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“If we travel far enough ahead in time, there will be no one who knows us. No Elemental Masters. And best of all, no Kai and Nya.”
Acronix to Krux

Lost in Time is the tenth and final episode of the seventh season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 74th episode overall. It aired on Cartoon Network on May 26, 2017, in the United States.


Kai and Nya stow away aboard Krux and Acronix's time-traveling snake mech in a desperate attempt to save Master Wu. But when they arrive in the past, they must help the Elemental Masters prevent the Hands of Time from literally re-writing Ninjago history. Meanwhile, the Ninja remain in the rapidly-shifting present trying to help Kai and Nya's father, who was hit with a Time Punch.[1]


In the Vermillion Swamps, the remaining ninja watch as the time vortex created by the Iron Doom closes. Jay starts to call out for Kai and Nya before questioning why they went after Krux and Acronix. Ray and Maya then appear, with Ray explaining it was the only way to save Master Wu. Jay then questions who they were, with Maya telling them their names before Lloyd realizes it's Kai and Nya's parents. Ray explains that Krux and Acronix went back in time with the Reversal Time Blade, which is why Kai and Nya went after them. Jay questions this, with Maya explaining that the Reversal Time Blade is the only blade of the four Time Blades which can undo the time punch on Wu.

Lloyd realizes his uncle is also with them, with Cole asking Cyrus Borg if he could build another time machine, but Maya explains that without the Time Blades, they cannot follow them, and the only thing they can do is wait until they come back. Jay then begins to ask and bargain with Samurai X to know who he/she is but refuses to disclose his/her identity. While discussing that Kai and Nya are Ninjago's last hope, Ray begins to start coughing. He then explains that he was hit by one of the Time Blades while on the ship. Zane scans him and discovers that he too was struck by Acronix's time punch. Cole deduces that if they get the Reversal Time Blade, they can undo the effects of the time punch on both Wu and Ray, but Ray states that Kai and Nya must retrieve it in time before it is too late.

Meanwhile, the Iron Doom is traveling through the time vortex. Acronix takes a picture of the time vortex with his BorgPad, wanting to add a filter to it because it didn't capture enough of the "majesty of time travel." Krux then grabs the BorgPad and throws it aside, stating that they are nearing their temporal destination. Krux tells Machia to ready her troops as the three Vermillion generals leave the cockpit. Krux then gloats to Acronix that his forty-year preparation will soon pay off and that the battle will be re-fought, with Acronix stating that no one can stop them. In a nearby compartment, Kai and Nya are observing the two. Kai wants to fight the two, but Nya explains that they cannot blow their cover if they are to save Master Wu, who is with them. Kai then questions what Krux meant by "the battle will be re-fought" just before the Iron Doom begins to shake violently, with Nya saying that they're about to find out.

In the past at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, young Wu and Garmadon send the four Time Blades into the time vortex, with young Acronix and Krux following the blades as the rift closes. Young Garmadon questions what happened, with young Wu explaining that they chose to be lost to time than face their punishment. Young Wu states it wasn't the outcome they hoped, but Ninjago was safe. At that moment, however, another time vortex forms and the Iron Doom lands directly in front of the gate of the monastery. The door to the Iron Doom opens and the future Krux and Acronix step out, gloating over the group's confidence.

Jay's mother asks the Past Master of Ice if she is seeing things, asking if they are the same people they just beat, with the Ice master saying they are. Krux explains they are indeed, and that they stopped them once today, but it was before they had a legion of Vermillion, courtesy of the Great Devourer. As the master of Lightning complains that she thought she was finally able to go on her honeymoon with Cliff Gordon, young Wu tells the group to focus. Acronix then tells Machia that "it is time," with Machia ordering the Vermillion warriors to battle as they emerge from the Iron Doom. The Masters start to fight the Vermillion, but they are unaware of how to truly defeat them as they continuously reform back together.

As the Masters try to push the Vermillion out of the monastery, Kai and Nya exit from their hiding place and observe the battle from the cockpit of the Iron Doom. Noticing the Reversal Time Blade right outside the window, they try to pull it out of the time apparatus of the Iron Doom, but they cannot. As the battle continues down below, Nya states that the past Masters have never seen Vermillion before and that they don't know how to stop them, with Kai saying they do and that they have to help them. At that moment, Master Wu appears and is about to fall backward, but is caught by Nya and Kai. Master Wu questions where they are, with Kai explaining that they time traveled forty years into the past to the battle with Krux and Acronix at the monastery, but they were now losing.

