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“Actions have consequence. Ninjago will pay for what the ninja have done. This world may have forgotten about us, but when we're through with them, they will know what it feels like to have everything they love stolen from them.”
— Nadakhan to the Sky Pirates, "Enkrypted"

Nadakhan is the prince of djinns, the captain of the Sky Pirates, the former owner of Misfortune's Keep, and the last living djinn. Many years ago, he put together his crew and dominated the seas of Ninjago, until he was faced with a rival, Captain Soto. Soto trapped him in the Teapot of Tyrahn while his crew was marooned across the Sixteen Realms.

Many centuries later, upon the destruction of Djinjago, Nadakhan became the last of the djinn. Shortly after the ghost invasion, Nadakhan was freed by Clouse. He tricked Clouse into entering the Teapot of Tyrahn. Then he set off to claim the Realm Crystal and reunite his crew.

After learning of his lover's demise, and seeing the destruction of Djinjago as a result of the ninja's actions, Nadakhan's father gave him a mystical sword to capture the souls of his adversaries and tear Ninjago apart to rebuild Djinjago. In addition to this, he planned to marry Nya (who bore a similar resemblance to a past love, Delara) so he can grant himself unlimited wishes. Nadakhan's crew refurbished Misfortune's Keep and began rebuilding Djinjago in a series of landmasses above Ninjago City. In the ensuing conflict, Nadakhan captured Nya and trapped all the ninja's souls, besides Jay's, in the sword.

Nadakhan completed Djinjago, and after he and Nya were married, he betrayed his crew. During a final fight with the ninja, Flintlocke incapacitated Nadakhan with Tiger Widow venom, though the venom accidentally struck and killed Nya. As a result, Jay made his final wish, which was that recent events had not transpired and Nadakhan was never freed from the teapot.

Though he's still alive, Nadakhan is trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn, which was lost in the wreckage left from the ghost invasion and more recently seen in Ninjago City, occasionally used by Clutch Powers.



Nadakhan originated in Djinjago, the realm of the djinns, where he was a prince of the royal house there. For centuries he was a thorn in his parents' side and never quite learned how to become a good or respectable Djinn. Eventually, upon deciding to leave his home to explore the realm of Ninjago, Nadakhan was disowned by his father, Khanjikhan, and forbidden to return home. As a result of his exile and greed, Nadakhan decided to become a pirate.

Seeking a worthy ship to sail his crew of pirates, Nadakhan sought out a small island where a famed mechanic named Monk was building various ships. With Monk wishing to be the world's greatest mechanic, and work as if his tools were a part of him. With his Carpenter and the first member of his crew, Nadakhan had Monkey Wretch create his desired ship, the Misfortune's Keep, and with his fellow founder sailed off to create his crew, named the Sky Pirates. The ship also came with a skeleton figurehead.

Later, Nadakhan came across an aspiring singer named Cyren, who sought to become Ninjago's greatest singer of all time. In response to her wish, Nadakhan granted Cyren a mesmerizing voice that could throw others into a trance, putting them to sleep and making them unable to hear her singing. Her talent tainted, Cyren was left no other choice but to join the Sky Pirates, the only ones who would appreciate her singing now.

Noticing the misfortune of Flintlocke, a pirate captain left adrift at sea thanks to a terrible accident that destroyed his ship. Flintlocke was inducted into the Sky Pirates and eventually made First Mate.

Hearing of master thief Doubloon's boarding of Misfortune's Keep, Nadakhan caught him red-handed in the act. Realizing he now had a potential crew member, Nadakhan showed Doubloon leniency, instead of granting the thief's wish to be a member of his crew by turning him two-faced and mute.

Having heard the predicament of Dogshank, a young girl who was frustrated by her own inadequacy and failure to be the most beautiful, Nadakhan took advantage of her low self-esteem, offering Dogshank a wish, but also bartering that in return she join the Sky Pirates. Desperate, Dogshank agreed, wishing to be the best and to stand out. In return, Nadakhan transformed Dogshank into a hulking beast, fulfilling the requirements of her wish through unorthodox means. Having actually embraced this new form, Dogshank quickly showed her gratitude after testing out her power by joining the Sky Pirates.

On the High Seas

Armed with multiple, diverse crew members with a wide range of skills and abilities, many of which were bestowed onto them by his wishes, Nadakhan and his Sky Pirates became refuted as the most feared pirates to sail the Endless Sea, raiding ships, coastal villages, and performing other crimes. Despite his status as a brutal pirate captain, Nadakhan eventually came across a woman named Delara, whom he fell in love with and became betrothed to, charmed not only by their romance but the added bonus of having infinite wishes for the two of them in the possible future following Khanjikhan's eventual death.

