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Ninja   Secret Ninja Force    
“For years, I have trained my ninja. They have grown powerful. They have reached their True Potential. They have become family.”
Master Wu[1]

The ninja[2] (also known as the Masters of Spinjitzu[3]) are a group of young warriors formed by Master Wu to protect the land of Ninjago from evil. Since the team's formation, they have fought many foes. After Cole, Kai, Jay, and Zane united, they fought Lord Garmadon and the Skulkin, and later, Pythor and the Serpentine, which were freed by Lloyd Garmadon. Lloyd would become the legendary Green Ninja, while his father, Lord Garmadon, returned and continued to pose a threat, alongside the Overlord and the Stone Army.

As the years went on, the ninja faced further obstacles and adversaries and even gained a new recruit (Nya), who joined the team as the Water Ninja. They battled the Golden Master and the Nindroids, Master Chen and the Anacondrai Warriors, the Preeminent and Morro and the Ghost Warriors, Nadakhan and the Sky Pirates in an erased timeline, Clouse and the Shadow Army, and the Time Twins and the Vermillion.

After Wu's disappearance, Lloyd achieved the rank of Master, and since Wu's return, they have fought Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon, with both the former and latter backed by the resurrected Lord Garmadon himself; Iron Baron and the Dragon Hunters, and the Omega and the Oni.

After a six-month-long period of peace, they battled Aspheera and the Pyro Vipers, the Ice Emperor (discovered to be an amnesiac Zane manipulated by General Vex) and the Blizzard Samurai, and Unagami and his army.

Sometime after freeing the trapped gamers, the ninja wound up in the Dungeons of Shintaro, where they faced off against the Skull Sorcerer and his army of Awakened Warriors while ending a war between the Munce and the Geckles. With the power of the Spinjitzu Burst, Cole defeated the masked villain, freeing the two tribes from his tyranny, and the ninja and their master went off in search of another adventure.


Return of Lord Garmadon


Dreading the return of his evil brother, Lord Garmadon, who is desperate to claim the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu, Master Wu, the younger son of the First Spinjitzu Master who created Ninjago with the weapons, searched the land for four teenagers to find the weapons first. He came across the current Elemental Masters of the Elements of Creation: Cole—Master of Earth, Zane—Master of Ice, Jay—Master of Lightning, and Kai—Master of Fire, whose sister Nya had been kidnapped by Garmadon's army of Skulkin, though none of the four had unlocked their respective Elemental Powers yet. With Wu's teaching, the four became ninja, learned the art of Spinjitzu, and retrieved all but the last weapon, the Sword of Fire. Unfortunately, Garmadon used Nya to lure Kai to the Fire Temple and stole the sword while the Skeleton Army sneaked up on the sleeping ninja and stole the other three weapons.

Skeletons ep.2.redo.jpg

Wu followed the Skulkin general Samukai to the Underworld while the ninja followed him by taming the four Dragons who guarded the Golden Weapons.

The four watched as Wu and Samukai fought, each wielding two of the four weapons. Samukai eventually gained a hold of all four, however, their immense power overwhelmed him leading to his death, the ensuing tear through space and time allowing Garmadon to escape to the Realm of Madness, which would enable him to wield all four weapons without death. Once the ninja, along with Nya, had moved to Wu's Monastery, they continuing their training for Garmadon's return.

Rise of the Serpentine

Playing video games

Unfortunately, lack of action led them to laziness, preferring to play video games instead of staying fit and powerful. Unbeknownst to them, a new threat was brewing. Wishing to live up to his father's feared name, while harboring feelings of sadness for his dad's departure, Garmadon's son Lloyd sought to cause chaos in Ninjago, and achieve his selfish desires in the process. After the ninja made a fool of him, he inadvertently led to the successful release of all five tribes of the mythical Serpentine (one tribe, the Hypnobrai, burning down Wu's Monastery, forcing the team to relocate to the Destiny's Bounty, a damaged pirate ship Zane found by following a mysterious Falcon), now led by the last of the Anacondrai, Pythor P. Chumsworth, who seeks the Fangblades to awaken the Great Devourer, the monster responsible for turning Garmadon's heart evil.


Fangpyre, Hypnobrai, Constrictai, and Venomari.

The ninja battle the united Serpentine, while a mysterious samurai continuously steals their thunder. Eventually, Lloyd, who was taken in by the ninja after being betrayed by the snakes, is captured and Wu leaves to find someone who can help free him. On their own, the ninja engage in battle with the Serpentine to stop the awakening of the Devourer, each one unlocking their true potential in the process (with the team learning Zane is a Nindroid). They also learn Nya is the Samurai due to being left out.

Wu returns with Garmadon to help save Lloyd, who to everyone's surprise (and Garmadon's dismay) is the Green Ninja, the warrior prophesied to defeat the "dark lord." Though the ninja, with Garmadon's help,  recover all four Fang Blades, Pythor steals them and manages to awaken the Great Devourer, though it devours him and Wu. The Devourer was only able to be defeated by Garmadon with the help of the ninja, wielding all four Golden Weapons, the "dark lord" escaping afterward.

