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“You need to trust your captain. Your job is to control the ship, which you seem to be failing at. My job is to catch the ninja so that the Sword of Souls is powerful enough to do our bidding.”

Misfortune Rising is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 58th episode overall. It aired on January 10, 2016, in Asia, and in the US on Cartoon Network on June 30, 2016.


The Ninja are on a collision course; to find the map to stop Nadakhan, they first must find him. Meanwhile, Jay makes a wish to change his future, but it could alter his past indefinitely.[1]


The ninja split up and search for the Sky Pirates through looking for their whereabouts, but do not find any traces of them. Jay and Nya infiltrate the police, while Kai and Zane find the Destiny's Bounty in a vehicle impound, but are chased off by the owner and his dog.

Elsewhere, Lloyd and Cole check Gypsy's Beach, the last known location of the Sky Pirates, but didn't find them nor any trace of them.

Meanwhile, the Sky Pirates are traveling in the skies on Misfortune's Keep, which has been converted into an aerial VTOL. Nadakhan and Flintlocke begin making plans to trap the ninja's souls in the Sword of Souls so that the Sky Pirates are powerful enough to conquer Ninjago, and Nadakhan teleports away. Flintlocke then accidentally steers the ship into a mountaintop.

Elsewhere, Jay and Nya finish their infiltration and have lunch, where they speak to each other, and Nya reveals that she knows about Jay's feelings which she tried to ignore but eventually couldn't. Nadakhan spies on the two from a distance and confronts Jay after he walks away from Nya to clean off his shirt. Nadakhan grants Jay a wish, where Jay wishes to not have been born in a junkyard, and that he could be wealthy so that he can give Nya anything that she wants. The Postman rides up to Jay in a bicycle and informs Jay that his father passed away and that he inherited his wealth. Jay quickly rushes to the Junkyard in a fit of panic, where he believes his adoptive father, Ed has died, but Ed turns out to be alive and reveals to Jay that he was an adopted child, and Edna hands Jay the key and address to his father's home.

Jay travels to his father's home, where he finds out that his father was Cliff Gordon, who played his favorite TV character, Fritz Donnegan. He reads a book in Cliff's home about how to attract girls, and is greeted by Nadakhan, who attempts to manipulate Jay into being trapped in the Sword of Souls, but fails, and Jay quickly wishes that he wasn't alone with Nadakhan. Suddenly, Nya appears at the door and tells Jay that she found him by asking his parents. The two then go back to meet up with the ninja.

Meanwhile, Nadakhan returns to his crew, who's ship struck the top of a mountaintop, but safely managed to land on it. Flintlocke greets Nadakhan and offers the idea of attacking Ninjago City to distract the ninja so that they can be trapped. Nadakhan agrees, and they begin setting their plan into motion. At a fighting club, the ninja discuss finding Nadakhan, where they are interrupted by a news report that shows that the Sky Pirates have attacked Ninjago City. The ninja quickly rush out to save the city, and temporarily work alongside the reluctant police chief, and battle the Sky Pirates.

Kai is suddenly ambushed by Nadakhan and is teleported to a beach, where he manipulates Kai into wishing to "go back," causing him to be teleported to Ninjago City, but decades back from the present. Kai sees a young version of his father carrying weapons, who falls and asks Kai for assistance in picking up the weapons. Frustrated by Nadakhan's word-twisting, Kai refuses to meddle with the past and in desperation makes another wish, where he is teleported into a reality where all of the girls are "crazy for him", and runs away from them, boarding himself up inside of a building. However, the girls break in and proceed to drag him off, and Kai is manipulated by Nadakhan to wish "for it all to go away", and is successfully trapped inside of the Sword of Souls.

In Ninjago City, the ninja are fighting the Sky Pirates, and Cole jumps onto Misfortune's Keep and grabs the lantern that contains the map to Tiger Widow Island, but is ambushed by Flintlocke, who fires his gun at Cole in an attempt to kill him, but the bullet travels right through Cole, since he is a ghost, and ricochets into the Realm Crystal, accidentally shattering it to pieces. Cole then runs from Flintlocke with the lantern, along with Jay.

