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“I used to be nothing but trouble, but then I met you guys. You took me in, you showed me the importance of being brave, the importance of being strong, and most importantly, being good.”
— Lloyd to the other ninja, "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master"

Master Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon is the legendary Green Ninja, the Master of Energy, the former Golden Ninja, and the current leader of the ninja team. He is Garmadon and Misako's son, Wu's nephew, and the First Spinjitzu Master's grandson. Once a bratty kid who sought to follow in his evil father's footsteps, Lloyd changed his ways by helping the ninja and embracing his destiny as the Green Ninja. As the ninja trained Lloyd, he reunited with Misako, artificially matured into a teenager, and faced a Garmadon manipulated and possessed by the Overlord—becoming the Golden Ninja. Though Garmadon was purified, the Overlord later returned, but was vanquished upon Zane's sacrifice. Lloyd brought the team together to save Zane in the Tournament of Elements, culminating in the Second Serpentine War, which ended with Lloyd having to banish his father to the Cursed Realm; unintentionally freeing Wu's old pupil, Morro.

Morro soon possessed Lloyd and claimed the Realm Crystal to free the Preeminent, eventually succeeding. Lloyd escaped Morro's possession in a trade and helped battle him, but the Preeminent's death destroyed the Cursed Realm, killing Lloyd's father, the Anacondrai Warriors, Chen, and any other beings imprisoned inside, and Djinjago, as they were sister realms. Shortly after, Lloyd helped battle the Sky Pirates and their captain, Nadakhan. The fight against the Sky Pirates was undone along with all other recent events after Jay reversed time in his final wish. On the Day of the Departed, Lloyd and Misako commemorated Garmadon at the Corridor of Elders, where he fought against Pythor. Lloyd would later battle the Time Twins and their Vermillion army. Lloyd temporarily led the ninja and became their new master while Wu was lost in time.

Lloyd led the ninja against the Sons of Garmadon, who sought to resurrect his father, while also being attracted to Harumi—who is revealed to be the Quiet One and ends up being the leader of the group. Lord Garmadon is resurrected as an evil warlord, disowns and nearly kills Lloyd in a vicious battle that strips him of his powers. After the Colossus seemingly killed the original ninja and a toddler Wu, Lloyd led the Resistance against his corrupted father and his followers, the Sons of Garmadon. Eventually, the ninja returned to Ninjago and helped fight the Sons of Garmadon. In a climactic battle, Lloyd regained his powers while using the Art of the Silent Fist and defeated his father, who warned him of coming darkness as he was arrested. When the Oni invaded Ninjago, Lloyd and Garmadon discover the secret to defeating them is the Golden Armor. With the Golden Weapons rebuilt, Lloyd, the ninja, Wu, and Garmadon combined their powers into an ultimate Tornado of Creation, vanquishing the Bringers of Doom and freeing the realms from their destructive grasp.

Months after the Oni's invasion, Lloyd and his friends became very leisurely, until a series of new conflicts broke out. They battled Aspheera's army and journeyed to the Never-Realm to fight a corrupted Zane, then battled digital enemies in Prime Empire, and waged war in the Dungeons of Shintaro against the Skull Sorcerer and his legions. Lloyd traveled to the Island of the Keepers to save Misako and Wu. He ended up having to rescue all the other ninja when he was the only one to escape being captured by the Keepers. There, the ninja discovered the Storm Amulet and the existence of Wojira. He realized that the Keepers were being tricked into giving away sacrifices to a fake Wojira, and stopped the Kryptarium inmates who were behind it.

Later, he would explore the sea with Maya, Nya, Zane, P.I.X.A.L., Jay, and Benthomaar to stop Kalmaar from awakening the evil serpent, Wojira. Unfortunately, the serpent was awoken and attacked Ninjago. Lloyd saved as many people as possible but Wojira was so powerful Nya had to sacrifice herself to defeat her. After that, he went to a memorial to honor Nya.


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In Shadow of Ronin


Lloyd's Tournament variant can be purchased for 50,000 studs after collecting his character token in Level 1: Chen's Island. He is armed with twin Golden Katanas and can perform Spinjitzu, use Green Ninja pads, and operate sword locks.


Lloyd's Jungle variant can be purchased for 50,000 studs. He is also armed with twin golden katanas like most of his other variants and can perform Spinjitzu, use Green Ninja pads and operate sword locks.


Lloyd's Gold variant can be purchased for 250,000 studs. He is armed with twin golden katanas and can perform Golden Power Spinjitzu, use Green Ninja pads and operate sword locks.


Lloyd has long, blonde tousled hair, and brown arched eyebrows. His eyes are visibly green, and occasionally glow when he uses his powers. As of Sons of Garmadon, Lloyd had grown up further and has an updated design and deeper voice. Lloyd is usually seen with a smirking expression. Whenever he lost access to his powers in Hunted, his green eyes returned to their original black color.