Finding Wu in a puddle of the Devourer's venom, the ninja promise to train Lloyd so he'll be ready for the decisive battle against his father.

The Overlord and the Stone Army


After the defeat of the Great Devourer, the ninja, along with the Green Ninja, fought against Garmadon and the remaining Serpentine army. Garmadon tries to get rid of the ninja using his newly made Mega Weapon many times in order for Lloyd to not become the Green Ninja but they eventually destroyed it with help from the past versions of the Golden Weapons.


After Garmadon was betrayed by the Serpentine, he came across an evil spirit called The Overlord and formed an alliance with him to take over Ninjago. But the Overlord ended up possessing him and turn him into his true Dragon form to purge Ninjago into pure Darkness. Luckily Lloyd, having become the Golden Ninja thanks to the other ninja, was finally able to defeat him and Garmadon returns to normal along with anyone else being corrupted by the Dark Matter.

Attack of the Nindroids

Ninjago was at peace, thanks to Lloyd, who defeated the Overlord, but he returns, having integrated himself the Borg Industries' computers. The ninja had to fight again with the Overlord, only now with an old enemy, Pythor, and an army of Nindroids created based on Zane's blueprints to serve the Overlord.


However, the ninja emerged victoriously, but at the cost of Zane, who sacrificed himself. Unbeknownst to the others, however, Zane's mind and spirit had transferred itself into the Digiverse and managed to rebuild himself.

The Overlord in the Golden Master form

Soon after, however, he was captured by a thief named Ronin along with his fellow Nindroid/girlfriend, P.I.X.A.L.. Zane was taken to Garmadon's old mentor, Chen, where he was stripped of his power and held hostage.

Master Chen and the Anacondrai Warriors

The ninjas' ally with Elemental Masters.

After the apparent sacrifice of Zane, the ninja are divided, where they part ways. However, everything changed when Lloyd attempts to bring them back together and they discovered that Zane was still alive. To rescue him they had to go to Chen's Island and take part in the Tournament of Elements.

During this time, they discovered the truth of their powers after they met and befriended the Elemental Masters. The ninja was also able to unlock the ability to use Elemental Dragons.

The ninja allied with their new friends and old ones to make one final effort at the Corridor of Elders in order to defend their home against Chen and his Anacondrai army.

The ninja look forward to the future.

With the sacrifice of Garmadon, Chen and his army were banished to the Cursed Realm, officially bringing peace between the Serpentine and the humans.

Shadow of Ronin (non-canon)

Main article: History of the Ninja (Shadow of Ronin)

Morro and the Ghost Warriors

Morro and the Ghost Warriors

When opening the portal to the Cursed Realm, a ghost named Morro, who was the first student of Master Wu, came out and possessed Lloyd and shortly after takes the Realm Crystal and liberates the Preeminent, the physical embodiment of the Cursed Realm. The ninja was faced with problems, as their power depended on Lloyd, which left them powerless, and Cole was turned into a ghost, and Ronin betrayed them to the Ghost Warriors. However, things shifted for the better as they learned a new technique Airjitzu and Cole learned how to accept his form and learned some new ghost moves. Nya also learned she was the master of Water and trained to use her powers.

Eventually, Lloyd was freed of his possession and the ninja regain their powers and put up a better fight with the ghosts.

The ninja defeat the Ghost Warriors.

In the end, thanks to Nya, who unlocked her True Potential, they defeated the Preeminent and Morro, thus sending them to the Departed Realm along with the rest of the ghost army as well as the people who were still trapped in the Cursed Realm, including Chen and Garmadon. With this, the ninja achieved victory and gained a new member for their team.

Nadakhan and the Sky Pirates

Nadakhan and the Sky Pirates

When Chen's right-hand man Clouse, who escaped the Cursed Realm, released a Djinn, Nadakhan, the ninja will have to stop him before he marries Nya and gains infinite wishes. Unfortunately, he stole the Realm Crystal and released the rest of his pirate crew, who helped him build New Djinjago from parts of Ninjago. Fortunately. Jay's last wish caused everyone, except him and Nya, to forget the majority of the season as well as preventing Clouse from releasing Nadakhan.

Day of the Departed

Following the Sky Pirate conflict, Ninjago celebrated the holiday Day of the Departed, with the ninja spreading out across the land of Ninjago to remember their ancestors. Zane remembers his father, Dr. Julien, at Birchwood Forest, Kai and Nya remember their parents, Ray and Maya, at their blacksmith shop, Lloyd and his mother, Misako, remember Garmadon at the Corridor of Elders, and Wu remembers his father at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, while Jay spends time with his parents at their junkyard.

