“Off we go! Fasten your seatbelt
I can’t close it, it’s too tight!
Oh well, I guess I’ll have to drive carefully for once.”
The Mechanic and Murtessa

Mystery! is the 72nd issue of the Ninjago Magazine and was released on February 3, 2021. It includes 892172 Spinjitzu Burst Lloyd (Spinjitzu Burst Lloyd Minifigure with flame sword and shield). Kai appears on the cover. The comic, titled City Tour, is written by Jan Dinter.

City Tour

The Ninja return to the city. They decide to stop by and get takeaway from Chen's Noodle House. They land the Bounty outside the restaurant and enter. Unbeknownst to them, Murtessa stumbles out of the hull of the ship. She had stowed away, expecting to see how the ninja live. She wanders the streets, frightening and intriguing each citizen she passes. The Mechanic, having recently escaped Kryptarium Prison, is wandering the block ahead of the Munce Queen. He sees her as the perfect conduit to take revenge on the ninja. He approaches her and asks if she’s lost. She responds warmly to the criminal’s kindness an tells him she is new to the city. The Mechanic rubs his hands together, plotting to use her in his scheme.

Murtessa tells him she’s hungry, so The Mechanic takes her to a food stand selling spring rolls. The vendor sees Murtessa and runs away, terrified. The Mechanic encourages the Munce Queen to dig in to what the stand has to offer. She asks if the vendor was afraid of her, but he assures her that he didn’t want to disturb them eating. He tells her that everything in Ninjago City is free to take, including cars as the two steal a woman’s car. The Mechanic drives to a Borg Store and tells her he needs an important part from this shop but needs Murtessa’s strength to carry it. She happily obliges and helps him intimidate the worker into giving them a large device called the Nexus 6 Compensator. The two make a break for it and return to The Mechanic’s lair. He tells her he’s building a surprise for the ninja. Murtessa, excitedly, asks if she can help with it. The two work on an Earth Driller replica, with the stolen device attached to the back. The Mechanic laughs to himself, musing how surprised the ninja are going to be when they learn the device is a bomb.

The two board the completed driller. Murtessa fiddles with the radio and accidentally tunes into the Ninja’s emergency frequency at the Monastery of Spinjitzu. Murtessa recognises the voices at the other end and goes to talk back. The Mechanic quickly cuts off the transmission, leaving the ninja very confused as to why the Munce Queen was on the other end of the radio. P.I.X.A.L. tells the team to stay alert. Before long, The Mechanic and Murtessa arrive at the gates of the Monastery. The Mechanic begins to drill through the wall, alarming the ninja. Zane tires to attack the vehicle, but finds no success. Cole then calls for his Earth Driller. He asks P.I.X.A.L. to help him take the drill off the vehicle. While puzzled, she abides. Cole then drives his drill-less Driller to where The Mechanic is breaking through the wall. The drill tip connects with the empty space on Cole’s drill. This sends the attacking drill into a spin, flinging Murtessa out of the vehicle and incapacitating The Mechanic. The team welcomes the Queen as she lands back down. She explains everything to the ninja. Wu then offers to take Murtessa on a proper tour of the city, starting with a tour of Kryptarium, where they will take The Mechanic.



  • Murtessa doesn’t pronounce each name with an ‘m’ as Munce usually do.
  • The Mechanic is missing his robo-arm throughout the comic.

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