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“There is always hope. Akita's still out there, and my friends are out there. And if I know one thing, it's that Ninja never quit. They never give up. Ever.”
— Lloyd to Kataru

Master Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon is the Green Ninja, the current Elemental Master of Energy, and the leader of the Ninja. He is Garmadon and Misako's son, Wu's nephew, and the First Spinjitzu Master's grandson. Once a bratty kid who sought to follow in his father's footsteps, Lloyd changed his ways by helping the Ninja and realizing his destiny was to be the Green Ninja. As the Ninja trained Lloyd, he reunited with his mother Misako and faced Garmadon and the Overlord, becoming the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master.

Garmadon is purified of evil, and the Overlord is defeated—yet he later returns and steals Lloyd's Golden Power. When Zane sacrificed himself to destroy the Overlord, the Ninja separated and Lloyd reconnected them before they found him alive on Chen's Island. Lloyd and the Ninja set out to save Zane by entering the Tournament of Elements. This brought a war between the Elemental Masters and Chen's army, which ended when Lloyd had to banish his father to the Cursed Realm.

Lloyd was later possessed by Morro, who claimed the Realm Crystal and freed the Preeminent. Lloyd escaped Morro's possession and helped battle him, but The Preeminent's destruction destroyed the Cursed Realm, killing his father. Shortly after, Lloyd helped battle the Sky Pirates and their captain, Nadakhan. When Jay made his final wish, recent events were undone and Lloyd's age was reversed. On the Day of the Departed, Lloyd commemorated Garmadon at the Corridor of Elders, where he fought against Pythor. Lloyd would later battle the Time Twins and their Vermillion army. In Wu's absence, Lloyd led the Ninja and became their new master when Wu was lost in time.

Lloyd led the Ninja against the Sons of Garmadon, who sought to resurrect his father, while also being attracted to Harumi—who winds up being the leader of the group. Lord Garmadon is resurrected and nearly kills Lloyd in a dangerous battle that strips Lloyd of his powers. After the Colossus seemingly killed the original Ninja and Wu, Lloyd led The Resistance against his corrupted father and his followers. Eventually, the Ninja returned to Ninjago and helped fight the Sons of Garmadon. In a climactic battle, Lloyd regained his powers and defeated his father, who warned him of coming darkness. When the Oni invaded, Lloyd and Garmadon discover the secret to defeating them is the Golden Armor. With the Golden Weapons rebuilt, Lloyd, the Ninja, Wu, and Garmadon combined their powers into an ultimate Tornado of Creation, vanquishing the Bringers of Doom and freeing the realms from their destructive grasp.

Months after the Oni's invasion, Lloyd and his friends fight against Aspheera and her Pyro Vipers after accidentally releasing them from their tomb. After Zane is banished by Aspheera's sorcery, he and the remaining Ninja send themselves to the Never-Realm in order to rescue him. Lloyd befriends the Formling, Akita, on his journey to find Zane, but they are separated when he is captured and brought to Castle of Ice, where he discovers that Zane has become the Ice Emperor.


Early life

Lloyd is the son of Lord Garmadon and Misako. The soon-to-be dark lord was filled with pride for his newborn son and wanted Lloyd to follow a different path from his own. The family was happy for a time, but one-day Garmadon finally lost control over the evil within him and was banished to the Underworld. Lloyd was too young to remember Garmadon, but he had heard of him and was fond of his evil father, wanting to follow in his footsteps, unaware that Garmadon did not. Once he was old enough, Misako sent him to the Darkley's School for Bad Boys. On his first day at Darkley's School, everyone made fun of Lloyd, and Brad put fire ants in his bed. After everyone left, Brad took him under his wing and taught him the art of revenge.

One day, he had received a package from his "grandmummy" when another student named Finn took it from him and turned it into worms. Lloyd was expelled from school that same day because he didn't have the "amoral ambition to become one of tomorrow's masterminds." Before he left, he stole a cape and hood from a closet, planning to become an evil overlord by himself.

Unleashing the Serpentine

Main article: History of Lloyd (Rise of the Serpentine)

Lloyd arrived in Jamanakai Village where he attempted to steal all of the candy, but was stopped and humiliated by the Ninja in front of the villagers. Later when he was walking in the Glacier Barrens, he stumbled upon the Hypnobrai Tomb. After gaining command of the Hypnobrai, he led them on an attack of Jamanakai Village, only to be stopped by the Ninja once more. Lloyd then turned his army's attention to constructing a fortress in the heart of Wildwood Forest, though it was quickly discovered and destroyed by the Ninja. During the Ninjas attack, Skales took command of the Hypnobrai and after defeating Slithraa in a Slither Pit fight, the new General banished Lloyd.

Using a map he had stolen from the Hypnobrai Tomb, Lloyd set out to find the Fangpyre Tomb which he planned to unleash to get revenge on the Hypnobrai for betraying him. Though the Fangpyre was eager to help him, they insisted on first rebuilding their army. Traveling to Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk, Lloyd witnessed the Fangpyre use their venom to turn old vehicles into attack machines, though they were forced to flee when the Ninja arrived.

With their army ready, Lloyd accompanied the Fangpyre into battle against the Hypnobrai. Unfortunately for Lloyd, Fangtom and Skales were old friends and a truce was called, forcing Lloyd to flee once more. Knowing that all the other tribes feared the Anacondrai, Lloyd traveled to the Anacondrai Tomb only to find that a single one of these snakes remained—Pythor. Nevertheless, Pythor agreed to be Lloyd's minion and they spent the day carrying out petty crimes. At his new minion's suggestion, Lloyd and Pythor attacked Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys in revenge for them kicking him out. However, when the Ninja arrived, Pythor showed his true colors by stealing the Map of Dens and fleeing, leaving Lloyd to be captured by the Ninja. Lloyd was then told a bedtime story by his Uncle Wu, explaining why one shouldn't trust a snake.

Now living with the Ninja, Lloyd aided his uncle in one of the Ninjas' daily lessons by pulling pranks on them (such as placing Zane's clothes with Kai's in the wash, thereby turning them pink, messing with one of Jay's inventions, etc.) and blaming it on the other Ninja.

Becoming the Green Ninja

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In the aftermath of the Devourer's defeat, the Ninja moved into an apartment in Ninjago City. Although their spacious new home had a training course for Lloyd, he was unable to receive any personal guidance from the Ninja as they all had to all work jobs to pay the rent. After Lloyd was nearly abducted by Skales, the Ninja decided to downsize to a more affordable apartment. Although the Ninja were now able to oversee Lloyd's training, they soon realized that their cramped apartment was unsuitable and began using Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo as training grounds. When Captain Soto and his pirates attacked Ninjago City, Lloyd was ordered by the Ninja to stay behind, but the little Green Ninja used the Ultra Dragon to board the ship, performing Spinjitzu for the first time during the battle.

Soon after, Lloyd was invited back to his old boarding school to receive an honor. Upon arriving at the school, Lloyd discovered that it was merely a ploy by his old classmates who captured him and attempted to turn him evil again. When Garmadon's Bizarro Ninja arrived, Lloyd managed to convince his classmates to help the Ninja defeat their fake counterparts. When the Ninja entered the Ninjaball Run to save Dareth's dojo from being destroyed, Lloyd entered the race with the Ultra Dragon. Although he was unable to reach the finish line, Lloyd did manage to stop Garmadon from destroying the Ninja mid-race.

When the Ninja were turned into kids by Garmadon's Mega-Weapon, Lloyd took them to Ninjago Doomsday Comix to find information about the Grundle, a Ninja-hunting creature, that the effects of the Mega Weapon brought back to life. As a result of using Tomorrow Tea to defeat the Grundle, Lloyd was aged significantly, prompting the final battle to draw closer. Now older, Lloyd began to take his training more seriously and confronted his father with the other Ninja in the Lost City of Ouroboros. As a result of the Ninja following Garmadon back in time, destroying the Mega Weapon with their own Golden Weapons making sure it never happened, Lloyd's knowledge of the Mega Weapon was erased.

Sometime after, Lloyd and the other Ninja were summoned to the Ninjago Museum of History as the venom of the Great Devourer had brought the Stone Army merchandise to life. After the Ninja had taken care of the problem, Lloyd was reunited with his mother Misako, though still angry she left him so many years ago, he stormed away. Misako caught up to him and revealed the story of the Overlord.

Ninjago at Peace

Following the Overlord's defeat, Lloyd traveled across Ninjago accepting medals and achievements as the Golden Ninja for his victory. His father also abandoned the title of Lord and began going by Master Garmadon, and swore an oath of nonviolence. Lloyd realizes that Ultra Dragon is feeling homesick. They flew to the Spirit Coves and Lloyd chose to set him free.


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The Tournament of Elements

Main article: History of Lloyd (Tournament of Elements)


Winds of Change


Lloyd on his dragon

Sometime after the battle, Lloyd and the other Ninja used their Elemental Dragons to catch a Fangfish that had been terrorizing a nearby coastal village. They were successful in their efforts and soon returned to Wu's new tea shop "Steep Wisdom" where their Master asked the Ninja to hand out flyers. Lloyd agreed but was summoned to the museum by the police before he could do so.

Upon arriving at the museum, Lloyd was taken by the Night Watchman to one of the backrooms where he revealed that the Allied Armor of Azure was stolen. Lloyd however discovered that the guard was possessed by the ghost Morro who proceeded to take over the Green Ninja's body.

During Morro's battle against Kai, the Master of Fire was able to summon the Green Ninja's consciousness. However the red ninja was quickly pulled away by Destiny's Bounty and Morro regained control over Lloyd's body.

Kingdom Come


Lloyd possessed by Morro

Lloyd continued to fight Morro's possession as the Master of Wind went about his search for the tomb. During a fight for the Sword of Sanctuary between Kai and Morro, Lloyd regained enough control so that he was able to give the Master of Fire the sword before the possession took hold of him again.

