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Below is a list of phrases commonly repeated throughout Ninjago and the episodes they appear in.


"Ninja, go!"

  • The ninja usually yell "Ninja GO!" before they perform Spinjitzu or Airjitzu. This is possibly the most well-known catchphrase.

"Go, ninja, go!"

  • Sounding very similar to the above catchphrase, this line is often used by Wu or one of the ninja to give motivation or inspiration to the ninja team.
  • In "Papergirl", Wu adjusted it when he shouted at Nelson and Antonia and he said "Go, kids, go!"

"Long before time had a name..."

Way of the Ninja, Rise of the Snakes, The Stone Army, Legacy

The Oni and the Dragon

  • Mystake told Jay and Lloyd of the First Realm, saying, "Long before time had a name, there was the Realm of the Oni and the Dragon."

Iron & Stone

  • Mystake told Lloyd that her Traveler's Tea sent the original ninja to the Realm of Oni and Dragons, "a realm that has existed long before time had a name."

The Keepers of the Amulet

The Gift of Jay

"In my image"

Weapons of Destiny

Never Trust a Snake

  • In Zane's dream, Garmadon states he will soon obtain the Golden Weapons and will have the power to recreate Ninjago in his own image.

The Green Ninja

  • After the ninja have spent time with Garmadon as a guest aboard the Destiny's Bounty, Zane says, "I've noticed when he isn't so focused on trying to turn Ninjago into his own image, he's actually quite fascinating."

Darkness Shall Rise

  • Explaining to Mezmo why they were heading to the Golden Peaks, Garmadon says, "What good would turning Ninjago into my own image be when that victory would be fleeting?" He is referring to the fact that Lloyd would ultimately defeat Garmadon if he was given the opportunity to reach his True Potential, which Garmadon planned to prevent by forging the Mega Weapon.

The Last Hope

  • When the Overlord noticed Garmadon was hesitant for the Final Battle to take place, Garmadon explained, "I still have to battle my son in order to transform Ninjago into my image."
  • Garmadon told Misako that he didn't care about Lloyd and that he only cared about turning Ninjago into his own image.

Return of the Overlord

  • When the ninja noticed Garmatron's tracks, Wu noted that Garmadon "always wanted to turn our world into his own image. Now we know how it will be done."
  • When the ninja encountered a Dark Matter-corrupted Nya, Misako noted that Garmadon "must've used the ultimate weapon to turn her into his own evil image."
  • Speaking to the rest of Lloyd's family, Garmadon said, "Destiny took my family from me, and the only way for us to be together is to turn everything in this world into my image."

The Corridor of Elders

  • When Lloyd was banishing Garmadon to the Cursed Realm, Garmadon said, "I yearned to make the world in my image. I never realized I already had, in you." A commemorative statue of Garmadon was later constructed in the Corridor of Elders, literally turning part of the world into his image.

Rise of Garmadon

  • The moment containing the above quote is replayed.

"Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today."

Tick Tock (flashback)

  • After young Wu refuses to retrieve his katana that had gone over the wall of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Garmadon tells Wu not to put off what can be done today and goes to get it himself.

Rise of the Snakes

  • Wu responds to Cole saying "We can train tomorrow."
  • Zane tells Lloyd how they should have listened to Wu and dealt with Lloyd the first time around.


  • Cole quotes Wu when concluding with the other ninja to visit Lil' Nelson at the hospital before stopping Clouse from getting to Stiix.

A Time of Traitors

Pause and Effect

  • Lloyd tells Zane they should help their friends before rescuing Wu and Cyrus Borg. Zane responds saying he hopes they are not putting off the wrong thing.

Lost in Time

  • When the Time Twins have begun altering the outcome of the Battle for All of Time, Nya tells Kai not to alter the past but Kai references Wu's quote, adding "And if we don't help today, there won't be a tomorrow."
  • In the Iron Doom within the temporal vortex, before Wu throws the Reversal Time Blade to Kai and Nya and causes them to be knocked out of the vehicle, Nya says "Master, what are you doing?" and Wu responds "Putting off until tomorrow what cannot be done today."


Iron & Stone

Saving Faith

  • Wu regains memories and important moments and quotes from his life are shown.

"Never trust a snake."

Never Trust a Snake

  • After Pythor deceived and betrayed Lloyd, Wu took Lloyd in and read him a bedtime story, saying, "And that is why Jack the Rabbit never trusts a snake."


  • In a flashback, Chen wants to cause more conflict in the Serpentine War, and though Garmadon reminds him that even the Anacondrai are making concessions, Chen tells him to never trust a snake.