Previously, Lloyd had thin, black eyebrows and normal eyes. Initially, Lloyd was a young boy with a blonde "bowl-cut" hairstyle. After the Grundle incident in "Child's Play" exposed him to the aging effects of Tomorrow's Tea, Lloyd became a teenager with a slightly deeper voice and a new, tousled hairstyle.

As a child, he wore black clothing, a purple sash around his waist, with white rib-like markings on his shirt, resembling the appearance of his father, Lord Garmadon. However, the illusion is negated by Lloyd's normal-looking face and hands, as well as the small green number "5" on the upper left side of his shirt that foreshadows him being the fifth and the Green Ninja. While leaving Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys, Lloyd stole a black hood and cape to make his outfit look more menacing. After moving in with the ninja, he wore it periodically, primarily during his time in the Serpentine's captivity. When his destiny as the Green Ninja was revealed, Lloyd mainly wore the green gi of the Chosen One (ZX). Also, here are Lloyd's appearances in other ninja suits.

When possessed by Morro's spirit, Lloyd's hair darkens to black and his skin becomes pale with visible shadows surrounding his eyes, similar to Morro’s own appearance. His suit takes on more of a darker shade of green and has more black accessories including a hood. Between "Winds of Change" and "The Temple on Haunted Hill," he adorned the Allied Armor of Azure.

As of "Curseworld, Part I," Lloyd once again has civilian attire consisting of a green shirt, blue pants, and a dark green jacket with his dragon symbol on the back. He wears a black fedora with a green stripe with it in Skybound.

When he fought Morro and was freed from the Cursed Realm, he was wearing his father's gi.

In Skybound, he was briefly turned into an old man after making a wish to Nadakhan to become "wise like Wu" in "Wishmasters," referencing Wu's remark to Morro in "Winds of Change," "with age comes wisdom." He became an elderly man with a similar appearance to his father and uncle, with white hair and increasingly more apparent wrinkles and age lines. This change was reversed as a result of Jay's wish in "The Way Back," which caused the majority of events in Skybound to be undone.

In "The Jade Princess," Harumi gives Lloyd a white hooded jacket to wear over his ninja gi as a disguise.

In "The Gilded Path," Lloyd wears an outfit similar to what some of the fishermen in Ninjago City wear, after burning his ninja suit. Harumi called his appearance "a beggar in rags."

In "Racer Seven," Lloyd wears his avatar in an attempt to disguise himself from the Red Visors. It consists of a green jacket with a right gold sleeve, unzipped to reveal his chest, green pants, gold boots, and a brownish-blonde Mohawk.

In "Farewell the Sea" and "The Shape of Nya," as a window washer, Lloyd wears a white t-shirt, green overalls, and a white and green cap.

In "The Fifth Villain" and "The Council of the Crystal King," Lloyd disguised himself as The Mechanic to infiltrate the Crystal King's Council. His disguise consisted of a black bowler hat, a faux mustache, a mechanical arm and a red coat.


Physically, Lloyd is in his late adolescence, like the majority of his fellow ninja. Currently, he is chronologically in his early teens, making him the youngest of the ninja team.[1] Prior to the Tomorrow's Tea, he was a short legged pre-teen child.

Possible estimations: Initially, Lloyd may have been a young boy of about 9–11 years old, 5–6 years younger than the ninja.[2][3] After using the Tomorrow's Tea to save his friends and destroy the Grundle, Lloyd was caught in the blast that reversed the Mega Weapon's de-aging spell. While the ninja returned to their normal ages, Lloyd was aged into his teens along with them (who were at least 16 years old) but was still mentally a kid.[4][5] As he may have been aged around two years older, he would then be the same physical age as Nya.[6] Alternatively, he may have been around the same physical age as the other ninja.[7] As the most recent events take place three to four years after the events of Legacy of the Green Ninja,[8] Lloyd is most likely chronologically 12–14 years old, though he would physically be around 19 like the other ninja. Mentally, he's now close to the older ninjas' ages.[9]


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Lloyd is the wise young leader of the team and is fully dedicated to the way of the ninja. Once a mischievous and easily distracted child, after becoming the Green Ninja, he has since grown into a quiet and mature youth. He is deeply fond of his friends and family and will stop at nothing to defend them, even prioritizing their safety over his own. He is goodhearted and at times naïve, making him an easy target of deception by his enemies. Despite being the youngest of the ninja, he is one of the calmer and mellowed members of the group. He has been through much tragedy in his life, but has taken it in stride and channels his losses into becoming a better ninja—and eventually master.

