon, and play a video game instead.[4]
      • Electrocommunication: The user is able to interface with natural electrical signals to communicate with others.
    • Electrical Force Field - The user can generate a force field of electricity as a defensive tactic (similarly to its elemental shield).
    • Lightning Blast - The user can release electricity over a specific target area which causes great damage and/or delivers great shock waves of pure force.
    • Electricity Resistance - The user is partially resistant against electricity and lightning.[5]
    • Electrical Infusion - The user can infuse objects (usually a weapon), beings, body parts, vehicles[6] or powers with electricity, empowering and energizing them and allowing the user to manipulate their qualities and efficiency and use electricity in various ways to attack.
    • Electrical/Lightning Bolt Projection - The user is able to create and project bolts of electricity and control the intensity/power of their projectiles, the bolts aren't weak but may not be as powerful as a full-powered attack. They can also project lightning bolts from their own bodies (usually from their hands) to pierce and/or severely burn their opponents.
    • Electrified Body - When the user in is a state of rage or extreme emotion, their body will be infused and crackle with electricity.[7]
    • Electrical Attraction - While out in a storm, Jay attracted all the stray electricity directly into him.[5]
    • Electricity Surface Creation - The user can send electricity through a surface (often the ground or a floor), to channel electricity, sending electric shocks to anything in contact with them or the surface.
    • Electric Orb Projection - The user is able to project an orb of electricity as seen when Jay tried to break Cole free from Skales' hypnosis.[8]
    • Electro-Magnokinesis/Electro-Magnetokinesis - The user can use their Lightning as a magnet.
    • Electric Beam Emission- The user can produce and project beams of concentrated electricity, which can shock or cause electrocution, pierce through almost anything, or create destructive explosions upon impact.
    • Electrokinetic Speed- The user is able to use Lightning to achieve superhuman speed, as seen when Jay used this ability when he, Zane and Cole were chasing the Skulkin after they stole three of the Golden Weapons.
    • Electric Recharge - The user is able to recharge batteries by infusing them with electricity, but this can prove dangerous in some situations.
  • Elemental Shield - The user can create a Lightning elemental shield.

Via the users' True Potential

  • Lightning Mimicry - The user can temporarily transform their body completely into electricity.
    • Electroportation - This allows the user to also "teleport" short distances using electrical currents.


The symbol of Lightning is an octopus. The silhouette of the octopus and its tentacles resembles a storm cloud discharging lightning. It may reference Jay's energetic and intelligent nature.

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