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“Arr, me hearties. Batten down the hatches!”
“Zane, stop talking like a pirate! Couldn’t you have learned about the ocean in a proper book?”
Zane and Jay

Mech vs Monster! is the 81st issue of the Ninjago Magazine. It includes 892181 Scuba Jay (Scuba Jay minifigure with a Lightning Harpoon gun) and Lloyd appears on the cover. The comic, 20,000 Leagues Under Ninjago, is written by Jan Dinter.

20,000 Leagues under Ninjago

The team aboard the Hydro Bounty make their way towards the energy signal. P.I.X.A.L. points out that their progress is being slowed by the jagged rocks and narrow caverns, stopping them from going too quickly. Lloyd notices, on the sonar, that there is a huge cavern up ahead on the way to the source of the signal. Nya proposes they try to go through it. They squeezed the sub into the cavern, but find it to be more populated than the sonar predicted. The creatures and fauna have grown to a tremendous size. P.I.X.A.L turns on a Wu Bot, which explains the Battle of Nine Days and how Nyad defeated Wojira. It goes on to say that, after Wojira’s defeat, the sea life evolved to be much smaller, as can be seen in the present day. However, the sea life in the cavern they find themselves in had been separated from the rest of the world and evolved to be bigger instead.

After the Wu Bot finishes explaining, Jay asks how many sea creatures this impacted, to which it responded with everything. This prompts Jay to turn everyone’s attention to a giant crab which has spotted the Hydro Bounty. It grabs a hold of the Bounty, stopping it in it’s tracks. P.I.X.A.L. gets Lloyd and Jay to go out in their APS suits to scare it off. The crab fights back, as the two venture to get it away from the submarine. Jay tries to go for the claw, but it grabs a hold of the mech’s hand and doesn’t let go. Lloyd realises they can’t match the power of this crab. He decides to go for the underbelly of the crab. Instead of opting for violence, Lloyd goes to tickle the crab. It begins to squirm. Jay joins in and the crab becomes so agitated that it lets go of the Bounty and scuttles away. The team rejoices and the Bounty carries on.

Jay and Lloyd request to return to the Bounty, but P.I.X.A.L and Zane request they stay out there, as they are heading towards a swarm of Giant Jellyfish. The team are mesmerised, but they quickly realise they won’t get through the swarm with their vehicle. Lloyd and Jay go to clear the way, by bunching the tentacles together and giving enough room for the submarine. However, the electrical charge from the jellyfish’s tentacles zapped back. Nya tells them to get away, lest the electricity short circuit the suits. The Hydro Bounty turns around. Jay and Lloyd return to the sub, as a retreat is underway. The team notice the jellyfish converging on them, prompting them to flee faster. Zane notices a vent that appears large enough for the Bounty to fit through. They succeed in escaping the jellyfish but halfway up the tunnel, a jutting rock stops them in their track. Nya activates a blade on the front to smash the rock, and the Bounty escapes the cavern before the steam pressure crushes them. The team breathes a sigh of relief as they continue their voyage, hoping it couldn’t get any worse.











  • The events of the comic take place sometime during "Unsinkable."
  • The panels in the comic’s flashback to the Battle of Nine Days are drawn in the same art style as the flashback in "Master of the Sea."
  • Jay pilots a blue Hydro Mech in the comic, which was not seen in the show.
  • Zane’s proficiency for cooking is referenced for the first time since Season 2 in an activity page.




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