Nya states they must help Master Wu, with Kai saying they have to also save young Wu too. Master Wu tells them that he's warned them before about the dangers of time travel, saying that changing anything will change everything, saying that they do not exist yet in this time before passing out again. As Kai states that they need to help the young Masters, Nya reminds him that they cannot reveal their presence at it will mess up the timeline, but Kai states it already has. Reciting Wu's old quote "Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today," Kai further states that if they don't help today, there will be no tomorrow. As they evacuate Wu from the Iron Doom and hide him lower down the mountain, Nya then gets an idea of who does exist at this time.

As Machia orders some Vermillion warriors to seize young Wu, young Wu tries to fight them off but is about to be finished off until Kai and Nya destroy the warriors attacking them with their powers. As young Wu states that Ray and Maya have returned, Kai states that they studied the Vermillion warriors, saying that they cannot reform. Kai then whispers to Nya that he thinks that Kai and Nya are Ray and Maya respectively. As Nya states that they need to work together, young Garmadon states that he thought the forging of the Time Blades tired them out. As Kai states that they rested, the Vermillion warriors reform again. As Kai and Nya join in on the fight, they explain that they must use their powers to keep the Vermillion snakes separate so that they wouldn't reform and to follow their lead.

As the Masters acknowledge this, they begin to get the upper hand in their fight with the Vermillion. As Krux states that they are losing, Blunck and Raggmunk state that it is only a "temporary setback." As Acronix states that they didn't travel across decades just to suffer setbacks, the twins agree together before smashing Blunck and Raggmunk back into their component snakes. Taking their helmets, Machia arrives as she states that she was wondering when they would finally get rid of the two, with Krux explaining that it was only a matter of time. As Machia questions, if she should re-organize her troops, Krux reveals that she too as outlived her usefulness as well before Krux and Acronix smash her back into her component snakes before returning to the cockpit of the Iron Doom.

As the Masters are about to finish off the last of the Vermillion, the Vermillion all explode back into their component snakes. Kai questions why they stopped until Acronix calls all of the Vermillion snakes back to the Iron Doom. The Elemental Masters watch as the snakes slither up the Iron Doom, entering parts of it in the process. Using the helmets obtained from Blunck and Raggmunk, Acronix and Krux then order the Iron Doom to arise, causing the snakes in the Iron Doom to give the machine life as it then towers over the monastery.

As Krux states it is time to rule and the Master of Lightning starts to complain again, young Wu asks Kai what to do, but Kai doesn't know. The Iron Doom then slams its left arm into the ground, with young Wu saying to the group that they must improvise. The Iron Doom shoots a boulder from its mouth, with the Masters retaliating with their powers. The Iron Doom then moves up, smashing down the front gate and walls of the monastery. As young Wu and Garmadon preform Spinjitzu, the Iron Doom knocks them aside. Kai and Nya then try Airjitzu, but they too are knocked down as they land slightly down the mountain.

The Iron Doom then picks up young Wu, holding him up to the window of the cockpit, where Krux says it was a futile effort. Krux and Acronix then explain their terms for the Masters' surrender; yield, and the Masters will be destroyed, but the citizens of Ninjago will be spared, but failing to yield will still result in the Masters being destroyed like before, but so will the citizens. As Krux asks young Wu if he yields similarly to what Master Wu said to Acronix in their earlier fight, young Wu yields. As Master Wu explains to Kai and Nya that the twins just altered a key battle in Ninjago history, the future starts to change as the futuristic city of Ninjago is turned into what is what forty years ago. As the ninja in the future question what was going on, a now-elderly Ray explains that the past has been changed, explaining that Borg's watch doesn't exist because technology never happened. The ninja then realize this affected Zane as well, who was laying the ground looking like he was when he was first built.

Back in the past, the Iron Doom tosses young Wu aside, where he is caught by the Elemental Masters. Nya states that the Iron Doom is too strong, with Kai getting an idea before pulling out the Dragon Blade. As the Iron Doom gets close to the Masters, Acronix questions if they should destroy young Garmadon or Wu first when Kai and Nya then arrive, using the Fusion Dragon to combat the Iron Doom, ramming into the Iron Doom as Krux says that they have bigger issues. Kai says they need to obtain the Reversal Time Blade before using the Fusion Dragon to try and snag the blade from the Iron Doom but fails. The Iron Doom pulls out a sword from its back and swings towards the dragon.

