Ninja Vehicles are vehicles used by the Ninja to counter the forces of evil.


Although not a "vehicle" in the traditional sense, the Ninja have used the Dragons of Ninjago as flying mounts in their quest to protect the Golden Weapons.

Dragons ridden by the Ninja include:

Set Appearances

Earth Dragon

Fire Dragon

Ice Dragon

Lightning Dragon

Ultra Dragon

Golden Dragon

Titanium Dragon

Elemental Creation Dragon

Elemental Energy Dragon

Elemental Earth Dragon

Elemental Energy Dragon

Fusion Dragon





Cyber Dragon

Destiny's Bounty

The Destiny's Bounty is a large ship initially owned by pirates. It served as the Ninjas' headquarters for a time, and eventually gained flight capabilities. It was destroyed by the Great Devourer and recreated as the Black Bounty by Lord Garmadon, but the Ninja reclaimed it and restored its original form.

First seen in "Home;" took flight in "Snakebit;" destroyed in "Day of the Great Devourer;" remade as the Black Bounty in "Darkness Shall Rise;" reclaimed and restored in "Ninjaball Run;" upgraded in "The Last Voyage;" destroyed again in "Return of the Overlord," rebuilt as Destiny's Bounty 2.0.

Set Appearances

Blade Cycle

A red-and-gold motorcycle that Kai can transform the Sword of Fire into. It engulfs itself in flames when moving, and is equipped with hidden blade missiles. It requires focus to maintain its form—if its pilot's focus is lost, it will transform back into its weapon form.

It was first seen in "Snakebit," when the Ninja needed to pursue the Fangpyre to retrieve their staff. It was later seen in "Can of Worms," being used by Kai to reach the Toxic Bogs. In "The Snake King," Kai used it during his hunt for Samurai X; he also used it to drop Lloyd off at the Kiddie Arcade. Later, in "The Rise of the Great Devourer," Kai used his Blade Cycle to pursue the Serpentine after Pythor stole the Fangblades.

Set Appearances


A blue, white, and gold motorcycle-like vehicle with large skis instead of wheels and parts resembling solid ice. Zane transformed it from the Shurikens of Ice. Extremely fast and maneuverable, even in snow or when weighed down with three other passengers, but reverts to weapon form if its rider loses concentration.

It was first seen in "Snakebit," used to pursue the fleeing Fangpyre. Zane later used it to reach the Toxic Bogs and to escape from the Serpentine through a frozen tunnel in "Can of Worms," during the hunt for Samurai X in "The Snake King," during his battle with the Juggernaut in "Tick Tock," and when he was chasing the Serpentine Train in "The Rise of the Great Devourer."

Set Appearances

Tread Assault

A black-and-gold all-terrain land vehicle, transformed from the Scythe of Quakes. It is armed with a powerful cannon in its front and can camouflage itself as a Serpentine vehicle by flipping over, but it will revert to weapon form if its user loses focus.

First seen in "Snakebit," being used to pursue the Fangpyre and claim their staff. Later used to follow the Serpentine Train in "The Rise of the Great Devourer," where it flicked a Hypnobrai Soldier off of its cockpit, fended off a few Bite Cycles, and drew the massive mobile fortress' fire. It was briefly summoned again when Cole was confronted by Serpentine in the second-to-last car—in response to the advancing snakes, he summoned the Tread Assault in the car and blasted Skales with its cannon.

Set Appearances

Storm Fighter

A blue-and-gold jet surrounded in electricity when in flight. Transformed from Jay's Nunchucks of Lightning, and changes back unless its rider maintains their concentration.

First used in "Snakebit" to chase the Fangpyre and retrieve their staff. Later used in "The Rise of the Great Devourer" to pursue the Serpentine Train, drawing the latter's fire to give Zane a chance to disable the heavily-armed rear section.

Set Appearances

Samurai Mech

The Samurai Mech is a humanoid robot built and used by Samurai X. First seen in "Can of Worms."

Set Appearances

Ultra Sonic Raider

The Ultra Sonic Raider is a massive white, black, and gold tank which can seat all four Ninja, armed with grappling hooks and sonic cannons. Summoned by the Tornado of Creation for use against the Great Devourer in "Day of The Great Devourer." Later equipped with a flight mode in "Ninjaball Run."

Set Appearances

Fire Mech

The Fire Mech is a red and gold mech designed by Nya and Dr. Julien for Kai's use on the Island of Darkness. Can be stored aboard the Earth Driller, and seems to be used primarily for scaling the mountains to reach the Temple of Light. First seen in "Island of Darkness."

Set Appearances

Golden Mech

The Golden Mech is a powerful fighting mech used by the First Spinjitzu Master against the Overlord. Later used by Lloyd in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master" after being discovered in the Temple of Light.

Set Appearances

Earth Driller

A black and gold burrowing vehicle used to travel covertly on the Island of Darkness. The Fire Mech is stored in a compartment on the back. It was first seen in "Island of Darkness."

Set Appearances

Kai Fighter

A red and gold jet that was first seen in "The Surge."