However, his plans and own reputation would be cut short upon challenging a pirate, Captain Soto, and his crew aboard their own ship the Destiny's Bounty. Ambushing the potential rivals during a storm, Nadakhan led his Sky Pirates to battle, confronting Soto when the latter retreated into his quarters. Triumphant, Nadakhan cornered Soto, but unknown to him, his enemy had prepared for such an encounter by arming himself with the venom of a Tiger Widow, the only poison that could slow him down, and the Teapot of Tyrahn. Soto succeeded in poisoning Nadakhan with the Tiger Widow venom. Now injured and lethargic, Nadakhan was trapped inside the Teapot of Tyrahn by Soto, his reign over the seas having ended. His Sky Pirates were defeated by Soto's crew and were later marooned across the Sixteen Realms.

Trapped within the Teapot of Tyrahn and unknowing of the events surrounding him, Nadakhan, within the Teapot, eventually ended up in Stiix, a former recruiting spot for Sky Pirates. Countless years later, when the Preeminent possessed the coastal city and was destroyed by Nya, Nadakhan, within the Teapot, was salvaged by a clean-up crew.



When Nadakhan was freed by Clouse after the Teapot of Tyrahn was found in a junk pile in Stiix, he granted him three wishes, where he manipulated Clouse into being trapped into the teapot through his broad wishes. He then set out to find his pirate crew, where he came to Ninjago City and took on his human guise. He stumbled upon one of Cyrus Borg's devices, which he used to learn that the ninja had the Realm Crystal. He later shapeshifted as them and committed acts of crime to frame them, and later on, approached Master Wu to trap him in the teapot.

Attack of the Sky Pirates (non-canon)

After Nadakhan introduced himself, Wu wished that no innocents would be harmed in their battle, so Nadakhan moved the library one second out of the time stream. When Nadakhan evaded Wu's attacks, Wu wished for the power to defeat him. Nadakhan made Wu so powerful that he shook the ground when he moved and destroyed everything he touched. Ultimately, Wu wished it all away.

Wu and Clouse inside the Teapot of Tyrahn

Public Enemy Number One

Nadakhan visits Misako who has been chained and interrogated by the police forces and Nadakhan reveals that he has trapped Clouse and Wu in the Teapot of Tyrahn. Before trapping Misako as well, he tricks her into telling him where the realm crystal is. He goes to Hiroshi's Labyrinth and encounters many Nindroids. He defeats all of them using his powers and escapes with the realm crystal. Later he looks on top of a building at the arrested ninja and he sinisterly chuckles before using the crystal to traverse past the realms and retrieve his crew.


On a tropical beach, Nadakhan used the Realm Crystal to free Dogshank, Flintlocke, Monkey Wretch, and Clancee from the realms they were imprisoned in. After greetings were exchanged all around, the crew returned to Gypsy Cove where they spent the night of celebrating on the decks of Misfortune's Keep.

When Flintlocke inquired as to their next plans, Nadakhan announced his intentions to leave Ninjago and return to his homeland, Djinjago as Ninjago's era of piracy had come to an end. The rest of his crew also decided to join him, but when they arrived, they found the realm to be collapsing due to the ninja's destruction of the Cursed Realm. Reuniting with his father, Nadakhan was gifted the Djinn Blade and ordered to avenge his people. Heartbroken, Nadakhan and his crew returned to Ninjago, vowing to seek revenge on the ninja.

In order to cope with the modern world, Nadakhan and the crew began a restoration of Misfortune's Keep to transform it into an airship. Clancee was dispatched to get supplies, but he also returned with a newspaper whose front page had the ninja, prompting Nadakhan to realize that Nya looked identical to Delara.

Misfortune Rising

As the Misfortune's Keep became airborne, Nadakhan spent most of his time in his quarters until he was disturbed by Flintlocke who voiced concern about not yet knowing the plan. Furious, the Djinn sent him off to ready the ship while Clancee reported there was no sign of the ninja. Nadakhan decided to see if the police had made any progress and teleported to the Ninjago City Police Station.

At the station, he came across Jay and Nya, realizing how identical she looked to Delara. As he eavesdropped on the two's conversation, he learned of Jay's poor beginnings and when the Blue Ninja was alone, Nadakhan confronted him. Convincing Jay to use his first wish, Nadakhan revealed to him that he was actually adopted and that his birth-father was the famous actor Cliff Gordon.

Nadakhan appeared again to Jay after he had discovered his birth father's estate, convincing him to use his second wish. Though the Blue Ninja was adamant about not using any more wishes, he let slip that he wished he wasn't alone, prompting Nya to arrive and forcing Nadakhan to leave.

Returning to Misfortune's Keep, Flintlocke suggested he put the crew to work distracting the ninja by attacking Ninjago City. Nadakhan agreed and used the Realm Crystal to return the lesser members of his crew.