The Crooked Path

Morro left Lloyd's body temporarily to instead possess Ronin to send a message to the Ninja. During this, Lloyd was locked away in a cage (for the third time in his life; the first being the Treehouse Fortress, then by the Serpentine), though he claimed that Morro would have never become the Green Ninja.

Grave Danger


Weakened Lloyd

After the Ninja took the Realm Crystal, Morro left Lloyd's body in an extremely weak state and threatened to kill him if they didn't give him the crystal. After Kai tricked Morro when giving it to him, Morro let go of Lloyd, who then tried to attack the ghost, but was pushed into the cave river. He then stayed just above the water as the current pulled him through the cave, too weak to swim ashore. Kai and Cole followed Lloyd along the river, but because Kai couldn't swim, and Cole couldn't touch water, they hesitated in making a decision. Kai finally dove into the river, grabbing Lloyd, and was able to keep them both above the water, and just as they were about to plummet down a waterfall, Cole saved them, despite being doubtful at first. Now that Morro had both the Sword of Sanctuary and the Realm Crystal in his possession, as he fled the cave Cole was desperate to run after him, but the other Ninja didn't want to, knowing that Lloyd was too tired to run with them. Despite the loss, they were determined to achieve victory in the battle with the ghosts.

Curseworld, Part I


Lloyd wearing his civilian outfit

Lloyd and his friends returned to Steep Wisdom, only to find that Wu had sold it in order to finance new vehicles for his students provided by Cyrus Borg. The group soon set out to challenge the Ghost Warriors' occupation of Stiix with Nya leading the charge. While the other Ninja provided a distraction that included Nya donning Lloyd's green gi, Lloyd attempted to sneak in and recover the Realm Crystal. After engaging Morro he managed to recover the crystal, but was interrupted as he attempted to destroy it by Morro, who tried to convince him that he would lose his father forever. Lloyd quickly realized that Garmadon would have willingly destroyed the crystal, but was seized by one of the emerging Preeminent's tentacles before he could accomplish the task.

Curseworld, Part II


Lloyd wearing sensei robes

Lloyd found himself in the interior of the Cursed Realm, where he discovered his father imprisoned. He attempted to free his father but was told that the chains were unbreakable. Despairing over his defeat at Morro's hands, Lloyd was comforted by his father, who helped him find the courage to return to the fight also telling him that he would always be with him no matter where he is. Donning his father's robes (with his father no doubt wearing Lloyd's hoodie and jeans, as they must've switched), Lloyd soon engaged Morro in battle again, gaining possession of the Sword of Sanctuary in the process. Due to Morro possessing the Realm Crystal, Lloyd wound up chasing him through a number of the Sixteen Realms, including the Realm of Madness, the Underworld, Cloud Kingdom, and Chima.

Morro eventually returned to Ninjago alone, but he and the Preeminent were soon defeated by the remaining Ninja. Wu then used the recovered Realm Crystal to open a new portal that admitted Lloyd. He revealed that the Sword of Sanctuary had enabled him to see the outcome of the battle, thus making it unnecessary for him to follow Morro back to Ninjago. He then revealed that his father had apparently perished as a result of the Cursed Realm's destruction, but felt that he-and they-were "in a better place." Wu noted that his father's robes had given Lloyd wisdom, but that he would have to walk a long road to qualify for the title of master, something that Lloyd welcomed and accepted.


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Dark Island Trilogy

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 1

Lloyd and the other Ninja were summoned to the Samurai X Cave by Master Wu, who informed them that Misako and Ronin had gone missing off the coast of the Dark Island. The Ninja quickly readied the Destiny's Bounty and they set off towards the island.

Upon nearing the island however, the Bounty encountered an unnatural storm that sent the Ninja flying to various areas of the Dark Island. Shortly after recovering, Lloyd attempted to take a banana from a tree, but was then chased by several gorillas and quickly ran into Wu. After escaping from the gorillas by using Airjizu over quicksand, the two returned to the wreckage of the Destiny's Bounty. They spent several days repairing her and although she could not fly, the Bounty could float down the River of Darkness. Although Lloyd insisted they begin searching for his mother, Wu was adamant they sail for the Temple of Light and Lloyd begrudgingly agreed.

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 2

IMG 1909

Lloyd on the book's cover

As Lloyd and Wu continued down the River of Darkness, Lloyd began to succumb to the influence of Dark Matter, lashing out angrily at a swarm of oversized bugs. Although Wu tried to reason with him, as the days went on Lloyd continued to grow more and more agitated. He eventually broke down and ran off into the Jankikai Jungle to search for his mother.

He soon found Sky Pirates guarding the entrance to Digger's Deep where they were keeping Misako and the fishermen. Still under the influence of Dark Matter, Lloyd angrily attacked them, though Zane and Cole arrived just in time to help him snap out of it. The three entered the cave, only to find Misako also under the influence of Dark Matter as she alerted the other Sky Pirates of their presence. Lloyd faced off against Dogshank, defeating her with his elemental energy which in turn freed Misako of the Dark Matter. As Cole and Zane went to procure vehicles with the help of Monkey Wretch, Lloyd and Misako helped free the fishermen. They all exited to the cave, only to find themselves surrounded by Sky Pirates. Thankfully, Cole, Jay, Nya, Zane, and Ronin arrived in their new vehicles, forcing the pirates to retreat. Lloyd jumped into the Ultra Stealth Raider and together with the other Ninja, pursued the Sky Pirates towards the Temple of Light.

Day of the Departed

DoDLloyd In Combat

Lloyd and his teammates raced to the Ninjago Museum of History in order to take Dr. Saunders' tour of the new Hall of Villainy, where they saw several sculptures of fallen former foes.

They then went their separate ways for the holiday, with Lloyd and his mother Misako traveling to the Corridor of Elders to pay their respects to Garmadon. Unfortunately, they were then attacked by Pythor, who had joined forces with several villains revived by Master Yang and now sought revenge on Lloyd. However, despite Pythor's underhanded tactics, he proved no match for Lloyd and Misako, and threw himself from the top of Garmadon's statue in order to escape.

Lloyd soon reunited with his friends, and learned they suffered similar attacks just as Wu appears and tells them of Yang's plan of distracting them as Morro also appears confirming this. Seeing Morro again, the Ninja prepare for a fight but Wu halts them and surprises them by stating Morro is on their side. Morro tells them that Yang tricked Cole into opening a rift to return to Ninjago. The Ninja then realized they forgot about Cole and Wu tells them to head to the Bounty as he would most likely be at the Temple of Airjitzu. With that the Ninja head off while a redeemed Morro returns to the Departed Realm.

They are caught in a storm but call out to Cole who regains the strength to fight back against Yang. They witnessed the halting of Yang's plans and before telling Cole to go through the rift as he speaks to Yang who redeems himself by throwing Cole through the rift.

The shockwave of the rift's closure causes the Bounty to have a hard landing at the Temple. When asked if he was alright, Lloyd confirms before wondering about Cole and starts to worry about him before he emerges from behind a rock, human once more. Lloyd joins the others in hugging Cole remarking he wasn't a ghost anymore before adopting the restored Temple of Airjitzu as their new base. Later that night, the Ninja, with their friends and families, gather around a fire and listen to Cole's story before lighting the lanterns.

The Hands of Time

Main article: History of Lloyd (Hands of Time)

Sons of Garmadon

Main article: History of Lloyd (Sons of Garmadon)

Prior to Hunted

Lloyd, Misako, Nya, P.I.X.A.L., and Dareth managed to resist Emperor Garmadon's oppressive hold on Ninjago City whilst mourning over the "deaths" of his friends as well as his de-aged uncle, not knowing they are marooned in the barbaric Realm of Oni and Dragons.




Lloyd and his group surrounded by the Sons of Garmadon.

A week after Garmadon's rise to Emperor, Lloyd meets with Dareth is an old warehouse they are using as a base to train him. After reluctantly eating an old and mouldy Puffy Potsticker that Dareth had for him, he resumed training with Nya. After trying to fight P.I.X.A.L in her Samurai Mech, Lloyd gets frustrated with not having power. Just then, Dareth returns, telling them a Sons of Garmadon battalion is coming. The team flee the warehouse and hide underneath some garbage in an ally until the group led by Mr. E passes. They then discover that they are at the place where the Bounty was crushed by the Colossus. Lloyd finds the picture of him and looks at it with sadness before finding a leaf for Traveler's Tea and alerts the others of this.

The group investigate the ship more and see half of it has disappeared, realizing that their friends were not killed, but teleported elsewhere. This gives them hope for the future. However, their enemies show up and prepare to attack, surrounding them, but Karlof punches Mr. E away as Griffin Turner and Shade appear.

After the enemies sent are defeated, a garbage truck driven by Skylor picks them up and everyone retreats.

Iron & Stone

Arriving at a garbage depot, Skylor reintroduces the Elemental Masters to Lloyd. Lloyd then asks her about her powers of Amber, which she confirms has returned and tells him that his will as well. Lloyd asks how they knew they were in danger and Mistaké appears and is revealed to be the source.

Lloyd talks with Mistaké asking about his friends' whereabouts and Mistaké informs Lloyd that his friends were sent to the Realm of Oni and Dragons, which surprises him.

Radio Free Ninjago


Lloyd makes a speech

Mistaké and Misako encouraged Lloyd to lead Dareth in a fight against Karlof. He failed, however, and decided to infiltrate Borg Tower to make a speech to the citizens.