Throughout his life, one constant of Lloyd's personality was his love for his father, Lord Garmadon. It was a desire to follow in his evil parent's footsteps that drove him to enroll in Darkley's School for Bad Boys—and later, to unleash the Serpentine upon Ninjago.

However, his attempts to become the next evil overlord of Ninjago were largely stymied by his inherently good personality—Lloyd's idea of "evil" was stealing candy, pulling pranks, and overseeing Ninjago from within a treehouse fortress, with his best attempt at an evil laugh being a rather melodramatic "Muhahahaha!" Lloyd's lack of true evil also showed in his demeanor around his Serpentine "minions;" he usually went along with whatever ideas they concocted, and was quick to call a retreat if the battle turned even slightly against his allies. He also displayed extreme naivety about their warlike society, expecting Skales to hand over the Hypnobrai Staff to Slithraa simply because the latter outranked him.

After being betrayed by Pythor and taking up residence on the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd's true nature began to emerge. Having been turned from the path of evil by Master Wu's guidance, he turned his thoughts to stopping the Serpentine threat (partially out of guilt for releasing the first three tribes in the first place). He retained a mischievous streak for a time, but quickly grew out of it after being forced to clean up the messes his pranks left. He also dedicated his life to help the ninja in any way he could, but his lack of combat talents and inexperience with battling the Serpentine meant that he was relegated to the ship during their missions. This desire to help led to Lloyd's capture when he blew his cover at the City of Ouroboros.

The revelation that he was destined to become the Green Ninja further increased Lloyd's eagerness to help—to his chagrin, this only meant that the ninja had even less incentive to take him on missions. He was also forced to confront the fact that he was now destined to fight his father, Lord Garmadon, for the fate of Ninjago, causing him to alternate between regret and hostility towards the four-armed villain. Despite this, Lloyd continued to love his father, being saddened when Lord Garmadon had to leave the ship for good.

Lloyd underwent his most dramatic personality shift yet when he was aged to a teenager by Tomorrow's Tea. He became much more serious and calm than before, dedicating himself to his training and becoming a true aspect of the ninja team. However, his misgivings about confronting his father only grew stronger, forcing Master Wu and Misako to constantly remind him that he had no choice. Despite this, Lloyd was unable to overcome his love for his father, leading to him failing to destroy Lord Garmadon when the latter was vulnerable. It was only when the Overlord took complete control of Garmadon's body was Lloyd able to discard his misgivings and access his full power.

After the battle with the Overlord, he became somewhat cocky about his abilities, and after being made a fool of while sparring with his father in front of a class and his fellow ninja, he nearly unleashed an energy blast on him in anger, but quickly calmed down. He was at first reluctant to learn how to further harness his power over the elements, but eventually, he became more willing to listen to his father's teachings after having to use his power to save him.

Upon his search for Zane alongside his friends, he underwent yet another dramatic change that would shape his fate: the role of becoming a leader. Even when the others were down from either loss or current circumstances, he always rallied them with supporting words that gave them newfound strength to continue on and, eventually, succeed. This quality came to the point of leading both the Elemental Masters and the Serpentine against Chen's forces in the Second Serpentine War, which then sprung a new challenge of his role being tested by Morro. Ultimately, after receiving some final words of wisdom from his father, he let go of what remained of his childish desires and embraced his chosen path of becoming a wise and powerful master, like his father before him.

A year after Wu's disappearance at the end of the battle against the Time Twins, Lloyd fully settled into being leader, with the addition of taking over the role of the ninja's master.

Being betrayed by Harumi caused Lloyd no small amount of grief. Being the kind person he is, it is rare for Lloyd to be cold to someone. He made an exception for Harumi, however, as is shown when he glared at her after she attempted to trick him and as he closed the police transport van doors on her in "Dread on Arrival."

Lloyd was heartbroken when he assumed that Kai, Zane, Jay, Cole, and Wu were killed by the Colossus, shedding a few tears. But, refusing to give in to despair as Harumi intended, he remained determined to defeat the Sons of Garmadon and avenge his friends and uncle.

Losing his Elemental Power made Lloyd begin to doubt his usefulness to Ninjago, and to the Resistance. Luckily, with Nya's encouragement and the hope of seeing Zane, Cole, Kai, Jay, and Wu again, Lloyd has seemingly overcome this doubt. Skylor's powers returning also gave Lloyd hope that his own would come back, and that is something Lloyd looks forward to.

