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Misfortune Rising

(Police car sirens wail as they head toward the police department.)

Commissioner: Find me those ninja! They can't just break out of Kryptarium and completely disappear. I want witnesses, I want locations. These fugitives are ninja, people. They could be right under our noses for all we know.

Nya: (Disguised as a cop, she whispers into her communication device.) All right, I'm in their secured network. But I still need that password.

Jay: (Also disguised as a cop.) I'm looking for it now, but I don't get it. Why do we have to hack into their system when we already have a Nindroid?

Nya: (Whispering) Because Nindroids don't know everything. And if Soto says the map is the only thing that can stop Nadakhan is on his ship, we need to find it. And find it fast.

Jay: (Deep voice) Hey, real fast, what's the password again?

Tommy: The password is "password."

Jay: (Whispering) Got that?

Nya: (Whispering) That worked. Now searching city records for the last known whereabouts of his ship, Misfortune's Keep. Speaking of which, hey, Kai, how's Destiny's Bounty holding up?

Kai: I got my eyes on it now, sis. We sure could use it. (He touches an electric fence.) Ow! Careful, Zane. It's electrified.

Zane: I believe all of the signs on this repo yard made that abundantly clear. Perhaps there's another suitable solution past this obstacle. Airjitzu? (He flies over the fence.)

Kai: You don't have to sound so cocky. (He follows.)

Repo Man: Looks like we have some trespassers. Go get them, Sir Chomps-A-Lot.

Nya: (Whispering) Okay, I've located Nadakhan's ship. It was last recorded to be seen in Gypsy Cove. Three klicks north of Cannon Beach.

Cole: Thanks, Delara. Oh, I mean, Nya. (Lloyd laughs.)

Nya: (Whispering) Not funny. Let's see how you like it when you look like our enemy's sweetheart.

Lloyd: Gypsy Cove isn't far. We'll let you know what we see when we get there.

(Kai is on lookout while Zane tries to break the Bounty's restraints.)

Kai: Would you hurry up?

Zane: These chains will take me a while. You could keep interrupting me or perhaps start making yourself useful. (Kai tries to melt the chains but the Repo Man's dog starts chasing him.)

Kai: Aah! Get away, get a—Get away, get away, get away!!

Repo Man: Trespasser! Don't move! (He shoots at Zane, but misses and breaks the chain instead.)

Kai: I told you to hurry up!

Zane: Would you be quiet and run? (Their screams are transferred to Nya's communication device. The other police officers look at her curiously.)

Nya: (Whispering) Well, if you can't get it, for my sake just get out of there, you two.

Cole: Get out of here? But we just got here.

Nya: (Sighs. Whispering) Not you, Cole. Did you find Nadakhan's ship?

Lloyd: Not exactly. But there is evidence of it. Looks like some repairs are made. But this is strange. What is electrical wiring doing on an old pirate ship?

Cole: Maybe it already set off to sea?

Nya: (Whispering) I'm getting no readings of it anywhere. You'd think a big pirate ship would get someone's attention.

Lloyd: If Nadakhan's ship's not here, and it's not out there, where is it?

Nya: (Whispering) Good question.

Commissioner: What's a good question?

Nya: (Deep voice) Uh, question is, what time's lunch? All this searching is making me hungry.

Commissioner: Hmm, you're right. We can't think on an empty stomach. We'll resume after lunch.

(Clancee vomits as the Misfortune's Keep is airborne.)

Flintlocke: You always were seasick, Clancee, but I never pegged you to be airsick. Trim the sails! Tighten the halyard! (He goes to see Nadakhan.)

Nadakhan: What is it?

Flintlocke: Uh, the crew and I have kept our mouths shut, but you still haven't told us about your plan.

Nadakhan: You need to trust your captain. Your job is to control the ship, which you seem to be failing at. My job is to catch the ninja so that the Sword of Souls is powerful enough to do our bidding.

Flintlocke: I'm sorry, Captain. I'll have this ship steady in no time. (He leaves.) I said, steady the ship!

Nadakhan: (Sighs.) You never doubted me, Delara. Any news?

Clancee: S-Still no sign of the ninja, Captain. I-I-It's like they've d-d-d-disappeared off the map.

Nadakhan: Well, then, maybe I'll see what progress this so-called police are making in their search. (He disappears.)

Clancee: (Gags.) I really wish he'd warn us when he did that.