Nadakhan piloted Misfortune's Keep to the city where the Sky Pirates began their attack. As soon as Kai was by himself, Nadakhan transported him to Cannon Beach in order to convince him to use his three wishes. Through manipulation of Kai's wishes, he was able to trap the Fire Ninja in the Djinn Blade. He returned to Misfortune's Keep, ordering a withdraw from the city. With enough life force in the blade, Nadakhan was then able to start lifting chunks of Ninjago into the sky.

On a Wish and a Prayer

Once Nadakhan captured Kai, he set out to where all the floating pieces of Ninjago were. On the way, Flintlocke told Nadakhan that trust was the wind that blows both ways. Nadakhan told him that was the reason why he was showing them this, as they arrived where all the floating chunks of Ninjago were. Later he teleported to the boat the ninja were using to travel to Tiger Widow Island, and eventually tricked Zane into the Djinn Blade. He later captures Jay and flies off in a flying dirigible.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

At night on Misfortune's Keep, he revealed to Jay that he only wants to recreate Djinjago out of the floating chunks of Ninjago so he can marry Nya on it, in order to gain the power to grant himself unlimited wishes. Afterward, he did all he could to "break" Jay's spirit and get him into the Djinn Blade but failed every time.


From the deck of the Misfortune's Keep, Nadakhan supervised as more chunks of Ninjago rose into Djinjago, including Yang's Haunted Temple which he ordered Dogshank to clean out for use as his own temple. He was then interrupted by two landlubbers who sought to become pirates, though ordered Flintlocke to take care of them.

Later he entered his quarters seeking fillhead cider but discovered that Jay had escaped. After all the ninja were captured, Nya was brought to the Djinn Prince's quarters where he tried to convince her to marry him. Adamant and wary of his real intentions, she refused and only demanded her friends to be set free. Expecting this, the djinn accepted by having them walk the plank in midair over the ocean while wearing their Vengestone restraints.

As Nadakhan ordered Cole to be pushed off the plank, the ninja resorted to selfless wishing. This prompted a chaotic battle between the ninja and the Sky Pirates, ending with Jay and Nya escaping while Nadakhan ordered Clancee to use one of his wishes to wish Cole and Lloyd into the Djinn Blade. Determined not to let them get away, Nadakhan ordered Flintlocke to chase after Nya and Jay.

The Last Resort

When Flintlocke tried to attempt a mutiny, Nadakhan struck him down and told Clancee that he was the new pirate in charge. Later he orders the sky pirates to capture Nya, and they succeed.

Operation Land Ho!

When the Sky Pirates arrive back in the newly reconstructed Djinjago, they set up the djinn wedding ceremony. Nya tells him that she thinks that she was foolish not to side with him before, Nadakhan believes this and walks to the wedding ceremony with her.

The Way Back

The wedding ceremony continued, though, with the arrival of the ninja, he ordered those in attendance to barricade the doors. The ninja broke through, but Clancee was able to complete the ceremony in time and Nadakhan was granted infinite wishes. Using his newfound abilities, the Djinn sent the ninja fleeing by creating dozens of duplicates of himself. He was then called out by Clancee who had realized that the ceremony was only for Nadakhan and in turn, the Djinn banished him, Doubloon, and Monkey Wretch.

With the place to himself, Nadakhan wished that Delara would return to Nya's body. He then tried to impress her with his wishes but was interrupted when Jay crashed the Misfortune's Keep into the temple. The Djinn rushed outside where he confronted the five ninja and managed to turn them all into statues, save for Jay. However, the djinn failed to realize he was being lured into a trap and was shot with a dart of Tiger Widow poison by Flintlocke. Weakened, Djinjago began to crumble but as Jay began to say his final wish, they realized that Nya had been struck by the Tiger Widow venom as well. As she died, Nadakhan regains the Djinn Blade but before he could capture Jay, the Blue Ninja wished that the transpired events had never taken place, to begin with and that the Teapot of Tyrahn was never found. Relenting, Nadakhan stated that his wish was his to keep and collapsed, as the events were erased from history.

As a result, Nadakhan returned to his imprisonment in the Teapot of Tyrahn, which in the altered timeline was taken out to sea by a salvage vessel.


Nadakhan in the Skybound mural, next to Jay and Nya

At one point, Nadakhan was indirectly mentioned by the Police Commissioner as a "pirate genie." Sharing a look while the other ninja were confused by the statement, Jay and Nya were able to look back at the events in a lighthearted way despite the trauma they had endured.[1]

After the reconstruction of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, murals were painted to depict the major historical events and villains the ninja had faced. Even though most of the ninja did not remember him, Nadakhan was considered one of these threats, so one of the murals showed him holding the Djinn Blade and the Realm Crystal.[2]

One of the ice cream flavors at the Dairy Dragon, "Bananakhan," seems to be named after Nadakhan.[3]

Whilst Renzo and Kenzo explain the effects of Two Moon Tea to Garmadon, saying that the tea can enhance the power of beings from other realms, Nadakhan was visualized as an example for djinns.[4]


Nadakhan is shown to be cruel, sinister, and manipulative, as he manipulated Clouse into getting trapped into the Teapot of Tyrahn through the three wishes he granted to him but is confused by modern Ninjago, thinking that a technological device with the face of Cyrus Borg was another Djinn like him. He also is willing to do anything to reunite his pirate crew, going as far as to shapeshift as the ninja to steal the realm crystal and commit various acts of crime, in order to frame them.

