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“Welcome, everyone, to the 14th annual Ninjaball Run!”
“The Grand Prix where it doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you get there first.”
— The Announcers
Ninjaball TV

The race in progress, viewed from a helicopter camera

The Ninjaball Run is an annual event described as the most dangerous road race in Ninjago, which supposedly anyone can enter. The grand prize is one hundred thousand dollars, as well as a large, golden trophy. The race has the same concept as the Speedway 5 Billion, which appears in Season 12.


Ninjaball Run

The Ninja entered the annual Ninjaball Run while training Lloyd, in order to pay off Dareth's debts with Darnagom Enterprises. However, they encountered fierce competition from friend and foe alike, including Lord Garmadon and the Serpentine. Ultimately, the Ninja triumphed thanks to the Ultra Sonic Raider's flight mode, beating Garmadon's Black Bounty to the finish by a matter of inches.


These are the competitors of the Ninjaball Run in order of their appearance:

Note * The Serpentine Generals and the police officers accidentally joined the race after a police chase while Lord Garmadon joined the race in order to stop the Ninja from winning the race.


The race begins in the heart of Ninjago City. Participants drive out of the city and into the Sea of Sand, navigating Crashcourse Canyon. After that, they go through Birchwood Forest and the Glacier Barrens, before emerging in the Badlands and returning to Ninjago City.

During the episode, Lord Garmadon created a massive chasm on the road leading back to Ninjago City with the power of the Mega Weapon. The Ninja overcame this with the Ultra Sonic Raider's flight mode, but it is unclear what happened to the chasm afterward—presumably, a bridge was built to enable normal vehicles to cross in subsequent races.


This is the order in which the competitors were eliminated.

Position: 11th
Participant(s): Captain Soto and his Pirates
Vehicle: Pirate-themed van
Cause of elimination: At the Crashcourse Canyon, they attempted to knock the Darkley's School Bus out of the race. Unfortunately for them, the Darkley's Bus managed to knock the pirates out of the road; due to No-Eyed Pete's driving, they crashed into a canyon wall.

Position: 10th
Participant(s): The Royal Blacksmiths
Vehicle: Modified Pick-Up Truck
Cause of elimination: Upon arriving at the Birchwood Forest, they stumbled upon a broken branch, which damaged one of their tires. The truck promptly lost its balance, crashing into a pile of snow.

Position: 9th
Participant(s): Lloyd Garmadon
Vehicle: The Ultra Dragon
Cause of elimination: Forcibly pulled from the air by the Skull Truck in Birchwood Forest.

Position: 8th
Participant(s): Kruncha and Nuckal
Vehicle: The Skull Truck
Cause of elimination: In Birchwood Forest, the Skulkin Generals attempted to take out Lloyd by grabbing the Ultra Dragon with their truck's bone hand. Although they succeeded in bringing the dragon down, its weight caused them to rotate by a tree and crash their truck.

Position: 7th
Participant(s): Two Police Officers
Vehicle: Police Cruisers
Cause of elimination: Crushed their cruisers into an igloo back in the Glacier Barrens.

Position: 6th
Participant(s): Mailman
Vehicle: Rocket-Powered Bicycle
Cause of elimination: After narrowly evading the police cars' crash in the Glacier Barrens, the Mailman drove directly into a snowman, knocking him off his vehicle. Somehow, the bike itself continued through the Barrens without its driver, eventually being destroyed after colliding with the Darkley's School Bus.

Position: 5th
Participant(s): Darkley's Boarding School Boys
Vehicle: Darkley's School Bus
Cause of elimination: Being hit by the Serpentine Bus and colliding with the Mailman's bicycle, in turn, left the bus inoperable.

Position: 4th
Participant(s): Serpentine Generals (Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor, and Acidicus)
Vehicle: The Serpentine Bus
Cause of elimination: Being hit by Darkley's School Bus, mailman's bicycle, and Ed and Edna's Jalopy.

Position: 3rd
Participant(s): Ed and Edna
Vehicle: Their Jalopy
Cause of elimination: After offering the Ninja their fuel to refuel the Ultra Sonic Raider and colliding with several other vehicles, Ed and Edna's car was left inoperable; additionally, they decided to give up the race so the Ninja could save Dareth's Dojo with the prize money. Jay attached part of their jalopy to the Ultra Sonic Raider to ensure that at least part of his parents' car would reach the finish line; this would prove crucial to the Ninja's eventual victory over Lord Garmadon.

Position: 2nd
Participant(s): Lord Garmadon and the Serpentine Army
Vehicle: the Black Bounty
Cause of elimination: None. After joining the race in Crashcourse Canyon and losing his Serpentine minions in the Badlands after an attempt to take out the Ninja, Lord Garmadon narrowly lost the race to the Ninja, due to the piece of Ed and Edna's jalopy Jay stuck on the front of the Ultra Sonic Raider.

Position: 1st
Participant(s): The Ninja (Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane)
Vehicle: The Ultra Sonic Raider
Cause of elimination: None. After several mishaps and obstacles, the Ninja managed to narrowly beat Lord Garmadon to the finish line with the Ultra Sonic Raider's flight mode (and a piece of Ed and Edna's jalopy stuck on the front).


  • Ninjaball Run is somewhat similar to the Speedway Five-Billion. Both race tracks have no rules, and are very dangerous.




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