Mini Snakes

Mini Snakes

Mini Snakes, also known as Vipers, are miniature snakes that can also be used as weapons. They come in different colors that correspond with their tribes. The tribe with the most Mini Snakes are the Fangpyre tribe, with a total of three mini snakes. In the show, they represent recently-hatched Serpentine.[1]


Mini Snakes generally have weaker versions of their corresponding Serpentine's abilities, making them less effective fighters than the Serpentine they usually accompany. On the other hand, they are frequently used as weapons in melee and ranged combat, being wielded as clubs or thrown at opponents.

The exact relationship between Mini Snakes and the Serpentine is unknown, although the descriptions imply that they are separate species that work together.

Mini Snakes make cameo appearances in certain episodes of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, accompanying the Serpentine in their various acts of villainy—notably, in "All of Nothing," the Ninja were restrained by what appeared to be black Mini Snakes holding their wrists with their jaws. In LEGO sets, they are mainly used as Serpentine weapons or traps for the Ninja.

Known Mini Snakes

Golden Viper

Vipers are treacherous creatures, and Mr. Golden here is no exception. Hangs out with the Fangpyre tribe and is always ready to be thrown into the line of fire.

Sly Viper

These venomous vipers are Fang-Suei's Mini-Snake minions. Don't be fooled by their size - their poison is still strong enough to turn victims into snakes.

Red Viper

A Mini-Snake that has weaker venom than a regular Fangpyre snake, but it is still powerful enough to turn people into snakes.

Hypno Viper

Hypnobrai minions. Their stare is not as dangerous or fully developed as that of the fully grown Hypnobrai, but their rattle can still render victims in a state of confusion long enough to let the big guys slither in and finish the job.

Toxic Viper

This putrid poison bomb causes its victim to hallucinate and develop a really bad breath. Only anti-venom from the Golden Venomari Staff can reverse the effects.

Translucent Blue Viper

A clear blue mini-snake wielded by Slithraa. It may be a variant of the Hypno Viper.

Translucent Purple Viper

A clear purple mini-snake that Spitta uses as a weapon. Likely related to the Toxic Viper.

Translucent Orange Viper

A clear orange mini-snake used by Chokun. The first known Constrictai Mini Snake.





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