They infiltrate Borg Industries, which the Sons of Garmadon are using as a palace before bursting into the room where Ultra Hunt was being filmed to film the speech. As Lloyd made his speech, Harumi tried using a recording of his loss against his father to stop him. He briefly becomes haunted by the memory of losing his powers but he overcomes it after seeing pictures of those who were captured and realize they need him. Lloyd continues speaking and reveals while he may have lost his powers, he is still around and encourages everyone to fight. Lloyd ends his speech by personally challenges his father and leaves with a message, proclaiming 'The Resistance never quits!' which plays on a loop.

After some time, Killow and Harumi barge in, only to find Lloyd's group gone, but realizing the location of their base after seeing garbage trucks drive away.

How to Build a Dragon

Lloyd joins with the others in celebration of his successful speech to the people, in which Nya, Skylor, and Misako compliment his words. Lloyd goes on to ask if there are more elemental masters who could join, only to find that the rest have either been captured, become evil (Chamille) or have an unknown status. After having his idea of allying with the Serpentine shot down as well, Lloyd tries to brainstorm ideas on who else can help. Dareth hints that he can help as well, to which Lloyd agrees by asking Dareth to get refills for their drinks.

Later, Dareth comes back to tell Lloyd and the others about his "brown power" only to have a sudden urge to go and leaves. The Sons of Garmadon surround the building to prepare an ambush, unknowingly to Lloyd and the others.

The Gilded Path

Lloyd and the rest of the Resistance talk over plans to stop Garmadon, but Lloyd assures everyone that no one can stand up to his father's power. As they continue talking, Dareth rushes in and warns the team about the ambush, and the Sons of Garmadon climb down from the roof into the Garbage Depot. Lloyd helps Skylor and the others fight off the attackers, before being stopped by Harumi, who wears the Mask of Hatred. Skylor manages to hold off Harumi long enough for Nya to escape with Lloyd, and they get away in Nya's new vehicle. They escape with Skylor and Dareth, leaving the others behind to be arrested, much to Lloyd's reluctance.

As they try to flee the city, Garmadon spots them and uses the Colossus to chase after them, almost crushing the vehicle under the Colossus' foot. Lloyd silently pleads for his father to stop, causing Garmadon to hesitate for a moment before continuing to crush the vehicle. P.I.X.A.L. flies in to help, only to be shot down by Garmadon and later be arrested. Nya manages to get the vehicle free, and they drive off, with Lloyd watching his father until he is out of sight as they drive away.

Later, Lloyd and Nya stand in Ninjago City in dull brown robes, burning their Ninja gi in the fire. Lloyd hesitates, telling Nya that the gi is who he is, but Nya manages to convince him to burn it, telling him that the gi never defined who he is, and that they needed to get rid of anything that could give them away. Skylor and Dareth come with food from some of the kind citizens, despite Nya assuming they stole it at first. A rat soon shows up that scares Dareth, only to find it is actually Mistaké in disguise. Lloyd asks the old lady how she transformed, but she pretends to not hear the question and instead becomes interested in the food.

Two Lies, One Truth

Nya bursts into a house where the remainder of the Resistance is using for shelter, telling them that it's chaos all around the place. Lloyd, desperate to know Mistaké's secret, assures her that everyone's had enough food and that she should explain. She explains that she's an Oni, and Lloyd questions why she's not evil because of who she is. Nya wonders aloud how Mistaké even got to Ninjago from the First Realm, and Lloyd explains that she must have come through the same time that the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago. Mistaké tells Lloyd that her original mission was to turn the First Spinjitzu Master to the Oni's side, or destroy him. Instead, she had fallen in love with the world the First Spinjitzu Master had created, and decided to help him ever since. Lloyd asks why he can't transform if he also has Oni blood, but Mistaké points out that he has been transforming the whole time, throughout his life—from a bratty child, to the Green Ninja, and now to the leader of the Resistance. She says that he has one final transformation in order to endure Garmadon, one that he must discover for himself.

As night approaches, the Sons of Garmadon surround the area, looking for Lloyd. Harumi leads the search, threatening the people if they don't tell her where Lloyd is. Knowing that Harumi is looking for him, Lloyd decides not to run, but to change things up. Mistaké, shapeshifting into Lloyd, leads the Sons of Garmadon on a wild goose chase before finally Harumi is alone. The actual Lloyd confronts her, telling her that those who cannot change, cannot change anything. Harumi scoffs, pointing out that Lloyd himself has gone from the gi of the Green Ninja to a beggar in rags. Lloyd tells her that she took away his friends, so he's taking away hers, and Harumi realizes that Lloyd and the others have her surrounded.

The Weakest Link

Lloyd and the others hold Harumi tied to a chair, discussing what they should do with her. Harumi tries to mess with Lloyd, asking him how it feels that Garmadon cares more for her than for his own son, but Lloyd counters that his father cares for no one, and only desires more power.

Skylor and Mistaké usher Lloyd, and Dareth outside, showing off what they found in Harumi's belongings- the Mask of Hatred. Skylor points out that the mask could be useful to Lloyd in case his powers never return, but Lloyd decides not to. He throws it at Harumi's feet, explaining that it's a trap and that the only reason someone like Harumi would get caught is because they allow themselves to be caught. Harumi tells Lloyd "once green, always green," causing Lloyd to spend much time in thought over her words.

On the rooftop, Lloyd tells the others that he's accepted that he may never get his powers back, and formulates a plan to get Skylor to absorb Garmadon's power so that she can control the Colossus. Mistaké shapeshifts into Harumi, and Lloyd presents the disguise to the actual Harumi, who is outraged. Lloyd watches as Nya puts a gag on Harumi's mouth to shut her up.

Long after Skylor and Mistake leave to formulate the plan and Lloyd leaves Dareth in charge of watching over Harumi, he comes back to find that Harumi escaped and tied up Dareth in her place.

Saving Faith

Skylor returns to Lloyd and the others after absorbing Garmadon's power, sadly not returning with Mistaké. Nya accidentally knocks down a radio, and the voices of the Sons of Garmadon confirm that Skylor was followed. Lloyd asks if Skylor can control the Colossus, and they go to the rooftop to find out.

As Skylor tries to control the Colossus, Garmadon controls it instead, sending it towards Lloyd and the others. Lloyd tries to encourage Skylor as she attempts to control the Colossus, which works for a time. Lloyd watches as Skylor uses the Colossus to knock down several of the Sons of Garmadon, including Ultra Violet and Killow, and destroying the Mask of Deception. As Skylor pilots the Colossus up Borg Tower, Garmadon takes back control and continues his own advance on Lloyd. The power begins hurting Skylor, and the team realizes that they're running out of options.

As Harumi tries to escape the Colossus's destruction, Lloyd locks eyes with her from across the city, and he watches helplessly as she is swept away by the collapsing building. Garmadon is enraged by the death of his "daughter," taking out his anger on Lloyd as he swears to bring the city to ruin.

Lessons for a Master

Still on the rooftops, Lloyd grabs Skylor's poisoned form and escapes with the others. Dareth and Nya jump down to another roof, while Lloyd hesitates, knowing that it will never work while carrying Skylor. In his hesitation, the Colossus's fist comes in to hit Lloyd, but he manages to jump on top of it, using it to make a safer landing on the next roof. Dareth helps Lloyd up while Nya does so for Skylor, and Lloyd continues carrying Skylor through the city.

As they hurry through the city streets, they come across Ultra Violet, who had been knocked away a few blocks down by Skylor earlier. Ultra Violet runs after them, intent on capturing Lloyd for Garmadon. Nya tells Lloyd and Dareth to keep going while she holds Ultra Violet off, much to Lloyd's reluctance. Lloyd and Dareth help Skylor walk as they try and find the vehicle, and Nya soon joins after beating Ultra Violet. Nya says that they should leave the city, just until everything calms down, and Dareth agrees, pointing out that Mistaké said to stay alive until the other Ninja return, which they still hadn't. Lloyd looks up to the sky, whispering "Where are you guys?" before following the rest of the group.

Lloyd tended to Nya as Violet tumbles after them before she collapses. As they prepare to escape, more members of the Sons of Garmadon surround them and they wonder what to do.

Green Destiny

As they fight off their enemies, Lloyd tells his group to not let up. Fortunately, a portal forms in the air and dragons appear while the riders are revealed to be the Ninja. A happy Lloyd laughs that the Ninja have come back and held out to see them. Lloyd is then amazed to see his uncle Wu has aged back into an adult and by his new armor.


Lloyd getting his power back.

Confronting his father with his uncle, Garmadon declares them as his enemies before they fight. The three fought with Garmadon remarking the fight fuels before knocking Wu from the battle leaving Lloyd alone. Despite them fighting, Garmadon prevented Lloyd from falling to certain death twice and Lloyd tried to talk sense into his father but Garmadon ignored it. Lloyd soon stopped fighting and resisted his father long enough by using The Art of the Silent Fist, until the latter loses his power and Lloyd regains his own, undergoing his next transformation as Mistaké predicted. After refusing to use his regained powers to kill him, Garmadon warns his son of an impending danger, causing him to be confused by it. As the Sons of Garmadon are loaded into a police van, Lloyd appeared and had his father arrested for his actions. The Ninja were happy to see he won the battle and recovered his powers.

2018-07-19 16 33 54-Greenshot

Lloyd looking to the future, with Wu.

Several days later, Lloyd and the Ninja, in their previous gi, clean up the Palace of Secrets before Wu, now an old man again says there is trouble. But as they came out, it turned out to be a lie as the public and The Fold wanted to congratulate them as well as P.I.X.A.L., Skylor and Dareth. Later that night as fireworks were going off around the city, Lloyd comes up to the roof to see Wu saying goodbye to the Firstbourne as she and the dragons have to leave. Lloyd then tells his uncle about Garmadon's warning and since Wu didn't see them, Lloyd proclaims that if Garmadon was right: The Oni are coming.