He also doesn't take kindly to joking around, nor faced with a serious challenge, as he finds out when he meets the Blue Ninja. Since meeting him, Nadakhan has attempted everything in his abilities to defeat him, only to be met with frustration due to Jay's more positive and determined personality. The ninja's devotion to the Djinn's prime target Nya also adds fuel to the fire, also revealing Nadakhan to dislike any personal competition.

As theorized by Misako and later on implied, Nadakhan was unable to grant wishes for himself, which would provide an enormous frustration with him due to being a Djinn. This, in turn, led him to become a pirate, taking what others had in order to compensate. At some point in his life of piracy, he learned of the ritual that would allow him to be given infinite wishes and sought out with his crew to make it happen—only to be frustrated more when imprisoned by his pirate captain rival, Captain Soto of the Destiny's Bounty. Unsurprisingly, he also regards the realm of Ninjago with jealousy and resentment, likely due to his frustration on being forced to grant the wishes of others and not himself, a limitation not normally imposed on the people of Ninjago, who are able to get what they want without any wishes.

Despite all of his selfish desires, he does truly seem to have sentimental values and does care about several, as for one, he was shown to be pleased when he was reunited with his crew, and he was shown to be rather truthful and kind to them, yet the possibility of infinite wishes made him more selfish towards his crew. Nadakhan appeared to really like his home and considered it a beautiful land, and was also shown to be very sad when his home realm was destroyed and he saw his father choosing to die in his home realm and surprised when his father gave him the sword only meant for the king.

Nadakhan also has a sense of love, as he longed to be with his love, and is shown to be willing to do anything for her and give her anything she desired.


  • Shapeshifting: He is shown to have the ability to shapeshift into mortal beings, and also acquires their powers if they have any. He can also alter his own size, as shown when he made himself smaller when showing off the Teapot of Tyrahn to Misako.
    • Transferring into technology: He can also transfer himself into any piece of technology, as he impersonated Cyrus Borg on a computer which tricked the security droids, who were guarding the Realm Crystal.
  • Teleportation: As a djinn, he can teleport to anywhere he desires. He has also been shown to have extreme speed whilst teleporting; although it is possible to outsmart him by a fakeout, then quickly delivering a hit.
  • Wish granting: He has the ability to grant three wishes to anyone he meets. He also has the power to shoot out a yellow/purple ball of energy that would alter a person's form, as he shot one at Doubloon which altered his form. His Djinn powers also become more powerful with the more wishes he grants.
  • Infinite wishes: Once he married Nya, he acquired the power to grant himself infinite wishes, granting incredible power which turned into balls of black/purple energy. Some of these wishes included banishing Clancee, Doubloon, and Monkey Wretch and also to replace Nya's consciousness with Delara's. He also made five copies of himself for every ninja, so the odds were stacked up against them.


  • Tiger Widow venom: His main weakness is the venom of a Tiger Widow spider According to a few knowledgeable people, a single drop of it was more than enough to kill a grown man in minutes, but can exhaust a Djinn for a prolonged time. His Djinn powers will also lose their strength and causes his newly created Djinjago to collapse.
  • Granting wishes within earshot: His greatest weakness ironically lies in the very wishes he hears; no matter the wish that is spoken, he must grant it if he is within earshot. What is more, if said wish has a selfless intent, Nadakhan cannot twist it for his own benefit. In some cases such as Flintlocke (who was wished by Lloyd to be a lousy shot) was able to overturn this wish based on pure willpower alone.

Wishes granted

Flintlocke (non-canon)

  1. Flintlocke wished to be back on dry land, so Nadakhan transported him into a desert.[5]
  2. Flintlocke wished to be some place cooler, so Nadakhan transported him into an arctic landscape.[5]
  3. Flintlocke wished to be on a true pirate ship, so Nadakhan transported him onto Misfortune's Keep.[5]


  1. Having been crowned the second-prettiest girl at a ball, Dogshank wished to stand out. As a result, Nadakhan made her into an orange behemoth.[6]
  2. Non-canon: Dogshank wished to be the best at everything. Nadakhan transformed her into an orange behemoth in order to win.[7]


  1. Doubloon attempted to wish himself out of punishment for stealing Nadakhan's gold, though Nadakhan used his magic to transform the thief into a silent, literally two-faced individual.[6]

Monkey Wretch

  1. Monkey Wretch wished himself to be the best mechanic around, so Nadakhan turned him into a mechanical monkey, technically making him the best and most efficient mechanic possible.[6]