Samukai, General Kozu, General Cryptor, Master Chen, and Morro

In the meantime, Cole was suddenly forgotten by his friends and goes to Master Yang's Haunted Temple to settle his debt with the ghostly master. However, a sinister plot by Yang leads Cole to free the spirits of the ninjas' old enemies from the Departed Realm, including Samukai, Kozu, Cryptor, Chen, and Morro, all of whom possess statues at the Ninjago Museum of History. Seeking revenge, the revived villains spread throughout Ninjago to confront their adversaries.

The ninja defeated their ghostly foes and gathered at the museum, where they were told by Wu and a redeemed Morro of Yang's intentions and how they forgot Cole. The ninja then realized of the danger Cole is in and rushed to aid him, while Morro returns to the Departed Realm at peace.

With the Yin Blade in hand, Yang proceeded to go to the roof of his temple and activates the artifact, using its reality-warping powers to open the Rift of Return. However, Cole confronted Yang, they fought with the master being forced the latter to defend himself with the Yin Blade with success, slicing apart Cole's blade in the process.


However, when Cole's support by his friends powered him up, Cole used his charged fists to attack Yang, who attempted to shield himself with the Yin Blade. Unable to withstand the assault, the Yin Blade was shattered by Cole's attack, and with its destruction and the ending Yin-Yang Eclipse, the Rift of Return started to close as a result. However, a reformed Yang threw Cole through the rift changing him back to a human and the Ninja gained a new base in Yang's Temple.

The Time Twins and the Vermillion

Acronix and Krux

After the Day of the Departed, the ninja returned to Ninjago Museum of History and discovered that Master Wu and Garmadon confronted two Elemental Masters, after which the ninja decided to stop the Time Twins, but it was too late as they had recollected the Time Blades. Finally they together with Kai, Nya, and Wu traveling to the past, 40 years before, after the defeat of Acronix and Krux. Master Wu sacrificed himself to stop them and Kai and Nya returned to the present to cure their rapidly aging father. Wu then resolved to defeat the Time Twins once and for all.

Vermillion, the progeny of the Great Devourer

Realizing that they lost their master, the ninja name Lloyd their new master. As the new master, Lloyd had the team bury the time blade and to find their teacher who was lost in time.

The Sons of Garmadon

Sons of Garmadon

One year later, the ninja discovered that a group called Sons of Garmadon are trying to revive Garmadon but in his evil form. They are also reunited with their master, who is revealed to have been de-aged into an infant after his journey through time but is slowly aging back to normal. The ninja also had to protect the Oni Masks, but what they did not have in mind was that Princess Harumi was really the leader of the Sons of Garmadon.

The original ninja and Wu trapped in another realm.

The Sons of Garmadon finally revived Garmadon, who was able to defeat Lloyd with ease and leave the latter powerless. This allowed Garmadon to take control of Ninjago after Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole, along with Baby Wu, ended up in the Realm of Oni and Dragons when they escaped Garmadon's creation, Colossus, leading the others to think they were killed.

The Reign of Emperor Garmadon and the Dragon Hunters

The Resistance is formed.

After being defeated, the ninja have been separated as Ninjago falls under the control of Lord Garmadon. The remaining ninja, Lloyd, and Nya form a rag-tag team with brown ninja Dareth, P.I.X.A.L., and Misako. They were attacked by Garmadon's forces but soon learn that their friends were not killed but were instead teleported elsewhere. They are nearly defeated by the enemy but are saved and gather more allies in old friends to form the Resistance in order to defeat Garmadon and his followers as well as save the city.

Marooned Ninja in the Realm of Oni and Dragons

The four original ninja (Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane) along with a rapidly aging Wu must face the dangers of the Realm of Oni and Dragons by dealing with the threats of Dragon Hunters led by Iron Baron, as well seeking to free the dragons and find a way back home to Ninjago.

In Ninjago, Lloyd was able to bring hope back to the citizens of Ninjago and personally opposed his father in the process. This resulted in Garmadon leading an attack on the resistance's base and having most of his allies imprisoned.

Very soon, the marooned ninja was able to ally with the hunters, defeat Iron Baron, and locate the Dragon Armor, and gained new dragons to return home.

The Ninja and allies hailed as heroes.

The ninja returned to Ninjago and saved Lloyd's group by using the dragons to rescue them. While Wu and Lloyd fought Garmadon, the Ninja evacuated the citizens who realized their saviors returned. The Resistance also broke out to help the ninja in taking back the city. The ninja dealt with the Colossus and with help from their allies defeated the behemoth while Lloyd regained his powers after overcoming his father. In the end, the Sons of Garmadon (except for Harumi and Mr. E due to their deaths) and Garmadon himself were sent to Kryptarium Prison. The ninja were then hailed as heroes by the people for saving them once again.

Fighting The Darkness

Cole, after falling to his supposed demise.

The ninja were honored by the city for their feat of defeating Garmadon, as they were rewarded with a restored Destiny's Bounty 2.0. They also have rebuilt the Monastery of Spinjitzu and moved back into their old home.

