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Nya, look at me. When I first came here, I thought I was here to help you. But the more I watched you, the more time I spent with you, the more I realized: you don't need my help. You're a better Elemental Master than I ever was. If I were in your shoes right now, I really would be stuck.”
— Maya to Nya, "The Storm Amulet"

Maya is the former Elemental Master of Water, the wife of Ray, and the mother of Kai and Nya, the latter of whom would inherit her abilities. Maya fought alongside the other Elemental Masters and her husband in the Serpentine War. Eventually, the Serpentine were sealed away in various tombs. She sealed the Venomari away in the Toxic Bogs.

Following the War, Krux and Acronix, the two Elemental Masters of Time, betrayed the Elemental Alliance. Ray and Maya would fight the two along with the other masters, but they would fail to defeat them. However, Wu manages to get an idea and asks Ray and Maya to fulfill an important duty. With their skills of blacksmithing and their powers over Fire and Water, Ray and Maya managed to forge four blades out of Chronosteel, with the blades later becoming the Time Blades. After forging the final blade, the work completely exhausted them. Because of this, they didn't participate in the battle with Krux and Acronix at the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

After Wu and Garmadon managed to defeat Krux and Acronix and use the Time Blades to strip the two of their powers, they would lose the blades into a temporal vortex created by the blades, but Krux and Acronix would follow the blades, with Acronix being lost in time while Krux would remain in Ninjago, where he would ultimately start his forty-year plan for revenge. Between this time, Ray and Maya would have two kids, a son named Kai and a daughter named Nya, both of whom inherit the powers of their parents.

In the meantime, Krux would gain a false identity and work at the Ninjago Museum of History, where he would become Dr. Sander Saunders. Krux would befriend Ray and Maya until the day he revealed his identity, holding them at sword point. Saying that if they didn't work for him in creating vehicles, armor, and weapons for his army, Krux would harm Kai and Nya. With no other choice, the two were forced to work under Krux, residing in a blacksmith shop in the Vermillion Swamps, where he and his wife would create thousands of pieces of armor, vehicles, and weapons for the Vermillion. She would also design the outer shell of the Iron Doom, Krux's ultimate weapon.

Ray and his wife were reunited with their children, who learned their parents were forced to into servitude by Krux, who threaten to harm them should their parents disobey him. Ray and his wife made amends with their children, happy to see them after so long but they realized their children were in danger due to them possessing the powers to find the Time Blades, which the Time Twins exploited. Kai and Nya were now forced to help the Time Twins collect the Time blades otherwise they would harm their parents, though Maya and Ray told them to forget about them but were taken as hostages used as leverage to make sure the two ninja cooperated. Later, after Kai and Nya traveled back in time to chase Krux and Acronix and eventually defeating them, Maya and Ray were finally freed from their slavery.

Later when Nya lost control of her powers, she came to the monastery to help her regain her powers. Then she journeyed to Merlopia with Nya, Jay, Zane, Lloyd, and P.I.X.A.L., had several battles with Kalmaar, and then after Nya was forced to merge with the Endless Sea; thus becoming a water spirit, she attended her memorial.


Prior to the series

Maya in the Serpentine War.

At one point of her life, Maya and Ray were handcuffed to a pole, and were able to get loose by climbing over the top.[1]

As the Elemental Master of Water, Maya was a member of the alliance of the Elemental Masters during the Serpentine War. She fought along several other powerful masters to fend off the Serpentine attacking Jamanakai Village though she was forced to retreat when the Anacondrai arrived.[2]

Maya playing the sacred flute in the swamps.

Maya later marched into battle with the alliance against the Anacondrai in Birchwood Forest, but due to Chen's manipulation, the Masters turned against each other and the battle was lost. Eventually, she helped win the war by using a Sacred Flute to lock the Venomari into a tomb in the Toxic Bogs.[2]

Not long after this, the Time Twins betrayed the Elemental Alliance, planning to take over Ninjago.[3] Wu had an idea and commissioned Maya and Ray to build blades made of Chronosteel, which would absorb the twins' powers. The crafting exhausted Maya and Ray, but they completed the weapons and rested while the rest of the Elemental Masters defeated the twins.[4] Shortly afterwards, Wu found the Reversal Time Blade and instructed Ray and Maya to hide it in the Boiling Sea so that it would be impossible to retrieve without the combined efforts of the Elemental Masters of Fire and Water.[5]

Maya later married Ray and had two children, Kai and Nya. The latter gained Maya's power of Water and was named after Nyad, the supposed first Elemental Master of Water, who Maya believed was just a myth. When Nya was small, Maya told her a story about Nyad.[6] Maya and her family lived in Ignacia, where they made a living at the Four Weapons Blacksmith.