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Master Class

Master Wu gives the Ninja a review in Spinjitzu, teaching them to balance, conquering fear, focus, and teamwork. In the process of learning the lesson in teamwork, the Ninja spill the painter's bowl of golden paint, which in turn covers Master Wu and Kai. Master Wu then concludes the lessons.

Green and Gold

After falling asleep while reading a book, Lloyd dreams about the fate of the Ultra Dragon. Sometime between the events of the Final Battle and before the Nindroid conflict, while Lloyd and "Ultra" were on patrol, they discovered members of the Venomari Tribe attacking a village. Lloyd jumps off of Ultra's back and summons his Golden Dragon, and the two split up to more effectively defeat the Serpentine. Lloyd and Ultra foil the attack, and fly back into the air.

Ultra Dragon disappears into the clouds, and Lloyd follows it to the Spirit Coves. There, Lloyd notices that Ultra is homesick. He gives Ultra permission to return to the Realm of Oni and Dragons. Ultra then flies out of the Cove and opens a portal to its home realm, as Lloyd waves goodbye to him, sadly. It ends with the Ultra Dragon flying with the other dragons, the Firstbourne included, and outside of the dream, the sleeping Lloyd smiles.

March of the Oni

The Darkness Comes

At Garmadon's request, Lloyd went to visit him in Kryptarium, where he explains the bringers of doom is about to arrive. Lloyd then tells him he won't trust him again and left in anger.

Lloyd went back to the Monastery to find Faith resting. She told Wu that darkness swept over her home realm and that she barely escaped. He points out it might be the Oni and the Ninja head to the Bounty to prepare.

While trying to defeat the darkness, the Ninja noticed their Elemental Powers have no effect. They retreated, but Lloyd had to save Cole when he fell. Once they were back on the Bounty, Lloyd told the Ninja Garmadon might help them so they went to Kryptarium to release him.

Into the Breach

Once the Ninja are airborne again, the Ninja discussed if they could trust Garmadon. Meanwhile, he turned the engines off, and the Bounty starts plummeting toward the ground. The Ninja hanged on until Zane got to the emission switch on time. As a suggestion, Zane asked Lloyd to keep an eye on Garmadon to prevent him from causing more trouble. They both went into the cabinet, where Garmadon questioned all the photos. When Garmadon destroyed a picture frame containing a photo of his reformed self and Lloyd, Garmadon left the room, leaving his son distraught.

Zane then asked that everyone meet up at the bridge, where Garmadon proceeds to tell the Ninja about how the Oni were able to enter Ninjago. They used the Realm Crystal and he would be able to go inside the dark cloud to destroy it due to being part Oni, but he would need a weapon. Lloyd then argues that they can't just let him have a weapon then let him walk away unsupervised. Since Lloyd is part Oni as well, he claimed would also survive the darkness and decided to go with him.

When they arrived at Borg Tower, the Ninja handed Garmadon a sword, but he started attacking them to activate his powers. He jumped off, and Lloyd followed. He survived the dark clouds and continued until he found Cyrus petrified. Garmadon convinced Lloyd to leave him behind or they'll slow down, but Lloyd assured Cyrus he will save him.

They then fought an Oni and entered the tower. There, Garmadon tried to shatter the Realm Crystal, but the Omega stopped him and started attacking them.

The Fall

After a brief conversation with the Omega, the trio continued fighting. Lloyd was launched into a display containing the Sword of Sanctuary. However, the sword's reflection failed; he instead went for the Realm Crystal while Garmadon distracts the Oni. The Omega explained the crystal was only the key needed to open the portal and destroying it won't do anything. More Onis are summoned and Son and Father retreated. They are surrounded but noticed the Oni feared the Golden Master's armor. They managed to escape Borg Tower but were surprised to learn the Ninja had to leave with the Bounty due to a distress call. Instead, P.I.X.A.L. entered the dark clouds and being a Nindroid, was able to save them. When she did, she noticed she was running out of fuel.

Lloyd and Garmadon are then surrounded by the Oni, but P.I.X.A.L. saved them on time. She ran out of fuel and they began to fall until the others arrived with the Bounty. The Ninja then told them that Cole was gone. After Garmadon told them they are wasting time mourning, he showed them the Golden Master's armor. However, everyone was upset at him and started leaving.


The Ninja landed near the monastery and Wu and Misako went to see them. The Ninja told the two that Cole had fallen into the dark clouds and that destroying the Realm Crystal did nothing. However, Garmadon showed them the Golden Armor and Nya explained that they may have a chance if they reforged the Golden Weapons. After Kai finished, he gave the weapons to their respective Ninja, but had to give the Scythe of Quakes to Nya. A monk signals to the Ninja that the Oni have arrived, and they prepare to fight.

The Ninja begin to fight the Oni and are surprised to see Cole arrive. Nya hands him his Scythe, but even with him they are overpowered and retreat into the monastery. They then watch as Jay asks Nya to be his Yang, to which she accepts. Lloyd points out that they can try using the Tornado of Creation against the Oni.

After defeating the Oni, Lloyd finds himself in the Grasslands and is greeted by the Golden Dragon, as well as the First Spinjitzu Master. Lloyd bows in respect to meet his grandfather. The First Spinjitzu Master expressed his gratitude and offered to take Lloyd somewhere or to return him to his friends, with him gradually forgetting the meeting. As Lloyd reaches for his hand, he begins to regain his consciousness. The Ninja were relieved and as celebration, their allies visited the monastery and watched them make a new mural with their hand prints.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Wasted True Potential

The Ninja, sans Jay and Zane, watch as Cole beats Zane's high score in a game called Lava Zombies. The Ninja sit in the hot tub, which actually turns out to be the Bell of Divinity. Infuriated, Wu puts the Ninja to a test to see how long they can survive in the room with his chicken. They were able to trap the chicken, but Wu was unimpressed.

After complaining about the traps Wu set up, the Ninja asked him what to do. He challenged them to a battle, but were easily defeated. Once again, the chicken was released to punish them.

Questing for Quests

Lloyd appears at the beginning of the episode walking in on Master Wu's meditating. He tries it but, eventually breaks and asks for a quest tip. Master Wu denied him and sent him out. The Ninja thought about who to battle, but Zane comes up with an idea to help the Police Commissioner with stopping crimes.

The Ninja rush to help him, to find no crimes, just paper cuts and cats in trees. They return back to the Monastery, where they turn on their TV to find Gayle Gossip in a news story with Clutch Powers where he has discovered a pyramid in the Desert of Doom. The ninja quickly rush there, but do not see a stone with a snake carved on it.

A Rocky Start

The Ninja rush around the Monastery, packing to prepare for their quest. Before they head off, P.I.X.A.L. introduces the Ninja to the Samurai X Cave 2.0. They quickly head off with the Land Bounty and two other vehicles.

In the Land Bounty, Zane informs the Ninja about Beohernie, although Jay thinks the people mispronounced his name and should be called "Bernie." Cole discovered an oasis to stop and have lunch. Zane continues talking about the desert, and Cole leaves to get food, but the basket sank to the ground. The Ninja rush to their vehicles and are able to outrun Beohernie; however, it isn't at the cost of losing one of the key compartments the Land Bounty needs.

The Belly of the Beast

Lloyd and the others are trapped while Zane attempts to repair the Land Bounty, but it will be impossible to escape without the component the beetle ate.

That night, Lloyd hears Zane says that the Bounty is useless without the component, and the only way to retrieve it is to go to the belly of the beast itself. He then gets the idea that one of them has to be strapped to a rope and sent into the stomach of the beetle. They play a rock-paper-clamp tournament in order to decide who goes in, and Zane ends up being the winner.

The next morning, Zane goes on the sand and is consumed by Beohernie. When Zane notifies the Ninja that he found the component, the Ninja pull him from Beohernie, but he resists by pulling onto Cole's Dirt Bike. The force by Beohernie causes Cole to fall out of his vehicle and onto the sand where two more bugs begin to attack, but they are repelled by the Ninja. Eventually, Kai shot fireballs at Beohernie's belly which allowed Zane to escape the belly of the beast.

With the component recovered, the Ninja were to escape the rock and outrun the other scarab beetles to their next destination, the Ancient Pyramid.

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

The Ninja try to convince Clutch Powers to explore with them but cannot. Clutch gets a call from the Explorers Club. His membership is about to get revoked, so he helps. The Ninja go past obstacles. Cole uses his strength to lift a column. Later on, Jay trips a cobweb and the Ninja fall into spikes Kai destroyed with his fire.

They soon reach a room with a sliding puzzle on a wall. Jay and Nya accidentally freed Aspheera, by finishing the puzzle. Clutch flees, saying he will be asking for help. She steals Kai's power and traps Jay and the other Ninja after she beats them with Spinjitzu. She then gets onto the Fire Fang and explodes a part of the pyramid and sends the rock and Clutch Powers flying to Ninjago City.

Ninja vs Lava

Despite the rushing lava, the Ninja are able to escape their prison; however, they are still chained. When they get to the barrier, Cole uses his lava arms to lift the barrier allowing the other Ninja to pass. As Cole was lifting the rock up, Jay caught sight of lava approaching them and immediately begins running away from the lava. Not realizing they were still tied together, this caused a chain reaction, as Lloyd and Cole were pulled towards Jay causing Cole to drop the rock and nearly crushing Kai.

When they reach the spikes, they find supplies from Hageman needed to ascend the slope. As they began their ascent, Cole complains about Kai's weight causing him to lose his grip and the Ninja to fall until Nya is able to grip the slope. Despite the setback, the Ninja are able to reach the top.

The Ninja reach outside the pyramid, but they realize they are surrounded by lava. When all hope seemed lost, P.I.X.A.L. arrives in the ShuriCopter and saves the Ninja.

After the long ride, the Ninja reach their vehicle and promise that they will be ready for Aspheera.


After the Ninja save Fred Finely from the Elemental Cobra, the reporter freaks out, so Lloyd and Cole calmed him down. After Fred tells the Ninja where Aspheera is, they head off.