Never Trust a Human

  • Though missing from the episode itself, the title is a reversal of the original phrase, referring to the story of Aspheera's trickery on young Wu which she saw as deception on his part.

"The best way to defeat your enemy is to make them your friend."

Never Trust a Snake

  • Wu finally tells the ninja the answer to his riddle, "What is the best way to defeat an enemy?"


  • Cole refers to this phrase when asking Lloyd how he is supposed to fight his friend (Jay).

Dread on Arrival

  • Zane explains that they "defeated" Crabby by befriending him.

Saving Faith

  • Wu regains memories and important moments and quotes from his life are shown.

Master Class

  • Wu tells the ninja while throwing fruit at them, "Focus on your adversary, no matter how insignificant. Make its strength your strength, and an enemy can be turned into a friend."

Krag's Lament

  • Though the phrase itself is not stated in this episode, Cole uses this lesson and "defeats" Krag by befriending him.

"The past is the past."

Can of Worms

  • When Lloyd lamented how he had caused problems by opening the Serpentine Tombs, Wu told him, "We cannot change the past, but we can affect the future."

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

  • When Lloyd wishes he would have focused more when he was younger, Wu says, "We cannot change the past, but we can improve for the future."

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

  • Wu says this to Misako when she reminisces that she should have chosen him instead of Garmadon, to which she responds "Yes, but there's always the future."
  • Wu loses the photo of Misako, Garmadon, and himself in their younger years, but Misako reminds him the past is past, and Wu echoes her response that there's always the future.

The Last Voyage

  • When Zane is confused how his creator, Dr. Julien, is still alive, Dr. Julien says "as you know in Ninjago," and Wu and Misako say the past is the past and the future is the future.

"Iron sharpens iron."

The Snake King

  • Wu says "iron sharpens iron" as a response to the ninjas' jealousy of the Samurai X, meaning that having competition can be productive and can inspire the ninja to become better and reach their True Potential sooner.
  • After the ninja compete with each other to catch the samurai, Wu notes that it "Looks like iron is sharpening iron."
  • When Wu reveals to Nya that he is aware of her identity as the Samurai X, he says, "Iron sharpens iron, and sibling sharpens sibling." At the same time, he returns her boomerang to her, which gives this a double meaning because the weapon is made from metal.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

  • In the Temple of Airjitzu, Jay reads a book to the other ninja that states Sensei Yang was a strict teacher and goes by the mantra, "As iron sharpens iron, Sensei sharpens student."
  • When Yang later appears and repeats this phrase, scaring the ninja.
  • Kai repeats the phrase, realizing Yang has been making the ninja face their fears.
  • Yang repeats the phrase once more before giving the Scroll of Airjitzu to Cole.


  • When the ninja are climbing the Wailing Alps, they motivate a disheartened Cole, who is now a ghost. Kai says, "This isn't about who's a ninja, a Nindroid, or even a ghost. Above all else, we're brothers. And as iron sharpens iron, brother sharpens brother."

Curseworld, Part II

  • Kai and Zane quote the "brother sharpens brother" variant after combining their powers to disintegrate Soul Archer.

Greatest Battles

  • When the ninja are looking back at moments of their friendship and teamwork, one of these memories is Kai and Zane combining their powers and using this quote.

Master Class

  • Wu tells the ninja to divide into two teams to fight each other, saying, "Ninja sharpens ninja, my father always said."

"Boys club"

The Snake King

  • After Kai learns Nya is Samurai X, Nya says, regarding the ninja team, "It was always a boys club. You never let me try to help, so I found my own way to be a hero."

Return of the Overlord

  • When Zane freezes the Dark Matter-corrupted Nya in a dome of ice, Kai says, "Sorry, sis. This club just became boys only."

The Surge

  • The Perfect Match console assesses Nya as "an independent, self-confident young woman who refuses to be in a boys club."

The Way Back

  • When Nya is dying from the Tiger Widow venom, she wistfully tells Jay, "I never wanted to be part of your boys club anyway."

"Never heard of it."

"Protect those who cannot protect themselves"

Tick Tock

  • When Zane turns on his memory switch, he remembers his creator, Dr. Julien, telling him he was built to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Spy for a Spy

  • Cole tells Zane that, rather than escaping for good, he is going back to save the other Elemental Masters from Chen's noodle factory, saying, "A ninja doesn't save himself. He protects those who can't protect themselves."

The Titanium Ninja

  • Moments before the destruction of his body, Zane remembers his father's words and smiles knowing that he is fulfilling his purpose by sacrificing himself to defeat the Golden Master.

