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“Magic has its rules, you know.”

Magic is a mystical force used to bend reality to the whim of its user. The power is generally associated with the color purple. It has a darker counterpart, mainly used by Hazza D'ur and later Clouse.

Magic was first mentioned when Lord Garmadon said that Dark Magic made him stronger, thus, giving him his four arms to possess all the Golden Weapons at once.

Spells are what tie-up with magic; many of them being written in the Book of Spells. However, the book was burnt by Lloyd as a tribute, and in remembrance, of his father.

Notable uses

Prior to the series

Thousands of years ago, the young Serpentine sorceress, Aspheera, used her magic to free the Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master from King Mambo V's prison. Later, when she overthrew Mambo V, Wu and Garmadon defeated her using the Forbidden scrolls and subsequently Mambo V trapped her by a spell in the pyramid, where she could not escape.[2]

Note: These events are listed in no particular order.

Centuries ago

Centuries before the ninja arrived to Shintaro, the powerful sorcerer Hazza D'ur created the city inside Shintaro Mountain using the Dark Magic. At one point after that, he was vanquished, but the Dark Magic still remained in his skull, allowing his soul to persist.[3]

Learning that the only way that she could be better than the First Spinjitzu Master was by becoming immortal, Nineko studied Dark Magic and used her new abilities to drained the life out of the crops from Komala's village. But instead, she caused the crops to turn black and die. After witnessing this, Komala studied good magic and became the leader of the Order of Felis so she could stop Nineko from seeking immortality.[4]

Two hundred years ago, Nadakhan left Djinjago and became a pirate in Ninjago. With the help of Djinn Magic, he fulfilled several creatures' wishes, forcing them to become the Sky Pirates.[5]

While searching for the key to immortality, Master Yang's studies led him to discover the Yin Blade. Experimenting with its mystical, life-giving properties, he used it to restore the life of deceased flora, before attempting to use its magic on himself in order to achieve immortality. However, the experiment was flawed, and instead, it resulted in him and his students becoming ghosts, trapped between the realms of the living and departed and unable to leave the Temple of Airjitzu. The Yin Blade then disappeared until it was placed in the Ninjago Museum of History.[6]

Decades ago

More than forty years ago, when Garmadon trained with Clouse in Chen's monastery, Clouse used Dark Magic to revive the training equipment, but was defeated by Garmadon using Spinjitzu.[7]

Shortly after the Serpentine War, Garmadon used the Book of Spells to banish the Anacondrai generals to the Cursed Realm.[7]

Around ten years ago, when Garmadon almost defeated Wu, the symbols on the First Spinjitzu Master's kimono worn by Wu began to glow and shot a large strip of Good Magic into the sky, which subsequently opened the Underworld where Garmadon was banished then.[8]

Some years ago, Vangelis learned that in the Dungeons of Shintaro there is the powerful artifact of Dark Magic, the Skull of Hazza D'ur and therefore on tasked the Lowly to retrieve it so it could be destroyed and keep Shintaro safe.

The adventurers managed to overcome all the traps and enter the restricted cave, where Hazza D'ur's skull was placed on a pedestal under a large statue. Korgran tried to take it with his hands, but the skull immediately came to life and tried to possess him with the Dark Magic. However, Korgran managed to drop the skull and it remained dormant. Later, when Vangelis took the skull, Hazza D'ur's soul then appeared in the skull again and began to laugh with Vangelis.[9]

Over the following years, Vangelis began using the skull's power and reawaked the deceased warriors to subdue the Munce and Geckles, who began mining Vengestone for him in the Mines of Shintaro.[9]

Only One Can Remain

When Lloyd tried to get the Jadeblade, Clouse used Dark Magic to revive Anacondrai symbol on the carpet, which then caught Lloyd's leg and held him. However, Garmadon jumped on Clouse and broke his spell.


When Kai fought Ash in the Tournament of Elements, Clouse wanted to use Dark Magic to sabotage the fight, but Chen stopped him as he enjoyed the fight.

Ninja Roll

When Lloyd almost won the Thunderblade, Chen ordered Clouse to use Dark Magic for sabotage, but Garmadon jumped on him and prevented him from doing so.


When Jay refused to surrender to Clouse, the sorcerer used Dark Magic to create a stone mech from the surrounding material.