After Oni's invasion and the full return of Master Wu, Lloyd had more time for fun and did not have to worry about the duties of a master, which was reflected in his character. Like the other ninja, he became lazier, not even having a problem farting into the tub in the presence of Master Wu and still pretending it did not happen. His characteristic manifestations include scratching the top of his head when he is nervous. It has also been shown that he cannot bear to meditate and needs to act. The emotional pain left by Harumi, he showed extreme distrust of all princesses and claimed that they were all equally treacherous. However, he finally admitted that Vania was not bad and got rid of this distrust. He does not like to trust people who may be traitors, which turned out to be dissatisfied with the police hiring Ronin to catch the Kryptarium inmates. He is also very hasty when it comes to his loved ones, as evidenced when Wu and Misako got lost on an uncharted island. Lloyd was immediately determined to save them without thinking. He is also very helpful in the case of housework, which is shown when he was washing clothes in "Shintaro" or washing dishes in "The Call of the Deep." It's also very easy to persuade him to stop as long as he can have fun, which turned out when he went to play video games with Cole instead of washing clothes. Lloyd also has a sarcastic sense of humor, Which is more prominent in Season 11 onward.

He is also very talkative when he is alone or talking to someone who does not understand him, such as when he was with Akita, whom he thought was just a wolf, as he spoke about his most personal life events, such as Harumi's betrayal.

Weapons and abilities


  • Energy: Lloyd is gifted with the powerful element of Energy, allowing him to release and use green energy attacks to his advantage. He initially was weak with the ability but grew to master it to the point that he was able to battle his father in hand-to-hand combat. He briefly lost this element in Hunted, but got it back during the Rise of Ninjago. Despite Lloyd losing access to the four original ninja's elements (Fire, Earth, Ice, and Lightning) after giving up his Golden Power, Lloyd can also use his power to charge certain batteries (as shown when he fixes the mech in "The Message") due to his powers being "all of [their] elements rolled into one," as described by Cole.
    • Spinjitzu: Lloyd first developed the ability to use Spinjitzu while fighting pirates with most of his body parts in a barrel. He grew to master this ability soon.
    • Airjitzu: Lloyd is capable of performing Airjitzu.
    • Energy Dragon: Lloyd unlocked his Energy Dragon after conquering his inner fears and doubts. The dragon allows him to travel quickly through the air and shoot large blasts of Energy that deal devastating damage.
    • Green Ninja cycle: For a brief amount of time, Lloyd was able to generate a fast motorcycle that was later destroyed by the Overlord as the Golden Master.
  • Golden Power (formerly): When he became the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd's powers reached their full devastating potential. He gained the ability to levitate in mid-air, incredible strength that allowed him to knock around the far larger Overlord, and the ability to summon the Golden Dragon from pure light energy. At the end of his battle with the Overlord, he charged his powers within the villain's supersized mouth, creating an explosion of light that utterly obliterated the dark dragon and purified his father. He lost this ability after giving it up for the ninja to regain their Elemental Powers.
  • Combat: Initially, Lloyd had no outstanding combat skills, being about as strong as a boy his age with no special training. After his destiny as the Green Ninja was revealed, Lloyd began developing some capability in hand-to-hand combat. Lloyd's skills began advancing more rapidly after the ninja defeated the Great Devourer and secured Dareth's dojo as a training site.
  • Video games: Lloyd is excellent at video games, beating all of Kai's high scores in Fist to Face 2, and later fought well within Prime Empire.
  • Sewing: On a far lesser note, Lloyd also seems to be somewhat skilled at sewing, assisting his fellow former students in creating several ninja garbs in "Double Trouble."
  • Acting: Lloyd is able to act, albeit poorly.



Lloyd has owned many vehicles in his history as a ninja.






Submarines descriptions

Rise of the Snakes

Sugar-high, sinister, spirited.

As the only son of Lord Garmadon and future dark ruler, Lloyd has some big shoes to fill. It's not easy being bad, and he works tirelessly to become the super villain he is destined to be.

Lloyd ran away from the Boarding School for Bad Boys (Or maybe he was, in fact, kicked out because lacked the morale and ambition to become the next great villain master mind of tomorrow?), and he searches high and especially low for henchmen who will help him live up to his reputation and his dad's expectations. But sometimes even the toughest bad guy's only option is to retreeeeaaaat![link unavailable]


Lloyd Garmadon is happy that his father is free of the Overlord’s influence.

But after so many years apart, it is a lot of work getting used to being father and son again.

On top of that, Lloyd’s gold ninja power has made him a target of the Digital Overlord and a potential danger to the world.

