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“Release me! I saved you and you betray me?! You abandon me?! You-you...treacherous dog! You deceiver! You will pay for this, Wu! DO YOU HEAR ME?! IF IT TAKES A THOUSAND YEARS! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!”
Aspheera to Wu

Never Trust a Human is the eleventh episode of the eleventh season of Ninjago and the 109th episode overall. It aired on July 27, 2019, in the United States, on August 26, 2019 in Australia, and on September 13, 2019 in Canada. It was paired up with "Under Siege."


A flashback episode tells the story of Young Wu and Young Garmadon meeting Aspheera and teaching her the secrets of Spinjitzu.[1]

Extended: Young Wu and Young Garmadon break one of their father's rules and sneak into the valley of the Serpentine, where they discover an amazing pyramid and glimpse King Mambo's army. Unfortunately, they are discovered and arrested. King Mambo himself orders the children imprisoned for the night (to think upon their foolishness). In the middle of the night, however, a young Serpentine girl named Aspheera arrives and offers to free the children on the condition that they reveal the secrets of Spinjitzu to her. The brothers reluctantly agree. While Young Garmadon has no intention of keeping his promise, Young Wu does and returns to teach Aspheera Spinjitzu. Using this knowledge, Aspheera overthrows King Mambo and plans to conquer all of NINJAGO. Young Wu and Young Garmadon sneak into their father's study to steal the two Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu, which amplify the brothers' powers so that they can defeat Aspheera and return King Mambo to his rightful throne. In the end, Aspheera is imprisoned and pleads for Wu to release her (as she released him). Wu refuses and Aspheera vows vengeance.[2]


Back when humans and Serpentine were enemies, a young Wu grew tired of going to the lake, so he proposed to Garmadon that they visit the Serpentine. At first, Garmadon rejected the idea but eventually agrees to come with Wu.

The brothers hid in bushes and marveled at the Serpentine as they continued construction on their pyramids. Before they could leave, they were spotted by the Serpentine and arrested.

Wu and Garmadon are then escorted to Mambo V who tells the brothers that they have violated laws between humans and Serpentine. As a result, they are punished by being held in a cell for the night.

Now inside their holding cell, Garmadon and Wu began to argue, but they are interrupted by a young Aspheera who questioned the brothers if they are the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master. She then promised the brothers of freedom only if they could teach her Spinjitzu. Both brothers agree, and Aspheera freed the brothers, and they immediately head home.

Before they could head to their rooms, the First Spinjitzu Master questioned the brothers of their whereabouts since they arrived late at night, and the brothers lie to their father. They then glimpse at their father's work which are the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Unfortunately, the First Spinjitzu Master told his sons that the scrolls weren't for them since it possessed too much power.

That night, Wu was troubled on the promise he made to Aspheera knowing his brother Garmadon wouldn't uphold his end of the bargain, so the next morning, Wu went off to find Aspheera and made her promise that she would never use Spinjitzu for evil. She agrees and they began to train.

In the upcoming weeks, Aspheera mastered the art of Spinjitzu, but little did Wu know that he was being spied by Garmadon. So when Wu arrived home, he was criticized by Garmadon for teaching her Spinjitzu and believed that a snake should not be trusted. This prompted another fight between the brothers and Wu getting hurt. Ever since that moment, the brothers decided to isolate and not talk to each other.

A few weeks later, Wu noticed people who were marching away from their homes and questioned one of the villagers. He tells Wu that King Mambo has been overthrown by a Serpentine who knows Spinjitzu, and she plans to expand her empire. After hearing the news, Wu told Garmadon and both promised to put an end to Aspheera's reign. In order to overthrow Aspheera, it required stealing the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu despite the First Spinjitzu Master prohibiting the use of the scroll.

The brothers, while still daybreak, head to the pyramids where Aspheera performs Spinjitzu among the Serpentine to defeat Mambo V in order to signify a change in power.

At night, the brothers make their move and head to the throne room where Aspheera is located. With the guards surrounding them, Garmadon fought the guards while Wu fought Aspheera. With the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, Wu successfully defeats Aspheera who is angry she wasn't taught Spinjitzu that Wu performed.

While Wu was walking by Aspheera's cell, she demanded that she were to be released just as she did to Wu and Garmadon, but Wu declined her request. This caused Aspheera to be filled with anger and dubbing Wu a "Treacherous Deceiver."

In the end, Mambo V was restored as king and the peace between Man and Serpentine was kept. Meanwhile, Aspheera would be placed in a magical tomb that would hold her until her sins are forgotten.










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  • Narrator: Wu
  • During the flashback, a yellow filter is used, which emphasizes the atmosphere of ancient times Small spots also flash in the background, just like in old movies.
    • The yellow filter effect was also used in "Tick Tock."
  • The painting behind Wu at the beginning of the episode says "Ninjago Ancient Amazing OKD" in Ninjargon.
  • When the episode was uploaded to LEGO's YouTube channel, after Char said "Asphago?", Aspheera said "you idiot" instead "you fool"[3]


  • The title is a nod to the title of the episode, "Never Trust a Snake."
  • This is the first episode of the series to take place almost entirely in the past.
  • Cole and Lloyd are seen in this episode but do not speak.
  • This is the second episode in which Jay does not physically appear, the first being "The News Never Sleeps!."
  • This is Garmadon's first appearance in person since "Endings," albeit only in a flashback.
  • Initially, the exact placement of the events shown in this episode was unconfirmed.[4] It could have been placed after Garmadon was bitten by the Great Devourer, as seen in "Tick Tock," due to Wu and Garmadon's slightly longer legs; and it could have been placed before Garmadon's bite due to the family living in a different home. Eventually, Tommy Andreasen confirmed that the events of this episode did indeed take place before the events of the flashback in "Tick Tock."[5]
  • Wu's flashback of how he defeated Aspheera is different from Acidicus's story in "Ancient History."
    • In Wu's flashback, Wu defeated Aspheera in order to restore Mambo V to his throne, while the Serpentine book said that Wu was evil and corrupted Aspheera. It is implied in this episode that Aspheera overthrew Mambo after learning Spinjitzu, while in the book it said that Wu made Aspheera turn against him.
  • This episode shares several similarities with "Corruption":
    • Wu and Garmadon spying on Mambo V's Palace is similar to how Vex was spying on the palace because both spied on palaces and both were caught.
    • The episodes are similar in that they both take place mostly in flashback, which explains the background of the main villain of the chapter.
  • Garmadon's line "I said no. N-O!," which he tells Wu in this episode is based on Lloyd's line "No. N-O!" from "The Darkness Comes," suggesting their kinship.


  • Lloyd was seen at the beginning of the episode, even though he was in Ninjago City with Zane and Nya at the time.
  • When Wu and Garmadon get caught, two serpents pupils appear to be at the back of their eyes.
  • When Wu was close to defeating Aspheera, Char is seen with his snake armor, but when Aspheera surrenders, his armor disappears.
  • When Wu and Garmadon went to their father's desk to take the Forbidden Scrolls, nine scrolls were seen. But once the scrolls were taken, only one was seen.



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