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“Your nindroids have failed, General Cryptor, but my next creation won't.”

The Nindroid MechDragon is a large Dragon Mech created by the Digital Overlord. Its primary goal was to capture Lloyd and steal his Golden Power, and its master sent it out on its first attempt to go after Lloyd and Garmadon, who was with him at the time. The two evaded the dragon using the Proto Sam-X, though the mechanical creature eventually collapsed after the ninja shut down the Storm Farms.

The Digital Overlord later used the MechDragon as his third vessel, shortly after possessing Cyrus Borg and a Nindroid Warrior. The Overlord-possessed MechDragon carried Pythor and a corrupted Master Wu to Hiroshi's Labyrinth, in which they captured Lloyd and left Garmadon to die in the Endless Sea. Inside the MechDragon, the Overlord began draining Lloyd of his Golden Power. Just as he had almost finished doing so, the ninja destroyed the Digital Overlord within the Digiverse, cutting off his connection with the MechDragon and sending it plummeting into the sea, though Lloyd managed to escape right before it hit the ocean. Shortly after its crash, Pythor and several Nindroids dove underwater to lift the MechDragon to the surface in order to retrieve the Overlord's incomplete new body.

It is currently unknown what happened to the MechDragon after the Nindroid crisis.


The Art of the Silent Fist

The Nindroid MechDragon is first seen as it was finished and tasked by the Digital Overlord to hunt down and capture Lloyd. It finds Master Garmadon and Lloyd on the riverside and relentlessly pursues them until the other ninja shuts down New Ninjago City's power plant. Deprived of its main energy source, the MechDragon collapses onto the ground in front of the Proto Sam-X, as Garmadon and Lloyd leave its body behind.

The Curse of the Golden Master

Following his expulsion from a Nindroid Warrior's body by the ninja, the reactivated Digital Overlord possesses the MechDragon, which now has Electro-Cobrai installed in its body to function as its new energy source sometime after its recovery. Following his alliance with Pythor P. Chumsworth, the Digital Overlord uses the MechDragon to pursue and finally capture Lloyd, using the corrupted Master Wu to take Garmadon as a hostage.

Enter the Digiverse

After Lloyd's capture, the Overlord keeps him hostage inside the MechDragon's lab, as no one can rescue him while he drains the Green Ninja's Golden Power. However, the ninja managed to reboot the Digiverse, severing the Overlord's connection to the MechDragon. With its master and controller gone, it crashes into the ocean, setting Lloyd free while trapping the Overlord's incomplete new form within itself.

Codename: Arcturus

Pythor and the Nindroid Warriors locate the MechDragon underwater and attempt to retrieve it. Eventually, Pythor orders the Nindroids to use specialized balloons to lift the disabled MechDragon out of the water, and it has not been seen since.

LEGO Dimensions (non-canon)

While battling Vortech, Wyldstyle, Batman, and Gandalf would summon the MechDragon to fight his falcon form. Engaging in a brief battle, the MechDragon would proceed to slam the two of them into the ground, destroying itself and wounding Vortech. description

The MechDragon was a terrifying artificial dragon, often piloted by the Overlord himself. It was designed to hunt down Lloyd and extract his Golden Power. In the head of the dragon was an advanced lab for this purpose. When the ninja rebooted the system in the Digiverse, the MechDragon fell to the sea, containing the reformed Overlord – now in his physical body. The Nindroid MechDragon was extremely durable and able to fly at high speed. Its primary weapons were a cannon mounted on its back and sawblades on its wings.[1]


The MechDragon was extremely powerful and durable, as it was able to endure immense punishment even while pursuing its targets. Its wings enabled it to fly at high speeds and were equipped with large saw blades to cut through obstacles without losing speed. Its primary weapon was a large cannon on its back, though unlike regular dragons, it seemed to lack a breath attack. It also had an advanced lab inside its hull, which was designed by the Overlord to drain Golden Power from anyone containing it.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 3: Rebooted

Video games


  • The Nindroid MechDragon was the first Dragon Mech in Ninjago.
  • Other than Lloyd, no other ninja has fought the MechDragon in person nor did they ever see it.




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