The Ninja save the Police Commissioner and his crew from the Elemental Cobras. Before heading off to the Museum, Kai informs them that he will stay behind, thinking that he will ruin everything due to his powers being stolen. Lloyd attempts to get him to change his mind, but Kai ignores him so they head off, but not before Lloyd informs him that the window is still open.

The Ninja fight the Elemental Cobras while Lloyd fights Aspheera and ultimately losses to her. She then performs Spinjitzu against the Ninja and successfully defeats them. Aspheera then used her staff to destroy parts of the roof and cause the debris to fall on the Ninja. After that, she reawakens the Pyro Vipers still in their tombs and tells them to follow her out of the museum, and the Elemental Cobras to finish off the Ninja.

Before the Elemental Cobras destroy the Ninja, Jake comes in to shield the Ninja, but Kai catches up and rescues Jake out of trouble while turning on the fire sprinklers to distract the Elemental Cobras before Zane finishes them using his ice powers.

Ancient History

Lloyd, Zane, and Nya head off to stop Aspheera by taking a shortcut using Zane's GPS system. After arriving close to Aspheera, Zane headed off somewhere and promised to return.

Nya distracts Aspheera while Lloyd attempted to steal the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Ultimately, Lloyd failed and both were surrounded by Pyro Vipers. Luckily, Zane arrives in his Shuricopter and creates an ice barrier, giving Lloyd and Nya enough time to escape.

Under Siege

While Lloyd, Nya, and Zane are in Ninjago City looking for Aspheera, Cole notifies them that she is on her way to the Monastery. In addition, he tells them to find Clutch Powers; believing he knows the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu's whereabouts.

When Lloyd, Nya, and Zane arrive at the Ninjago City Hospital, Clutch Powers tells them that the second scroll is at the Explorers Club, but he refuses to leave. When Nya pulls him from his bed, Clutch calls the nurses who escort the Ninja away.

The Explorers Club

When Lloyd, Nya, and Zane enter The Explorers Club, they are welcomed by Cecil Putnam, and the trio explains that they need the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Luckily for them, The Explorers Club possessed the scroll; however, the Ninja needed a membership for the club. Since the Ninja didn't have a membership, they were pushed out from the building.

The Ninja tried again, but this time, they used Zane disguised as Clutch Powers. Once Zane entered the building, he is confronted by Putnam who tells Zane that his membership had been suspended and cannot obtain any artifacts.

After the two failed attempts, Nya decided to be bold by sneaking in the building and stealing the scroll. Lloyd and Zane follow up, and all three reach the rooftop. The trio then shut down a fan by using Lloyd's sword and Zane's ice to prevent it from moving, and made their way down the ventilator using a rope hook. Suddenly, the fan broke free causing the Ninja to fall and crash into a middle of a meeting between Shippelton, Smythe, and Underhill. Lloyd tried to come up with an excuse by saying they were working on the air conditioning, but his sword came tumbling down. Shippelton knew he was lying and calls for security, causing the Ninja to flee into a room. However, the Ninja were able to escape from the club and steal the second Forbidden Scroll.

Vengeance is Mine!

The Pyro Vipers break the door to the Underground Base, but they are unable to find Wu until Jays reveals their hiding spot by sneezing. Before Aspheera could do any harm, P.I.X.A.L. uses the Titan Mech to defend the Ninja and Wu. Despite this, Aspheera is able to hold her ground and holds the Ninja hostage until Lloyd, Nya, and Zane arrive with the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu.

A lengthy battle ensues with Lloyd having the chance to possess the Scroll when it falls into his hands. Eventually, Zane gets the Scroll and freezes the Pyro Vipers. Before Zane gave back the Scroll to Wu, Aspheera's arm manages to get free and she attempts to zap Wu, but Zane saved his master by pushing Wu of the way causing him to be hit and be seemingly destroyed.

A Cold Goodbye

The Ninja come running in after P.I.X.A.L. has a nightmare of losing Zane. Wu then tells the Ninja that Zane is alive; however, Wu won't let the Ninja come since its location is remote.

Despite this, Lloyd steals the Traveler's Tea, and the Ninja head to the Underground Base where they spot Wu holding the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. A lengthy battle occurs as both sides were fighting for the Traveler's Tea. This gave the Ninja no choice, but to tie Wu up and place a mouthpiece over him. In the end, the Ninja headed inside the Land Bounty while P.I.X.A.L. stood outside and zapped the vehicle into the Never-Realm.

The Never-Realm

The Land Bounty lands are a cliff forcing the Ninja to evacuate and during the process, Cole loses the Traveler's Tea. This causes an argument with Jay before Lloyd breaks up the fight and suggests they head down the mountain to avoid freezing.

After hiking through frigid temperatures, the Ninja finally make it to a forest where it’s still cold. In addition, the Ninja face danger when they are approached by wolves. The Ninja flee from the danger, but Lloyd runs into a tree giving a chance for the wolves to attack but in spite of that, the wolves head off somewhere else. What the Ninja don’t realize is that one of the wolves is frozen on a tree.

Following the unusual sight of wolves running away, the Ninja stumble upon some people who are also frozen. Nya is able to sense one of the victims realizing they have a heartbeat and are still alive, but Nya also gets a signal on the Titan Mech. Before they sought out to find the Mech, Jay believed they should help the people, but Lloyd and Nya stand their ground saying they should get more information before assisting the people.

After following the bleak signal for some time, the Ninja run into the wolves again, but this time they fight. They are able to hold their ground for some time until three mysterious people shoot arrows at the wolves causing them to run away. 

The Ninja follow the people to a nearby village where they are greeted by Sorla. After both sides give their introductions, Sorla throws a potion into the hearth fire, and they are able to find Zane’s location which is the Castle of Ice. Sorla tells them that Zane was most likely taken captive by the Ice Emperor and he is "lost." However, Lloyd believes Zane is strong and they will still come for him despite all the dangers she said. Sorla then warns them of General Vex who is out to get the Ninja. 

Fire Maker

Lloyd and Sorla discuss the path to the Castle of Ice. Sorla warns Lloyd to be very quiet on this path or else Wujira will "strike you down."

When Uthaug and Boma warn the Ice Fishers that the Blizzard Samurai are coming, Sorla states they must protect the Hearth Fire, so the Ninja and Ice Fishers build a fort and are completed by sunrise.

Lloyd fights one of the Blizzard Samurai, he changes faces, but is soon corrupted and fights Lloyd.

Although the Blizzard Samurai didn't destroy the Ninja, the Hearth Fire was taken out by the Blizzard Samurai leaving them freezing in the winter night.  Kai continues to blames himself for not having his Elemental Powers before trying once more. This time, he is able to create the Fire, and the Ice Fishers chant "Fire Maker" due to his success.

An Unlikely Ally

Lloyd finds Nya and tells her to protect the Great Lake while he goes to the Castle of Ice alone. After convincing her, the rest of the village bids him farewell, with Jay giving him a fish and Nya giving him the tracking device for the mech.

During his hike, a pack of wolves was about to attack him, but another wolf saves him. He offers her his fish, and he continues his journey. He was then ambushed by Blizzard Samurai, but after being overpowered, he remembered what Sorla said about making noises. He used this to his advantage and caused an avalanche.

He was dragged out of the pile of snow by the wolf, and she leads him to the Land Bounty. However, he cannot turn it on. He gathers supplies to warm himself and decided to head back to the village to make a new plan. Suddenly, the device alerted him of the mech, and had faith he could find Zane.

The Absolute Worst

In Ultra Violet's story, Lloyd and Nya surrendered to Ultra Violet.

In Fugi-Dove's story, Lloyd, Kai, and Cole failed to stop him from stealing when he punched holes in their hang gliders with his feathers.

The Message

As Lloyd and Akita continued their journey, he told her about Garmadon's evil side. He then decided to name her Red, after her facial markings. The device's signal became stronger, and they continued forward. They eventually found out they entered an Ice Bird's territory. Unable to fight it off, they found a cave to hide in.

The cave turned out to be where the mech was, but Zane wasn't there. He attached jumper cables to the mech and found a farewell message from Zane.

He then tried to start the mech up, but found the battery has been drained. By connecting the jumper cables to the battery and using his Energy, he was able to start it up.

With the mech, he was able to fend off the bird. Although Akita was initially unsure of the mech, Lloyd was able to convince her it won't hurt her and they can travel faster.

The Traveler's Tree

In Cole's nightmare, Jay, Kai, and Lloyd were disappointed in Cole after he left the tea behind. They made him go back for it, and the Bounty fell off the cliff.

Secret of The Wolf

On their way to the Castle of Ice, Lloyd tries to pass the time by telling Red about Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon.

They reach a frozen lake and Lloyd inspects the ice. They tried to leave the area, but was attacked by an Ice Behemoth. Once it was defeated, Lloyd bandaged Red's leg and set up camp.

When they woke up, Lloyd found out that Red is a human. They argued, but their friendship was amended when Lloyd tells her not to run on her broken leg. After tending to it again, they apologize. Akita offered to tell him her backstory.

The Last of the Formlings

Lloyd listened to Akita's story about the Formlings. After her explanation, he stated they are on the same quest. Akita denied this, stating that Lloyd was there to save his friend and she seeks to avenge her village.

My Enemy, My Friend

Lloyd and Akita have arrived far enough that they are able to see the Ice Emperor's castle, but it is too dark and they camp out for the night. They exchange their plans after they have defeated the Ice Emperor and rescued Zane, but they are interrupted by Boreal.

After a fierce and quick battle, Boreal injures them both and takes Lloyd to the Ice Emperor. There, Lloyd discovers that the Ice Emperor is nonetheless, his friend, Zane.