They faced a new problem when one of the dragon hunters Faith and Firstbourne, the mother of all dragons, arrive in their realm, revealing a threat is coming. Very soon, darkness emerges from the Realm Crystal, and the city is engulfed. To combat the threat, they reluctantly free Garmadon from prison to help them have a chance against them. While evacuating the citizens, Cole is lost when dark tentacles start to pull him down and Nya accidentally destroys his ropes, causing him to plummet. They regained hope when Nya decides to forge the Golden Weapons out of the armor and fight the Oni since they fear it.

The Omega and the Oni

The ninja overpower the Oni.

The ninja proceed to forge their weapons, while Cole who survived the drop narrowly manages to avoid being petrified in the city and used his drill vehicle to escape the Oni and head for the monastery to help his friends.

As the ninja prepare for their confrontation, the Oni make their way to the Monastery where they fight their enemy. Despite using the golden weapons and having a fully powered Garmadon and Wu on their side, the ninja are unable to do much until Cole arrives and helps them with the tides evening for a while, but the Oni still having the upper-hand. However, Lloyd got the idea to use the Tornado of Creation to fight them off. In the process, Lloyd meets his grandfather who praises him on his efforts and gives him the chance to stay, but Lloyd decided to be reunited with his friends.

The ninja and all their allies.

With the battle over and the Oni seemingly vanquished, the ninja commemorate their victory on the Monastery Mural while Garmadon leaves the monastery to head out on his own path.

A Tale of Flames and Frost

Six months after the fight with the Oni, the ninja were able to enjoy a time of peace, but became so lazy that Wu easily tossed them aside in training.

The ninja and Clutch Powers in front of Aspheera's tomb.

The ninja resorted to traveling around the city to find a sense of adventure but nothing came up because most of their enemies are either arrested, in the Departed Realm, or in hiding. As a result, they travel to the Desert of Doom with explorer Clutch Powers. Unknowingly, the ninja accidentally release the Serpentine sorceress Aspheera, who steals Kai's power and leaves them trapped.

However, the ninja were able to escape the pyramid and learned that Aspheera was after someone known as the "Treacherous Deceiver," who was later revealed to be Wu.

The ninja then later confronted Aspheera at the Hanger Bay and fought against her forces. After a long battle, Zane was able to defeat her, but at the cost of him being banished to the Never-Realm to save Wu from the blast.

Lloyd's Journey.jpg

After the ninja went to the Never-Realm, Lloyd and a Formling named Akita went to the Castle of Ice to rescue Zane from Ice Emperor while the others stayed behind to defend the Ice Fishers, but only for Lloyd to realized that the Ice Emperor was actually Zane, who became the Ice Emperor by being corrupted by the Forbidden Scroll and had his memories lost by Vex.

In order to free Zane from Vex's manipulation, Lloyd forms another Resistance with Kataru and Grimfax, but only for the Resistance to be quickly defeated by the Blizzard Samurai. However, when Lloyd was mocked by Vex, Zane regained his memories and freed the realm from its eternal winter, allowing the ninja to be reunited and return to Ninjago and have Vex exiled far away for his tyranny.

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?


After helping the police arrest the Mechanic for stealing a motherboard, the ninja investigate his base where Jay finds an old arcade game called Prime Empire, which the motherboard was needed. After turning it on, he had inadvertently sent a shockwave that turned all the video games into Prime Empire and plays it before entering it.

After investigating the game and learning more about its history and creator, the rest of the ninja, minus Zane, enter Prime Empire and reunite with Jay. They receive new suits and weapons before heading out to achieve the Purple Key-Tana, one of three keys they need to escape unlock the final Arcade Cabinet and enter the Temple of Madness.

Allying with Okino for a brief amount of time, they get the Purple Key-Tana. After entering a dance competition and winning 500 credits to enter the Speedway Five-Billion, they win, but at the cost of their new friend Scott, as well as Cole and Kai.


Eventually, after many trials, Jay emerged as the last ninja standing. However, Jay, with the help of Zane, P.I.X.A.L, and Wu, was able to get Unagami and Milton Dyer to make amends and rescue the trapped players along with the NPCs. As a result, the remaining ninja were released from the game as well.

Into the Dungeons

After the ninja and Wu were invited to the Kingdom of Shintaro by King Vangelis, they traveled to Shintaro Mountain to celebrate Princess Vania's birthday. However, when Cole met a purple creature that had his mother's necklace, he and Vania discover an army of skeletons forcing two warring tribes to mine Vengestone in the Dungeons of Shintaro for the evil Skull Sorcerer.

The ninja were separated through the perilous mountain where they each work to end the conflict of the tribes. Meanwhile, Cole discovers that King Vangelis is really the Skull Sorcerer and that he was responsible for everything happening in the Dungeons. Not wanting his plans to be exposed, he banished Cole and Wu, who were aided by Vania.