Young Garmadon then states that even the mighty can still fall. Young Wu states there is still hope, saying that Krux and Acronix's overconfidence can lead to their downfall. As the Iron Doom turns towards the Masters in the monastery, the Fusion Dragon tries to strike it from behind but is knocked away. Kai suggests aiming higher as the Iron Doom pulls out its second sword. As Acronix complains that Ray and Maya were as much trouble as their children, Krux realizes that they are Kai and Nya because of the Fusion Dragon. As Krux orders a maximum barrage of boulders, the Iron Doom shoots several boulders towards the Fusion Dragon, but they all miss. Using their powers, Kai and Nya manage to knock Krux and Acronix back away from the controls. As Acronix tries to make a saying, Krux expresses his hatred for Acronix's sayings before Acronix then orders for full temporal energy.

As Nya comments she doesn't know how much longer Master Wu has, Kai states again that they need to get the Reversal Time Blade. Nya then gets an idea, telling her brother to buy her some time as she jumps off the Fusion Dragon and lands with her powers. Nya then runs down to the forest below the monastery, where she finds something. As Kai shoots a fireball at the Iron Doom, young Wu orders the Masters to distract the Iron Doom. With this distraction, Kai slams the Iron Doom with the Fusion Dragon, causing it to fall onto the monastery, with Krux and Acronix briefly screaming as they stare down the mountain as the Iron Doom's blades fall down the side of the mountain. Using their helmets, they get the Iron Doom back up, with Krux vowing that he will destroy Kai and Nya, even if he must use his own bare hands.

Acronix then explains they still have the Iron Doom and that they can travel anywhere in time they want, saying that if the fight was too difficult in the past, they should go to a time where Kai and Nya don't exist. As Krux says they should go further into the past, Acronix states they must go far into the future. Using his helmet, Acronix activates the time apparatus on the Iron Doom as it opens another time vortex above it. Kai then tries to hit the Iron Doom one more time, but Acronix causes it to dodge his attack as the Fusion Dragon disappears. Kai lands on a small stone footbridge, where he watches the Iron Doom disappear into the time vortex as it closes behind them. As Kai says they got away to himself, Nya arrives. Kai then says to Nya that he failed everyone, including his sister, parents, and Master Wu.

At that moment, Master Wu arrives, saying to Kai that failure is often temporary, and with effort, it can be reversed. As Master Wu tells Kai he has been cured of the time punch, Nya reveals she obtained the Reversal Time Blade. Kai questions how she even got it, with Nya explaining to Kai about Maya's story on how Ray and Maya found the blade in the woods. Kai then expresses his thoughts on that their parents disposed of the blade in the Boiling Sea, but Master Wu explains that because they were in the past, they hadn't put the blade in the Boiling Sea yet, meaning it was still in the woods. Kai then explains that Krux and Acronix got away and that there was no way they could follow them. As Master Wu explains that those who do not learn from the future are doomed to repeat the past, saying that forty years from now, he would error by trying to fight a fight he could not win alone, saying they can correct their mistake because they still have the Time Blade.

As the three hold the Reversal Time Blade, Nya and Master Wu let go, causing the recent events to reverse until the point of when Kai was about to miss Acronix with the Fusion Dragon. As Acronix is about to duck with the Iron Doom, Kai instead avoids the Iron Doom and goes to the ground to pick up Nya and Master Wu, with Master Wu saying that they must ensure the future has not been affected before tossing the past Reversal Time Blade to his younger self. As young Garmadon tells his brother to dispose of it in the Boiling Sea, Master Wu tells everyone to find Mystake and drink Obscuritea before Kai, Nya, Master Wu and the Fusion Dragon follows the Iron Doom into the time vortex as it closes behind them. In the future, everything is restored to normal, including Cyrus Borg's technology and Zane. As everyone celebrates, Jay quietly asks Samurai X to tell him their identity, but the latter still refuses. As Cole says everything is fixed, Ray becomes even older, with Maya saying that not everything has been fixed.

Back in the Iron Doom, Acronix and Krux take off their helmets as Krux complains to Acronix about going further into the future. Acronix explains that by going far enough into the future, there will be no one who will recognize them, no Elemental Masters and no Kai and Nya. At that moment, Kai, Nya and Master Wu confront the two in the cockpit. As Acronix expresses his shock and anger, he states that it ends now, with Master Wu agreeing with him, saying that they shall end it together as they all pull out their swords and fight. In their fight, Kai falls out of the window of the Iron Doom and is nearly pushed off the mech by Krux, but is saved by Nya's interference. As Acronix states his brother needs his help, he knocks Master Wu aside. Master Wu then looks out the window and sees that they are about to pass the present, where he sees Ray aging rapidly.