A Fragile Hope

Lloyd is shocked that Zane is the cruel Ice Emperor. He tries to remind him of the good times he had with the team, but Zane does not remember. Eventually, he concludes that the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu had corrupted him and tries to convince him to put it down. Lloyd is also shocked to learn the time moves by different in the Never-Round after Zane stated that he held the staff for decades. After a short brawl, Lloyd is knocked unconscious and sent to the Ice Emperor's dungeon, despite Vex's pleas.

After Lloyd wakes up, he meets a new friend who turns out to be Kataru, Akita's long lost brother. Kataru bluntly tells him there is no escape from the dungeon, but Lloyd reveals to him that Akita is still alive and his friends were coming. His wish eventually becomes true when Grimfax, the leader of the Blizzard Samurai army, rescued them and he started up a new Resistance.

Once and for All

Lloyd, Kataru, and Grimfax tries to find and destroy Vex's Crystal. However, Vex and the warriors already know, and they have the Resistance surrounded. Grimfax and Kataru fight them while Lloyd goes to find Zane.

He arrived in his throne room just before Zane was about to defeat Akita and revealed Zane's identity to her.


Lloyd tries to convince Zane that he was not an emperor. He then explains to Akita that he is not a bad guy, and stops her from hurting him.

Zane and Lloyd attack each other, but Zane was able to trap him in ice. Once Vex arrives and implores Zane to finish Lloyd, the latter hesitates. Vex moves to the job and is about to kill him for the Emperor, while taunting Lloyd. However, Zane regains his memories when Vex said “protect” and saves Lloyd. Lloyd watches is Zane destroys his staff and freeze the realm of the ice liberating it. Happy to see his friend regain his memories, they re-connect until Lloyd sees that Vex is angry and attempting to kill Zane but is frozen by him in revenge for his manipulation.

Later, the Ninja were disappointed that the Traveler's Tea leaves were not enough to open a portal back to Ninjago. Their spirits soon lifted when Cole shows Sorla the berry he had saved, which is potent enough. After exchanging goodbyes with Akita, she gives him a kiss on his cheek before he jumped through the portal.

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Let's Dance

Lloyd called Jay and Nya to help subdue The Mechanic after he broke into a warehouse.


Lloyd and the rest of the Ninja were chasing The Mechanic after he robbed a warehouse. However, The Mechanic was able to flee quickly. When Nya and Jay join the Ninja late, Lloyd asked about their previous whereabouts and Jay and Nya lied about what they actually did.

Prime Empire

Would You Like To Enter Prime Empire?

The Mechanic and his crew are caught by the Ninja inside the Warehouse of Curses. A fight for the motherboard ensues with The Mechanic running away from the scene. However, he is captured during a high speed chase.

After The Mechanic is arrested, the Ninja decide to investigate his headquarters. As they entered, one of The Mechanic's spare arms falls on Lloyd which freaks him out. Jay then discovers an old video game called Prime Empire and messes with it while the rest of the Ninja continue to explore.

The Ninja enter another room and see mysterious logos all over the place. A monitor boots up behind some books, so Zane pushes them aside to see it. the monitor questions the Ninja if they found the motherboard, and Zane responds typing in the keyboard. The monitor replies back, saying that Unagami is pleased and to activate the game, then turns itself off. Lloyd then questions on who's Unagami.

They head back to tell Jay, but he mysteriously disappears.

Dyer Island

Lloyd along with the rest of the Ninja try to figure out where Jay is. They then find out Prime Empire is on and realize Jay entered the game after finding a recording of him.

The Ninja then interrogate The Mechanic but he refuses to answer any questions. Lloyd is annoyed so he directs the Police Commissioner to send him to Kryptarium Prison. Zane then informs the group that Prime Empire was created by Milton Dyer, so they decide to search for him.

They all reach Dyer Island and encounter traps such as lasers and Robot Dogs. Bob the Intern then turns the security system off after his shower and allows the Ninja to enter. They ask Bob questions although Bob thought they would come with answers about Milton Dyer's status. Furthermore, Bob does tell the Ninja that Milton Dyer was seeking revenge after being fired which prompted the Ninja to believe Milton Dyer was Unagami.


  • Lloyd's current appearance
  • Lloyd's depowered appearance

Lloyd has long, blond tousled hair, and brown arched eyebrows. His eyes are visibly green, and occasionally glow when he uses his powers. As of Season 8, Lloyd had grown up further and has an updated design and deeper voice. Lloyd is usually seen with a smirking expression. Whenever he loses access to his powers, his green eyes will return to their original black color.

Previously, Lloyd had thin eyebrows and normal eyes. Initially, Lloyd was a young boy with a "bowl-cut" hairstyle. After the Grundle incident exposed him to the aging effects of Tomorrow's Tea, Lloyd became a teenager with a slightly deeper voice and a new, tousled hairstyle.

  • Lloyd's classic appearance
  • Lloyd as a child

As a child, he wore black clothing, a purple sash around his waist, with white rib-like markings on his shirt, resembling the appearance of his father, Lord Garmadon. However, the illusion is negated by Lloyd's normal-looking face and hands, as well as the small green number "5" on the upper left side of his shirt. While leaving Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys, Lloyd stole a black hood and cape to make his outfit look more menacing. After moving in with the Ninja, he wore it periodically, primarily during his time in the Serpentine's captivity. When his destiny as the Green Ninja was revealed, Lloyd mainly wore the green gi of the Chosen One. See here for Lloyd's appearances in other Ninja suits.

When possessed by Morro's spirit, Lloyd's hair darkens to black and his skin becomes pale with visible shadows surrounding his eyes. His suit takes on more of a darker shade of green and has more black accessories including a hood. Between "Winds of Change" and "The Temple on Haunted Hill, he adorned the Allied Armor of Azure.

As of "Curseworld, Part I," Lloyd once again has civilian attire consisting of a green shirt, blue pants and a dark green jacket with his dragon symbol on the back. He wears a black fedora with a green stripe with it in Season 6.

In Skybound, he was briefly turned into an old person after making a wish to Nadakhan to become "wise like Wu" in "Wishmasters," referencing Wu's remark to Morro in "Winds of Change," "with age comes wisdom." He became an elderly man with a similar appearance to his father and uncle, with white hair and increasingly more apparent wrinkles and age lines. This change was reversed as a result of Jay's wish, which caused the majority of events of Season 6 to be erased.

In "The Jade Princess," Harumi gives Lloyd a white hooded jacket to wear over his Ninja gi as a disguise.

In "The Gilded Path," Lloyd wears an outfit similar to what some of the fishermen in Ninjago City wear, after burning his Ninja suit. As Harumi called his appearance, "a beggar in rags."


Physically, Lloyd is in his late adolescence, like the majority of his fellow Ninja. Currently, he is chronologically in his early teens, making him the youngest of the Ninja team.[1]

Possible Estimations: Initially, Lloyd may have been a young boy of about 9–11 years old.[2] After using the Tomorrow's Tea to save his friends and destroy the Grundle, he was caught in the blast that reversed the Mega Weapon's de-aging spell. While the Ninja returned to their normal ages, Lloyd was aged into his teens along with them. As the most recent events take place three to four years after the events of Season 2, Lloyd is most likely chronologically 12–14 years old.[3] Mentally, he's now close to the older Ninjas' ages.[4]


Main article: Lloyd Garmadon (Relationships)


Lloyd is the wise young leader of the team, and is fully dedicated to the way of the Ninja. Once a mischievous and easily distracted child, after becoming the Green Ninja, he has since grown into a quiet and mature person. He is deeply fond of his friends and family and will stop at nothing to defend them, even prioritizing their safety over his own. He is goodhearted and at times naive, making him an easy target of deception by his enemies. Despite being the youngest of the Ninja, he is one of the calmer and mellowed members of the group. He has been through much tragedy in his life, but has taken it in stride and channels his losses into becoming a better Ninja—and eventually master.

Throughout his life, one constant of Lloyd's personality was his love for his father, Lord Garmadon. It was a desire to follow in his evil parent's footsteps that drove him to enroll in Darkley's School for Bad Boys—and later, to unleash the Serpentine upon Ninjago.

However, his attempts to become the next evil overlord of Ninjago were largely stymied by his inherently good personality—Lloyd's idea of "evil" was stealing candy, pulling pranks, and overseeing Ninjago from within a treehouse fortress, with his best attempt at an evil laugh being a rather melodramatic "Muhahahaha!" Lloyd's lack of true evil also showed in his demeanor around his Serpentine "minions;" he usually went along with whatever ideas they concocted, and was quick to call a retreat if the battle turned even slightly against his allies. He also displayed extreme naivety about their warlike society, expecting Skales to hand over the Hypnobrai Staff to Slithraa simply because the latter outranked him.

After being betrayed by Pythor and taking up residence on the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd's true nature began to emerge. Having been turned from the path of evil by Master Wu's guidance, he turned his thoughts to stopping the Serpentine threat (partially out of guilt for releasing the first three tribes in the first place). He retained a mischievous streak for a time, but quickly grew out of it after being forced to clean up the messes his pranks left. He also dedicated his life to help the Ninja in any way he could, but his lack of combat talents and inexperience with battling the Serpentine meant that he was relegated to the ship during their missions. This desire to help led to Lloyd's capture when he blew his cover at the City of Ouroboros.

The revelation that he was destined to become the Green Ninja further increased Lloyd's eagerness to help—to his chagrin, this only meant that the Ninja had even less incentive to take him on missions. He was also forced to confront the fact that he was now destined to fight his father, Lord Garmadon, for the fate of Ninjago, causing him to alternate between regret and hostility towards the four-armed villain. Despite this, Lloyd continued to love his father, being saddened when Lord Garmadon had to leave the ship for good.