The Day of the Dragon

As Garmadon fought Clouse in the jungle, the sorcerer used Dark Magic to open a portal to the Cursed Realm, where he tried to banish Garmadon, but was defeated and banished instead.

Later, Kapau and Chope cast the Spell of Transformation from the Book of Spells to turn themselves and other Anacondrai Cultists into Anacondrai.

The Corridor of Elders

When Pythor brought the Book of Spells to the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd used a spell to banish Garmadon to the Cursed Realm instead of the Anacondrai generals. They then cursed the Anacondrai Cultists and enlarged Pythor to his original size.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

When the ninja entered the Temple of Airjitzu, Yang used Ghost Magic to scare them. For example, he let the door handles rattle, let the water flow out of the sea picture, created the illusion of Morro, and transferred the entire temple to the Ethereal Divide. When the ninja managed to escape besides Cole, Yang used magic to turn him into a ghost.

Grave Danger

When Wu, Nya and Misako were at Endless Sea near the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, Bansha used Ghost Magic to control Misako and fight Wu through her. However, her spell was interrupted by Nya.


When Nadakhan was freed by Clouse after the Teapot of Tyrahn was found in a junk pile in Stiix, he granted him three wishes, where he manipulated Clouse into being trapped into the teapot through his broad wishes. He then set out to find his pirate crew, where he came to Ninjago City and took on his human guise using Djinn Magic. He later shapeshifted as the ninja and committed acts of crime to frame them, and later on, approached Master Wu to trap him in the teapot.

Attack of the Sky Pirates (non-canon)

After Nadakhan introduced himself, Wu wished that no innocents would be harmed in their battle, so Nadakhan moved the library one second out of the time stream. When Nadakhan evaded Wu's attacks, Wu wished for the power to defeat him. Nadakhan made Wu so powerful that he shook the ground when he moved and destroyed everything he touched. Ultimately, Wu wished it all away.

Public Enemy Number One

Nadakhan visited Misako who has been chained and interrogated by the police forces and Nadakhan reveals that he has trapped Clouse and Wu in the Teapot of Tyrahn. Before trapping Misako as well, he tricks her into telling him where the realm crystal is. He goes to Hiroshi's Labyrinth and encounters many Nindroids. He defeats all of them using Djinn Magic and escapes with the realm crystal.

Misfortune Rising

When Nadakhan decided to see if the police had made any progress and teleported to the Ninjago City Police Station, he came across Jay and Nya, realizing how identical she looked to Delara. Then he convinced Jay to use his first wish, and revealed to him that he was actually adopted and that his birth-father was the famous actor Cliff Gordon.

Nadakhan appeared again to Jay after he had discovered his birth father's estate, convincing him to use his second wish. Though the Blue Ninja was adamant about not using any more wishes, he let slip that he wished he wasn't alone, prompting Nya to arrive and forcing Nadakhan to leave.

Later, as soon as Kai was by himself, Nadakhan transported him to Cannon Beach in order to convince him to use his three wishes. Through manipulation of Kai's wishes, he was able to trap the Fire Ninja in the Djinn Blade. He returned to Misfortune's Keep, ordering a withdraw from the city. With enough life force in the blade, Nadakhan was then able to start lifting chunks of Ninjago into the sky.

On a Wish and a Prayer

Once Nadakhan captured Kai, he set out to where all the floating pieces of Ninjago were. Later he teleported to the boat the ninja were using to travel to Tiger Widow Island, and eventually tricked Zane into the Djinn Blade.


As Nadakhan ordered Cole to be pushed off the plank, the ninja resorted to selfless wishing. This prompted a chaotic battle between the ninja and the Sky Pirates, ending with Jay and Nya escaping while Nadakhan ordered Clancee to use one of his wishes to wish Cole and Lloyd into the Djinn Blade.

The Way Back

The wedding ceremony continued, though, with the arrival of the ninja, he ordered those in attendance to barricade the doors. The ninja broke through, but Clancee was able to complete the ceremony in time and Nadakhan was granted infinite wishes. Using his newfound Djinn Magic abilities, the Djinn sent the ninja fleeing by creating dozens of duplicates of himself. He was then called out by Clancee who had realized that the ceremony was only for Nadakhan and in turn, the Djinn banished him, Doubloon, and Monkey Wretch.