Lloyd sometimes misses being just a normal boy, but when you’re the golden ninja, it’s hard to just go out and play catch with Dad (you wind up throwing the ball straight through tree trunks).[10]

Tournament of Elements

Lloyd is the son of Lord Garmadon and has been both the powerful Gold Ninja and, most recently, the Green Ninja. He has served heroically alongside the Ninja team, even confronting his own father to save Ninjago.[11]


Lloyd is the son of Lord Garmadon and has been both the powerful Gold Ninja and, most recently, the Green Ninja. He has served heroically alongside the Ninja team, even confronting his own father to save Ninjago.[12]


The loss of his father, Garmadon, hit Lloyd very hard, but after their final meeting Lloyd channeled those feelings and started on a new path. He remains committed to the job that Wu has given them and he’s less and less interested in all the promotional work the ninja are doing. He’s beginning to think they might be taking their eye off the ball…[13]

Rise of the Snakes (2017 Museum gallery)

From unsuccessful super-villain to the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd has traveled the furthest of all the young ninja. The son of Master Garmadon and Misako, he sacrificed his childhood to embrace his destiny, finally becoming the Green Ninja and, for a short while, the all-powerful Golden Ninja. As a Master in training, he is wise beyond his years and, like his Uncle Wu, represents the way of the ninja. Though he is more the quiet type, Lloyd is the natural leader in the group.[citation needed]

As son of Lord Garmadon, it’s hard to follow in his father’s evil footsteps. This young boy will go to comical lengths to prove he is just as bad as his dad. With Wu’s help and the support of the others, Lloyd will learn that living in a parent’s shadow is a choice and you can choose to become anyone you want to be.[citation needed]

Legacy of Green Ninja (2017 Museum gallery)

Now the Green Ninja, Lloyd has turned his back on his father’s dark path. He accepts the importance of hard work and trains with the ninja every day, embracing the motto, "a Ninja Never Quits." But while he grows stronger, he comes to understand that he’s destined to face his father in the ultimate showdown.[citation needed]

Rebooted (2017 Museum gallery)

Now under the strict tutelage of his father, Garmadon, Lloyd will learn that being the most powerful ninja in all the land isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. His great powers make him a target for the Digital Overlord and the Nindroids. Before the battle is over, Lloyd learns that his burden is easier to manage if he relies on the strength of his friends.[citation needed]

The Tournament of Elements (2017 Museum gallery)

Lloyd knows he has a target on his back and everyone in the tournament is gunning for him – which is why he needs his friends more than ever. He has to control his fears, though it’s difficult for him. Lloyd’s leadership is tested as he fights to keep the team together, and after learning about his father’s dark history, he uses the lessons of the past to guide him.[citation needed]

Possession (2017 Museum gallery)

Lloyd’s grief allows the cursed spirit of Morro to possess him, turning the powerful Green Ninja against his friends. They struggle to free him from Morro’s control and succeed in time for Lloyd to meet his father in the Cursed Realm. There he discovers that he must destroy the realm – and his father – to save the NINJAGO® world. “There comes a time when every boy must become a man,” Garmadon tells Lloyd. “What sort of man, is up to him.”[citation needed]

Skybound (2017 Museum gallery)

The loss of his father, Garmadon, hit Lloyd very hard, but after their final meeting Lloyd channeled those feelings and started on a new path. He remains committed to the job that Wu has given them and he’s less and less interested in all the promotional work the ninja are doing. He’s beginning to think they might be taking their eye off the ball… When Lloyd comes to make his wishes he is full of good intentions, but discovers that isn’t enough.[citation needed]

The Hands of Time (2017 Museum gallery)

Lloyd’s ongoing growth as a leader takes on added importance after Wu is knocked out of action by Acronix’s Time Punch. But Lloyd doesn’t have a lot of experience leading, which means he’s going to make mistakes. Also, his friends aren’t quite ready to drop either the “Temporary” or the “in-Training” parts from Lloyd’s “Temporary Master-in-Training” title. But by applying what Wu taught from his sickbed, Lloyd slowly earns the others’ trust and respect. By the time Wu is lost in time aboard the Iron Doom, the ninja are prepared for a new master to lead.[citation needed]

Sons of Garmadon

The son of Master Garmadon and Misako, he sacrificed his childhood to embrace his destiny, finally becoming the Green Ninja. As a Master in training, he is wise beyond his years and, like his Uncle Wu, represents the way of the ninja. Though he is more the quiet type, Lloyd is the natural leader in the group.[14]

2019 (The Legacy of Lloyd)

Did you know Lloyd is the Green Ninja and Master of Energy. From annoying (and highly unsuccessful) super-villain wannabe to the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd has worked harder to unlock his potential than any other young ninja. As the son of Lord Garmadon, odds were against him from a young age. After a rough childhood, he was finally ready to accept his destiny and become the Green Ninja and, for a short while, the all-powerful Golden Ninja. As a Master-in-Training, he is wise beyond his years and, like his Uncle Wu, represents the way of the ninja. Favorite NINJAGO® Legacy weapon Double Katanas = Double combat power! Quote “Remember, we fight for each other – we fight as one!”[citation needed]


Lloyd – the Elemental Master of Energy!

As the grandson of the First Spinjitzu Master who created the NINJAGO® realm, it was Lloyd’s destiny to become the Green Ninja. However, as a mischievous kid, he nearly took the wrong path in life, trying to be like his evil father Garmadon instead.

