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New Djinjago was a group of floating landmasses in the skies of Ninjago, created to supplant Djinjago after it collapsed as a result of the Cursed Realm's destruction. Given an ancient weapon by his father, the Djinn Nadakhan absorbed souls into a sword, which allowed him to tear chunks out of Ninjago and levitate them in the sky in an effort to recreate his home realm. Using various vehicles, including Raid Zeppelins and Misfortune's Keep, Nadakhan successfully resurrected his realm within Ninjago, and then sought to marry Nya in order to gain infinite wishes.

After Jay freed his fellow Ninja from Nadakhan's Sword of Souls, they went off to the wedding ceremony at the Temple of Airjitzu (which was lifted into the sky earlier on) to poison Nadakhan and save Nya. Wu, Misako and various other allies went back to Ninjago to commence an evacuation, knowing that if Nadakhan is struck by a Tiger Widow's venom, he will lose his powers and New Djinjago will fall apart onto Ninjago far below.

The Ninja fly and crash Misfortune's Keep through Yang's former temple, destroying both the temple and the airship. Aided by Flintlocke and Dogshank, the Ninja weaken Nadakhan with the venom—which causes New Djinjago to start crumbling apart, destroying much of the city below along with the Ninjas' ship. However, Jay realizes Nya was hit by the venom as well, and she dies. As Nadakhan tries to strike him down with his sword, Jay wishes none of the events since Clouse found the Teapot of Tyrahn and freed Nadakhan had transpired. Weak and unable to twist his words, Nadakhan granted Jay's final wish, erasing recent events.

With the Cursed Realm destroyed, Djinjago collapsed and the Sword of Souls was lost with it, while the Teapot of Tyrahn was buried under scrap metal on a barge in Stiix, and consequently, Clouse never found it.

Currently, the last remnant of New Djinjago in the new timeline is the floating island containing the Temple of Airjitzu.


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