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Netflix is a streaming service available worldwide. It was founded in 1997, starting as a DVD rental service, moving to streaming film and television in 2007. Ninjago is streamed globally on the service, with availability varying between countries. An exclusive 'Happy Birthday' special mini-episode is also available to watch.


Different countries have different seasons to stream.

  • All seasons besides the pilot episodes, "Day of the Departed", The Island, and Seabound are available to watch in America.
  • Australia and Hong Kong only have season one and seasons eight to The Island.
  • The UK has seasons one to five, seven to ten, eleven to thirteen.
  • Canada has seasons one to thirteen.
  • Latin America has all the seasons besides the pilot episodes, "Day of the Departed", The Island, and Seabound as well, just like in the United States.
  • The Philippines has seasons one, two, eight, nine, ten, and eleven to The Island. Previously, it had all of the seasons up until Season 10 and Day of the Departed.
  • Sweden has all seasons except season 12 and 13, although seasons 1 to 5 are only available in the Swedish dub. They also have the pilot episodes.
  • Hungary has season 1-11 with the exception of season 6-8.


  • Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (WILFilm ApS / seasons 1 - 10) and Ninjago (WildBrain / season 11 onward) are counted as two separate series.
    • Seasons ten through thirteen were added in the United States on November 1, 2020, though with some errors:[1]
      • Only the Ice Chapter was included for Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, though the episodes were still numbered 16 through 30. However, this was corrected when Netflix added the Fire Chapter on November 4th, 2020.[2]
      • Seasons twelve and thirteen are counted as one season (though this is not technically an error, as broadcasters bought the two seasons together[3]) and labeled "Season 2", with the Season 13 episodes being labeled "Episode 17" through "Episode 32" rather than their official titles.
      • Season 11 is called "Secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu" rather than "Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu".
      • "Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?" is misspelled "Woud You Like to Enter Prime Empire?"
        • This is also the case on Netflix Australia.
  • There is also a slightly inaccurate description for the series: "Five golden weapons were forged in the heavens above. With them, a ninja master has the power to create -- or destroy!"
  • Rise of the Snakes is labeled as "Rise of the Serpentine" in Australia and the UK.

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