Flintlocke: Fly over the mountain, not into it! (He steers the ship. Monkey Wretch screeches.) What do you mean the rudder can only turn left or right? What kind of airship can't go up or down?! (The crew screams as they get closer to the mountain.)

(Nya approaches a food truck.)

Jay: (Deep voice) Let me take care of that. A gentleman—(normal voice) I mean, uh, (deep voice) a superior always pays. (Normal voice) Whoops. Hahaha, wrong pants.

Nya: (Deep voice) Here. (She gives the server money.) This should cover the both of us. (They go to a bench. Nya takes off her hat and fake mustache.)

Nadakhan: (He spies on them from a distance.) It really is you, Delara.

Jay: (Chuckles.) If I had a dime for every time I was broke. Heh.

Nya: Oh.

Jay: What did I say?

Nya: I expect it from others, but not you.

Jay: What? Can't I try and buy lunch for a friend?

Nya: But I know you don't just see me as a friend. All week you've made it pretty obvious. You're still harboring some feelings. I've tried to ignore it, but...

Jay: It's cause I'm from a junkyard, isn't it?

Nya: Of course, not. We're friends. Good friends. But that's all we are. And that's all we're ever gonna be. (Sighs.) Look, I'm already the girl ninja. But my role on the team shouldn't be defined by who I'm seeing, but who I'm fighting.

Jay: (Sighs.) I get it. A real friend wouldn't put you in that position. I'm sorry, Nya.

Nya: Thank you for understanding. And you don't have to pay me back. Can't a friend buy lunch for a friend? Hug?

Jay: How about a fist bump? (They fist bump, but Jay's burger stains his shirt.) Argh.

Nya: Oh, um...

Jay: Look at that. Heh. I guess lunch is on me. Haha. Excuse me while I find a place to clean this off. (He leaves.)

Nadakhan: So she has another suitor.

Jay: (Sighs.) You're such a dork, Jay. You see one glimpse into the future of you and Nya together, and expect everything to fall into line. I wish I never saw my future. (Nadakhan appears.) Aah!

Nadakhan: You want the girl? I can make this happen.

Jay: N-N-Nadakhan? Oh, no. We weren't supposed to be alone.

Nadakhan: Why, when I can offer your heart's desire?

Jay: Because people disappear when you're around. Nya's right over there. I can scream, you know.

Nadakhan: Well, I guess she'll never be yours.

Jay: Wait. But I thought one of the rules was that I couldn't wish for love.

Nadakhan: True. But there are other ways to get what you want. Then again, I guess a poor boy from a junkyard wouldn't understand.

Jay: Well, I guess one little wish wouldn't hurt. But no one else would find out, right? This stays between you and me?

Nadakhan: Of course. Cross my heart.

Jay: (Sighs.) Okay. Then I wish...I wish I wasn't born in a junkyard. I wish I wasn't poor anymore and could give Nya everything she wants.

Nadakhan: Your wish is yours to keep. (He disappears.)

Postman: Oh, there you are. I've been looking all over Ninjago for you. Don't worry, I won't report you to the authorities. Just delivering the mail. (He hands Jay a letter.)

Jay: "I'm sorry to inform you, but your father has passed. You have inherited his estate and lots and lots and lots of money." (Whimpers.)

Postman: Why the glum face? You're rich. (Jay flies on his Lightning Dragon to the junkyard.)

Jay: No. Dad! Mom? Dad? Mom!

Edna: Oh, what is it, son? What's all the fuss?

Jay: Where's Dad? Is he okay?

Edna: Oh, I'm sorry, Jay, he's no longer here. (Jay whimpers.)

Ed: Yeah, I'm back. Picked up a few diddilybops. Heh. Jay, what a welcome sight.

Jay: (He embraces his father.) I thought I lost you. I got this letter that said my father passed away and I inherited lots of money. I would never wish for this, Dad. I didn't want it to be true.

Edna: Well, Jay, there has been something we've been meaning to tell you.

Ed: Ah. But, uh, gee-willickers. There was just no easy way to say it, heh. You see, son, you're,'re adopted.

Jay: Uh, whoo.

Edna: Oh, you were left at our doorstep when you were just a baby, along with this address and key.

Jay: Uh, heh.

Edna: Oh, you were just so gosh darn cute.

Ed: And we gladly raised you as our own ever since. (Jay inspects the address and key.) Yeah. We're sorry, son. I-I-I hope this doesn't change anything.

(Jay goes to the address and unlocks the gates.)

Jay: Whoa! Is this where my birth father lived? Whoa! Wow.

