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“I suggest you lower the catamarans and approach by sea.”

The ninja's catamarans are boats that were used by the ninja and Twitchy Tim.



Because the Destiny's Bounty was unsafe to continue through the storm, the ninja and Twitchy Tim had to use their catamarans to continue their destination to the Island of the Keepers. The catamarans were then deployed by P.I.X.A.L. and ninja were able to maneuver themselves through the storm belt, though one of the catamarans lost a sail.

The Gift of Jay

Lloyd told two of Clutch Powers' interns to prepare the ninja's catamarans once they leave the island.

The Tooth of Wojira

A catamaran was at the docks of the Keepers' Village as Clutch Powers was sneaking away with the Storm Amulet.


“Push the button! We're too wide!”
Cole to Jay in "Uncharted"
  • Sea travel: The ninja's catamarans are able to have quick travel in the ocean.
  • Sail direction: The catamarans are able to move the sail in order to turn directions.
  • Balance compression: They are able compress the balances together by the push of a button in order to squeeze through tight spaces.
  • Lightweight: They are also relatively lightweight, allowing it to be flipped on its side easily.

Official descriptions

Catamaran Sea Battle

Skipper the ninjas’ awesome catamaran in an amazing sea fight against the Keepers! Go into attack mode and fire your spring-loaded shooters. Woah! The Keepers’ powerful battle catamaran, which splits into 3 separate boats, one with a prison, tries to sink you with its sharp blades and deadly shooters. You must triumph in this nautical battle to claim the precious storm amulet.[1]

Kai's Catamaran!

This boat is fast, hot and red - just like its owner Kai. When they plough through the waves together, no villain stays dry - the double shooter makes sure of that![2]

My Catamaran Report

They’re as fast as the wind... As agile as a cheetah… as shooter-y as... a... shooter gun thing... the point is, these catamarans were A-MAZ-ING at getting me and Jay through choppy seas and lightning storms, and onto the mysterious, undiscovered island... plus just before we recorded our 2nd Ninja Vlog episode, I took this photo and I think it looks pretty cool sooooooooooooooo...[3]




The Island

Ninjago Magazine


  • Even though they are marked and colored as if they are both Kai's vehicles, it seems that only one of them is, the second being used by the other ninja.
  • The only ninja's catamaran to appear in sets is Kai's.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, it is possible that the catamarans will appear in the future.[4]





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