They befriended a bumbling museum curator, Dr. Saunders, who later revealed himself to be Krux, who had managed to escape the time vortex. Maya and her husband were forcefully ordered by Krux to make weapons, vehicles, and armor for his Vermillion army, lest he harm Kai and Nya.[4]

Following an adventure on the Dark Island, Wu had a vision of Maya and her husband in the present, apparently being forced to forge something in a shadowy pit, which is later revealed to be working for Krux.[7]

Pause and Effect

Maya was able to get Kai to stop fighting Ray. Ray explained that since they made the Time Blades, Krux kidnapped them and forced them to work for them or he'll hurt Kai and Nya.

When Nya realized the pause they felt earlier may be the third Time Blade, Ray told them he and Maya hid the fourth one in the Boiling Sea and that only Fire and Water combined could get it. They realized the twins could force them to obtain it for them, but they couldn't leave on time.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

Maya tells Kai and Nya that retrieving the Time Blade in the Boiling Sea would be difficult.

When they returned, the twins prevented them from saving Wu. They used the Pause Time Blade on them. They start to plummet into the Boiling Sea until Kai and Nya used the Fusion Dragon.

They arrive close to the Iron Doom, but since they need speed, she grabs Ray and they both jump off.

Lost in Time

After Kai, Nya, and Wu followed the twins, Maya introduced Ray and herself as Kai and Nya's parents. There is nothing they can do but wait for their return.

Eventually, they start to notice the city has no technology and that Zane has gone back to his original state.

When technology returned, Ray was getting older. Maya helped support him and told the team that not everything is fixed. She was relieved when Kai and Nya came back and heal him.

After Season 7

After catching up with Kai and Nya, Ray and Maya went on a tour of Ninjago.[8]

At some point, Maya and Ray returned to the blacksmith shop and resumed work there.[9]

A Big Splash

Maya is called by Kai to come over to the Monastery of Spinjitzu, and she does along with her husband Ray. She embraces Nya and runs forward, asking Kai where Nya's room was.

The Call of the Deep

Maya woke Nya up at 6:00 a.m. and tidied up her room. She also cooked her seaweed and tofu pancakes for breakfast. She then tried to teach Nya a water stance but failed to do so. Later on, as Kai and Ray are busy playing games, Maya brings a plate of ham and cheese sandwiches with crispy bacon.


When Nya asks to stay at the Monastery instead of going out to sea, Wu mentions that she would have to stay with Maya, leading her to go. Later, Maya sees them out.

Unbeknownst to the ninja, Maya sneaked onto the Hydro Bounty and did their chores. They realize it was Maya, with Nya realizing it first. Nya tried to make her leave, but Zane stated it would not be possible to turn around. Maya then states she would bake them muffins, with Jay and Lloyd relishing in joy.

Five Thousand Fathoms Down

Maya has a small chat with Nya, and Maya tries to convince her she is trying to help but to no avail. Maya then convinces Nya to let her use an APS suit. They then have another small chat before reaching the Temple of Wojira and entering it. They hide when they see Kalmaar's guards performing tests trying to awaken Wojira, but they are found out after a Storm Amulet replica does not work. They try to escape, but Maya is taken down first by Kalmaar.

The Wrath of Kalmaar

Maya is chained with Nya and listens to Kalmaar. When he leaves, Maya tells Nya that she knows a way to escape the chains, and it works. They then are able to take off their shackles and enter the APS suits.

Long Live the King

Escape from Merlopia

The Tale of Benthomaar

The Storm Amulet

Riddle of the Sphinx

Master of the Sea

The Turn of the Tide

At the Monastery, Ray and Maya were deeply saddened by Nya's departure, and attended her memorial.