It was Lloyd’s wise uncle Wu, brother of Garmadon, who helped him to change his ways. Lloyd reunited with his mother Misako and trained hard to unlock his Golden Powers, becoming the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master and helping the rest of the ninja heroes protect NINJAGO world from Overlord and other enemy threats. The youngest of the ninja team, he has proved himself to be a brave leader who appreciates his friends and believes in the power of teamwork. Wearing his distinctive green ninja outfit, Lloyd minifigures can be found in many LEGO NINJAGO playsets ready for unlimited, exciting role-play adventures.[citation needed]


Though born the son of Master Garmadon, Lloyd chose to follow a different path in life and fulfill his destiny to become the Green ninja and ultimate Spinjitzu master. A wise and inspirational leader.[citation needed]

Master of the Mountain

Due to his past history with princesses (i.e. Princess Harumi), Lloyd find himself suspicious of Princess Vania. He is convinced that she is deceiving the ninja and planning some betrayal. But this time, Lloyd is wrong. Vania is a good princess and a fierce and loyal friend, and Lloyd must come to terms with his own mistrust and let go of his suspicions.[15]



Some think Wisdom is knowing what to do. But truly wise ninja like Lloyd know what not to do as well. That's why Lloyd never acts before thinking everything through. Because a Master never does something they might regret.

Lloyd is the Energy Ninja. The son of the supervillain Lord Garmadon, Lloyd's journey of self-discovery has been long, tricky but heart-warming. Lloyd is the group's natural leader, despite his quiet personality.[16]

Spinjitzu Brothers

Wise beyond his years, Lloyd is the Green Ninja and the leader of the ninja team. He is the son of Garmadon, the grandson of the First Spinjitzu Master, and Master Wu's nephew.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

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Day of the Departed

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Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

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Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

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Ninjago Magazine


Video games


Lloyd's first name is a pun on his father's "Lord" title, while his surname is the same as his father's first name, Garmadon, which is a pun on the word "Armageddon."

Behind the scenes

  • Lloyd's original concept design was "More nerdy," wearing glasses.[17]
  • Lloyd's original teenage form is almost exactly that as Garmadon's younger form, except his hairpiece is blonde instead of dark brown. Lloyd's child form is almost exactly like Garmadon's Rise of the Snakes flashback child form, with the difference being Lloyd's hair color, which more resembles child Wu's.
  • Lloyd's elemental symbol is the Chinese character "斗," meaning "fight." The only exception was during his time as the Golden Ninja when his robes donned a different symbol, the medallion that helped the ninja find the Temple of Light.
  • The father-son relationship between Lloyd and his father Garmadon is quite similar to that between Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker.
    • Lloyd and Garmadon also both use Anakin Skywalker's hairpiece, prior to Sons of Garmadon.
  • When Lloyd was the Golden Ninja, his 2013 minifigure had a golden face and thicker eyebrows, but in the show, his face is exactly the same as normal.
    • His Legacy Golden Ninja minifigure has a golden head, but normal eyebrows. However, he comes with a yellow head in 71742 Overlord Dragon.
  • Lloyd's DX variant never appeared in the show, but was released as a minifigure in a exclusive Target gift set, 5004076 Minifigure Gift Set.
  • Despite his voice actor being a singer, Sam Vincent confirmed that Lloyd will not be singing.[18]
  • In the original story, it was going to be Lord Garmadon who released the Serpentine and not Lloyd.[19]
  • In the cut scenes of Shadow of Ronin, Lloyd wears his Techno robes with plain bright green sleeves, whereas the actual suit and minifgure is equipped with dark green sleeves.
    • In the icons for Lloyd (Elemental) and Lloyd (ZX), he is incorrectly depicted with what seems to be Cyrus Borg's LEGO face, while in the Lloyd (Jungle) icon he is shown with Cole's eyebrows.
    • Lloyd's child variant holds what seems to be a small wooden sword.
    • Lloyd can also lift things without touching them.
  • He is one of the few male characters to have had a female voice actor at some point, the others being Brad, Gene, Skales Jr., Wu (as a baby), Leroy, Sammy, and Ginkle.
  • It was Bragi Schut's idea to give Lloyd more humorous moments from Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu onward.[20]


