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It is my most prized possession! Given to me by Gilly, herself!

Lilly's necklace is a necklace that contains pictures of Lou and Lilly. It is given to Gleck after Lilly defeated Grief-Bringer.


Prior to the series

Before leaving Shintaro, Lilly gave her necklace to Gleck.[1]

Into the Dark

When Cole tackles Gleck, Lilly's Necklace pops out, but Gleck steals it right back from Cole and runs away.

Trial By Mino

While Kai and Zane are talking to Chancellor Gulch, they spot Gleck with the same necklace Cole was referring to.


While conversing with Kai and Zane about agreeing to the truce meeting, Zane asks Gleck to look at the necklace, promising to give it back to him, and he complies. Upon seeing Lou and Lilly's photos in it, they sadly tell Gleck of Lilly's passing.

The Darkest Hour

Gleck was wearing Lilly's necklace when he, the ninja, Munce, and Geckles were running away to the Geckle Strong-Cave.

The Upply Strike Back!

Gleck was seen wearing the necklace when he and the other tribes were mining for Vengestone.

The Son of Lilly

Gleck wears the necklace when Vania is announced queen of Shintaro.



Season 13: Master of the Mountain


  • The necklace pictures Lou with his original hairstyle seen in the show, while Lilly has the hairstyle used on her statue in set form (seen on other characters such as Edna) as opposed to the one seen on Lilly's main appearance in the show.





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