Fritz Donnegan animatronic: Fear isn't a word where I come from.

Jay: Would you look at that? Heh. My father was a fan of Fritz Donnegan too. Heh. Cool. Wow. He had so many trophies. (He finds a hidden make-up room.) My father wasn't just a fan of Fritz Donnegan. He was Fritz Donnegan! (He finds a book.) "Cliff Gordon's Handbook to Wooing Women"? That must be his real name. Cliff Gordon. That means my real name is Jay Gordon? Ha! "Chapter One: Women love mystery. When talking to them, less is more—(Nadakhan appears.) Aah!

Nadakhan: Are you ready for your second wish? Hmm?

Jay: (He tries to attack him with a prop raygun.) Huh?

Nadakhan: Adorable.

Jay: What did you do? Did you change the past?

Nadakhan: Hmm. I wish. I merely revealed a truth about your life that you were unaware of.

Jay: Then I don't wanna make another wish.

Nadakhan: Everyone wants a second wish. A second chance to make things right.

Jay: No.

Nadakhan: Don't resist me. Tell me what you want. More power? More prestige? Maybe a raygun that works?

Jay: No. I don't want anything. I just wish I wasn't alone with you. (He hears the doorbell ringing.) Dang it. Ah, I did it again.

Nya: (Simultaneously) Hello? Jay? Are you here?

Nadakhan: (Simultaneously) Don't forget you have a third wish. (Nadakhan disappears.)

Jay: Ah! Phew.

Nya: Hello?

Jay: Nya, you're here. How did you get here?

Nya: After you split, I got worried. I called your dad who said you'd be here. Speaking of which, why are you here?

Jay: Uh...uh...(in his head) "Women love mystery. When talking to them, less is more."

Fritz Donnegan animatronic: Fear isn't a word where I come from.

Nya: Fritz Donnegan? Is this your stuff?

Jay: If you have a secret hideout, why can't I?

Nya: Wow. I...I never would have guessed. Come on. The team needs us. Don't worry, this place will be our little secret. (She leaves.)

Fritz Donnegan animatronic: Fear isn't a word where I come from.

Jay: Thanks, Dad. I owe you one.

(Clancee tries to get the ship unstuck. Monkey Wretch screeches.)

Clancee: I ain't trying to do your job. Uh, just trying to help. (Monkey Wretch throws something at him.) Ooh! Hey, that better be mud.

Flintlocke: So did you snare a ninja?

Nadakhan: Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned.

Flintlocke: If I can speak freely, you ain't getting them alone because they ain't got nothing to do but look out for each other.

Nadakhan: I don't follow.

Flintlocke: Put us to work, Captain. Then when they're busy looking out for their own tails, they're all yours for the taking.

Nadakhan: Hmm. There's a reason I made you my first mate. Let's welcome back the rest of my old crew and get this bird in the sky.

(The ninja regroup in Yang Tavern.)

Kai: I'm so tired of all this sneaking around.

Lloyd: Easy, Kai. We're all itching to get back into action. But so far two of our own have gone missing, and none of us have yet to lay an eye on him.

Zane: If only we knew someone who had faced him and could tell us what to expect.

Lloyd: I wish Wu were here to guide us.

Jay: (Simultaneously) No! Don't say that word! I mean, why wish when we have everything we need right here, right? Haha. Go, ninja, go? (Everyone in the tavern looks in their direction.)

Cole: Nice going. You blew our cover.

Nya: No, he didn't. (She points to the TV.)

Man: (On TV) I don't know why this is news anymore, but Ninjago City's once again under attack by pirates. Or dare I say, Sky Pirates?

Cole: We have to help!

Zane: But we're fugitives.

Lloyd: Doesn't matter. We protect the innocent.

Nya: And Soto said the map is on that ship. If we wanna stop Nadakhan, we need it.

Kai: Well, what are we waiting for? I thought we were all itching to get back into action.

(The police gather at an intersection.)

Commissioner: Pull your flying vehicle over now!

Clancee: I-It's been too long, Captain.

Nadakhan: It has, hasn't it?

Business Woman: So they finally fixed our offices. (The Misfortune's Keep fires at the office, destroying it once again as the businessmen flee.) Oh, great, not again!

Lloyd: For our own safety, travel in pairs. We need to protect the people, but also get that map.

Cole: I forgot, what does the map look like?

Zane: It's on a lantern. Look for a lantern.

Ninja: Ninja, go!

