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Hold on. I have something here that might be useful. Something that doesn't require a bus pass. Now, normally, I don't believe in giving birthday gifts early, but your mother is in danger, so I'm gonna make an exception.

The Lightning Bike[1] is a ninja vehicle used by Jay.


Prior to A Line in the Sand

Ed worked on the bike, which was intended to be a birthday present for Jay.

A Line in the Sand

When Jay had to save the other ninja, but the Ultra Stealth Raider bike was dismantled by the Vermillion soldiers in search of metal, Ed showed him the Desert Lightning, though it fell apart. They fixed it and made some adjustments.

In the process of saving his friends from the effects of the Slow-Mo Time Blade, Jay helped speed it up by supercharging it with electricity, which caused him to go too fast beyond his control outside of the Slow Motion affected area.

The Attack (mentioned)

Blunck mentions the Lightning Bike, stating it being the reason they lost. Raggmunk mentions he wants one.

Secrets Discovered

Jay used the Lightning Bike to travel to the museum.

Vehicles and Mechs

The Lightning Bike is briefly seen when Jay is making a montage out of vehicles.


The Lightning Bike is a fast bike which can travel at large speeds. The wheels are able to be electrocuted, causing a lightning trail to go behind it and increasing the speed so much that it can bypass the slowdown of the Slow-Mo Time Blade. However, the "lightning speed" may have an overdrive effect.

Official descriptions

Jump onto the awesome Desert Lightning and zoom across the sand on the edge of the swamp. Fold out the lightning-bolt boosters to leave Commander Blunck’s Vermillion racer trailing in the dust. Evade Tannin’s ground attacks and fire back with the headlight shooters. Get to that precious Slow-Mo Time Blade first and power away to safety![2]

The Book of Spinjitzu

I imagine Jay riding a fast motorcycle capable of crossing any terrain, with Jay's elemental power of Lightning boosting its speed.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Ninjago: Decoded


  • In show form, it has white wheels on the outside, but in the set, it has black wheels.
  • In sets and The Book of Spinjitzu, it is known as the "Desert Lightning".
  • It is Jay's first bike, making him the last ninja to receive a bike.
  • This is arguably the fastest ninja vehicle to date, since it is able to bypass the Slow-Mo Time Blade's slowdown with Jay's lightning speed boost.
  • This was the second vehicle built by Ed and intended for Jay, the first being the Fangpyre Robot.




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