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Back in Metalonia, it is not polite to scare weak man.
— Karlof after attacking Mr. E in "Firstbourne"

Metalonia is a region in Ninjago[2] known for producing great metal.


Dungeon Party! (flashback)

Korgran is fighting what he think is a monster. He brings it to his father, but he realizes it's Ross. Despite failing three quests due to attacking his own allies, Korgran's father then reads a request from the Kingdom of Shintaro which gives Korgran another attempt.


When imprisoned with the other Elemental Masters on Chen's Island, Karlof mentions that he was an aeronautical engineer and he worked on Roto Jets, just one of which was powerful enough to take on an army.


Karlof mentions it's considered impolite to intimidate a physically weak man in Metalonia.

Samurai X-Treme

Nya states that if she made her Samurai X Mech nowadays, it would be made from Metalonian metals, and she imagines herself fighting Skulkin with this version of the mech.

The Son of Lilly

Korgran mentioned a hot soup would be waiting for Cole in Metalonia.



The Metalonians are a barbaric tribe of people with both humans and lizards living and working together. They live in Metalonia, a rocky landscape located somewhere in Ninjago. Metalonians speak in a Russian accent and seem to have metal being an important part of Metalonian culture. Despite being barbaric people, Metalonians are presumably hospitable based on Korgran telling Cole that a bowl of soup is waiting for him in Metalonia.

Metalonians have a culture of organized pillaging and plundering. Korgran and his father are known pillagers and Ross is the Division Manager of Plundering in the Western Region. Engineering is also a common job in Metalonia (due to the metals found in the region). Karlof is an aeronautical engineer in Metalonia and builds roto jets that can take out entire armies.

Metalonia has a currency and an economic system of pillaging and plundering and the currency of Metalonia is gold coins. Korgran's father says "One thousand seven hundred and eighty-six gold coins. That's a six percent quarterly growth rate in Pillaging."

There are no known laws in Metalonia but it is impolite to scare a weak man.

Most known Metalonians speak in 3rd person, but according to Korgran's father, it just shows that someone is uneducated and that people only speak like that to sound barbaric. Karlof's intelligence was threatened by Kai so it can be assumed that mocking one's intelligence is a big insult in Metalonia.



Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Ninjago Magazine


  • In Tommy Andreasen's non-canon novel Way of the Departed, Karlof is said to have mentioned that he was going to Metalonia.
  • Both known named humans from Metalonia have names starting with "K," though it's unknown whether this is a naming pattern of all Metalonians or simply a coincidence.[3]
  • It appears a Metalonian accent is equivalent to a Russian accent from the real world.
  • Its name is based on Metal, Karlof's Elemental Power.
  • It's possible Ghoultar is from Metalonia, seeing as speaks in the third person like Karlof and Korgran.[4]





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