Nindroid Swarm was a game added to the LEGO Ninjago website on the 1st of November as a precursor to the 2014 Rebooted line of Ninjago. It consists of a simple enemy "smash" feature, the more evil Nindroids smashed, the more Rewards you get. It was later removed on the 27th of November as the LEGO website updated the Ninjago page.


  • Among all the rewards, there are wallpapers (one of which does not yet work), Adobe files and two videos, one being a trailer for a game and another being a short "making of" video regarding the game.
  • At least 10 Nindroids need to be smashed to obtain 4 wallpaper rewards.
  • At least 19 Nindroids need to be smashed to obtain 5 concept art rewards.
  • At least 30 Nindroids need to be smashed to get 2 movie rewards.


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