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But I have already backed up all seventy four episodes. And the holiday special, where they were introduced.
Zane in "Legacy"

Most Ultimate Extreme Ninja Challenge Ever (formerly known as Ninjaaa....Now!!) is a TV show in Ninjago. Produced by Rachel Sparrow, it involves a contestant trying to complete the "Gauntlet of Humility," while being timed by the Doomsday Clock. Fred Finely originally hosted it but was replaced by Jay.


A Team Divided (non-canon)

Jay, depressed, stays home to watch TV, where Ed introduces him to his favorite show, Most Ultimate Extreme Ninja Challenge Ever, hosted by Fred Finely and the producer, Rachel Sparrow. Intrigued, Jay decides to participate, easily winning the crowd over; however, due to his status as a ninja, he's forced to face a more advanced version of the Gauntlet of Humility.

Sometime later, a depressed Lloyd, watching TV, is scolded by Garmadon for his lackluster lifestyle. However, upon seeing Jay hosting Most Ultimate Extreme Ninja Challenge Ever, Lloyd becomes motivated to find the rest of the ninja.

The Invitation

While Lloyd is trying to gather the group, he finds Jay being the host of the show. The first contestant is Cathy, though only gets halfway through the course.

The Day of the Dragon

While celebrating the defeat of Chen, Griffin Turner expressed interest in participating in the series, boasting he could easily win it.

Remote Control Zane (non-canon)

While Jay changes channels on TV, the Most Ultimate Extreme Ninja Challenge Ever is shown on the television for a brief moment.

The Mask of Deception

Jay mentions not to ever mention the show to Cole as they search for Master Wu, who was lost in time.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Wu's Teas

  • 9. "Remote Control Zane" (non-canon)


  • There has been no evidence Jay hosted the show after the Tournament of Elements, so it's unknown if he gave the hosting job to another person or if he ended the TV Show.
  • Jay has remarked in both "The Digiverse and Beyond" and "The Mask of Deception" for nobody to speak of his time on that show.
  • When talking about the show in "Legacy," Zane mentions that the show consisted of 74 episodes and a special. This is a fourth wall nod to the show itself.


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