Set Appearances


A white, blue, and gold hover-copter that was first seen in "The Surge."

Set Appearances

Cole's Earth Mech

A black and gold mech that was first seen in "The Surge."

Set Appearances

Lightning Offroader

A blue and gold tank that was first seen in the "The Surge." Originally one of Cyrus Borg's surveillance drones, Jay used his Techno Blade to modify the vehicle into a more advanced version.

Set Appearances

Proto Sam-X

A green and white vehicle that was first seen in the "The Art of the Silent Fist."

Set Appearances

Golden Cycle

A green and gold motorcycle that Lloyd used to escape from the Nindroids in Hiroshi's Labyrinth. First seen in "The Curse of the Golden Master."

Set Appearances

X-1 Ninja Charger

A red and gold car with a detachable motorcycle built in. Kai used it to follow Pythor and General Cryptor to learn more about the mysterious Project Arcturus. First seen in "Codename: Arcturus."

Set Appearances


A blue and gold mech used by Jay to battle against the Anacondrai Cultists. It first appeared in "Spellbound."

Set Appearances

Boulder Blaster

A black, gold, and brown jet used by Cole to fight the Anacondrai Cultists. It first appeared in "The Forgotten Element."

Set Appearances

Ninja D.B. Xpress

A red, black, and gold vehicle that doubles as a mobile base. The Ninja use it during the battle with the Anacondrai Cultists. It belongs to Nya.

Set Appearances

Jungle Raider

A green and gold ATV vehicle used by Lloyd to fight the Anacondrai Cultists. First appeared in "Ninja Roll."

Set Appearances

Zane's Titan Mech

A large white mech with two swords in the arms and grapples in the shoulders used by Zane to climb the Wailing Alps, and fighting the ghosts trying to stop the Preeminent, first seen in "Peak-a-Boo."

Set Appearances

Blaster Bike/Ghost Cycle

A black and gold motorcycle made entirely out of Deepstone. Created by Cyrus Borg for Cole, it comes equipped with has twin carbine blasters, auto-evasive handling and a radio set to soft rock. Used to battle the Preeminent, it first appeared in "Curseworld, Part I."

Set Appearances

Jay Walker One/Ghost Taker GT

A blue and gold car, its primary weapon is a large blue cannon that can absorb Skreemers or Ghosts, dropping them in the containment unit on its rear. First seen in "Curseworld, Part I."

Set Appearances

Titanium Ninja Tumbler

A tumbler that Zane used for transportation on the Day of the Departed.

Set Appearances

Rock Roader

A 4x4 used by Cole used for transportation on the Day of the Departed.

Set Appearances

Ultra Stealth Raider

A rebuilt version of the Ultra Sonic Raider, used by Kai, Nya, Jay, and Lloyd for transportation on the Day of the Departed.

Set Appearances

Desert Lightning

A motorcycle built by Ed and improved by Jay, it has the ability of "Lightning Speed" where Jay electrocutes the wheels, giving it the power to bypass slow-motion. First seen in "A Line in the Sand."

Set Appearances

Destiny's Shadow

Set Appearances

Samurai VXL

Set Appearances

Katana V11

A speedboat used by Kai to transport the Ninja to the Temple of Resurrection. First seen in "Dread on Arrival."

Set Appearances

Zane's Bike

While Zane was undercover as Snake Jaguar, Nya was making him a bike. After his cover was blown, Nya launched it from the Destiny's Bounty. Its main purpose was pursuing Mr. E. First seen in "Snake Jaguar."

Set Appearances

Ninja Nightcrawler

A green and gold sports car used by Lloyd to chase Mr. E, and later to escape from the Ninja. It is possibly the biggest ground vehicle made for one Ninja. First seen in "The Mask of Deception."

Set Appearances

Samurai Mech 2.0

A blue, white, and gold mech used by P.I.X.A.L., undercover as Samurai X. It is a rebuilt version of Nya's Samurai Mech, albeit much smaller and similar to Jay's mech from Season 4. It was first seen in "Dead Man's Squall."

Set Appearances

Rock Cycle

A black tread bike owned by Cole when he and the Ninja went out to the Desert of Doom in "A Rocky Start."

Set Appearances


A white helicopter given to Zane when he and the Ninja were stopping Aspheera in "Ancient History."

Set Appearances

Katana 4x4

A red car owned by Kai when he and the Ninja went out to the Desert of Doom in "A Rocky Start."

Set Appearances

Titan Mech

This mech has been used by mainly P.I.X.A.L. and Lloyd in Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu. It first appeared in "Under Siege."

Set Appearances

Land Bounty

An off-roader that acts like the Ninjas' mobile base, first appearing in "A Rocky Start." It greatly resembles the Destiny's Bounty.

Set Appearances

Mech Jet

A vehicle built by the Ninja in "Racer Seven."

Set Appearances

Flying Speeder

A jet given built by the Ninja in "Racer Seven."

Set Appearances

Racing Bike

A motorcycle built by the Ninja in "Racer Seven."

Set Apperances


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