  1. Clouse wished for his Book of Spells. Nadakhan returned his book to him but the book soon burst into flames, as it was last thrown into a fire.[8]
  2. Clouse wished to become human again. The effect was an extremely painful process.[8]
  3. Clouse wished it all away and was imprisoned in the Djinn Blade.[8]

Wu (non-canon)

  1. Wu wished that no innocents would be harmed in his and Nadakhan's battle in the Library of Domu, so Nadakhan moved the library one second out of the time stream.[9]
  2. Wu wished for the power to defeat Nadakhan, so Nadakhan made Wu so powerful that he shook the ground when he moved and destroyed everything he touched.[9]
  3. Wu wished it all away, having faith that the ninja would stop Nadakhan.[9]


  1. Misako wished to speak to someone in charge. It's unknown how Nadakhan granted this.[10]
    • It is possible that the "someone in charge" was Nadakhan himself.
  2. Misako wished to know where Wu is.[10]
  3. Misako wished she had not revealed the location of the Realm Crystal.[10]


  1. Jay wished he was not born in a junkyard. The effect was that he realized that he was adopted.[11]
  2. Jay wished he was not alone with Nadakhan. As such, Nya entered Cliff Gordon's estate.[11]
  3. Jay wished that the Teapot of Tyrahn was never found in the first place. As such, the events of Skybound were undone.[12]


  1. Kai wished to be taken back. Nadakhan took him back in time to when his father was his age.[11]
  2. Kai wished to be taken back to Ninjago when the girls were crazy for him.[11]
  3. Kai wished it all away.[11]


  1. Zane wished that Nadakhan would not twist his words.[13]
  2. Zane wished that any damage done to him would be done to Nadakhan tenfold. Nadakhan began erasing bits of data from his hard drive, deleting P.I.X.A.L. in the process.[13]
  3. Zane wished it all away.[13]


  1. Cole wished that Vengestone would make their powers stronger, making them too strong.[14]
  2. Cole wished that Nadakhan didn't have his sword, causing the Djinn Blade to move out of Nadakhan's hand before Flintlocke returned it to him.[14]
  3. Cole wished everyone off of Misfortune's Keep, causing the ship to tilt sideways and its residents to tumble out.[14]


  1. Nya wished that someone told her they would use wishes, which did not seem to have any effect.[14]
  2. Nya wished that Cole hadn't wished them all off of the ship, which did not seem to have any effect either.[14]
  3. Nya wished that the clouds would stop them all from falling from the ship, causing the clouds to become solid, bouncy objects.[14]


  1. Lloyd wished that Flintlocke was a lousy shot, making him temporary lose his aiming skills.[14]
  2. Lloyd wished that he was wise like Wu, causing him to grow old as well.[14]
  3. Lloyd wished for a sword to pierce a cloud, which allowed Nya and Jay to escape.[14]


  1. Upon Nadakhan's insistence, Clancee wished it all away, causing Cole and Lloyd to be sucked into the Djinn Blade.[14]
  2. Upon Nadakhan's insistence, Clancee wished he could see where Nya was, allowing Nadakhan to learn that Nya and Jay were hidden at Lighthouse Island.[15]
  3. Clancee wished that Nadakhan would listen to him for once, forcing Nadakhan to pause to hear Clancee's reproach of him.[12]

Elemental Masters

Nadakhan granted the following Elemental Masters three wishes and tricked them into wishing themselves away as he did with the ninja:[16][17]




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Official descriptions description

Nadakhan is a djinn, and prince of the Djinjago realm, who was once a feared pirate that was infamous for his immense and supernatural powers. Now he leads a motley band of sky pirates and is the captain of the Misfortune’s Keep. He regards the NINJAGO world with jealousy and resentment.[18]

Character Encyclopedia New Edition

Nadakhan, prince of Djinjago, is a djinn, a magical being who can grant wishes. He blames the ninja for the destruction of his homeland, Djinjago, and with his motley pirate crew in tow, he is now seeking revenge.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Video games

