Lloyd's Family is the family line of the Green Ninja. It consists of the First Spinjitzu Master, the First Spinjitzu Master's Wife, Wu, Garmadon, Lloyd, and Misako.



  • All known members of Lloyd's paternal family have, or once had powers over all four Elements of Creation, which manifest as the Golden Power, Creation, and Energy. While Lloyd gave up his Golden Power, Energy became one of the most powerful elements.
    • Most of the members of this family have no surname. Wu and Garmadon have no last name, and Lloyd inherited his father's name as his own last name.[1][2] Misako's maiden last name, if she has one, is unknown.
      • Although, in "Dread on Arrival," Cole calls her "Mrs. G," possibly hinting that her last name is "Garmadon."
  • All members of Lloyd's Family (excluding the First Spinjitzu Master and the First Spinjitzu Master's Wife) including him have been turned evil at some point.
  • The image of LEGO Ninjago: The Book of Spinjitzu confirms that Lloyd has or had a grandmother, although it is unknown who she is and if she is alive.
  • The reason why the First Spinjitzu Master, Wu, and Garmadon have such long lifespans is because of their part Oni heritage.
  • As a child, Lloyd had the same hairstyle as Garmadon and Wu in their childhoods. Lloyd and Garmadon shared the same face, while Lloyd also had the same hair color as Wu. Lloyd as a teen originally had the same hairstyle as teenage/young adult Garmadon.




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