Lloyd underwent his most dramatic personality shift yet when he was aged to a teenager by Tomorrow's Tea. He became much more serious and calm than before, dedicating himself to his training and becoming a true aspect of the Ninja team. However, his misgivings about confronting his father only grew stronger, forcing Master Wu and Misako to constantly remind him that he had no choice. Despite this, Lloyd was unable to overcome his love for his father, leading to him failing to destroy Lord Garmadon when the latter was vulnerable. It was only when the Overlord took complete control of Garmadon's body was Lloyd able to discard his misgivings and access his full power.

After the battle with the Overlord, he became somewhat cocky about his abilities, and after being made a fool of while sparring with his father in front of a class and his fellow Ninja, he nearly unleashed an energy blast on him in anger, but quickly calmed down. He was at first reluctant to learn how to further harness his power over the elements, but eventually, he became more willing to listen to his father's teachings after having to use his power to save him.

Upon his search for Zane alongside his friends, he underwent yet another dramatic change that would shape his fate: the role of becoming a leader. Even when the others were down from either loss or current circumstances, he always rallied them with supporting words that gave them newfound strength to continue on and, eventually, succeed. This quality came to the point of leading both the Elemental Masters and the Serpentine against Chen's forces in the Second Serpentine War, which then sprung a new challenge of his role being tested by Morro. Ultimately, after receiving some final words of wisdom from his father, he let go of what remained of his childish desires and embraced his chosen path of becoming a wise and powerful master, like his father before him.

A year after Wu's disappearance at the end of the battle against the Time Twins, Lloyd fully settled into being leader, with the addition of taking over the role of the Ninjas' master.

Being betrayed by Harumi caused Lloyd no small amount of grief. Being the kind person he is, it is rare for Lloyd to be cold to someone. He made an exception for Harumi, however, as is shown when he glared at her after she attempted to trick him and as he closed the police transport van doors on her in "Dread on Arrival."

Lloyd was heartbroken when he assumed that Kai, Zane, Jay, Cole, and Wu were killed by the Colossus, shedding a few tears. But, refusing to give in to despair as Harumi intended, he remained determined to defeat the Sons of Garmadon and avenge his friends and uncle.

Losing his Elemental Power made Lloyd begin to doubt his usefulness to Ninjago, and to the Resistance. Luckily, with Nya's encouragement and the hope of seeing Zane, Cole, Kai, Jay, and Wu again, Lloyd has seemingly overcome this doubt. Skylor's powers returning also gave Lloyd hope that his own would come back, and that is something Lloyd looks forward to.


Initially, Lloyd had no outstanding combat skills, being about as strong as a boy his age with no special training. His flair for dramatics and minor knowledge of Ninjago history allowed him to cow the public with bombastic threats and harmless tricks, but he proved helpless against enemies like the Ninja or the Serpentine, relying on strokes of luck and opportune distractions to get away from them unscathed. After joining the Ninja aboard the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd revealed a flair for pranks and video games, beating all of Kai's high scores in "Fist to Face 2" and nearly bringing the Ninja to blows by pranking each of them and blaming another Ninja.

After his destiny as the Green Ninja was revealed, Lloyd began developing some capability in hand-to-hand combat. However, his overenthusiastic approach to training and lack of a dedicated mentor (as the Ninja were concentrating on stopping the Serpentine from unleashing the Great Devourer) prevented him from becoming much of a threat to his enemies. However, Lloyd occasionally used his lack of skill to his advantage, tricking enemies into complacently mocking his wild posturing until his more powerful allies could join the fight (to allow himself to save the four Ninja).

Lloyd's skills began advancing more rapidly after the Ninja defeated the Great Devourer and secured Dareth's dojo as a training site. He developed the ability to use Spinjitzu, enhanced fighting abilities, and a burgeoning ability to control all four elements. However, he did not come into his own until after being aged to a teenager, after which he gained the physical skill and mental focus to truly begin applying himself to his training.

By the time the Stone Army surfaced, Lloyd had grown significantly in all aspects of his fighting skill. In addition to a much more controlled Spinjitzu and far greater mastery of the elements, the Green Ninja had developed a tactical mind that allowed him to gain the upper hand against foes such as the Giant Stone Warrior. His powers were enhanced even further after the empowerment ritual in the Temple of Light, allowing him to overcome Lord Garmadon's Samurai Mech with a single beam.

When he became the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd's powers reached their full devastating potential. He gained the ability to levitate in mid-air, incredible strength that allowed him to knock around the far larger Overlord, and the ability to summon the Golden Dragon from pure light energy. At the end of his battle with the Overlord, he charged his powers within the villain's supersized mouth, creating an explosion of light that utterly obliterated the dark dragon.

After losing his Golden Power to the Overlord and dividing the rest with the other Ninja, left Lloyd with just the power of Energy at a significantly weaker state, yet still stronger in offense than the other main elements. It is also Lloyd's true Elemental Power, which allows him to fight through dynakinetic-enhanced combat.

Halfway through the fourth season, in Spellbound, Lloyd unlocked (or summoned for the first time onscreen) his Elemental Dragon of Energy. The dragon allows him to travel quickly through the air and shoot large blasts of Energy that deal devastating damage.

From Season 5 onward, Lloyd can perform Airjitzu along with the other Ninja.

In "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," after fighting with his father after Garmadon gained his True Potential, Lloyd lost his powers, leaving him vulnerable. However, his powers is restored in "Green Destiny."

On a far lesser note, Lloyd also seems to be somewhat skilled at sewing, assisting his fellow students in creating several Ninja garbs in "Double Trouble." On a more negative note, he cannot perform or imitate voices or accents as revealed in "Wishmasters."


In the series, from the first to the fourth season, Lloyd rarely used any weapons; his younger self tended to stay behind the front lines while his allies (first the Serpentine, then the Ninja) did the fighting. After becoming a Ninja, he briefly wielded a Nin-Jô staff against Pythor in "The Rise of the Great Devourer," but generally remained out of direct combat. His older self-continued to favor Spinjitzu, martial arts, and his elemental powers in battle, but he also briefly commanded the Golden Mech after its discovery in the Temple of Light. During his final battle with the Overlord, Lloyd also summoned the Golden Dragon to aid him in pursuing the villain to the skies.

In season four, Lloyd used shurikens in a training battle against Nindroids, and he used a Jadeblade in a round of Thunderblade, when he was fighting Chamille in the Tournament of Elements. Lloyd then wielded the Sword of Sanctuary in "Curseworld, Part ll" and used it to fight Morro in the other realms. In "Day of the Departed," Lloyd wielded a Golden Katana to battle Pythor and wielded it again when he was about to attack Morro. In Season 7, Lloyd started using weapons more often. He wielded regular Katanas most of the time in the entire season when he was battling the Vermillion and had wielded Bowie Knives in the episode "Scavengers." In Season 8, he uses a Sword with a curved blade, similar to his movie counterpart. In "Green Destiny," he briefly uses the Dragonbone Blade.

Lloyd had only mainly used one major weapon, the Sword of Sanctuary, which he used in season five and during "The Fall," while the other Ninja (excluding Nya) got more major weapons in the show.

In LEGO sets, Lloyd wields a variety of weapons. His younger self had a variety of interesting and debilitating weapons—such as the Blinding Staff, the Double-Bladed Axe, and the Spear of Forked Tongues—but he generally favored the Golden Viper and the Golden Bolt. His teenage form wielded the Super Bolt, but also wielded a Nin-Jo and both silver and golden katanas. As the Golden Ninja, Lloyd generally used an ornate golden sword resembling the Sword of Fire.


Lloyd has owned many vehicles in his history as a Ninja.





Jets Descriptions

Rise of the Snakes (2017 Museum Description)

From unsuccessful super-villain to the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd has traveled the furthest of all the young ninja. The son of Master Garmadon and Misako, he sacrificed his childhood to embrace his destiny, finally becoming the Green Ninja and, for a short while, the all-powerful Golden Ninja. As a Master in training, he is wise beyond his years and, like his Uncle Wu, represents the way of the ninja. Though he is more the quiet type, Lloyd is the natural leader in the group.

As son of Lord Garmadon, it’s hard to follow in his father’s evil footsteps. This young boy will go to comical lengths to prove he is just as bad as his dad. With Wu’s help and the support of the others, Lloyd will learn that living in a parent’s shadow is a choice and you can choose to become anyone you want to be.

Legacy of Green Ninja (2017 Museum Description)

Now the Green Ninja, Lloyd has turned his back on his father’s dark path. He accepts the importance of hard work and trains with the ninja every day, embracing the motto, "a Ninja Never Quits." But while he grows stronger, he comes to understand that he’s destined to face his father in the ultimate showdown.

Rebooted (2017 Museum Description)

Now under the strict tutelage of his father, Garmadon, Lloyd will learn that being the most powerful ninja in all the land isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. His great powers make him a target for the Digital Overlord and the Nindroids. Before the battle is over, Lloyd learns that his burden is easier to manage if he relies on the strength of his friends.

The Tournament of Elements (2017 Museum Description)

Lloyd knows he has a target on his back and everyone in the tournament is gunning for him – which is why he needs his friends more than ever. He has to control his fears, though it’s difficult for him. Lloyd’s leadership is tested as he fights to keep the team together, and after learning about his father’s dark history, he uses the lessons of the past to guide him.

Possession (2017 Museum Description)

Lloyd’s grief allows the cursed spirit of Morro to possess him, turning the powerful Green Ninja against his friends. They struggle to free him from Morro’s control and succeed in time for Lloyd to meet his father in the Cursed Realm. There he discovers that he must destroy the realm – and his father – to save the NINJAGO® world. “There comes a time when every boy must become a man,” Garmadon tells Lloyd. “What sort of man, is up to him.”