Behind the scenes

  • His name was originally "Azad." It was changed halfway through production due to the name being too similar to a real life Syrian dictator named "Bashar al-Assad." Because of this, the cast had to redo many of their lines.[19]
    • Because of this, some episode descriptions originally used the name "Azad", but services like Amazon Prime Video eventually changed his name to Nadakhan.[20]
  • The name "Nadakhan" has several hidden meanings:
    • It sounds like "not a con," hinting at his treacherous nature and tendency to trick others into making wishes he can twist to his advantage.
    • It's a combination of "nada," the Spanish word for zero or nothing, and "khan," the Mongolian term for "king." This may hint at the fact that he's now the king of Djinnjago, but his kingdom has zero people.
    • It sounds similar to the word "nautical" which means relating to sailors or ship navigation.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Nadakhan is based on "Aladdin stuff and Dracula for love story," later clarifying it was Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 film version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.[21]
    • Both Nadakhan and the Genie from Aladdin have the same hairstyle in black color, have a lower body of smoke, and were trapped in golden teapots.
  • His minifigure's tailpiece is a recolored version of the Ghost tail. In the series, his lower body appears as a column of orange smoke.
    • The use of this piece is because LEGO wanted to keep using it since they'd already made the materials for the previous season, so the Hageman Brothers came up with the idea to use it for a Djinn.[22]
  • He uses the same hairpiece as Ultra Violet, Daddy No Legs, Richie, Murt, Moe, PoulErik, and General Magmar from Nexo Knights.
    • Unlike most of these characters, Nadakhan's minifigure does not have a "hollow stud" (LEGO part 28626) connecting this hairpiece to his head, which makes it fall out more easily.


  • Nadakhan is a boss in level 12 of Ninjago Skybound.
  • Nadakhan may have inherited his mustache from the unknown past Djinn King of whom he created a statue in "The Way Back," as the statue depicts the unknown Djinn king with similar facial hair.
  • A Djinn is a mythical being that grants someone three wishes. Nadakhan, however, uses this ability to turn their wishes into nightmares that will aid his power. Djinn is actually not a traditional term for a genie; it is simply used as such in the show.
    • In the Ninjago universe, djinns can grant almost any wish, save for wishes involving love, death, additional wishes, and wishes for themselves. These rules can be broken once a Djinn prince marries and becomes a king.
  • In "My Dinner With Nadakhan," it was revealed that Nadakhan had always wanted to make wishes for himself and didn't want to make wishes come true for others. This was why he decided to live a life of piracy in Ninjago so to gain things for himself.
  • Nadakhan is similar to Pythor in several respects.
    • Both are charming, charismatic leaders who are the last of their kind.
    • Both stood out from the rest of their species, with Pythor having a different appearance from the other Anacondrai despite not being a general and Nadakhan being selfish, greedy, and disrespectful in a race of otherwise honorable djinns.
    • Both ultimately lost support and friendship from their underlings.
    • Both were imprisoned by their enemies long before the series began, only to be freed in their debut episode, going on to become the main antagonists of their season.
    • Finally, both suffered defeat in an ironic fashion: Pythor was eaten by the Great Devourer after awakening it, while Nadakhan was forced to undo the events of Skybound by Jay's final wish.
  • Nadakhan is the last djinn due to the destruction of Djinjago.
  • Ironically, despite spending much of his screentime attempting to marry Nya, Nadakhan never found out that the Ninja of Water was inadvertently responsible for the destruction of Djinjago (by destroying the Cursed Realm in the previous season).
  • Nadakhan appears as a boss in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame "The Savage Skyship" and can be unlocked as a playable character by achieving gold medal status in said dojo, which requires the player to accumulate at least 80,000 studs.
  • With his infinite wishes, Nadakhan is one of the most powerful characters in the show, as he gains infinite power.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Nadakhan most likely remembers the events of Skybound and is not happy about it.[23][24][25]
  • He is the second villain to appear in the intro of his season, the first being the Overlord, the third being the Time Twins, the fourth being Garmadon, and the fifth being Iron Baron.
  • He is one of the five main antagonists to be from another realm, the others being: The Preeminent, Iron Baron, The Omega, and Vex.
  • He is the first prince to appear in the show.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Nadakhan's history is common knowledge,[26] which is why the Police Commissioner referenced him in "Dread on Arrival," despite only meeting him in an alternate timeline.


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Wu's Academy students

Brad Tudabone · Finn · Gene · Marla · Sally · Tommy

Stone Army

Creator: The Overlord
Leader: General Kozu
Giant Stone Warrior · Stone Warriors · Stone Swordsmen · Stone Scouts

Nindroid Army

Leader: General Cryptor
Nindroid Warriors · Nindroid Drones · Min-Droid

Anacondrai Cultists

Leader: Master Chen
Clouse · Zugu · Eyezor · Kapau · Chope · Sleven · Krait
Former members: Skylor

Elemental Masters

Current Elemental Masters: Ash · Bolobo · Chamille · Gravis · Griffin Turner · Jacob Pevsner · Karlof · Neuro · Mr. Pale · Shade · Skylor · Tox
Previous Elemental Masters: Master of Amber · Cole's grandfather · Griffin Turner's grandparent · Jay's mother · Lilly · Master of Gravity · Master of Ice · Unknown Elemental Master · Master of Shadow · Master of Sound · Maya · Ray · Skylor's mother

Ghost Warriors

Leader: The Preeminent
General: Morro
Ghost Masters: Soul Archer · Bansha · Ghoultar · Wrayth
Ghost Ninja: Attila · Hackler · Ming · Spyder · Howla · Yokai · Wooo
Ghost Warriors: Cowler · Cyrus · Ghurka · Karenn · Pitch · Pyrrhus · Wail
Other: Skreemers

