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The following lists the relationships between the Ninjago TV series and other LEGO themes in terms of in-universe connections. For information on shared design elements, see List of reused designs from other LEGO themes.

Clutch Powers

Though Clutch Powers is mentioned and appears in Ninjago and seems to be the same person as his movie self, he is not necessarily the same person and is simply meant to be the "Ninjago take on the character".[1]

In Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, the Explorers Club stated that Clutch has not adventured in 10 years. The Adventures of Clutch Powers was released almost exactly 9 years prior and featured sets primarily from the 2009 themes.

It's worth noting that Clutch Powers takes place in a world where LEGO bricks are an in-universe phenomenon, while in Ninjago, the characters are the only LEGO elements design-wise, and LEGO bricks do not exist in-universe.

LEGO Friends

At the beginning of the LEGO Friends episode, "Andrea's Big Moment," one of Emma's paintings depicts Nya. The painting is a redraw of Nya's pilot character art in the LEGO Friends style.

Legends of Chima

Chima is one of the realms in Ninjago. See the pages for Chima and Beavers for more information.

The LEGO Movie

Lloyd appears in The LEGO Movie and "Enter the Ninjago," a DVD extra for the film. However, this is not the same continuity as the TV series.

Nexo Knights

Knighton from Nexo Knights is not a realm in Ninjago.[2] Knighton is referred to as a "realm" in the Nexo Knights TV series, but this word is used in the classical sense, meaning a kingdom.

Instead, Ninjago and Chima are fictional worlds within Nexo Knights.[3]

This explains why the training room occasionally creates holograms of Chima characters and locations.[4] A hologram of Eris appeared in the Nexo Knights short, "Broom of Doom," and a hologram background the Lion Temple appeared in the episode, "The Power of Merlok."

Ninjago is referenced in the Nexo Knights episode, "The Golden Castle," where Lance Richmond is offered the leading role in various films including "Knightjago 3," which is "about a knight who fights by spinning around or something." Soon after this, a squirebot is seen practicing a villainous role with a mask that clearly resembles Garmadon, which is intended to be Monstrox, who is also voiced by Mark Oliver.

Stone monsters bearing a striking resemblance to Craglings from Ninjago appear as illusions in the Nexo Knights episode, "The Maze of Amazement."

Ultra Agents

Though Tox and Mr. Pale's designs are taken from this theme, Ultra Agents and Ninjago do not share a universe.[5] A fan's Ninjago map made with the help of Tommy Andreasen included Astor City as a location,[6] but this is not canon.[7]

Other themes

Some characters in The LEGO Ninjago Movie or its sets wear shirts with logos of other themes. These include Nancy with the M-Tron logo, Rufus McCallister with the Galidor logo, and another Ninjago High School student with the Blacktron logo. As Rufus' movie design was adopted by his show counterpart, this is part of the TV series as well. However, these are more meaningless Easter eggs than they are confirmed connections between Ninjago and the worlds of these themes.

Themes with no relation to Ninjago

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