The Message

  • Zane states this during his message.


  • This saying plays in Zane's head before the Blizzard Samurai finish off Lloyd, triggered by Vex saying "You couldn't protect your friends" to Lloyd.

Master of the Sea

  • When Kalmaar asks what "ninja" means, Wu says "A ninja is one who protects."

"This ends now."

The Green Ninja

  • Kai challenges Garmadon because he thinks Garmadon is trying to steal the Golden Weapons.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

Return of the Overlord

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

  • Lloyd faces the Overlord in his dragon form in the Final Battle between good and evil.

The Hands of Time

Pause and Effect

  • Kai attacks his father, thinking he is a traitor, and yells "It ends here. Now!"

Lost in Time

  • When facing the Time Twins on the Iron Doom, Wu says, "As you said Acronix, it ends now."

The Elemental Masters

  • The above line is shown when the ninja are talking about Elemental Masters and Elemental Powers.

True Potential

  • Lloyd ignores the other ninja when they tell him not to face his resurrected father.

The Skull Sorcerer

Assault on Ninjago City

  • Nya says this to Kalmaar before fighting him and Wojira.

"Fear? Fear isn't a word from where I come from."

Child's Play

  • In the Fritz Donnegan Trivia Battle Royale, Lloyd correctly answers the question of what Fritz Donnegan's famous catchphrase is, quoting, "Fear? Fear is not a word from where I come from."
  • When the Grundle has the ninja cornered, using Tomorrow's Tea is the only option to defeat it, but this will cause Lloyd to grow older as well. When Kai tells Lloyd it isn't fair, Lloyd says, "Fair? Fair isn't a word from where I come from."


  • When Jay remarks on the unfairness of the ninja being trapped in Kryptarium Prison when the villains were on the loose, Cole intentionally misquotes Fritz Donnegan, saying, "Fair isn't a word where I come from."

"Change anything, change everything."

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

  • Before the ninja follow Garmadon through a time portal created by the Mega Weapon, Wu warns them, "If he changes anything, he changes everything! Protect the future, ninja!"
  • When Kai wants to warn his past self and past Nya that the skeletons will attack, Cole quotes Wu, saying, "we change anything, we change everything."
  • After Garmadon prevents Nya from being kidnapped, Cole wants to change the past to get the future back on track. Jay warns him, throwing his quote back at him, but Cole says that was before Garmadon changed the future.

Lost in Time

  • Stowed away on the Iron Doom which is heading to the era of the Serpentine War, Wu warns Kai and Nya not to interfere, using this quote and reminding them they do not yet exist in this time period.
  • A moment later, Nya quotes Wu to Kai when Kai expresses his desire to help the Elemental Alliance.
  • After the Time Twins have used the Iron Doom to change the outcome of the Battle for All of Time, Kai repeats this quote.

The Book of Spinjitzu

  • When explaining the backstory of the Time Twins, the book reads, "Time travel is too dangerous. You change anything, you change everything . . . "

The Darkness Comes

"Ninja never quit."

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

  • As the ninja prepare to give up, concluding that they are trapped on the Dark Island forever, Lloyd gives a speech about how they shouldn't quit.
  • As the Stone Army fires at them, Kai mentions this saying.
  • During the Final Battle, the Overlord tries to provoke Lloyd, saying that evil won. Lloyd responded by saying, "A ninja never quits."

The Corridor of Elders

Game of Masks

  • During Harumi's flashback, she said this when she was playing with her ninja toys.

Masters Never Quit

  • When Wu tells Cole that he has realized that he has been neglecting his duties as the Ninja's master, he says that his main lesson is that "Ninja Never Quit".

"The future is what we make it."

The Surge

  • The phrase is on a TV screen and plays in Cyrus Borg's voice as the ninja enter in New Ninjago City for the first time.


  • After Lloyd helped defeat the Oni, the First Spinjitzu Master tells him "The future is what we make of it, and you refused to let our future end in darkness."


The Surge

  • When P.I.X.A.L. met Zane, she said, "Your hardware is outdated and your processor is slow and incompatible with ours."

The Art of the Silent Fist

  • When the ninja shut down all power in Ninjago, this inadvertently caused P.I.X.A.L to be deactivated. In her moments before losing consciousness, P.I.X.A.L. asked Zane, "We are not so different, are we? We are compatible?" and Zane responded, "Yes, yes we are."

The Titanium Ninja

  • Mourning Zane's supposed death, P.I.X.A.L. saw several of Zane's memories playing on screens in Borg Tower. Running downstairs to the factory, she found Zane rebuilding himself, and he greeted her by asking, "Are we compatible now?"