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  • Lloyd was the first character to have his full name spoken in the series, as Wu referred to him as "Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon" in "Never Trust a Snake." Lloyd was called by his full name once more in "Endings," this time by the First Spinjitzu Master.
  • He is right-handed.[21]
  • Before he grew older, the sleeves of his ZX gi were slightly rolled up around his wrists and his pants wrinkled around his heels, indicating the suit was too large for him at the time.
    • This could perhaps have been foreshadowing his hastened aging in "Child's Play."
  • Initially, Lloyd is a mediocre pilot, as seen when he had to fly the Destiny's Bounty in "All of Nothing" and "The Rise of the Great Devourer." He seems to have improved following his training as the Green Ninja, as he can control the Ultra Dragon and his own Energy Dragons with ease.
  • Lloyd was kicked out of Darkley's Boarding School foreshadowing the fact that he was perhaps never cut out to be a dark mastermind and hinting at his heroic role in the future.
  • One reason Lloyd was aged up in the episode "Child's Play" was because the product designers wanted to have him on a spinner.[22] However, it's unknown why this was the case when Chokun, another character with short legs, had a spinner.
  • Lloyd is the official leader of the ninja, succeeding Wu, who led the team before Lloyd's arrival.[23]
    • He most likely took on the role of leader sometime during or after Rebooted.

Lloyd's icon in Ninjago: Decoded.