With the place to himself, Nadakhan wished that Delara would return to Nya's body. He then tried to impress her with his wishes but was interrupted when Jay crashed the Misfortune's Keep into the temple. The Djinn rushed outside where he confronted the five ninja and managed to turn them all into statues, save for Jay. However, the djinn failed to realize he was being lured into a trap and was shot with a dart of Tiger Widow poison by Flintlocke. Weakened, Djinjago began to crumble but as Jay began to say his final wish, they realized that Nya had been struck by the Tiger Widow venom as well. As she died, Nadakhan regains the Djinn Blade but before he could capture Jay, the blue ninja wished that the transpired events had never taken place, to begin with and that the Teapot of Tyrahn was never found. Relenting, Nadakhan stated that his wish was his to keep and collapsed, as the events were erased from history.

Dark Island Trilogy

Day of the Departed

When Cole stole the Yin Blade and went to the Temple of Airjitzu, confronting Yang with the weapon and attempting to attack, he accidentally shatters a jar containing an exit from the Departed Realm and activates it, freeing the souls of Samukai, Kozu, Cryptor, Chen, Morro, Eyezor, Zugu, three Nindroids, and two Stone Swordsmen and Stone Scouts, releasing them onto Ninjago, where they all possessed mannequins of themselves at the Ninjago Museum of History.

Triumphant with the presence of the Yin Blade and the souls of past villains to distract the rest of the ninja, Yang proceeded to seize the weapon from Cole with the help of his deceased students and explained his plan to use the eclipse's Dark Magic to catalyze the powers of the Yin Blade and cut a rift through reality that would allow him to escape from his state of limbo.

With the Yin Blade in hand, Yang proceeded to go to the roof of his temple and activated the artifact, using its reality-warping powers to open the Rift of Return. However, Cole, confronting him, attacked Yang, forcing the latter to defend himself with the Yin Blade. He succeeds, slicing apart Cole's weapon in the process. However, when Cole's friends arrived to support him, he unlocked and used his RX powers to attack Yang, who attempted to shield himself with the Yin Blade. Unable to withstand the assault, the Yin Blade was shattered by Cole's attack, and with its destruction and the ending Yin-Yang Eclipse, causing the Rift of Return to close as a result.

The Jade Princess

When the ninja corneed Mr. E in front of the Mask of Deception's display case, he brought along the Oni Mask of Vengeance and put it on, where it gave him two additional arms and swords. Mr. E fought off the ninja, eventually knocking them down after utilizing the mask's power to use Jay's Lightning against them.

The Oni and the Dragon

Mr. E used the Oni Mask of Vengeance to fight the ninja while trying to escape. When fighting Lloyd, the latter managed to knock the mask of Mr. E's head, undoing the effects on him.

Snake Jaguar

Killow used the Oni Mask of Deception to lift rocks into the air in an attempt to crush Zane during the bike race after finding out he was a spy, trying to make him lose the race. However, Zane managed to dodge all of his attacks, forcing Killow to escape with the mask while Mr. E fought Zane.

The Quiet One

Killow used the Oni Mask of Deception's telekinetic powers to create a bridge of rocks over a trench for the Sons of Garmadon to cross in order to reach the crashed Destiny's Bounty. After reaching the Bounty, Killow and Mr. E both put on the Oni Masks of Deception and Vengeance respectively, when confronting the ninja.

Game of Masks

Lloyd and Harumi managed to locate the Oni Mask of Hatred within the Oni Temple. Harumi attempted to grab it, but a Dark Magic made it so she couldn't. She then explained to Lloyd that someone with Oni blood can obtain the mask. Later, Harumi caught it while she managed to use her knife to hold onto the side of the platform. Armed with the Oni Mask of Hatred, Harumi put it on, using its powers to jump back onto the platform. Lloyd questions what the mask did to her, where she reveals that it has made her invincible to all forms of damage. After a very brief fight, Harumi revealed to Lloyd that she wanted him to feel the pain she has felt following the death of her parents by having Lord Garmadon destroy Lloyd. Harumi then proceeded to flee from the temple with the mask, utilizing her invincibility to destroy the temple in an effort to destroy Lloyd.

Harumi soon regrouped with the Sons of Garmadon, where she took off the Oni Mask of Hatred as Killow rejoiced that they now have all three. Later, the ninja and Sons of Garmadon fought Crabby, with Mr. E and Killow utilizing the Oni Masks of Vengeance and Deception to help fight the beast.

