There are various characters in LEGO Ninjago. The characters in the series are separated into categories, such as protagonists and antagonists. See also List of Ninjago Cast and Characters.

Creator of Ninjago



Allies of the Ninja

Elemental Masters

People From Across The Sixteen Realms


Prime Empire Avatars and NPCs

People of Shintaro

Master Wu's Academy Students


Ultimate Evil

Skulkin (Now neutral to the Ninja; except for Samukai, Kruncha, Nuckal, Wyplash, and Frakjaw)

Serpentine (Now allies of the Ninja; except for Pythor P. Chumsworth)

Stone Army (All destroyed; except for the Giant Stone Warrior)

Nindroids (Now Cyrus Borg's security droids; except for General Cryptor, Min-Droid, two escaped Nindroids, and numerous destroyed Nindroids)

Anacondrai Cultists (All deceased; except for Clouse)

Ghost Warriors (All deceased)

Sky Pirates (Dissolved)

Temple of Airjitzu Ghosts (Turned into humans again, except for Master Yang; now allies of the Ninja)

Vermillion (Lost in Time)

Sons of Garmadon (Dissolved)

Dragon Hunters (Now allies of the Ninja; except for Iron Baron)


Pyro Vipers

Blizzard Samurai (Dissolved)

Unagami's Army (Dissolved)

Whack Rats (Reformed)

Awakened Warriors (All deceased; except for the Skull Sorcerer)

Other Villains



Water Creatures

Land Creatures

Air Creatures


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