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Meet the Ninja is a series of six 30-second videos made to show each ninja's personality and abilities, released around the time of Season 7: The Hands of Time in 2017 and released as part of the LEGO Life app.[1] The videos don't seem to be available from any official source at this time.



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Wu's Teas cover

  • The ninja wear their Fusion suits in these videos. The intro and outro also uses The Temporal Whip, which is used in the Season 7 intro.
  • The videos take place around and inside the Temple of Airjitzu.
    • A cover for "Wu's Teas" showed Wu at the temple and in a similar, slightly different animation style used in these videos. As there is no Wu video, the exact connection here is unknown.
  • The series is similar to the Villain Throwbacks in that they are six mini-movies each intending to brief the viewer on a series of characters.
  • Jay had ordered food from Chen's Noodle House, as indicated by the delivery man having the same uniform as the Restaurant Owner and the box of food having Chen's symbol on it.
  • LEGO also released another series of "Meet the Ninja" videos around the same time as this series, which consists of music playing over footage from previous seasons rather than of new animated footage and voice-acting. These videos can be viewed here.
  • There was a Wu-Cru mission that centered around this series and tested the viewer's memory on details from the videos.[2]
  • This is the first notable Ninjago media to debut on the LEGO Life app, followed by the Season 13 blooper reel in 2020.
  • Though these videos are similar to the Villain Throwbacks, Wu-Cru, and Happy Birthday to You! videos in that the audience is directly addressed, the Meet the Ninja videos are framed through the ninja recording themselves, which means they could be speaking to an in-universe video platform.
  • These videos are non-canon, since the four ninja were shown wielding their Golden Weapons, which were fused into the Golden Armor at the time.



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