Nadakhan returns to Flintlocke and his crew and reveals that he has acquired Kai's soul, and the Pirates fly away from the city on their ship. The ninja meet up and examine the map, but realize that Kai is not with them, where they suddenly hear a loud crashing noise.

Meanwhile, the owner of the impound hears his dog barking and walks out from his shack only to see an enormous crater, where a large piece of Ninjago formerly was, revealing that Nadakhan successfully rose most of Ninjago up into the sky, turning Ninjago into a chain of floating islands.











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  • The title of this episode alludes to Nadakhan's ship, Misfortune's Keep, and the rising number of unexpected or unfortunate events: Jay finds out he was adopted and uses up two of his wishes, and Kai wishes himself away.
  • The ninja use bracelets that are very similar to Nya's, although it is unknown where they came from.
  • When Nya takes off her hat and shakes her hair around, her hair moves around her head from the top axis, referencing the functionality of a real LEGO minifigure, though it does not quite make sense based on how human hair has been portrayed in the series up to this point.
    • This calls to mind the moment from early in The LEGO Movie when Emmet first sees Wyldstyle, who shakes her hair the same way and is lit in the same "romantic" way as well.
  • This episode reveals that Jay is adopted.
    • Cliff Gordon's death was not caused by Jay's wish, as one of Nadakhan's rules is that one cannot wish harm onto another. Nadakhan did not change the past, rather, he simply caused Jay to learn the information.[2][3]
    • Tommy Andreasen implied on Twitter that Jay was abandoned because Cliff Gordon's womanizing nature prevented him from being able to have a family, and this left the Elemental Master of Lightning to on her own with an infant Jay.[4][5]
    • This reveal was previously hinted at by the Hageman Brothers, who said on Twitter, "Spoiler alert: We have seen Jay's father before. Jay loves him."[6]
  • Apart from the wizard costume, the costumes in the hidden room in Cliff Gordon's house use the torso designs and/or accessories of characters from LEGO's Collectible Minifigures line: Viking, Spaceman (recolored), Cowboy, and Galaxy Patrol (recolored).
  • This marks Garmadon's first and only appearance in the season. Two photos in Cliff's Jay shrine show Garmadon and the ninja on Chen's ferry from "The Invitation."
  • A female rice farmer appears alongside Cliff in one of his photos. This confirms that Cliff was the male star of the romance film that has made minor appearances since Season 1.[7]
  • The events of "Pirates vs. Ninja" were referenced, such as the cannon ball being shot through the office window.
    • It is also revealed that all office buildings destroyed in said episode were finally repaired before this episode.
    • The same businesswoman, voiced by Jillian Michaels, even makes a reappearance.
  • This would seemingly be the first time Kai sees his father, Ray, after his disappearance. However, the event would later be erased due to Jay's final wish in "The Way Back".
  • This episode marks the final physical appearance of the Elemental Earth Dragon.
  • The events of Nadakhan manipulating Kai in this episode can be seen in the "Lost in Time" when the Iron Doom travels through time.
  • According to Andreasen, Jay's ketchup stain was foreshadowing Nya's death in the season finale.[8]
  • In Ed and Edna's trailer you can see the hole is patched from when it was damaged back in "Blackout"


  • It's unknown how Cole knew about Delara, as Captain Soto never told the ninja in "Enkrypted."
  • For a moment when Jay walks into Cliff Gordon's hidden room, his eyebrows are slightly out-of-place.
  • After seeing all the signs on the electricity fence, in a later shot, there were many more signs.
  • The Garmatron can be seen at the repo yard, even though it was seemingly destroyed in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master" after transforming into a tower.
    • When asked to explain why the Garmatron was in the repo yard, the Hageman Brothers said, "that's news to us. Probably looking for filler to fill the background. Or maybe Garmatron broke down."[9]



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