Just before Krux and Acronix finish off Kai and Nya, Master Wu quickly yells to them on stopping. Acronix says there is nothing he can do, but Master Wu says he can by doing what must be done before ripping out the Reversal Time Blade from the time apparatus, causing the Iron Doom to spin out of control. As Master Wu jumps back into the cockpit, he catches Kai and Nya before they fall out of the window. The two asked how and why he did what he did, with Master Wu saying they will know when they arrive before letting them go, but they catch the edge of the window. Nya questions what he was doing, with Master Wu saying that he's putting off until tomorrow for what cannot be done today before he tosses the Reversal Time Blade to Kai and Nya as they lose their grip, causing them to fall towards the present time. As Master Wu gets up, he confronts a defeated Krux and Acronix, saying that their conflict indeed ends now as the sounds of the three fighting is heard as the Iron Doom became lost in time as it traveled far into the future.

In the present, Kai and Nya drop out of a time vortex with the Reversal Time Blade in the Vermillion Swamps near the others. As Ray says he cannot hold on much longer, Maya expresses her griefs before Kai uses the Reversal Time Blade on his father, curing him of the time punch. As everyone celebrates, Cole questions where Master Wu was. Kai then realizes that he stayed behind on the Iron Doom to deal with Krux and Acronix, with Nya saying he was now gone. As Cole expresses his sorrow in having no master, Jay steps up, saying that Lloyd is now their master. Before Lloyd questions this, Kai calls him "Master Lloyd" and presents him with the Reversal Time Blade as everyone looks at him. As Lloyd accepts his new title and takes the Reversal Time Blade, he tells everyone that they must discard the Blade, saying it holds too much power and that they will not rest until they know where Master Wu is.






Visions via the temporal vortex







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  • In an alternate script of the episode, Krux and Acronix plan to travel 200 years into the future to rule Ninjago without the interference of the ninja. Upon arriving in the future, they encounter an elder Kai, who reveals he used the Reversal Blade to slow their travels and they are only 40 years into the future. Instead of a fight between the three, Krux and Acronix get arrested and locked up in Kryptarium Prison 2.0 and have been defeated. The other elder ninja arrive appearing identical to their reflections seen in the ice labyrinth. It is not confirmed, but the ninja might be alongside their children, and Cole may not be present due to him not having a future reflection. The team would then discuss their adventures over the past 40 years, concluding both the season and the series. The script served as a series finale, yet was changed for unknown reasons.[2] It can be assumed the release of The LEGO Ninjago Movie prevented the season from concluding the series.
  • Every line of dialogue spoken by Samurai X in this episode is "No," which is said multiple times.
  • The Obscuritea line was originally left out, so Tommy Andreasen had to find whatever last minute fixes he could, that being Wu tossing the blade and shouting to his younger self, to explain how the timeline stayed intact.[3]
  • There was going to be a line at the end of the episode explaining that Kai and Nya would return the Reversal Time Blade to the Boiling Sea, but the director chose to cut this.[4]
  • Kai and Nya banter whether the Fusion Dragon is "the big guy" or "the big girl". In actuality, Elemental Dragons do not have a gender.[5]


  • As of this episode, the ninja have lost both of their Masters, with Garmadon having perished in the collapse of the Cursed Realm in "Curseworld, Part II" and Wu having become lost in time.
    • Lloyd takes official leadership over the team and becomes Master Lloyd.
      • Master Wu is later revealed to have escaped his fate in Season 8, although the effects of the Reversal Time Blade kept de-aging him until he was turned into a baby and the effects wore off.
  • Zane is briefly seen as his previous self with human skin, having last appeared like this in "The Titanium Ninja."

Images ordered from left to right, top to bottom in accordance with the corresponding paragraph

  • Both times the Iron Doom travels through the temporal vortex, glimpses of numerous characters and events from the past can be seen. These include Nadakhan and Kai on the beach from "Misfortune Rising"; Flintlocke; P.I.X.A.L.; Cloud Kingdom; Nadakhan; Destiny Cole; unmasked Deepstone Nya; Golden Techno Zane; one of the ninja being frozen by Nadakhan in "The Way Back"; Deepstone Nya; Monastery of Spinjitzu; Cole, Lloyd, and Nya on Tiger Widow Island; Morro in possession of Lloyd's body; old Lloyd; and Nadakhan's duplicates from "The Way Back".
    • The fact that the events of Skybound are visible reveals that, despite Jay previously using his final wish to erase these events from existence, they are still part of the time-stream.
      • The imperfect completion of this wish also led to the Temple of Airjitzu still ending up on a floating island.
  • This marks the first time Kai time has traveled into the past since "Wrong Place, Wrong Time," while it marks the first time Nya and Master Wu have traveled back in time.
    • Because of this, Lloyd is the only ninja who hasn't traveled back in time.
  • Wu is the sixth character to interact with his past self (albeit briefly), the first five being Garmadon and the original ninja in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time."
  • This is last episode in which:
  • This episode confirms that the previous Elemental Master of Lightning is Jay's real mother, due to her mentioning being married to Cliff Gordon, who was revealed to be Jay's birth father in "Misfortune Rising".
    • As of this episode, both of Jay's real parents have been shown, but Jay has not met either one.
  • Kai says "Change anything, change everything," quoting Wu's advice "Wrong Place, Wrong Time."