Yang's students

Leader: Master Yang
Chris · Martin · "Chuck"

Sky Pirates

Leader: Nadakhan
Flintlocke · Delara · Dogshank · Doubloon · Monkey Wretch · Clancee · Bucko · Cyren
Other: Skeleton figurehead
Former members: Sqiffy

Ninjago City Police

Leader: Police Commissioner
Butchie · Coast Guard · Hounddog McBrag · Jimmy · Joe · Night Watchman · Noonan · O'Doyle · Police Officer · Prison guards · Simon · Tommy


Khanjikhan · Nadakhan · Nadakhan's mother

Shadow Army

Leader: Clouse


Leaders: Acronix · Krux
Supreme Commander Machia · Commander Raggmunk · Commander Blunck · Slackjaw · Rivett · Tannin · Vermin
Other: Buffmillion

Sons of Garmadon

Leaders: Lord Garmadon · Harumi
Generals: Killow · Mr. E · Ultra Violet
Luke Cunningham · Chopper Maroon · Mohawk · Skip Vicious · Nails · Sawyer · Scooter · Buffer · "Snake Jaguar"
Other: Colossus

Royal Family of Ninjago

Emperor of Ninjago · Empress of Ninjago · Princess Harumi · Hutchins · Royal Guards

Dragon Hunters

Leader: Faith
Jet Jack · Daddy No Legs · Muzzle · Chew Toy · Arkade · Skullbreaker · Stalwart Dangerbuff · Otto Pilot · Talon · Nitro · "Rocky Dangerbuff" · "Dangerbuff Junior"
Former members: Iron Baron


Mystake · The Omega

Pyro Vipers

Leader: Aspheera
Char · Pyro Destroyers · Pyro Slayers · Pyro Whippers
Former members: Mambo V · Mambo's advisor

Ninjago City Council

Leader: Ulysses Trustable
Dwayne · Andrea Thomson · May Robsen
Former members: Ninjago City's former mayor

Blizzard Samurai

Leader: Ice Emperor
General Vex
Blizzard Warriors: Grimfax
Blizzard Sword Masters · Blizzard Archers

Explorer's Club

Leader: Cecil Putnam
Clutch Powers · Percy Shippelton · Security guards · Smythe · Underhill
Former members: Dwayne · Misako


Leader: Sammy
Antonia · Jonesy · Leroy · Nelson · Spokes · Ten-Speed
Former members: Knuckles


Leader: Formling Leader
Akita · Kataru · Vex

Ice Fishers

Leader: Sorla
Uthaug · Boma


Creator: Milton Dyer
Ballistic Missiles: Anthony Brutinelli
Chrome Domes: Hyper-Sonic
Admin Droid · Adventure-Ready Woman · Avatar Pink Zane · Gamer Geek · Newbie Gamer · Okino · Racer Seven · Scott · Shifty · Successful Samurai
League of Jay: Beta Jay 137 · Dee-Jay 81 · Jaybird 64 · Jaywalkin 238

Unagami's army

Leader: Unagami
Red Visors: Red 27 · Red 29
Avatar Harumi · Sushimi · Hostess · Sushimi's sushi chefs
Allies: The Mechanic · Henchmen · Ultra Violet · Captain Soto · Richie · Ritchie

Whack Rats

Leader: Atta the Ratta
Richie · Ritchie


Leader: Skull Sorcerer
Hazza D'ur

Sky Folk

Leaders: King Vangelis (formerly) · Queen Vania
Army of Shintaro: Hailmar


Leader: Queen Murtessa
Manko · Meeha · Mid · Moe · Mood · Mudd · Murt · Murt Snr · Munce Sentries


Leader: Chancellor Gulch
Gleck · Gliff · Groko · Garpo · Ginkle · Mr. Wise


Fungus · Korgran · Plundar


Leader: Chief Mammatus
PoulErik · Rumble Keepers · Thunder Keepers

Mary Louise's crew

Leader: Captain
Collins · Kwon · Mariano


Leader: King Benthomaar
Glutinous · Nyad
Maaray Guards: Gripe
Former leaders: King Trimaar · King Kalmaar

Warriors of Felis

Leader: Nineko

Order of Felis

Leader: Komala
Dillon · Adara


Leader: Tanabrax
Bunch · Moody


Hana · Obachan · Shin · Kenji · Uchida · Mrs. Uchida · Old Man Jiro

Snake warriors (non-canon)

Boa Destructor · Cobra Mechanic · Python Dynamite · Viper Flyer · Sneaky Snake

Red Crows

Leader: Mogra
Killow · Ultra Violet · Francis

Two Moon Village

Kenzo · Renzo · Saeko · Min

Vengestone army

Leader: Crystal King
Council of the Crystal King: Kabuki Mask · Mister F · Aspheera · Vangelis · Pythor · The Mechanic
Vengestone Warriors · Vengestone Brutes · Vengestone Guards