Dread on Arrival

Killow and Ultra Violet used the Oni Masks of Deception and Hatred to fend off the Ninjago City Police while Harumi and the other Sons of Garmadon members help finalize the Temple of Resurrection within the Royal Palace.

Later on, Mr. E, Killow, and Ultra Violet all placed the three Oni Masks into position at the ceremony. The masks then levitated from their hands, floating in a triangle formation. As Harumi recited the ritual, the three masks lighted up, connecting each other with beams of Dark Magic, which soon created a rift to the Departed Realm. Eventually, the ninja arrived to stop the resurrection of Lord Garmadon, where they were successful in rescuing Lloyd and Misako and preventing Harumi in finishing the ritual. Despite this, however, the ninja were too late; Lord Garmadon was reborn.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

Harumi would use the Oni Mask of Hatred after she confronted the now powerless Lloyd and Toddler Wu on a rooftop. She would continue to chase Lloyd while using the mask's powers to her advantage. After Lloyd escaped Harumi with Nya, Misako, and P.I.X.A.L. in the same fashion Mr. E did prior, Harumi took off the mask while angrily looking towards Lloyd.


Mr. E utilizes the Oni Mask of Vengeance while confronting the leading members of the Resistance following the discovery of the ninja's survival.

The Gilded Path

During the Sons of Garmadon's surprise attack on the Resistance's headquarters, Harumi and Killow utilized the Oni Masks of Hatred and Deception respectively, effectively using their powers to help overpower the Elemental Masters.

The Weakest Link

After Harumi was captured by the remaining members of the Resistance, the Oni Mask of Hatred was discovered by Skylor and Mystake amongst Harumi's possessions. Skylor questions if Lloyd should use it as a substitute for his missing powers, but Mystake warns of the mask's Dark Magic. However, Lloyd simple throws the mask on the ground in front of Harumi, realizing that it would be part of her plan if they used the mask.

Saving Faith

As Skylor gained control over the Colossus, a small Sons of Garmadon team lead by Ultra Violet and Killow arrive in the streets to apprehend the remaining members of the Resistance. Ultra Violet put on the Oni Mask of Hatred in order to combat the Colossus, but Skylor used the massive creature to swat Ultra Violet across the city.

Furious, Killow proceeded to put on the Oni Mask of Deception and used its telekinetic powers to levitate three cars in order to damage the Colossus. However, it simple pushed away the cars, causing them to fall and pin Killow onto the ground, knocking off the mask from his face. As he desperately reached out for it and grabbed it in his hand, the mask cracked and fell apart, destroying it.

Lessons for a Master

Just before Ultra Violet could finish off Nya with the Oni Mask of Hatred, Lloyd and Dareth arrived in their armored vehicle, ramming into the invulnerable Ultra Violet and sending her flying into a brick wall, destroying the Oni Mask.

The Darkness Comes

The darkness spreaded throughout Ninjago City with the tentacles petrifying anyone who was captured.

Into the Breach

Clouds of the Dark Magic were under the Bounty when it was flying above Ninjago City and they were also in Borg Tower when Lloyd and his father walked through to get to the Realm Crystal.

The Fall

Garmadon and Lloyd ran into the clouds to run away from Oni. Soon P.I.X.A.L. dived into the clouds to help them. Meanwhile, trying to save anyone left from the clouds, Cole fell in and the clouds surrounded him.


Cole tried to run through the clouds to get to the Earth Driller. He almost fell ill to it but made in time.

Later, when the ninja, Garmadon, Faith and Wu retreated from the Oni, clouds of the Dark Magic climbed over the monastery walls.

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

When the ninja solved the puzzle in the pyramid, Aspheera was released from her magical tomb and began fighting the ninja, exclaiming that she wants revenge on the person who trapped her there. She then began to use her magical skills and extracted the power of Fire from Kai, and she powered up, becoming golden. After powering up, Aspheera quickly chained the ninja using her telekinetic abilities. She then causeed the pyramid to erupt and climbed onto Fire Fang's throne.


When the Elemental Cobras and Aspheera arrived to the Ninjago Museum of History, the sorceress revived Char, who then leads her to the forbidden scroll. When they arrived at the room with the scroll, Aspheera was angrily surprised to see that the ninja have escaped the erupting pyramid. The rest of the ninja except Kai fought off the Pyro Vipers as Aspheera and Lloyd fight for the scroll. Then Aspheera managed to get the scroll and then trapped the ninja under rubble using Magic as she told three Elemental Cobras to finish them.