Cole battles the Skull Sorcerer

The other ninja soon discover that Vangelis is the villain and he imprisoned them and the other tribes. Vangelis was preparing to execute the ninja to destroy the remaining glimmer of hope that the Geckles and Munce have. Cole's group soon encounters a group of wanderers and they travel the mountain. Cole discovered the Blades of Deliverance that used to belong to his mother. Armed with weapons, Cole saved his friends and confronted Vangelis. After a fierce duel, the blades were destroyed after they turned out to be powerless. Despite all this, Cole had managed to unlock the ability to use the Spinjitzu Burst, destroying the Skull of Hazza D'ur as well as disassemble the Awakened Warriors and the resurrected Grief-Bringer. Vangelis was defeated and apprehended by his daughter and former followers for all of his crimes. So as of now, the ninja and Wu are heading off to their next adventure.




Honorary Members


Current Allies

Former Allies

Deceased Allies


The ninja are skilled in regular or enhanced hand-to-hand and melee combats, possess incredible stealth, and have six Elemental Powers (one element for each ninja) that give them amazing abilities of their Elements, which includes summoning their respective Elemental Dragons and performing Spinjitzu and Airjitzu.


The ninja also have four powerful martial arts that they've used in battle: Spinjitzu, a move that allows them to spin in a tornado, Airjitzu, a move that allows them to fly in a vortex, Forbidden Spinjitzu, a corrupted counterpart of Spinjitzu that the ninja accessed by holding a Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, and Spinjitzu Burst, a powerful form of Spinjitzu that can be used by an Elemental Master when they're near their respective element.


  • Lloyd (Energy; green)
  • Lloyd (Golden Power; gold)
  • Kai (Fire; red)
  • Jay (Lightning; blue)
  • Cole (Earth; brown)
  • Zane (Ice; white/ice blue)
  • Nya (Water; light blue/silver)
  • Wu (Creation; gold)
  • Garmadon (Destruction; purple)
  • Misako (Element-less; silver)
  • P.I.X.A.L. (with Zane; ice; white/ice blue)


  • Lloyd (Energy; green)
  • Kai (Fire; red)
  • Jay (Lightning; blue)
  • Cole (Earth; orange)
  • Zane (Ice; white)
  • Nya (Water; light blue)
  • Morro (Wind; ghostly green)
  • Wu (Creation; gold; Dark Island Trilogy only)

Forbidden Spinjitzu

  • Lloyd (Energy; green)
  • Jay (Lightning; aqua)
  • Cole (Earth; orange)
  • Zane (Ice; turquoise)
  • Wu (Creation; gold)
  • Garmadon (Destruction; purple)

Spinjitzu Burst

  • Cole (Earth; orange)


The ninja (except Nya and Lloyd) have had major weapon tiers that they used in battles. They are the Golden Weapons, Elemental Blades, Techno Blades, Aeroblades, and Prime Controllers.

Golden Weapons

Elemental Blades

  • Kai (Fire; Red/Orange)
  • Jay (Lightning; Blue/Yellow)
  • Zane (Ice; Gray/White)
  • Cole (Earth; Green/Purple)

Techno Blades

  • Kai (Large Sword; Red)
  • Jay (Chainsaw Blade; Yellow/Blue)
  • Zane (Staff; Blue/White)
  • Cole (Flail; Green)


  • Kai (Red)
  • Jay (Yellow)
  • Zane (Light Blue)
  • Cole (Orange)

Prime Controllers

  • Lloyd (Saber)
  • Kai (Katana)
  • Jay (Kusarigama)
  • Cole (Scythe)
  • Nya (Scythe)

Other Weapons

Ages of the Ninja

He passed his Elemental Powers to us. Of all people, a bunch of kids.”
— Lloyd, in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master"
“Jay, we're still teenagers.”
“Yeah, but grown-up teenagers.”
— Kai and Jay, in "The Gilded Path"

The ninja are in their teenage years, with the exception of Zane, who is many decades older but was built to have the appearance of one. Kai, Jay, Cole, and Nya have grown up from their mid-teens (or young teens in the case of Nya) to their late teens over the course of the show, with Jay referring to themselves as "grown-up teenagers" in Season 9: Hunted. Lloyd became physically around the age of his older friends due to the effects of the Tomorrow's Tea, but is still chronologically the youngest of the team due to having originally been a pre-teen, and is now currently in his young teens. Zane is over 100 years old, due to spending six decades in the Never-Realm.