Lloyd: Protect the people, Commissioner. We'll take care of the menace.

Commissioner: Why didn't you arrest them?

Simon: It sounds like they were trying to help.

Commissioner: You might be soft, but I'm not.

Tommy: Whoa, who knew the commish was so nimble?

Zane: (The ship's anchor destroys the road.) That is not cool. But this is! Ice! (He uses his shurikens, but Flintlocke shoots them down.)

Flintlocke: Now it's my turn. (Nya takes her hood off, shocking Flintlocke.)

Cole: Boy, you're real ugly.

Dogshank: I'm not a boy. I'm a lady.

Lloyd: So he knows Spinjitzu! Let's see if he knows Airjitzu. Forget him. We need to get that lantern.

Jay: Look out! (Kai jumps over an explosive barrel while Jay runs away, separating them.) Ugh. I'm okay.

Kai: I'm going after that lantern.

Jay: Wait, we're supposed to stay together! (He eventually catches up, but Nadakhan takes Kai away.) No! Kai!

Kai: Huh? Where are we? What did you do?

Nadakhan: I thought a little privacy might be in order. You were in such a rush. For what? Let me help you. You can wish for it.

Kai: The only thing I wish is for you to take me back.

Nadakhan: Your wish is yours to keep. (They go back in time.)

Kai: This isn't Ninjago City. This isn't my wish. I told you to take me back.

Nadakhan: Ah, but how far back? This is Ninjago City. Dare I say, the humble beginnings of it.

Kai: (He sees someone carrying weapons.) Wait a minute. Is that...

Nadakhan: Your father? Yes. I believe he is around your age now. A little more pathetic.

Past Ray: (He knocks on a door.) Well, pirate activity is on the rise. Protect yourself with a custom-made weapon and—(The homeowner slams the door. Ray drops his weapons.) Ugh. A little help?

Kai: Ugh. This isn't what I wished for.

Nadakhan: Why won't you help your poor father? He's right there. You could spend some quality time.

Past Ray: Please, friend, I just need a hand.

Kai: Dad? (Grunts.) I wish you could take me back. Back to when things were good. Back to before all this mess, when people likes us and bad guys like you were never a problem. Back to the days when girls were crazy for me.

Nadakhan: Your wish is yours to keep.

Kai: Where is everyone? I said that—

Nadakhan: You said a lot for one wish. Too much to make any sense. But the girls are crazy for you.

Woman: Kai! (They start to surround him.)

(Cole turns invisible, sneaks behind Monkey Wretch, and throws him off the ship.)

Cole: Bad monkey. Now, where is the lantern? It's gotta be here somewhere.

Flintlocke: I ain't afraid to shoot you in the back. (He shoots at Cole, but the bullet passes through him and ricochets into the Realm Crystal, shattering it.)

Cole: You shot the Realm Crystal!

Flintlocke: Well, you made me miss! (Cole finds the lantern and leaves.)

Cole: I got it. Let's get out of here.

(Kai barricades himself in an abandoned house.)

Kai: Argh! This is-This is not what I wished for!

Nadakhan: You have one more wish. All of this can go away if you just say the words. Just wish it away...

Woman: Kai!

Nadakhan: ...and be done with it all.

Kai: Okay! Okay! Make them stop! I wish for all of it to go away!

Nadakhan: Your wish is yours to keep. (He absorbs Kai into the Djinn Blade. He returns to his crew.)

Flinklocke: Did you—

Nadakhan: Yes, we got what we came for. Let's go.

Flintlocke: You heard the captain! Air ho!

Cole: We've got the lantern. Return to the meeting point.

Lloyd: Hi, guys. I'm almost there.

Commissioner: Freeze! (He aims his taser at Lloyd.) Don't test me, Lloyd Garmadon!

Lloyd: You know we're only trying to help. If you don't believe me, pull the trigger. (The commissioner hesitates, and Lloyd runs away.)

Commissioner: Oh. Darn ninja. I hate it when you're right.

Cole: All right, now let's fire this lantern up and check out the map. Kai, a little light? Kai?

Nya: Where's Kai?

Jay: Uh...

Nya: Who was supposed to—

(The ground rumbles.)

Zane: What was that?

Lloyd: I don't know. But I'm afraid to find out.

Repo Man: (His dog barks.) What's wrong, Sir Chomps-A-Lot? Someone getting at that ship again? What in tarnation happened to Ninjago? (They find a crater where the Bounty was supposed to be.)

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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