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“I have to go away for a while.”
Lloyd, to Nya

Lloyd's Journey was an event where Lloyd traveled to the Castle of Ice with Akita in order to rescue Zane from the Ice Emperor, but only to find the shocking truth about his friend and enemy.


Meeting Akita


Lloyd and Akita.

Lloyd left the Great Lake in order to find the Titan Mech, but he was ambushed by Frost Wolves. Luckily for Lloyd, another wolf rescues him.

Once he went to Mala Wujira, Lloyd was ambushed again but this time by the Blizzard Samurai. However, when Lloyd remembers Sorla's warning, he screams in order to cause an avalanche to defeat the Blizzard Samurai. Akita, in her wolf form, confronts Lloyd again. She shows Lloyd the Land Bounty which was previously destroyed when it crashed from a cliff. Lloyd calls the mission a failure, but receives a signal from the Titan Mech, giving him hope in finding and recovering it.

Finding Zane's Message


Zane in a recorded message.

The next day, Lloyd and Akita set across the ice using the GPS signal to find the Titan Mech. However, they run into trouble when they encounter the Ice Bird, so they hide inside the Ice Cave. Upon looking at their surroundings, Lloyd realizes that the Titan Mech is located inside along with a message Zane left. Lloyd watches the recording and although the recording expresses that Zane is gone, Lloyd still has hope that Zane is alive.

After repairing the Titan Mech, Lloyd comes out and is able to defeat the Ice Bird before continuing on his journey.

Fighting the Ice Behemoth


Lloyd fighting the Ice Behemoth.

Moving at a quicker pace, Lloyd and Akita face another challenge when they have to fight the Ice Behemoth. Despite defeating the Ice Behemoth, Akita severely injures her leg.

The next morning, Akita reveals her human form, which shocks Lloyd. He feels as if he was betrayed since he told Akita all of his secrets when they were venturing along the ice. Showing frustration, Lloyd decides to get away from Akita by moving at a fast pace with the mech. Despite his anger, Lloyd shows sympathy and pities Akita, seeing she is not able to catch up due to her injured leg.

Confronting Boreal


Lloyd captured by the Blizzard Samurai.

Lloyd and Akita are able to make it to the Ice Emperor's Castle, but Boreal, who just froze the Great Lake, spots them and attacks Lloyd and Akita. Both sides trade blows, but when Lloyd grabs onto Boreal, the dragon lifts Lloyd's Mech into the air with Lloyd unable to escape due to the hand being frozen. Boreal then throws the mech to a wall. Akita attempts to defend Lloyd; however, he smacks Akita away. Meanwhile, under the command of Vex, Boreal takes Lloyd to the Castle of Ice.


After Lloyd is captured by the Ice Emperor, Lloyd realizes that the emperor is Zane who is corrupted by holding the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Meanwhile, Akita decides rescue Lloyd by venturing out alone




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