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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of Warner Bros' The LEGO Movie franchise.

Meowthra, also known as the Six-Toed Fluffy Demon, is a creature that can only be summoned using the Ultimate Weapon. She is an incredibly large tabby cat with six toes, making her a polydactyl.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Meowthra is accidentally summoned to Ninjago City with the Ultimate Weapon by Lloyd. The citizens initially see her as an adorable creature, until she knocks down a building hit by the Ultimate Weapon's beacon. Garmadon, seeing an advantage, quickly takes the weapon from Lloyd and uses it to destroy the other Ninjas' mechs. Meowthra later lies down on the ground and bats at the remains of Nya's Water Strider Mech.

Meowthra continues to cause destruction in the city as Garmadon takes over the Secret Ninja Force and they go off in search of something that can stop her.

When Garmadon returns from the expedition, he calls her over and throws the trinkets of the Weapon at her, which angers her, and she eats him. Lloyd then attempts to tame her, which she enjoys and purrs continuously. Unknown to her, Lloyd is speaking to Garmadon (stuck inside her mouth), and Garmadon cries tears of fire. A tear splashes onto her tongue, which revolts her enough to spit him out. After a reconciliation, she is loved and petted by the citizens and becomes the city's mascot.


  • She is played by two cats—Pearl and Ruby.
  • Meowthra also exists in the real world, appearing as Mr. Liu's cat, who scratches him a lot. He often leaves her to her own space.
  • Her name is a play on Mothra, a recurring character in the Godzilla films.
  • She and the Colossus are similar; both are big creatures used by Garmadon to attack and conquer Ninjago City.
    • However, Meowthra was summoned by Lloyd and was redeemed in the end while in the show, the Colossus was created by Garmadon and was destroyed in the end.


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