  • Imprisoned in adjacent cells on Chen's Island, P.I.X.A.L. helped Zane remember who he was. Upon remembering, Zane said, "P.I.X.A.L. We are compatible?" and P.I.X.A.L. replied, "Yes, Zane. Yes, we are."

"Only one can remain."

Only One Can Remain


  • After announcing the competitors for the day's tournament matches through a speaker, Chen reminds the Elemental Masters that only one can remain.
  • When Cole realizes he and Jay will both be eliminated if one of them doesn't win the match against the other, he says, "We can't both lose. Chen's right, there can only be one."

Ninja Roll

  • When Lloyd tries to convince Chamille that they can work together to win the tournament, Chamille pretends to be receptive but then pulls Lloyd out of his buggy and says only one can remain.


The Forgotten Element

  • Chen says this several times, when taking various Elemental Masters' powers and when fighting and defeating Lloyd in the tournament's final match.

The Day of the Dragon

  • After the Elemental Masters unlock their Elemental Dragons, Kai says "Chen brought us here so that only one would remain. Well, we are one!"

The Corridor of Elders

  • When Garmadon is telling Wu to banish him to the Cursed Realm in order to defeat Chen's army, he tells Wu, "You know as well as I, the ninja don't need two Sensei. Only one can remain."

Ninjago's Most Wanted

  • When the ninja are remembering Chen, a montage of Chen saying this line is shown.

"The path we seek is never a straight line."

Ghost Story


The Crooked Path

Curseworld, Part I

"Your wish is yours to keep."


Public Enemy Number One

Misfortune Rising


The Way Back

"Wish it all away."


  • After granting Clouse his wish to become human again, Nadakhan urges Clouse to wish the pain away, and Clouse gives in.

Misfortune Rising

"If you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it happen."

My Dinner With Nadakhan

  • Stranded on Tiger Widow Island, Nya feels remorse over Jay's capture by the Sky Pirates, and Lloyd consoles her, saying they'll get Jay back, because, as Wu once told him, if you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it happen.
  • When Nya wonders why Jay didn't tell her about their future reflection, Cole quotes Lloyd, explaining that Jay was too afraid Nya would reject him.
  • After learning Airjitzu on the spot to escape the sand eels, Nya references this quote.

The Way Back

  • Jay explains to the ninja and Flintlocke and Dogshank that Nadakhan ultimately does not have power over those he grants wishes, because "if we really want something, don't wish it to happen, make it happen."
  • Moments later, Flintlocke is indeed able to hit a target despite Nadakhan previously taking away his aiming skills. Lloyd then repeats the phrase, saying, "If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen."

"Control time, control everything."

The Hatching

  • The Time Twins said this after their first battle with the Elemental Masters.


  • Other repeated phrases include "What is that thing?" (spoken seven times), "What is this place?" (spoken nine times), "We've got company!" (spoken seven times), and "I was wrong about you" (spoken three times).
  • The Fold's song, Enter the Tournament, includes the "The best way to defeat your enemy" quote, with "turn them into your friend" becoming a pun on the word "tournament".[1]
  • Tommy Andreasen has given the "Never trust a snake" quote as the reason for various questions, such as why Lloyd's symbol changed from a snake to a dragon,[2] why Pythor was a villain again in "Day of the Departed,"[3] and why Acidicus may be wrong about the First Spinjitzu Master creating the Serpentine.[4]
  • In "Rise of Garmadon," Kai states that Wu always said "We are defined by what we value, not valued for how we are defined." However, Wu has never said this in the TV series.
  • In 2020, Tommy Andreasen asked fans on Twitter to come up with new "Wu-isms", also writing some examples of things Wu could say:[5]
    • "Sharpen your mind – it is the most powerful weapon you will every wield."
    • "Find your balance – only then will you know if the World around you is crooked."
    • "An able body with no moral compass will fall hard!"
  • According to the Hageman Brothers, another one of Wu's sayings is, "there are no steps in the wrong direction. Only steps in a new direction."[6]
  • According to Zane in "The Two Blades", there is an ancient Ninjago proverb that says, "An enemy divided is more easily conquered."
  • Cole says in "A Rocky Start," that Wu always says, "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it." and Jay says that Wu always says they don't listen. However, Master argues that he never said these phrases.
  • Regarding the line, "Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today," Tommy Andreasen said, "In hindsight I have always wished that we had phrased it 'Never put off for tomorrow what MUST be done today'. I think that is a bit sharper ... but even Wu has his less eloquent moments I guess."[7]




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