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“Looks like your Master of Wind just caught his second wind.”
Nya referring to the Morro Dragon, "Winds of Change"

Morro's dragon[1] was a corrupted version of the metaphysical Energy Dragon.[2][3] It could be summoned at will by the cursed ghost, Morro while he was in possession of Lloyd's body.

After escaping from the Cursed Realm, Morro used the dragon to attack the ninja, who were making their escape on Destiny's Bounty. Morro used the dragon several other times leading up to the ghost invasion. Once Morro left Lloyd's body, he was no longer able to summon the dragon.


Winds of Change

After the ninja and Wu evaded Morro by escaping in the Destiny's Bounty, the Master of Wind summoned Lloyd's Elemental Dragon, now as corrupted as its master, to pursue them.

Ghost Story

Morro soon caught up and boarded the Bounty. After Wu threw his staff overboard, Morro summoned the dragon again and used it to catch the falling object. He then flew to a biker tavern where he deciphered the message engraved on the staff and used the dragon to fly to the Library of Domu.

Stiix and Stones

After Morro unlocked Airjitzu, he summoned his dragon and used it to pick up Soul Archer before flying away from Stiix.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

After it began to rain, Morro summoned his dragon to move onto the next clue.

Grave Danger

Following Morro leaving Lloyd's body, he lost the ability to summon Lloyd's dragon, having not conquered his own fears, which would allow him to summon his own elemental dragon. description

Morro’s green, spectral dragon is in fact the spirit of his former Elemental Dragon of Wind. Like Morro, the dragon was condemned to reside in the Cursed Realm for eternity, but it escaped with its master. Morro was able to summon the dragon at will to do his bidding.[1]



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  • The Ghost Dragons have a similar appearance to Morro's Dragon but lack limbs.
  • This tied for the third Elemental Dragon to appear in a set, alongside Master Wu's dragon. The first one was the Golden Dragon and the second is the Titanium Dragon.
  • Though first stated by Tommy Andreasen,[2] the 2019 Visual Dictionary also confirms that Morro's dragon is a corrupted form of Lloyd's Energy Dragon, not the Elemental Wind Dragon, though Andreasen also previously described it as "Elemental wind ghost dragon,"[4] stated that "Morro’s green, spectral dragon is in fact the spirit of his former Elemental Dragon of Wind,"[1] and the 2016 Character Encyclopedia referred to it as the "Possessed Elemental Wind Dragon." Andreasen also said, "It was mostly a ghost version of Lloyd's Elemental dragon"[5] and Morro would most likely not have learned how to summon his own Elemental Dragon, as he left early in his training.[6]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Morro called the dragon "Sage" or "Emerald".[7][8]


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