While the Ninja are officially teenagers, the amount of time that passes and their specific ages are kept vague for the purpose of perpetually keeping them in an age-range that is young and relatable to the show's target audience.[4][5][6] Furthermore, Tommy Andreasen noted that the age of the Ninja is not specific and is up to the viewer's interpretation.[7]

See more specific information and possible estimations of the ninjas' ages, as well as the sources for the information, on the individual pages' Age sections linked here: Cole | Jay | Kai | Lloyd | Nya | Zane


  • All of the Ninja (and Master Wu, Misako, and P.I.X.A.L.) have changed their physical appearances in the show.
    • Jay, Kai, Zane, and Cole turned into kids in "Child's Play," but turned back into teenagers shortly after.
    • Lloyd was a child until he was hit by Tomorrow's Tea in "Child's Play" and aged into an old man in "Wishmasters." He reverted back to a teen due to Jay's last wish.
    • Zane was originally a Nindroid in human form until "The Titanium Ninja" and debuted in his titanium form in "The Invitation." In "The Mask of Deception," he gains a cloak that lets him turn into his human-like form.
    • Cole was a human until "The Temple on Haunted Hill," where he was turned into a ghost by Yang, but turned human again in "Day of the Departed." He now has a scar from the transformation, though it has faded as of Season 8 and only shows when he performs his Earth Punch.
    • Nya's lips are no longer red from Season 6 onward.
    • In Season 8, all the ninja have different appearances, similar to their movie counterparts. See Season 8: Sons of Garmadon § Designs for more information.
    • After being touched by the Reversal Blade, Wu has become a baby. Throughout the eighth and ninth season, Wu grew from a toddler, child, young teen, teen with mustache and goatee, and finally back to his old form.
    • Misako's white streak of hair was absent for Season 7 and then appeared again in Season 8 more prominently than previous seasons.
    • P.I.X.A.L. originally had the same hairpiece as Tox but in Season 8, it was changed to a silver variant of Nya's Season 8 hair.
  • Nya is the only ninja to die in the series but was quickly revived.
  • Jay was the only ninja to appear in every Ninjago episode until "The News Never Sleeps!" and "Never Trust a Human" aired, with Cole and Nya following behind him.
  • All of the ninja (and Master Wu) have traveled to another realm.
    • The original four (and Master Wu) have been to the Underworld and Realm of Oni and Dragons.
      • Nya also went to the Underworld as well but was not a ninja at the time.
    • The original four have traveled to the Cloud Kingdom.
      • Lloyd was also there but he was possessed at the time.
    • Due to his fight with Morro, Lloyd is the only one to go to the Cursed Realm and Chima. This causes Lloyd to be the one with the most travels to other realms.
    • All of the ninja have traveled to the Never-Realm in order to rescue Zane after he was banished there.
      • This also marked the first time where all six ninja travel to another realm.
  • Five of the current ninja have traveled to space.
  • Excluding their allies, Nya is the only female on the team.
  • After Cole's physical reformation in "Day of the Departed," Zane once again becomes the only biologically non-human on the team. Lloyd is mostly human, but also part Oni and Dragon.
  • At one point, the Hageman Brothers had an idea to make each ninja have a distinctive physical attribute in addition to their elemental powers, following how Zane was a Titanium robot and Cole was a ghost. They were thinking of Jay being a master of disguise and Kai becoming a rock fire lava monster when he got angry. However, they're glad they didn't go with this idea in the end.[8]
  • Kai and Jay are the only two ninja to canonically have every different suit shown in the show. This is due to Lloyd and Nya joining the team later on; Zane lacking a tournament robe, as he did not compete in the Tournament of Elements, or a digi robe, due to not joining the ninja in Prime Empire; and Cole not having his Prime Empire avatar in the show.
  • Technically, all of the Ninja have the title "Master," as they are all Masters of an element. This was shown in "The Corridor of Elders," when Arcturus identified Lloyd as "Master Lloyd."
    • As a ninja, however, Lloyd is the only one who has achieved the rank of Sensei/Master.
  • At some point, all members of the team (and some allies) have turned against their team and been reverted back:
  • Although Lloyd is the leader of the team, every ninja aside from Nya has taken on the role of the leader, specifically, early on in Season 5 when Lloyd was possessed.
    • It was previously assumed that Cole was the leader, but this was never officially part of the show.[9]
  • After Season 3, the Ninja (except Nya) could only harness their elemental powers while dependent on their leader, Lloyd, because he shared his Golden Power between them. This was shown when they lost their powers when Morro possessed Lloyd in "Winds of Change."
    • However, when Lloyd lost his powers in "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," the other ninja still had theirs. Tommy Andreasen implied this may have been due to the passage of time and Lloyd's growth causing the Ninjas' powers to became more independent from him.[10]
  • Excluding Nya, the ninja are the only Elemental Masters that have the main elements in Ninjago (Water is a secondary element).
