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Ninjago: Decoded is a mini-series that was released on November 27 of 2017, between Season 7 and Season 8. It consists of ten parts that are about eleven minutes long. It uses recycled scenes from Season 7 with changed voice acting, as well as clips from other previous episodes.

This mini-series was done to recap the events of the series in order to prepare fans and newcomers (such as The LEGO Ninjago Movie fans) for Season 8. It is a recapitulation of the series from the pilot episodes to Season 7.

The official playlist of the episodes can be viewed here.



Zane glances over the events of all the seasons, with added comments from Nya. Zane now remembers the events of Skybound, thanks to Nya tinkering with his memory.

Vehicles and Mechs

Something has happened to Zane while his memory was being backed up into the Samurai X mainframe. Nya and Jay are trying to fix whatever is wrong with Zane. Jay needs to remember all the vehicles in order to restore Zane's memory; once solved, the puzzle showed the text "D PO LWB" in the Ninjago language.

Legendary Places

Nya and Jay continue helping Zane—this time with the help of Cole, who's "possessing" Zane. This time around Cole needs to guess which location Zane is thinking of. They start off with Temple of Airjitzu, with which Cole is very familiar with. Jay decides that the strange structure in Zane's memory is called "Ninjigma." Once they figure out which locations it is referring to, they find out that Zane is actually being hacked.

Ninjago's Most Wanted

Kai joins in and suggests they need to figure out who's hacking Zane and behind the "Ninjigma." They didn't manage to do it in this episode, and someone starts attacking the Samurai X Cave. Cole leaves Zane's mainframe to go fight whoever it is. Nya seems to remember the time when she was under the influence of Dark Matter. In addition, Jay and Nya reflect on Nadakhan and leave the others confused until Zane gives a short narration.

The Digiverse and Beyond

The rest of the crew continue trying to figure out who's behind the attack on Zane. The key to solving this mystery seems to be the technology of Ninjago. The crew starts reminiscing about it. They are successful in solving the puzzle but the progress of the hacker is not slowed down. They find out that the hacker is not trying to destroy Zane, but rather control him.

The Elemental Masters

Nya manages to slow down the hacker by using her technical expertise. The next puzzle is actually a riddle about Elemental Masters in Ninjargon. The ninja need to solve this puzzle quickly because the cave is running out of power. With Kai's temper, they eventually came up with the correct answer of Fire.

Beasts and Dragons

Power is restored by Nya, while Cole reports that the outside enemy has destroyed one of the generators. They try to figure out who’s attacking them. Cole is able to stop whatever is attacking them without them actually realizing who it is. Zane is taken over by the hacker.

Rise of Garmadon

Zane attacks Nya but regains his senses in the last moment. With only enough power left to get everybody out or put Cole back in, the crew decides to stick with Zane to the bitter end. Somehow the crew start thinking about Garmadon's youth in order to solve the next puzzle. Zane’s memory is fading and it’s up to the rest of the ninja to fill in the blanks.

Prophecy of the Green Ninja

The next puzzle is a labyrinth where the path is a message in Ninjargon and the goal is to reach the Green Ninja in the middle. The ninja open up paths in it by remembering how they got their True Potential. Nya translates her emotions into code. Lloyd joins everybody to break the last wall. The ninja solve the final puzzle as well and by doing so, release the Overlord.

Greatest Battles

The "Ninjigma" stored the memory of Zane battling the Overlord and dying in the process. Nya reveals that the Overlord is not actually the Overlord, but a fragment of his code and a virus at that. The ninja battle the virus by thinking about all the other enemies they've defeated and weapons they've used. However, this strategy is not working and the virus seems to have the upper hand. The team realized it's not their weapons that made them strong, but rather their friendship. Using this, they are able to defeat the virus, allowing Zane to reboot himself.


Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode name Airdate
1 Episode ND1TitleCard.png "Legacy" November 27, 2017
2 Episode ND2TitleCard.png "Vehicles and Mechs" December 4, 2017
3 Episode ND3TitleCard.png "Legendary Places" December 11, 2017
4 Episode ND4TitleCard.png "Ninjago's Most Wanted" December 18, 2017
5 Episode ND5TitleCard.png "The Digiverse and Beyond" December 25, 2017
6 Episode ND6TitleCard.png "The Elemental Masters" January 1, 2018
7 Episode ND7TitleCard.png "Beasts and Dragons" January 8, 2018
8 Episode ND8TitleCard.png "Rise of Garmadon" January 15, 2018
9 Episode ND9TitleCard.png "Prophecy of the Green Ninja" January 22, 2018
10 Episode ND10TitleCard.png "Greatest Battles" January 29, 2018


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  • Decoded was based on clip show scripts written by Tommy Andreasen. The scripts focused on Lloyd reading lessons written by Master Wu in the Book of Spinjitzu. It was reworked because of its melancholic tone.[1]
  • It is unknown if this is canon or not. If so, it would be the third time that the Overlord returns, but only for a brief moment.
  • Also, this Overlord is revealed to actually be a remnant of his virus/kraken form that latched onto Zane when he went back into the digiverse. While this would technically mark the resurgence of one of the Overlord's "bodies" as a drone of his, he was technically not controling it directly (unlike the Golden Master in "Enter the Digiverse"), and may have not known it existed.
    • Tommy Andreasen has stated it could potentially be canon, but he was not involved in its production and has not seen it, so it's not confirmed.[1][2]
    • In "Ninjago's Most Wanted," Kai learns about Nadakhan and sees some of the events of Skybound, but he appears confused when Jay acknowledges the Skybound mural in "The Darkness Comes."
    • On a page from the upcoming book, The Book of Elemental Powers, one of the Ninjigma's riddles is quoted. It is likely this book will be considered canon, which would confirm Decoded is canon.
  • Brent Miller was flown back by LEGO from his vacation in order to record the lines for these episodes.[3]
  • The series was made from start to finish in two months.[4]
  • This is the first installment to have eleven-minute episodes instead of twenty-two-minute episodes, and it is the only installment before Season 11 to do so. As Decoded is technically its own series, Season 11 is the first installment of the main series to have eleven-minute episodes.
  • When talking about Jay's old TV show in "Legacy," Zane mentions that the show consisted of 74 episodes and a special. This is a fourth wall nod to the show itself at the time.
  • "Ninjigma" is a play on the words "ninja" and "enigma."
  • The intro for Decoded is a combination of seasons 1 - 7. It uses the Season 3 remix of The Weekend Whip.
    • The majority of the episodes also use this as the closing credits song, though "Vehicles and Mechs" uses "The Temporal Whip" and a few others use soundtracks from previous episodes.
  • This mini-series marks the last time Jillian Michaels voiced Lloyd (albeit through archival audio). Beginning with the 4D LEGOLAND Ninjago short film, Master of the 4th Dimension, Sam Vincent started voicing Lloyd, indicating that the character had finally gone through puberty.
  • All of Lloyd's lines are reused from previous seasons.


  • Zane's digital avatar image looks somewhat different from his main design, in that it doesn't have any lines on the sides, and he also appears to be more reflective, resembling his titanium design from before Season 7. This is also the case with him in Master of the 4th Dimension.
  • This mini-series marks the first and so far only time Garmadon as a hero has been referred to as "Master Garmadon" on-screen. He was previously called that in "Child's Play" by Fangtom and Skales.
  • Not counting the various mini-movie series, this is the first and currently only multi-episode installment not to coincide with a wave of sets.
  • Similarly to the Dark Island Trilogy, Decoded starts with an unknown villain who is ultimately revealed to be a villain the ninja have previously fought.
  • The idea of reusing previous footage to create a new scene is similar to the Chima crossover in "Curseworld, Part II," which also reused and altered footage from another episode, which was in this case an episode from another show.


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