Under Siege

Aspheera was on top of Fire Fang, spewing fireballs and Elemental Cobras approaching the monastery. After reaching the monastery, Aspheera told Fire Fang to destroy the temple's doors. P.I.X.A.L. then activated water guns and rubber Shurikens to stop the Elemental Cobras from burning down the doors. Aspheera uses her staff's magical abilities to get rid of defense weapons. Later, Aspheera ejected fire from her staff at Char but misses, hitting the dartboard that opens to the hangar bay instead. Once Aspheera saw the elevator, Char presses the button and they both wait for the elevator to open, but it couldn't due to Aspheera accidentally eradicating the button.

The Explorers Club

After getting inside the elevator of the Monastery, Aspheera and the Pyro Vipers try to break down the doors by slamming Elemental Cobras into it. While they were trying to break down the doors, she uses her magic to lift Char up and slam him to the door.

Vengeance is Mine!

When she got into the secret base, Aspheera was shocked that the ninja found the other scroll and duels the empowered Lloyd before knocking the scroll away from him. Every time a ninja was defeated, another ninja grabs the scroll and fights her. She overpowered them each until Zane dueled her and froze her. Not one to be denied vengeance, Aspheera took her free arm with her staff to aim one last shot at Wu. Zane intercepts it and is seemingly destroyed, and then finally dropping it on the ground.

Into the Dark

The Skull Sorcerer had the Skull of Hazza D'ur with him and used its Dark Magic to punish the Munce and Geckles after they stopped working. Cole entered the Skull Keep and defeated the Re-Awakened to stop Vangelis, who used the Skull of Hazza D'ur to reassemble the Re-Awakened.

The Worst Rescue Ever

The Skull Sorcerer uses the Skull of Hazza D'ur to revive the previously defeated Awakened Warriors and defeat the ninja.

The Two Blades

While Cole and Lloyd were looking for the Blades of Deliverance so they could know if the Skull Sorcerer was the one who stole them, they instead found the Skull of Hazza D'ur and were confronted by the Skull Sorcerer, who used the ancient relic's magic to attack them. Lloyd and Cole were able to knock the Skull of Hazza D'ur out of the Skull Sorcerer's hands and escape. The Skull Sorcerer regained possession of it, and used the skull to attack Cole while chasing after him.

The Skull Sorcerer

While warning Wu and Vangelis about the Skull Sorcerer, Cole mentioned the Skull of Hazza D'ur to them, but said that it glowed red instead of green. Vangelis, however, corrected Cole by revealing the Skull of Hazza D'ur to them and his identity as the Skull Sorcerer. After he and Cole were attacked by Vangelis, Wu told the others that they had to get the Skull of Hazza D'ur to defeat him.

The Real Fall

After Cole, Wu, and Vania fell into the pit, Vangelis put the Skull of Hazza D'ur away before blaming the incident on Chompy, changing his appearance back to normal.


After Vangelis learned that the ninja were convincing the Munce and Geckles to have a truce meeting, he used the Skull of Hazza D'ur's necromancy to transform into the Skull Sorcerer and resurrect Grief-Bringer.

The Upply Strike Back!

The skull was with the Skull Sorcerer as he taunted the ninja and telling them of his next intentions. When the Skull Sorcerer was battling Cole during the battle for Shintaro Mountain, he used the Skull of Hazza D'ur shoots beams at him while it revived the Re-Awakened.

The Son of Lilly

The Skull Sorcerer continued to use the Skull of Hazza D'ur to fight Cole and then used it to destroy the Blades of Deliverance. Eventually, the Skull Sorcerer used the skull to overwhelm Cole, who soon unlocked the Spinjitzu Burst and destroyed the Skull of Hazza D'ur. This in return destroyed Vangelis' source of power and reverting the revived skeletons back to bones.

