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Nature is an element in Ninjago. It is generally associated with the color jade/green and corresponds with the Elemental Nature Dragon. Users of the element of Nature are able to manipulate plants and nature.

Users' abilities

  • Chlorokinesis/Ecokinesis - The user can create and control plants, including vines and parts of plants, such as leaves, roots, and seeds, for a variety of purposes: trapping enemies, making an escape route, or blocking incoming attacks. It may be possible for some users to command sentient plant creatures. They can also connect, communicate, influence, manipulate, and blend in with nature, allowing them to control all living things and natural phenomena, including forests, living plants, and different environments.
    • Plant Growth - The user can grow plants from the ground to create traps or accelerate the growth of plants.
    • Plant Generation - The user can generate plants, including vines and parts of plants usually to trap and ensnare an adversary.

Notable uses


As Kai attempted to flee, Chen used the Staff of Elements's control over Nature to create vines to entangle the Master of Fire, trapping him.


Staff of Elements




Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 4: Tournament of Elements


  • It's unknown if Cardinsto really is an Elemental Master of Nature. However, since Wu says he's a wizard, he may just use magic.
  • Nature's abilities other than making vines have never been demonstrated in the show, Bolobo's official description says he can control any plants and trees.
  • Despite the fact that whenever Bolobo uses nature, he creates vines, although it is obvious that he can control nature that he did not create.
  • It is unknown whether Bolobo creates vines from his driftwood bo staff or just accelerates the growth of the sprout from the staff.



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