Maya is a very caring and friendly person. During the Serpentine War, she willingly helped to defeat the Serpentine and later the Time Twins, although it exhausted her and her husband. She seems a little confident and naive, as she believed Dr. Saunders, though he planned to betray her and Ray. She treated her children like a normal mother and tried to raise them properly, while she told Nya the story of Nyad and how she rode on the backs of whales. When she and Ray were abducted and imprisoned by Krux, she was unable to come to terms with it and called this supreme sacrifice as "that's how the cookie crumbles."

When she was rescued a few years later by her children, she tried to help them, but eventually gave up and returned to the blacksmith workshop with Ray, realizing that the children no longer needed them.

A few years later, when Kai called Maya to come and help her daughter, Maya was very happy and immediately came to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to help her daughter. Here she fully manifested her motherly nature and tried to make up for all the lost moments with Nya. Maya has also shown that she promotes a healthy lifestyle consisting of order in the room, exercise and a healthy breakfast, considering them the most important meal of the day. She treated her son a little differently, calmly giving him sandwiches, showing her love.

Maya is also very talkative and sometimes cares about things she doesn't understand. She also gives everyone a second chance and is unaware of the dangers he faces, for example after being captured by Kalmaar. She also expresses her emotions and thoughts quite clearly, although it can offend someone. She also doesn't give up when she doesn't reach her goal, and she often uses the wrong ways to break into the Hydro Bounty to help her daughter.

After adventuring with Nya, Maya finally realized that her daughter no longer needed her, and she told her that she was the better Elemental Master than she had ever been. After Nya merged with the Endless Sea, she was very sad and cried after her, realizing that "that's how the cookie crumbles."



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  • The name Maya (ماي) means "water" in Arabic in some dialects, which makes sense considering that Water is the Elemental Power she formerly controlled.

Behind the scenes

  • Maya's name is similar to "Aya", Nya's original name in the early stages of the series.[citation needed]
  • Maya, in the present, actually looks younger than she did during the Serpentine Wars, lacking the visible cheekbones.
    • There is no in-universe reason for this change, simply being a poor design choice.[10] It can be assumed that she was redesigned to match her Minifigure, as creating a new face print would have been more expensive.[11]
      • Tommy Andreasen later explained that "the truth is we had to match the head in the show with the one the toy designers had available to the because Maya would be a figure. She is not younger in the show, just may look younger to some."[12]
    • She still had her original appearance when Krux betrayed her and Ray as seen in "Pause and Effect", which took place around a decade and a half prior to Season 7.[13] This means Maya had her original appearance for the majority of the time between the Serpentine War and the present, for around two and a half decades.
  • One of the citizens of Stiix looks very similar to past Maya, only having a different hair and eyebrow color and different lips.[14] Another background character seen in a few episodes of Skybound also has the same face minus the cheekbones.[15]
  • In the present day, she has the same face design as Jay's mother.
  • Her original/Season 7 design uses Nya's original Samurai X suit torso design and the legs of Nya's original casual design. This also means she has the same collar Delara.
  • She is voiced by Jillian Michaels, who voiced two other mothers in the series: Edna, the mother of Jay, and Selma, the mother of Skales Jr.
    • Furthermore, Jillian Michaels voices two Elemental Masters, these being Maya and Lloyd.
  • On January 24th, 2020, Maya's role in Season 14: Seabound was confirmed when Jillian Michaels announced on Instagram that she would be returning to voice Maya.[16]


  • Maya is an unlockable character in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame. Her blind bag can be found in the level "The Lost City of Generals".
  • Before using her water powers a second time in the "Spellbound" flashback, Maya tapped her hands together. It is unknown what this means.
  • After Season 7, Ray and Maya likely went on "a good long romantic vacation"[17] or returned to Four Weapons Blacksmith.[18]
    • By the end of her appearance in Seabound, the latter is the case, though both could still have happened.
  • In Seabound, it is shown that Maya is great at cleaning.
  • She knows what Minos are, as she mentioned one in "The Call of the Deep."
  • Unlike Nya, Maya never had trouble with her powers going out of control.[19]
  • According to The Book of Elemental Powers, Nyad was Maya's ancestor. However, since the book is an in-universe book written by Jake,[20] it is unknown if this is actually true.



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