New Ninja

Leader: Teal Ninja
Fuchsia Ninja · Orange Ninja · Pink Ninja · Yellow Ninja

Other classifications

Ghosts · Humans · Nindroids

Other groups/sub-groups

Elemental Alliance · Fast Chickens · Kryptarium inmates (The Needles) · Ninja Replacements · The Resistance · The Resistance (Crystalized) · The Resistance (Never-Realm) · The Royal Blacksmiths · Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master · Spin Harmony · Stranded ninja · Time Twins · Treble Makers


Cole's family · Jay's family · Kai and Nya's family · Lloyd's family · Royal Family of Djinjago · Royal Family of Merlopia · Royal Family of Ninjago · Royal Family of Shintaro · Skales' family · Skylor's family · Zane's family

In-universe fictional characters

Britts Subskian · Commander Kiflin · Jack the Rabbit · Imperial Sludge · Master Whoosh (non-canon)


Barracudox · Bob Rattlebottom · Cardinsto · Carridi · Cece · Christina · Chuck · Claire · Diaman · Eileen · Flerry McFloyster · Gahrann the Dreamer · Genn · Golden Ninja · Green Screen Gary · Hai · Hibiki · Insect Master · Ivy Walker · Jeremiah Bobblestein · Jesper · Kaito · Kirchonn the Invincible · Lar · Larry · Lloyd Garmadon (The LEGO Movie) · Mask of Malice · Mei · Moe · Mr. Righty Tighty · Neido · Nobu · Phantom Ninja · Quartet of Villains · Rachel Sparrow · Robot Manager · Ronin's daughter · Ronin's wife · Samurai warrior · Scott Digato · Seliel · Seliel's father · Six-Armed Warriors · Snake villain · Spinjago Citizen · Suzie Wheeler · Time Ninja · Tito · Wishmaster · Zoltar
Ninjago Magazine: Buffer · Nitro · Sawyer · Scooter · Talon · Mr. Wise


Adam · Balee · Bears (Kuma) · Beavers · Colossus · Craglings · Elemental Cobras · Fire Fang · Fluffy · Geotomic Rock Monsters · Guide Parrot · Ice Behemoth · Ice bird · Ice Serpent · Leviathans · Monster sushi · Mud monsters · Nimbus · Pebbles · Rodrigo · Ross · Sir Chomps-A-Lot · Snickers · Stone Hawk · The Chroma · Treehorn queen · Wojira · Wu's chicken · Wu's dog · Yeti (Krag) · Zane's Mino
Dragons: Blue Dragon · Boreal · Chompy · Crystal beasts · Dragon keeper · Empire Dragon · Fire Dragon (Core) · Fire Dragon (Realm of Oni and Dragons) · Flame · Firstbourne · Ghost Dragons · Grief-Bringer · Ice Dragon (Realm of Oni and Dragons) · Pet dragon · Rocky · Shard · Slab · Stormbringer · Stormbringer's baby · Thunder Dragon · Ultra Dragon · Wind Dragon · Wisp · YinYang Dragon (Light Dragon · Shadow Dragon)

Unseen characters

Dr. Berkman · Grumbmiller · Milton Dyer's father · Sybex Tribe · Quanish the Elder · Trylle · Dr. Yost

Ninjago City residents

Barry · Benny · Brayden Nelson · The Fold · Fugi-Dove's brother · Hayley Wolfe · Jake · Jay Vincent · Jeffy · Joshua Deck · Lachlan Jansen · Michael Kramer · Mrs. Dyer · Patty Keys · Phil · Postman · Roise · Rufus McCallister · Vlad Tutu ·


Announcer · Ayla · Bank Boss · Bob the Intern · Cathy · Circus Clown · Clancee's mother · Cliff Gordon · Construction workers · Cook · Cragger · Dr. Julien · Echo Zane · Ed · Edna · Egon the Extraordinary · First Spinjitzu Master · Fenwick · Fugi-Dove · Grimfax's advisor · Hageman · Hageman Brothers · Harumi's father · Harumi's mother · Jamanakai Villagers · Johnny · Korgran's father · Laval · Lou · Lumberjacks · Magician · Mascots · Mina · Miss Demeanor · Monks · Motorcycle Mechanic · Museum Curator · Nindroid Sentries · Ninjago soldiers · Nobu · Reflectra · Repo Man · Restaurant Owner · Rice farmers · Ronin · Sage · Santa Claus · Sally's parents · Security guards (Borg Industries) · Security guards (Ninjago City) · Sentry General · Shezada · Ship Captain · Skeleton · Stone Guardians · Tour Guide · Twitchy Tim · Warden Noble
Robots: Auto · Juggernaut · Robo Usher 3000 ·Tai-D