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It seems to show us our greatest fears.

The Mirror of Fears is a mystical mirror which shows the greatest fear of anyone who looks into it in its reflection. It is currently located in the Explorers Club.


At some point, the mirror was found by an archaeologist from the Explorers Club and placed in their artifact collection.

The Explorers Club

When Lloyd, Zane, and Nya break into the Explorers Club to steal the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, they encounter the mirror amongst many other dangerous and quirky relics. When Lloyd looks into its reflection, he sees his father, who he fears becoming like. From this, he determines the mirror shows them what they feared most. In its reflection, Nya sees herself as normal, having never unlocked her True Potential, while Zane sees himself as purely robotic, with no traces of his humanity. Lloyd warns the others that none of these reflections are real and urges them to move on.


When a person looks at their reflection in the mirror, rather than see themselves, they see the embodiment of their greatest fear.



Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


  • The ice labyrinth from Possession is similar, since a person sees their self differently: in the Mirror of Fears they see their worst fear and in the ice reflection they see their future self.
  • Nya's reflection wears her casual clothes from "The Mask of Deception", which look similar to her movie counterpart's casual design.
  • The mirror is similar to the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter. Both are magical ornate mirrors that do not show true reflection. The difference is that the Mirror of Fears shows fears, while the Mirror of Erised shows desires.
    • One character from the Harry Potter series also saw his father in the mirror.
  • The mirror also resembles the Dark Side Cave from Star Wars to some extent. Both manifest visions of their users' worst fears. The difference is that the Mirror of Fears shows its users' fears as nothing more than reflections, while the Dark Side Cave manifests fears as physical entities.
    • The mirror reveals that Lloyd's worst fear is becoming like his father, in the same way as the cave reveals Luke Skywalker's fear of becoming Darth Vader (though Luke still had not learned that Vader was his father when he ventured into the cave).
  • Tommy Andreasen said the mirror would show him a perfect reflection of himself, because it is his greatest fear.[1]


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