  • Four of the ninja have had their main color changed.
    • Lloyd was green, then gold, but is now green again.
    • Zane was white, then silver, but now can alternate between white and silver, however, he uses silver more often.
    • Cole was black but now alternates between gray and brown whenever the ninja wear predominantly black gi.
    • Nya was red, then alternating between azure, maroon/dark red, and dark gray.
  • All six of the Ninja have seasons or TV specials that focus on them.
  • All the Ninja but Lloyd have traveled to the past. Kai is the only one who has traveled to the past thrice.
  • Nya and Jay are the only ninja to remember what happened in Season 6, although Lloyd showed signs of experiencing déjà vu, while the rest may have gained some recollection.
  • Each of the Ninja have their own signature color.
    • Kai's signature color is red.
    • Jay's signature color is blue.
    • Zane's signature color is white.
    • Cole's signature color is black.
    • Nya's signature color switches between maroon, azure, and gray.
    • Lloyd's signature color is green.
  • Each of the six ninja have individual animal symbols that correspond to their characteristics (as of Season 6, depicted on their suits with matching colors and elemental resemblance).
    • Kai's is shown as an orange (with red outline) Lion—resembling his aggression.
    • Jay's is shown as a dark blue (with purple outline) Octopus—resembling his active nature.
    • Zane's is shown as a blue (with white outline) Tiger—resembling his intelligence.
    • Cole's is shown as a yellow (with orange outline) Gorilla—resembling his strength.
    • Nya's is shown as a white (with light blue outline) Phoenix—resembling her determination.
    • Lloyd's is shown as a yellow/gold (with green outline) Dragon—resembling his power (and later revealed to be his ancestry).
  • Each of the six Ninja have their own signature weapon that they are most known for and later changed their signature weapons to match their movie counterparts (except for Jay), until Season 11.
  • Zane is the oldest ninja of the team, as he was created forty years ago. Although as of Season 4, he has a new body, technically making him no longer an "outdated model."
    • As of Season 11, Zane is even older than the other ninja after spending decades in the Never-Realm.
  • Lloyd is the youngest, though was aged physically to be the same age as his friends.
    • However, in Season 6, when Lloyd aged into an old man, he was temporarily physically the oldest ninja of the team before reverting back to a teen.
  • All of the Ninja have had a love interest which was another focus in a season.
    • Jay and Nya had an attraction to each other in the first two seasons and following a break-up in Season 3, they got back together in Season 6 and remain a couple. They soon Yin-Yang Promise in Season 10.
    • Kai has an interest in Skylor, the daughter of Chen, in Season 4: The Tournament of Elements. They are now together at the end of Season 9.
    • Zane had an interest in P.I.X.A.L. in Season 3 and they have remained together since.
    • Cole had an interest in Nya during Season 3 which caused a rivalry between him and Jay until she chose Jay.
    • Lloyd had an interest in Harumi in Season 8, but she was later revealed to be evil. Although she seemed to have only been using him, he seemed saddened by her death.
  • As of Season 8, the ninja now have their names and signature colors on their weapons.
  • As of "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," Nya is the only ninja who has never lost her powers.
    • While she didn’t lose her powers in the Never-Realm, she does have difficulty using them there due to the water freezing too quickly.
    • During her time in Prime Empire, she was unable to use her powers.
  • Lloyd and Kai are the only ninja who have lost their powers three times (excluding when the Ninja minus Zane lost their powers in Prime Empire).
  • Although Lloyd is the Green Ninja, Cole is physically the strongest of the team, due to his super strength.
  • Prior to Season 8, Kai, Jay, and Nya were the only three ninja whose appearances stayed the same throughout most of the show since their debut.
  • Kai and Nya are also the only Ninja to be completely human for the entirety of the show's run. Jay was briefly nearly transformed into a Serpentine, and Lloyd and Cole were temporarily ghosts. Lloyd was a ghost until Morro left him, and Cole was until "Day of the Departed."
  • All six Ninja have been held captive by villains.
    • Kai was held captive by the Nindroids, Chen, the Sons of Garmadon, and Iron Baron.
    • Jay was held captive by Chen, the Sky Pirates, the Sons of Garmadon, and Iron Baron.
    • Cole was held captive by Chen, Yang, the Sons of Garmadon (twice), and Iron Baron.
    • Zane has been held captive by Chen, the Sons of Garmadon, and Iron Baron.
    • Lloyd has been held captive by the Serpentine, the Digital Overlord, Morro, the Sons of Garmadon, and the Blizzard Samurai.
    • Nya has been held captive by the Skulkin, Serpentine (twice), Stone Army, Anacondrai Cultists, the Sky Pirates (twice), and the Sons of Garmadon.
    • Wu has been held captive by the Nindroids, the Vermillion Warriors, and Iron Baron.
    • Kai, Jay, and Zane were held captive by the Dragon Hunters in the Arena.
    • Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane were held captive by the Serpentine.
    • The ninja (except for Nya and Jay), Wu, Misako, Karlof, Griffin Turner, and other Elemental Masters were trapped in the Djinn Blade and/or the Teapot of Tyrahn.