Skybound (2017 Museum Description)

The loss of his father, Garmadon, hit Lloyd very hard, but after their final meeting Lloyd channeled those feelings and started on a new path. He remains committed to the job that Wu has given them and he’s less and less interested in all the promotional work the ninja are doing. He’s beginning to think they might be taking their eye off the ball… When Lloyd comes to make his wishes he is full of good intentions, but discovers that isn’t enough.

The Hands of Time (2017 Museum Description)

Lloyd’s ongoing growth as a leader takes on added importance after Wu is knocked out of action by Acronix’s Time Punch. But Lloyd doesn’t have a lot of experience leading, which means he’s going to make mistakes. Also, his friends aren’t quite ready to drop either the “Temporary” or the “in-Training” parts from Lloyd’s “Temporary Master-in-Training” title. But by applying what Wu taught from his sickbed, Lloyd slowly earns the others’ trust and respect. By the time Wu is lost in time aboard the Iron Doom, the ninja are prepared for a new master to lead.

Rise of the Snakes

Sugar-high, sinister, spirited.

As the only son of Lord Garmadon and future dark ruler, Lloyd has some big shoes to fill. It's not easy being bad, and he works tirelessly to become the super villain he is destined to be.

Lloyd ran away from the Boarding School for Bad Boys (Or maybe he was, in fact, kicked out because lacked the morale and ambition to become the next great villain master mind of tomorrow?), and he searches high and especially low for henchmen who will help him live up to his reputation and his dad's expectations. But sometimes even the toughest bad guy's only option is to retreeeeaaaat!


Lloyd Garmadon is happy that his father is free of the Overlord’s influence.
But after so many years apart, it is a lot of work getting used to being father and son again.
On top of that, Lloyd’s gold ninja power has made him a target of the Digital Overlord and a potential danger to the world.
Lloyd sometimes misses being just a normal boy, but when you’re the golden ninja, it’s hard to just go out and play catch with Dad (you wind up throwing the ball straight through tree trunks).[5]

Tournament of Elements

  • Element: -
  • Height: Four and a half bricks
  • Hobbies: -
  • Home base: Ninja DB X
  • Weapon: Jade blade

Lloyd is the son of Lord Garmadon and has been both the powerful Gold Ninja and, most recently, the Green Ninja. He has served heroically alongside the Ninja team, even confronting his own father to save Ninjago.[6]


Lloyd is the son of Lord Garmadon and has been both the powerful Gold Ninja and, most recently, the Green Ninja. He has served heroically alongside the Ninja team, even confronting his own father to save Ninjago.[7]


The loss of his father, Garmadon, hit Lloyd very hard, but after their final meeting Lloyd channeled those feelings and started on a new path. He remains committed to the job that Wu has given them and he’s less and less interested in all the promotional work the ninja are doing. He’s beginning to think they might be taking their eye off the ball…[8]

Sons of Garmadon

The son of Master Garmadon and Misako, he sacrificed his childhood to embrace his destiny, finally becoming the Green Ninja. As a Master in training, he is wise beyond his years and, like his, Uncle Wu represents the way of the ninja. Though he is more the quiet type, Lloyd is the natural leader in the group.

2019 (The Legacy of Lloyd)

Did you know Lloyd is the Green Ninja and Master of Energy. From annoying (and highly unsuccessful) super-villain wannabe to the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd has worked harder to unlock his potential than any other young ninja. As the son of Lord Garmadon, odds were against him from a young age. After a rough childhood, he was finally ready to accept his destiny and become the Green Ninja and, for a short while, the all-powerful Golden Ninja. As a Master-in-Training, he is wise beyond his years and, like his Uncle Wu, represents the way of the ninja. Favorite NINJAGO® Legacy weapon Double Katanas = Double combat power! Quote “Remember, we fight for each other – we fight as one!”


Lloyd – the Elemental Master of Energy!

As the grandson of the First Spinjitzu Master who created the NINJAGO® realm, it was Lloyd’s destiny to become the Green Ninja. However, as a mischievous kid, he nearly took the wrong path in life, trying to be like his evil father Garmadon instead.

It was Lloyd’s wise uncle Wu, brother of Garmadon, who helped him to change his ways. Lloyd reunited with his mother Misako and trained hard to unlock his Golden Powers, becoming the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master and helping the rest of the ninja heroes protect NINJAGO world from Overlord and other enemy threats. The youngest of the ninja team, he has proved himself to be a brave leader who appreciates his friends and believes in the power of teamwork. Wearing his distinctive green ninja outfit, Lloyd minifigures can be found in many LEGO NINJAGO playsets ready for unlimited, exciting role-play adventures.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

The Dark Island Trilogy

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  • According to his original Character Card, Lloyd's dominant element is Lightning, explaining why he was shown using the Nunchucks of Lightning in Zane's dream in "Never Trust a Snake" and why the Golden Weapons made green lightning when they revealed that he was the Green Ninja. It also parallels Lord Garmadon, his father, whose dominant element is Dark Lightning.
  • Lloyd's role as a hero is foreshadowed by the small green "5" on the black shirt he wears in his early appearances. The color of the "5" refers to his destiny as the Green Ninja, while the number itself refers to how he will be the fifth member of the Ninja team.
  • Initially, Lloyd is a mediocre pilot, as seen when he has to fly the Destiny's Bounty in "All of Nothing" and "The Rise of the Great Devourer." He seems to have improved following his training as the Green Ninja, as he can control the Ultra Dragon and his own Elemental Dragon with ease.
  • Lloyd's original teenage form is almost exactly that as Garmadon's younger form; except his hair-piece is blond instead of dark brown. Ironically his child form is almost exactly like Wu's child form with the difference being their face.
  • Lloyd was kicked out of Darkley's Boarding School indicating he was perhaps never cut out to be a dark mastermind and hinting at his heroic role in the future.
  • Lloyd is the official leader of the Ninja, succeeding Kai and Cole, who led the team before Lloyd's arrival.
    • He most likely took on the role of leader sometime during or after Season 3.
  • Lloyd's elemental symbol is the Chinese character "斗," meaning "fight." The only exception was during his time as the Golden Ninja, when his robes donned a different symbol, the medallion that helped the Ninja find the Temple of Light.
    • As of Season 8, Lloyd has taken on the same symbol from the movie—two "L"s in the Ninjago language overlapped.
  • Lloyd's first name is a pun on his father's "Lord" title.
  • Lloyd's Rebooted description may be a reference to the supplementary comic Night of the Nindroids, in which Lloyd really does throw a ball through a tree trunk.
  • He always appears with the Oni Mask of Hatred in the Season 8 sets.
  • He is the only mortal to be sent to the Cursed Realm without being cursed himself. What is more, he is the only person to have returned alive.
  • He has Oni and Dragon blood like his father, uncle, and grandfather. Lloyd is three-quarters human, an eighth Oni, and an eighth Dragon.
  • Lloyd's love interest as of Season 8 was Harumi, but she was later revealed to be evil. It is implied that Lloyd still had feelings for her as he looked saddened by her death.
  • The other Ninjas' (except Nya's) Elemental Powers are dependent on Lloyd. Meaning that when Lloyd loses his Elemental Power the other Ninja do too. This may be because he shares his Golden Powers with them. However, Tommy Andreasen said that it is possible that as of Season 8, this is no longer the case because Lloyd is getting older and his powers are getting stronger and more independent, and that is why after losing his powers in Season 8, the other Ninjas' powers are still working.
  • The father-son relationship between Lloyd and his father Garmadon is quite similar to that between Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker.
  • Because Lloyd has blond hair while his parents have brown hair, it is likely he inherited the gene from his grandparents.
  • Lloyd is the first and only one of Wu's students to achieve the rank of master.
    • Lloyd is called "Master Garmadon" by Mistaké, the title his father had when he was good.
  • In "The Oni and the Dragon," it is discovered than Lloyd is part Oni and Dragon.
  • When Lloyd was the Golden Ninja, his minifigure had a golden face and thicker eyebrows, but in the show, his face is exactly the same as normal.
  • He is one of the five current Elemental Masters to have a known last name: the others being Jay, Griffin, Jacob, and Skylor.
  • Lloyd's DX variant never appeared in the show.
  • Both Lloyd and Garmadon have been possessed by a villain at some point (Lloyd being possessed by Morro and Garmadon being possessed by the Overlord).
  • Despite his voice actor being a singer, Sam Vincent confirmed that Lloyd will not be singing.[9]
  • In Season 2 he could make red fire; it is unknown because he changed to green in Season 8, if he can use Fire that means he can still use the other Elemental Powers (Ice, Earth, and Lightning)
    • However, this is very unlikely considering Lloyd gave his Elemental Powers back to the four Ninja.
  • It is unknown if he can use Secondary Elemental Powers.
  • Lloyd is the only one of the six Ninja to meet the First Spinjitzu Master.
    • But now he thinks it was just a dream.
  • Although Lloyd is not an antagonistic villain, he is considered the first villain to be reformed: the other four being Garmadon, Morro, Yang, and Harumi.
  • In the original story, it was going to be Lord Garmadon who released the Serpentine and not Lloyd.
  • His greatest fear is becoming like his father.
  • He provoked most events of the series, except for the villains' ressurection in Day of the Departed, the return of the Time Twins, the Oni Invasion, Aspheera's freedom, Zane's corruption, and the return of Prime Empire.
  • The First Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd (as the Golden Ninja), Garmadon (with his True Potential), The Omega, the Overlord (as the Golden Master), and Firstbourne are six of the most powerful characters in the series.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen in the live-chat of the Eljay Johnsen Show, Jillian Michaels auditioned to voice Lloyd in Sons of Garmadon, but they did not think her voice worked well for an older Lloyd who is a love-interest.
    • Additionally, one of the reasons Lloyd was aged up in the second season was so he could be on a spinner in the sets.
  • Lloyd is the first Ninja to be voiced by two voice actors: Jillian Michaels and Sam Vincent.



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