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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of Warner Bros' The LEGO Movie franchise.

“I know how that feels. To be judged unfairly. So, um... I just wanna say that I forgive you. And... I'm sorry. When I said "I wish you weren't my father," I didn't really mean it. What I... What I should've said is I wish we didn't fight all of the time. I wish I could've spent more time with you. And that you could've seen, like, everything I've been through, but you weren't there. I wish we could get that time back, and... I need my dad. I just... I need my dad.”
— Lloyd to Garmadon, inside Meowthra

Lloyd Garmadon is the Green Ninja and leader of the Secret Ninja Force. He is the son of Lord Garmadon and Koko, and the nephew of Master Wu. He drove the Green Ninja Mech Dragon.


Early life

Lloyd was born to Lord Garmadon and Koko, sometime before the family arrived to Ninjago. When Garmadon declared his intentions of conquering the city, Koko decided she didn't want Lloyd to become an evil conqueror like his dad so she reluctantly left Garmadon and moved with Lloyd to an apartment in Ninjago to give him a normal[er] life. She got a job at a copy center and kept her former life a secret from her son while (Lord) Garmadon stayed behind and carried on with his plans to conquer Ninjago. As he grew up, Lloyd was discriminated and bullied by the citizens of Ninjago for being the son of the evil Lord Garmadon and got blamed for everything his father did until his paternal uncle, Wu recruited him as part of his Secret Ninja Force, leading him to meet and befriend Kai, Nya, Jay, Cole, and Zane.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

On the day of his sixteenth birthday, Lloyd is awakened by his father, who doesn't (or pretends he doesn't) know who Lloyd is. Garmadon claims that he butt-dialed him and claimed that his son is still a baby with no teeth or he is around seven years old. Lloyd corrects him and says he is sixteen, Garmadon hung up after congratulating Lloyd for finally having a full set of teeth. Koko arrives at their apartment and Lloyd gets up and does the dishes while trying to ask his mother to let him skip school for the day but Koko refuses since this are "the best years of his life" while Lloyd tries to tell her about how "judgy" people are but Koko reassures him that he just has to let people know the real him. Koko then reminds him of what to do if Garmadon attacks and wishes him a happy birthday before sending him off to school and he reluctantly obeys her.

As he waits at the bus stop, the other teenagers start texting about how much they hate him before the bus arrives and Lloyd has to sit alone on one side of the bus and everyone else sits on the other side, causing the weight to nearly tip over the bus.

Once he arrives to school, everyone stops what they are doing and whisper amongst themselves about how his father always ruins everything while Lloyd passes by until Zane walks up to him and talks to him about some argument he had with his mother. Kai then walks up to Lloyd and hugs him with Zane joining in, squeezing them very tight.

Nya soon arrives on her motorcycle followed by Cole and Jay. Nya is showing off the paint job she made on her motorcycle; a portrait of The Lady Iron Dragon when a group of cheerleaders led by Chad walk up to them and start chanting their new song; "Boo Lloyd!" to Lloyd, who tries to take it well and say that they were going to be a success.


Lloyd wears a mainly-black Ninja outfit, with some green details to show his element, which is green/energy of life. His eyes, unlike his series counterpart (at least until Season 8) are green. He has slightly different hair from his TV show appearance, as it is a shaggy, pale blonde cut. He has brown, thick eyebrows instead of black like in the TV show canon up until Season 8.


With Garmadon, an evil warlord as his dad, Lloyd is often seen as an outcast at school; the only friends he has are the members of the Secret Ninja Force. Although he gets angry at his father for not caring enough about him, he attempts to establish a good relationship with him throughout the movie.

Lloyd shows great compassion and leadership to his teammates, such as leading them into battle and helping them unlock their powers, thus making him a true friend and a great leader to the other Ninja. Lloyd deeply cares about his teammates and believes in each of them as they train and fight together as a team.

Since his element is Green, he can connect with his friends and his family and bring them all together in harmony.

At the end of the movie, Lloyd finally reconnects with his father and is happy to have his father in his life and can spend as much time with him than he ever wanted.

When Lloyd saves his father, his family, and the people of Ninjago from Meowthra, he is now a hero to everyone in Ninjago.

Weapons and Abilities

Lloyd used a sword in the trailers, but he may be skillful with many other weapons, though this is his favorite weapon.

He and the other Ninja have Elemental Powers like their TV show counterparts, allowing him to connect with nature and all living things by using the power of Green. Lloyd's vehicle has weapons that are energy-based and breathes a type of green energy.

Like the other Ninja, he is a master builder.

Lloyd has developed some amazing throwing skills and learned how to catch as well, skills that he learned from his father.


Official descriptions

Lloyd: Master of Green

As the legendary Green Ninja, Lloyd is a Master Builder and the leader of a secret ninja force protecting NINJAGO City from the most notorious villain of all time: Lord Garmadon. Crowds cheer the Green Ninja as a hero, but when he takes off his mask they only see him as Lloyd, the boy unfortunate enough to be Garmadon’s son. It’s hard for him to make friends or get through a day at school because Garmadon ruins everything. Still, Lloyd yearns to have a real relationship with his dad.[1]

Meet Lloyd

The Green Ninja. The chosen one, honor bound and sworn to protect NINJAGO - even when it's from his own father Garmadon.[2]

Meet Lloyd Garmadon

It wasn't hard enough secretly being the Green Ninja, Lloyd must deal with life in NINJAGO as the infamous son of Garmadon, the worst warlord ever.[3]




Video games

Behind the scenes

  • As a baby, Lloyd is represented by the baby LEGO piece included with the Tribal Woman from Minifigures Series 15.
  • Dave Franco teared up when recording Lloyd's ending monologue to Garmadon at the end of the movie.[4]


  • He has a special sword as his main weapon throughout the film.
    • Lloyd is the only character to use his weapon for fighting in the movie. The other Ninja are just shown with their weapons in intro scenes.
  • His favorite food is dumplings, as Koko offered them when he got home to eat.
  • In the eighth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, Lloyd and the other Ninja have a similar appearance to his movie counterpart, to attract fans of the movie into watching the series as well.
  • Lloyd's official age was revealed at the beginning of the movie; he is 16, unlike his television counterpart, who only became a teenager after his body was doused with Tomorrow's Tea and is of ambiguous age. As such, he is naturally the same age as the other ninja, rather than having been born later than them as his TV counterpart was.
  • Lloyd has the same pajamas as Sleepyhead from Minifigures Series 6, also seen on Emmet in The LEGO Movie. He also briefly has Sleepyhead's hair when he takes off his mask in a deleted scene.
  • He has the same face as the young Garmadon seen in a family photo in the Temple of Fragile Foundations.
  • He is the only ninja to have a different element than the TV show counterpart, because in the show his element is Energy, and in the movie his element is Green. All the others remained the same.
  • His polish voice actor - Aleksander Sosiński, also voices Fugi-Dove in the show.



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