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Loot boxes are items in Prime Empire that give players upgrades when in levels.


Racer Seven

A Chrome Dome grabs a loot box which allows him to deploy mines. This destroys two Ballistic Missiles who are right behind him.

The Speedway Five-Billion

In the Speedway Five-Billion, a Whack Rat hits a loot box, giving him a mace on his Quad Bike. Kai hits one himself, turning his Mech Jet from a jet into a mech.

Stop, Drop and Side Scroll

Nya grabs a loot box which turns out to be Airjitzu. She then uses it to help herself as well as Lloyd and Jay to reach the top of the scroll game.

List of abilities

  • Airjitzu
  • Vehicle upgrade
    • Weapon addition
    • Vehicle transformation




Season 12: Prime Empire


  • In the sets, the loot boxes have a question mark while they have Unagami's signature in the show.
  • In the sets, the Key-Tanas are plugged into loot boxes. However, in the show, they hang in the air without the boxes.
    • Loot boxes in sets also appear in different colors, even though they look the same in the show.
  • Loot boxes are equivalent to the Item Box in the Mario Kart series. Both give the user special items that can be used to either use defensively or to attack other racers especially while driving.




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