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These are the relationships of Morro, the Master of Wind.


Master Wu


Morro and Wu

Morro was Wu's first pupil, Wu found Morro after he and a few other children were rummaging through the monastery's trash bins. Taking pity on him, Wu invited him to live in the monastery and learn the ways of the Ninja, an offer that was accepted. Wu later discovered that Morro was the elemental master of Wind and thought he was the next Green Ninja.

However, this was the not the case as Morro would become more arrogant at the opportunity to have such amazing power. Wu soon the true depths of his error in judgment as the Golden Weapons did not choose him, meaning that he was not the chosen one. Wu tried to comfort him but Morro set out to prove destiny and his master wrong, this proved to be a fatal as he would die on his journey, much to Wu's sadness.

Morro later came back to Wu as a Ghost and possessed the true green Ninja Lloyd who was also Wu's nephew. The two became enemies with them clashing in their encounters with Morro blaming his old master for his fate and Wu defending his choices. Despite this, Wu tried to save Morro from death after the Preeminent started to drag him down into the water. However, Morro saw the error of his ways and simply resigned himself to his fate but not before giving Wu the Realm Crystal and bidding him farewell.

In "Day of the Departed," Morro is resurrected by Yang and he picks Wu as his target since they left things "unsettled". Morro met his old master at the destroyed monastery, Wu was shocked to see him again and told him that while he was pained they would have to fight again, he won't hesitate to do it again. However, Morro revealed he had no intention of fighting him but really came to warn him about Yang's plans. Wu later defended Morro from being attacked by the Ninja and told them Morro came to help as the latter told the Ninja of what Yang was planning. His mission accomplished, Morro was thanked by his former master for his actions and he bid him farewell and returned to the Departed Realm at peace.


The Ninja (formerly)

During Possession, Morro escaped the Cursed Realm and lured Lloyd to him. Morro attacked Lloyd while taunting him that his father's sacrifice was what allowed him to break out of his imprisonment. Morro showed a dislike for Lloyd both because he was Wu's nephew and the Green Ninja, something he dreamed of. Morro possessed Lloyd, by doing this he rendered the other ninja powerless because they depended on him. Morro was a major enemy to the ninja who could do very little to fight him, while helpless. However, after he abandoned Lloyd's body, the ninja regained their powers and were able to stand against him and defeat his master The Preeminent who indirectly caused his second demise.

In "Day of the Departed," because of Cole's actions, Morro is resurrected by Yang and he revealed himself to them along with Wu. Morro was amused to see the ninja again, especially when they expressed hostility to him until Wu defended Morro from being attacked. The Ninja were surprised when Wu told them that Morro came to help, Morro explained to them of what Yang was planning. Due to him, the ninja recalled how they forgot Cole and rushed to his aid. His mission accomplished, Morro returned to the Departed Realm at peace.

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