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“Not now, Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly. We'll snuzzle later.”

Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly[1] is Ulysses Trustable's pet cat.


Farewell the Sea

Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly moves along Ulysses Trustable's desk during his interview, trying to get his attention, before being pushed aside.

A Mayor Problem

Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly was lying down on the desk, completely bored while Ulysses played golf in the office when Kai, Jay, Cole, and Lloyd visit Ulysses for a request to temporarily release Aspheera, but are refused and forced to leave the office. As they leave, Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly hisses at them.

Public Enemies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!

Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly was held by Ulysses as he watches Dwayne adjust a portrait of both of them, until Noble called them, and Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly attacks Dwayne as soon as he grabs the phone. He later tries to get at some fish in the tank when the truck containing Aspheera's staff, carried by Zane's chopper, crashes into the building, knocking him into the tank. He somehow managed to get out and was on top of Ulysses' head as they watch the truck pass by before the portrait falls, resulting in Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly attacking Dwayne again. Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly then supervised Dwayne as he rearranges the portrait while his owner was on the phone to the New Ninja to declare the old ninja public enemies.

Hounddog McBrag

Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly was sitting in Ulysses' chair when the golf club nearly hits him, frightening him. He then tried to gain his attention while he was on the phone to the Police Commissioner, only to be pushed aside. After the call, Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly, who was on top of Dwayne's head, cowers in fear from Ulysses' temper, using his tail to cover Dwayne's eyes in the process.



Season 15: Crystalized


Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly appears to be obsessed with his owner as he tries to get his attention during speeches and phone calls. He also gets scared when his owner loses his temper, and often up to the point of jumping on Dwayne whenever so.[2]


  • Mr. Fuzzly Wuzzly is apparently experienced in moving one paw up.[3]





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