Main street of Ninjago City before and after Time Twins' defeat

  • Footage from "The Hatching" is shown before the future Time Twins arrive at the monastery.
  • The moment where the Iron Doom stands atop the Mountains of Impossible Height calls to mind the moment when Lloyd faces the Overlord Dragon at the top of the Garmatron tower in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master." In both cases, the camera pans outward to show the villainous massive reptilian creature at high summit looming over the hero or heroes, showing how the hero or heroes are overpowered and have a very low chance at winning. The music in both moments is very similar as well.
  • Interestingly, the main street in Ninjago City, at the end of which is the Temple of Fortitude, has changed since the Time Twins were defeated in the past by Wu, Kai and Nya.


  • When Young Garmadon says "Did Krux and Acronix just. . . ." his mouth doesn't move.
  • Young Garmadon is next to young Wu when he asks Kai and Nya about being tired after forging the Time Blades, but appears in the crowd keeping the doors shut a few shots later.
  • Just before Krux and Acronix smash Machia back into her component snakes, Acronix lacks his hair underneath his helmet.
  • When the Vermillion warriors explode themselves to control the Iron Doom, a Vermillion sword can be seen standing still in the middle of the snakes, this was most likely an animation error and the sword should be laying in the groud.
  • When Acronix says "All snakes, cease battle", one of the Elemental Master of Shadow's swords is missing. Soon after this, both of her swords are missing when she is seen in the spinning shot of the Iron Doom.
  • Before the Iron Doom goes into the temporal vortex after the Fusion Dragon disappears, Acronix is in the co-pilot's seat while Krux is in the pilot's seat. However, when Kai, Nya, and Master Wu use the past Reversal Time Blade to reverse time, they have switched places. This remains even when they are traveling through the time vortex. They also lack their helmets when time is reversed.
    • It is possible that they could've switched seats after the Iron Doom ducked from the Fusion Dragon.
  • When Krux says "Fool, you'll destroy us all!" it appears that Acronix is actually saying this.
  • Despite being in the cockpit when Wu ripped out the Reversal Time Blade, both Acronix and Krux are missing in the shots when Wu grabs ahold of Kai and Nya from falling out of the cockpit's window.
  • At the end of the episode when Kai realizes that Master Wu stayed behind in the Iron Doom, Cyrus Borg's left hand is orange.
  • Acronix and Krux give the Elemental Masters two choices: either surrender or die, though the citizens of Ninjago will survive or fight back, which would result in the Masters and citizens being killed. In spite of this, when time is altered, the only visual changes are in Zane, Samurai X, and Ninjago's technological advances. The Elemental Masters surrendered so this means they accepted death at the Time Twins' hands. So it's very unusual Jay and Cole even remained as ninja or were even born. It's also odd Ray and Maya remained alive for they'd most likely be killed if found by Acronix and Krux.
    • Also no one seems to notice Samurai X is gone.
  • When Wu, Kai, and Nya were focusing on the Reversal Blade, Kai and Nya were touching the blade, and not the handle, but somehow they weren't affected. Seconds later, when Kai was levitating, he was holding the handle of the Time Blade, when he should be holding the blade.
  • When Ray coughs at the beginning of the episode, his eyes are closed, but in the next scene they're opened.



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Season 15: Crystalized 181. Farewell the Sea · 182. The Call of Home · 183. The Shape of Nya · 184. A Mayor Problem · 185. Public Enemies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5! · 186. A Painful Promise · 187. Ninjago City vs. Ninja · 188. Kryptarium Prison Blues · 189. Hounddog McBrag · 190. The Benefit of Grief · 191. The Fifth Villain · 192. The Council of the Crystal King · 193. TBA · 194. TBA · 195. TBA · 196. TBA · 197. TBA · 198. TBA · 199. TBA · 200. TBA · 201. TBA · 202. TBA · 203. TBA · 204. TBA · 205. TBA · 206. TBA · 207. TBA · 208. TBA · 209. TBA · 210. TBA
Unknown Ninjago 2023 installment TBA