  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Lloyd most likely approves of the relationship between Wu and Misako. Andreasen stated, "He was left a long time without a family, and he appreciates what he has and honors lost."[24]
  • He is the only mortal to be sent to the Cursed Realm without being cursed himself, and he is the only person to have returned alive.
  • He is the fifth ninja to be presumed dead (in "Endings," when he saw the First Spinjitzu Master in a vision to stay with him), the first being Zane (in "The Titanium Ninja," when he sacrificed himself to save Ninjago from the Overlord), the second being Cole (in "Day of the Departed," when Jay thought he was trapped in the rift and would never return), and the third and fourth being Kai and Jay (both in "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," when all 4 original ninja were marooned in the realm of Oni and Dragons).
  • He has Oni and Dragon blood like his father, uncle, and grandfather.
  • Lloyd's love interest as of Sons of Garmadon was Harumi, but she was later revealed to be evil. It is implied that Lloyd still had feelings for her as he looked saddened by her death, and when he had to face an avatar version of her in Prime Empire.
  • The other ninja's (except Nya's) Elemental Powers are dependent on Lloyd. Meaning that when Lloyd loses his Elemental Power, the other ninja do too. This may be because he shares his Golden Powers with them. However, Tommy Andreasen said that it is possible that as of Sons of Garmadon, this is no longer the case because Lloyd is getting older and his powers are getting stronger and more independent, and that is why after losing his powers in Sons of Garmadon, the other ninja's powers are still working.[25]
  • Tommy Andreasen stated that at this point (after dispersing his Golden Powers), Lloyd is around 20% more powerful than the other ninja.[26][27]
  • Lloyd is the first and only one of Wu's students to achieve the rank of master.
  • In "The Oni and the Dragon," it is discovered that Lloyd is part Oni and Dragon, due to his grandfather's ancestry.
  • He is one of the five current Elemental Masters to have a known last name: the others being Jay, Griffin, Jacob, and Skylor.
  • He is the only Elemental Master who has a known middle name.
  • Both Lloyd and Garmadon have been possessed by a villain at some point (with Lloyd being possessed by Morro and Garmadon being possessed by the Overlord).
  • Lloyd is the only one of the six ninja to meet the First Spinjitzu Master.
    • However, he comes to believe that it was merely a dream and forgets about it right after.
  • Although Lloyd is not an antagonistic villain, he is considered the first villain to be reformed; the other six being Garmadon (in his dark form), Morro, Yang, Harumi, Unagami, and Mammatus.
  • Him and Garmadon are the only 2 characters that have been villains more than once.
  • His greatest fear is becoming like his father, shown in the Mirror of Fears.
  • By unleashing most of the Serpentine tribes and Pythor, who subsequently reawakened the Great Devourer in Rise of the Snakes, Lloyd provoked most events of the series except for the villains' resurrection in "Day of the Departed," the return of the Time Twins, and the events of Season 10 onward.
    • By the destruction caused by the Great Devourer in Season 1, Harumi begun to plot against the ninja, which led to the events of Seasons 8 and 9.
    • The Great Devourer's venom led to the Stone Army being reawakened in Season 2.
    • As Lloyd unwillingly gave away his Golden Power to the Overlord in Season 3, and then giving the rest to the four ninja, the Overlord had his Nindroids go to space for the Golden Weapons in order to become the Golden Master. This ultimately led Zane to sacrifice himself to save Ninjago.
    • By Zane ending up on Chen's Island thanks to Ronin, the ninja had to participate in the Tournament of Elements to save him in Season 4.
    • By going alone to the Ninjago Museum of History ultimately led to him being possessed by Morro in Season 5, which as a result, caused the Ghost Warriors to be unleashed, and subsequently, the Preeminent.
    • Because Nya flooded the Preeminent using her True Potential, not only did it lead to the death of all of the Cursed Realm's inhabitants, it led to Clouse escaping the realm and unleashing Nadakhan, and as a result of Djinjago's destruction, it led Nadakhan to exact revenge on the ninja in Season 6. It also led to Harumi to form the Sons of Garmadon to resurrect Garmadon in Season 8.
    • Finally, it led to the four original ninja and young Wu ending up in the Realm of Oni and Dragons at the end of Season 8 and throughout Season 9.
  • He did not know what a VCR is up until "Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?"
  • It is revealed in "Stop, Drop and Side Scroll" that Lloyd still has feelings for Harumi, even after what they both went through Sons of Garmadon and Hunted until she fell off a collapsing building in "Saving Faith." After Avatar Harumi revealed herself and started attacking Lloyd, Lloyd hesitated to fight her even though she put up a fight. This resulted in Harumi's Avatar disappearing and Lloyd losing the last of his 4 lives.
  • He was likely around 5 years old when Misako dropped him off at Darkley's.[28]
  • Lloyd has injured two of his limbs throughout the series. In "Return of the Overlord," he twisted his ankle, and in "Dead Man's Squall," he broke or dislocated his arm.
  • There are a few times in Hunted when Lloyd used Master Garmadon's teachings against Emperor Garmadon.
    • In "Spellbound," Garmadon told Lloyd that "Chen grows strong by taking from others. But real power does the opposite. It empowers those around you. Like the way you've empowered me." Lloyd used a similar sentiment against Garmadon in "Radio Free Ninjago," where he said that "fighting me may make you feel powerful, but you're about to see what real power is."
    • In "Green Destiny," Garmadon lost his power when Lloyd defeated him by indirectly fighting, as Garmadon is fueled by combat. This is a reference to when Garmadon taught his son the Art of the Silent Fist in the episode of the same name from Rebooted.
  • In "The Mask of Deception," Lloyd briefly watched Harumi in her room, which goes against "Only One Can Remain," in which Kai and Jay spied on Skylor in her room and Lloyd called it an invasion of privacy.
  • Lloyd is currently the only character who controls the element of Energy from his own.
  • In his original Character Card and in a video on LEGO's YouTube channel, Lloyd's dominant element is listed as Lightning, though according to Tommy Andreasen, this is not canon to the TV series.[29] However, Lloyd was shown using the Nunchucks of Lightning in Zane's dream in "Never Trust a Snake," and the Golden Weapons made green lightning when they revealed that he was the Green Ninja.
    • This supposed connection parallels Lord Garmadon, Lloyd's father, whose Destruction is represented as lightning on the cards, a strike of lightning appeared when he was banished to the Underworld, and was shown to be able to generate lightning in "The Green Ninja."
  • Lloyd's role as a hero is foreshadowed by the small green "5" on the black shirt he wears in his early appearances. The color of the "5" refers to his destiny as the Green Ninja, while the number itself refers to how he will be the fifth member of the ninja team.
  • Lloyd's Rebooted description may be a reference to the supplementary comic Night of the Nindroids, in which Lloyd really does throw a ball through a tree trunk.
  • Lloyd always appears with the Oni Mask of Hatred in the Sons of Garmadon sets.
  • Lloyd's green eyes from Sons of Garmadon onward are connected to his powers, as his eyes become black when he loses them. This was originally hinted at in the first chapter of the non-canon novel, Way of the Departed, where Cole says "Lloyd’s eyes have started changing after Master Wu went missing. He trains alone so intensely, and he is really connecting with his powers ... whatever it is."
    • Tommy Andreasen also said, "Strange things happen to your body when you hit puberty. I guess that’s especially true for an Elemental Master."[30]
  • Because Lloyd has blond hair while his parents have brown hair, it is likely he inherited the gene from his grandfather/grandmother (if she had blonde hair) or from a recessive gene that Wu also had.
  • Similar to Kai and P.I.X.A.L., Lloyd has had his appearance used in non-Ninjago sets.
  • The Lloyd t-shirt torso from 40429 Ninjago World was later featured in 60291 Family House, a non-Ninjago set.
  • When asked if, despite his change in appearance, Lloyd would eventually look like his older self seen in Skybound when he became older, Tommy Andreasen said, "You will have to wait and see."[31]
  • In "Unsinkable," Lloyd is revealed to like mint-flavored candy. It also reveals that Lloyd's love of candy from "Rise of the Snakes" still exists.
  • According to the Character Encyclopedia New Edition, Lloyd's camouflage in The Island is made of mud and plants.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Lloyd is the only one from the bloodline of the First Spinjitzu Master to not be seen or mentioned to have both Oni and Dragon powers because he is the only one in the continued bloodline, Garmadon and Wu have Oni and dragon in them, Lloyd has human too.
  • According to Mark Oliver in an interview with Brent Miller, if Lloyd had a sister, he would name her Vulgaria.[32]



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