    • Cole, Zane, and the Elemental Masters were forced to work in a noodle factory in Tournament of Elements.
    • Kai, Jay, Lloyd, and the Elemental Masters were briefly held captive by Chen.
    • Jay, Cole, and Zane were held captive by the Skulkin.
    • Misako was held captive by the Stone Army.
    • Ray, Maya, Lou, Cyrus Borg, Karlof, and others have been captured by Acronix and Krux.
    • The Ninja were trapped in the Ancient Pyramid by Aspheera.
    • Kai, Jay, Cole, Wu, and P.I.X.A.L. were briefly held hostage by the Pyro Vipers.
    • Kai, Cole, Lloyd, and Nya were taken by Unagami and his Aerial Drones after being turn into Energy Cubes.
    • Zane and Wu were captured by the Mechanic.
    • The Ninja were captured by the Vangelis and the Awakened Warriors twice.
  • Jay is the only Ninja to have never met his biological parents, due to being left to be raised by the Walkers.
    • He believes they abandoned him for a reason.
  • All of the Ninja (as well as Wu and Garmadon) have at least one personal enemy.
  • Lloyd and Jay are the only Ninja to have a confirmed surname. Zane's surname is most likely Julien, though it is not confirmed.[12]
  • According to Wu in Season 11, the first ninja were originally monks living in the mountains of Ninjago. As predators killed the monks, they had to become faster, stronger, and more cunning in order to survive, eventually evolving into Ninja.
  • Lloyd and Zane are currently the only Ninja that were villains at some point.
    • Lloyd once allied with the Serpentine in his desire to be like his father before being betrayed by Pythor, prior to becoming a ninja.
    • Zane was once the Ice Emperor due to being under the influence of the Forbidden Scroll after his memories were erased by Vex. Upon hearing the word "protect," he recovers his memories and defeats him.
  • Out of all the Ninja, Lloyd, Cole, Jay, Nya, and Zane are currently responsible for orchestrating most of the events.
  • Lloyd, Jay, Cole, and Zane are currently the only ninja that either know or have performed Spinjitzu, Airjitzu, and Forbidden Spinjitzu at some point.
    • Kai and Nya know and have performed Spinjitzu and Airjitzu multiple times, yet never used Forbidden Spinjitzu.
    • Wu knows and has performed Spinjitzu and has used Forbidden Spinjitzu, yet does not know Airjitzu. While he uses Airjitzu in the Dark Island Trilogy, it has since been confirmed to be a mistake and that Wu does not actually know Airjitzu.[13]
    • Like Wu, Garmadon knows Spinjitzu and has used Forbidden Spinjitzu, yet does not know Airjitzu.
    • P.I.X.A.L. briefly used Spinjitzu alongside Zane and did have a noticeable reaction to the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, yet never used Airjitzu.
    • As the Spinjitzu Burst is a martial art that can be achieved by any Elemental Master if surrounded by their element, Cole is the only member of the team to use all 4 martial arts.
      • Tommy Andreasen did mention, however, that the theory of Nya unlocking her Spinjitzu Burst in "Curseworld, Part II" to destroy the Preeminent has lead the team to reconsider or not if this was her form of the burst.[14] This has not yet been confirmed, however.
  • Wu, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Lloyd, and P.I.X.A.L. are the only characters in the entire series to appear in every consecutive installment since their initial introduction.
    • Wu, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, and Nya have all appeared in every season since their introduction in the Pilot Episodes, as well as the Dark Island Trilogy and "Day of the Departed."
    • Lloyd has appeared in every season since his introduction in Season 1, as well as the Dark Island Trilogy and "Day of the Departed."
    • P.I.X.A.L. has appeared in every season since her introduction in Season 3, as well as the Dark Island Trilogy and "Day of the Departed."
    • Garmadon's streak was broken when he did not appear in Season 6, after appearing in every season since his introduction in the Pilot Episodes.
    • Dareth's streak was broken when he did not appear in Season 13, after appearing in every season since his introduction in Season 2, as well as the Dark Island Trilogy and "Day of the Departed."
    • Misako's streak was broken when she did not appear in Season 11, after appearing in every season since her introduction in Season 2, as well as the Dark Island Trilogy and "Day of the Departed."
  • The Ninjas' future reflections, apart from Cole and Lloyd, are shown in the Ice Labyrinth in Season 5. While it would seem the cast's change in appearance after the movie means these visions are no longer accurate, Tommy Andreasen has implied they may still look like this in the future.
    • When asked about how the future reflections didn't seem to compare to the Season 8 designs, he replied "That reflection is like 50 years into the future … season 8 is not."[15]
    • When someone said that the timeline was altered by Wu in Season 7, he said "No he didn't. We did a design update. Shows do that and we will do so again sometime."[16]
    • While this may be true in-universe, the appearances of the ninja will most likely not revert to their original designs within the show itself.[17]
  • Cole is the only Ninja whose future or older self has not been seen, as everyone but he and Lloyd had future reflections in the ice labyrinth, while Lloyd temporarily became an old man in the second half of Skybound.






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