Users' abilities

  • Mystokinesis - The user can create spells, bend supernatural forces, and possess objects. In "Spellbound," it was shown to be both offensive and defensive, being that Clouse was able to protect himself from Garmadon. Also, users can use magic spells to attack or defend (like in "The Corridor of Elders," when Lloyd uses a spell to bring back the spirits of Anacondrai generals).
    • Transmogrification - This allows the user to alter the appearance of objects, shown when Clouse transforms some of the training objects in his fight with Garmadon, and when the Anacondrai warriors were transformed into Anacondrai, or when Nadakhan manipulated the element of Form to transform into the ninja and frame them by using their powers with his Magic.
    • Magic Energy Manipulation - This allows the user to manipulate magical energy. If the person is a more powerful being, such as a Djinn or an Oni, then he can manipulate the energy that can cast a specific effect.
    • Magic Blast - The user can release magical energy over a specific target causing great damage or delivering great shock waves of force.
    • Magical Beam Emission - Some users of magic can create a potent beam composed of concentrated magical energy.
    • Wish Granting - The user, usually a djinn, is able to grant wishes to another or himself.
    • Teleportation - This allows the user to teleport whenever and wherever they desire.
    • Magical Creation - The user can create something with Magic regardless of the environment and their materials.
    • Magical Element Manipulation - Allows the user to manipulate other elements and use them in battle.
    • Magical Animation - Allows the user to animate statues, sculptures, and drawings to life and control them.
    • Realm Travel - As displayed by the Realm Crystal, it has the power to travel through any realms (except the Departed Realm). Some magical rituals allow the user to travel freely through all of the realms.
    • Container Imprisonment - As demonstrated by Nadakhan with the Teapot of Tyrahn and the Djinn Blade, the user is able to imprison the Souls of others in objects.
    • Banishment - As demonstrated in "Battle Between Brothers", Wu's black kimono had magic symbols which acted like a protection spell agaisnt evil, thus banishing Garmadon to the underworld. Later Garmadon use the Book of Spells to banish the Anacondri Generals to the Curse Realm. Later Nadakhan used this power to banish Clancee, Doubloon, and Monkey Wretch.
    • Summoning - As shown with the Allied Armor of Azure, the user has the ability to summon ghosts as their ally.
    • Magic Incantation - A user can cast and summon magical spells, curses, and enchantments.
    • Elemental Power Absorption - A user can absorb power from another person or object and give it to the user. Aspheera used this on Kai and Nya to get their powers of Fire and Water.
    • Telekinesis - The user is able to lift someone or something in the air and make them float unassisted, as shown in "Boobytraps and How to Survive Them" and "The Explorers Club."
    • Dark Magic Enchantment - It allows the user to conjure a powerful spell by chanting in an ancient tongue as demonstrated by Clouse as he repeatedly chants incantations to cast powerful spells.
    • Dark Portal Creation - This was seen when Clouse chanted a foreign incantation to open a portal to the Cursed Realm in an attempted to banish Garmadon but ended up being banished there himself by the latter. A user can also open up portals to other realms by use of incantations.
    • Necromancy - This allows the user to bring back the dead in the form of zombies or re-awakened skeletons, such as the Pyro Vipers, the Re-Awakened or Grief-Bringer.
    • Turning into the evil - When touched with a dark magical artifact like the Skull of Hazza D'ur, it turns the user's appearance and character into evil.

Types of Magic

Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magic

This magic is usually associated with purple, and unlike the Dark Magic, ordinary magic can also be used for good. Its use can be achieved through training.



Dark Magic

Dark Magic

This is a special variety of Magic that includes just evil spells and is used exclusively for evil intentions. It is usually associated with purple and black. However, if Dark Magic is related to Cursed Realm in some way, its color changes to blue.


Briefly via the Book of Spells


Good Magic

Good Magic

This is a special variety of Magic that includes good spells and is used exclusively for good. It is usually associated with light blue.[10] Good Magic is often use to protect the user from evil. These are located on the right side of Wu's Kimono as gold symbols.


Ghost Magic

Ghost Magic

Ghosts can use magic for a variety of purposes, and they can also curse people. It is usually associated with green.


Djinn Magic

Djinn Magic

Djinns can use a special form of Magic to fulfill the wishes of other beings. It also as has a darker side to it, as it turned Tanabrax, who was originally an average puppeteer, into an evil shadow creature. However, this magic has certain rules, as the djinn cannot fulfill the wish for more wishes, the wish for love, and the wish to harm others. It is usually associated with orange, blue and purple.



Oni Magic

Oni Magic

The Oni can use the special form of Dark Magic they are born with. It is usually associated with purple and black.





This is a unique and probably the darkest form of Dark Magic. A user called a necromancer can use it to revive the dead in the form of their skeletal remains. It is usually associated with green.





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