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Oh Cole, don't you see? I am proud. I want you to promise me, Cole, that you will always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust. Always.
— Lilly to Cole in "Dungeon Crawl!"

Lilly (referred to as Gilly by the Geckles and Milly by the Munce) was Lou's wife, Cole's mother, and the previous Elemental Master of Earth.


Lilly was the daughter of the Elemental Master of Earth who participated in the Serpentine War.[1] She inherited his powers.

Lilly trained with Master Wu at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, learning Spinjitzu and reaching her True Potential. In addition to protecting civilians, she at one point traveled to the Underworld and at another point encountered a group of Venomari and prevented them from attacking Jamanakai Village.[2] At one point, she discovered that her powers were strongest when she was closer to the earth, and she shared this revelation with Wu.[3]

Lilly eventually visited Shintaro, where she learned the Spinjitzu Burst.[4] and she used this power to destroy Grief-Bringer, a dragon that terrorized the residents of the caverns. She left the mountain, but not before leaving the Blades of Deliverance with the Geckles and Munce[5] and her locket with Gleck.[6]

Eventually, Lilly and Lou married and had a son named Cole, who inherited his mother's powers. Wu was also present when Lilly kept her son lying in her bed.[2]

When Cole was three, Lilly told him the moon was made of green cheese, as she knew that was the explanation that would make the most sense to him at the time.[7]

Lilly and Lou often danced outside on the terrace of their house.[8]

During Cole's childhood, Lilly became ill. At one point when Cole and Lou came to see her, Cole told his mother that he didn't want her to be sick anymore, but she told him, "we don't always get what we want". Lilly asked Cole about problems at school and he told her that he got into a fight with a child who hurt the younger ones. Cole said that he would never fight and that he would be good, wanting his mother to be proud of him. Lilly told him that she was already proud and that she wanted him to promise her that he would always fight those who are cruel and unjust. Cole promised her that he would do exactly that.[3]

At some point in Cole's teenage years, Lilly died, resulting in a division between Cole and Lou in their grief.[9]


During his first encounter with Wu, Cole mentioned Lilly, saying that she was gone and that his father should be sad or angry but instead spent all his time with his group. Wu told Cole that grief takes many shapes and forms, some singing and dancing and some climbing mountains.[9]

At the time the ninja were searching for Wu, Cole had a dream based on his memories of his parents dancing.[8]

Cole began to learn more about his mother's past when he and the other ninja traveled to Shintaro. On his first night in the palace, Cole caught Gleck sneaking into his room, seeing that the Geckle had a necklace that contained a portrait of his parents.[10]

When the ninja were trapped in the Mines of Shintaro, Gliff told the story of the Blades of Deliverance, the Ivory Blade of Deliverance and the Shadow Blade of Deliverance, and how Lilly (called "Gilly" by Gliff and "Milly" by Murt) had defeated Grief-Bringer and left the two blades with the Geckles and Munce respectively.[5]

While Lloyd, Jay, and Nya talked in Munce Home-Cave, Lloyd noticed a picture on the wall depicting Lilly fighting Grief-Bringer.[11]

After noticing the necklace Gleck was wearing, Kai and Zane asked to look at it. Gleck stated that it was his most prized possession, given to him by "Gilly" herself. After noticing Lilly in the locket, Kai and Zane correctly deduced that Lilly was the same person as Gilly. Gleck, happy to hear that they know her, asked if they could bring her to the Dungeons to help with the peace treaty. Unfortunately for Gleck, Kai sadly told him about Lilly's passing.[12]

When Cole was getting zapped by the Skull of Hazza D'ur, he remembered his mother, which inspired him to use the Spinjitzu Burst to destroy the Skull.[13]



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Ninjago Magazine

Behind the scenes

  • Tommy Andreasen previously stated that Cole's mother would not appear in the show.[14][15] This is an example of when creator statements can become false as later seasons are released.[16]
  • Though she was mentioned in Way of the Departed and Season 8, her name was not revealed until Season 13. This makes her the second-to-last parent of the ninja to be given a name, the other being Jay's mother.
  • In the story of the Two Blades, she wears a Legacy hood and Season 11 armor.
  • She has two different hairstyles in the show. This makes her the third parent of a ninja who has two different hairstyles, the first two being Garmadon and Lou and the fourth being Edna.
    • In her main appearance, she uses Abby Yates's hair from LEGO Ghostbusters.
    • In her statue (in set form) and her image in her necklace, she has the Sumo Wrestler's hair from Minifigures Series 3, also seen on other characters such as Edna.
    • Edna has the same two hair pieces as Lilly.
  • While Cole has Lou's eyebrows in his pre-Season 8 design, they more closely resemble Lilly's in his current design.
  • At one point, there were ideas to further explain Lilly's illness in the series.[17]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, her name in the first draft of the script was Jane, but creators needed a name which sounded more natural with a G and and M as the first letter whereas Geckles and Munce would have to call her 'Mane' and 'Gane' in this case, which would not sound as good.[18]
    • Her ultimate name "Lilly" may have been based on a fan's name.[19]


  • She was the fourth parent of a ninja to die. The first was Dr. Julien, the second was Garmadon (who was later resurrected), and the third was Cliff Gordon.
  • It's implied that she died of some kind of sickness, but it is not known for sure.
  • She was evidently less than 40 years old at the time of her death, as her father was seen using his Earth abilities at the time of the Serpentine War, which took place 40 years prior to The Hands of Time, and Elemental Masters lose their abilities when they pass them on to their children.
  • The comic "Mother Earth" in the 68th issue of the Ninjago Magazine reveals that, besides being an Elemental Master, she was also a ninja who trained with Wu and fought the Skulkin and Serpentine. Her ninja suit uses a Legacy ninja hood and a slightly altered version of Cole's Training suit.
    • Though it was confirmed canon by Tommy Kalmar,[20] this comic's timeline does not match with the TV series. In the TV series, Cole is older than Lloyd, who was born before Garmadon was banished to the Underworld. However, in this comic, Cole's birth is placed after Garmadon's banishment, which would make Cole younger than Lloyd. Additionally, this comic shows Wu with his young appearance after the point in time when Dr. Julien was captured, even though Wu appeared as an old man when he was shown in "Snake Jaguar" to have met Dr. Julien before Dr. Julien's imprisonment.
  • According the 68th issue of the of the Ninjago Magazine, she is the first Elemental Master to perform the Spinjitzu Burst.[21]


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